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Gad's Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Gad, May 5, 2011.


What's your opinion of this shop (based on pokemon, service, etc.)?

  1. 1 star (Needs a lot of work)

  2. 2 stars (Mediocre)

  3. 3 stars (Pretty Average)

  4. 4 stars (Pretty darn good!)

  5. 5 stars (Awesome!)

  6. 6 stars (BEST SHOP EVAR!!! HOW DO YOU DO IT???)

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  1. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    Hello, everyone!
    I'm Gad. Welcome to my Trade Shop!

    I mostly enjoy collecting Shiny and Event Pokemon, but I also have some DW females, EV'd pokemon, and breedables, including starters.
    All of my Pokemon are listed in National Dex # order within each subsection.

    While I do have a lot of shinies and events, I might not have everything you're looking for. That's why I work with Bobby Mongorium's Wonder Emporiun, Fishy's Pokemon Emporium, Muffin's Trade Thread, and Simba and Jeff's shop. Together, we are the League of Shops! Check them all out! They may have exactly what you want!

    Gad's Trade Shop Rules (Please Read!!!):
    1. Be respectful to everyone.
    2. Make offers on this thread first! I will PM you after we agree on a trade.
    3. Please only make reasonable offers. I will only trade my shinies/events for other shinies/events.
    4. Don't trade hacks! I will never knowingly trade you a hack. If for any reason you believe that I traded you a hack, please message me and I will trade you back your Pokemon, or let you pick another from my shop.
    4a. I do not consider clones to be hacks, and so I will accept those. Most of my Pokemon will be clones as well.
    4b. The same goes for abusing the RNG. I don't consider it to be hacking. However, I would like you to inform me if you're trading me RNG'd pokemon.
    5. All serebii.net rules also apply to this shop.
    6. Enjoy responsibly.
    7. Please only rate the shop if we've actually traded and you feel like your rating will help me improve. I take all ratings seriously, so it'd be great if anyone who rates the shop (especially if they rate it 3 stars or less) also PMs me their reasoning behind the rating. Thanks.

    UT: UnTouched (No EXP)
    BT: Barely Touched (Some EXP, but no level gain)
    T: Touched (One or more level gains)
    JAP: Japanese Pokemon

    What you want:
    What you're offering (please include shininess, nature, and IVs (if known); for events, please also include the HP stat):
    Items (If applicable):
    Your FC:

    Hayiate, #1TreeckoFan, Naminexkoruppi, Bushie, Blackacer, Fissurous, CrobatOwns, Vest, J-MYC, Mychemro, PalkiaCatcher, Assassin9399, ShinyMoonUmbreon, Confusious, MWars22, Bastian, Juan8913, JirachiUser, Day_Dreamer, Matt36, TheBluePorygon, ZekroMaster826, a person, PolioParalyzer, ZWGiantsFan, Jordan77, Viaddie, JinMo92, Touky, Noon, @fsmr@, crimsonphoenix2, ShinyMudkip, The Dog15, ShinyMamoswine, WhenKinglersAttack, Vargas_Nano, Trench, pichu1234, Algae5, beshort123, melhouse_06, noniza, piggy, filip22, simbacyde, mikechr, MufinskullzFTW, ladyvipaka, EX_HollowMan, chimp891, Leppy420, thejt, Generator-X, ShadowKyogre443, revv, Anjumterror, pokemonjeff, pikachu4ever, aaron11700, Ulices, pkmnnerd14, Uncle_Starburst, liam99, craig87, Leafylee, Biosci, DragonMaster26, dar, szorua22, 2000b2, miyac, SoulDialga, IkhanaGraveyard, Livinitup17, hwoarang97, EarthquakeCroc, iWhistlez, Rayce, mogan3, FalconBlade, Frtkyjr

    If I've forgotten to put you on this list, just PM me and I'll add you.

    So, on to my Pokemon!

    013. Weedle
    021. Spearow
    023. Ekans
    025. Pikachu
    029/032. Nidoran
    048. Venonat
    054. Psyduck
    077. Ponyta
    084. Doduo
    090. Shelder
    104. Cubone
    108. Lickitung
    115. Kangaskhan
    120. Staryu
    127. Pinsir
    133. Eevee
    140. Kabuto
    147. Dratini
    161. Sentret
    164. Noctowl
    174. Igglybuff
    175. Togepi
    191. Sunkern
    193. Yanma
    207. Gligar
    214. Heracross
    220. Swinub
    234. Stantler
    238. Smoochum
    241. Miltank
    276. Taillow
    285. Shroomish
    328. Trapinch
    334. Altaria
    335. Zangoose
    336. Seviper
    345. Lileep
    349. Feebas
    357. Tropius
    359. Absol
    361. Snorunt
    363. Spheal
    370. Ludvisc
    415. Combee
    418. Buizel
    420. Cherubi
    425. Drifloon
    447. Riolu
    585. Deerling
    504. Patrat
    506. Lillipup
    509. Purrlion
    517. Munna
    519. Pidove
    522. Blitzle
    524. Roggenrola
    527. Woobat
    529. Drillbur
    531. Audino
    532. Timburr
    535. Tympole
    543. Venipede
    546. Cottonee
    551. Sandile
    554. Darumaka
    557. Dewbble
    559. Scraggy
    562. Yamask
    564. Tirtouga
    572. Minccino
    580. Ducklett
    587. Emolga
    588. Karrablast
    590. Foongus
    592. Frillish
    595. Joltik
    599. Klink
    602. Tynamo
    605. Elgyem
    607. Litwick
    610. Axew
    613. Cubchoo
    615. Cryogonal
    616. Shelmet
    618. Stunfisk
    619. Mienfoo
    621. Druddigon
    622. Golett
    624. Pawniard
    626. Bouffalant
    628. Braviary
    631. Heatmor
    632. Durant
    633. Deino
    636. Larvesta

    And more! Ask away.


    Keep in mind, there are some more in the shinies section.

    DW Females!
    Shiny Poliwag (FLAWLESS)
    Shiny Vulpix (FLAWLESS)
    Shiny Dratini (ExtremeSpeed Egg Move, FLAWLESS)
    Shiny Eevee (FLAWLESS)
    Shiny Gliscor (FLAWLESS, lvl 100, 252 HP 252 DEF 6 SPE)

    Dratini (ExtremeSpeed Egg Move)

    Egg Moves!
    Bagon: Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance

    Chandelure (Level 50)
    Flash Fire
    OT: NILE ID: 20545 Timid (Somewhat vain.)
    252 SpA 252 SPE 4 HP

    Volcarona Lvl 70 UT (31/29/31/31/31/31)
    Deerling Lvl 31 UT (30/30/30/31/31/31)

    I will add more when I get the chance.

    Also, if they can be obtained in more than one language, the language they are in is listed by their name.

    Korean Naver Fun DW Togekiss [OT/ID withheld, Adamant (Quick tempered.)] <--- Straight from the OT, uncloned :D Proof available. NFT, ever!

    ;001; Bulbasaur
    10 ANIV Bulbasaur [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Serious (Good endurance.)]
    Pokemon Pia DW Bulbasaur [ID: 17627 Bold (Mischievous.)]

    ;004; Charmander and Charizard
    2009 Birthday Charmander [OT: トウキョー ID: 07209 Naughty (Likes to fight.)]
    Korean DW Charmander [ID: 06074 Relaxed (Loves to eat.)]
    Pokemon Pia DW Charmander (FLAWLESS) [OT: Mat ID: 30160 Adamant (Often dozes off.)]
    US 10 ANIV Charizard [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Timid (Alert to sounds.)]
    Italian 10ANNI Charizard [OT: 10ANNI ID: 06227 Naughty (Good perseverence.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    :025ball: Pikachu
    7-11 Pikachu [OT: セブン ID: 08200 Docile (Sturdy body.)]
    10 ANIV Pikachu [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 06808 Bashful (Sturdy body.)]
    ANA Pikachu [OT: ANA ID: 07181 Rash (Somewhat of a clown.)]
    ANA Pikachu [OT: ANA ID: 07181 Naive (Mischievous.)]
    Ash's Pikachu [OT: Ash ID: 01301 Naughty (Very finicky.)]
    GCEA #3 Nagoya Pikachu [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 60114 Adamant (Often scatters things.)]
    GCEA #6 Nagoya Pikachu [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 60505 Quirky (Likes to run.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Korean Character Fair Pikachu [OT: 캐릭터페어 ID: 07249 Brave (Quick tempered.)] <--- On 4th gen. NFT except for other Korean Events!
    Korean Summer Festival Pikachu [OT: 썸머카니발 ID: 07142 Full Nature Set!]
    Kyoto Cross Media Experience 2009 Pikachu [OT: キョウト ID: 10039 Naughty (Often dozes off.)]
    NZone Pikachu [OT: NZone ID: 10278 Bashful (Strongly defiant.)]
    Onemuri (Sleeping) Pikachu [OT: おねむり ID: 02079 Relaxed (Alert to sounds.)]
    PCNYa Pikachu [OT: PCNYa ID: 00027 Information Withheld] <--- On 4th gen. NFT
    PC Yokohama Birthday Pikachu [OT: ヨコハマ ID: 10108 Modest (Alert to sounds.)] <--- No longer has Surf, since it is on 5th gen
    Poketopia Pikachu [OT: PKTOPIA ID: 06257 Hardy (Capable of taking hits.)]
    Pokewalker Pikachu with Fly [OT: ERICK7 ID: 49226 Naive (Proud of its power.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Pokewalker Pikachu with Surf [OT: ERICK7 ID: 49226 Adamant (Hates to lose.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Sakura Shinkansen ExtremeSpeed Pikachu [OT: さくら ID: 03012 Mild (Proud of its power.)]
    Satoshi's Pikachu [OT: サトシ ID: 07150 Naughty (Likes to fight.)]
    Shiny Tohoku Strongest Pikachu [OT: トウホク ID: 03232 Timid (Good perseverance.)]
    Singing Pikachu [OT: わっしょい ID: 07301 Naive (Somewhat vain.)]
    Singing Pikachu [OT: AAA ID: 07301 Timid (Sturdy Body.)]
    Singing Pikachu [OT: ELT ID: 07301 Full nature set!] <--- Given to me as a gift. Very good offers only.

    ;037; Vulpix
    JEREMY Vulpix [OT: JEREMY ID: 13579 Quirky (Highly Curious.)]

    ;052; Meowth
    Yukina Meowth [OT: ゆっきーな ID: 12098 Jolly (Highly curious.)]
    Pokepark Meowth [OT: ポケパーク ID: 50318 Jolly (Likes to thrash about.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;059; Growlithe and Arcanine
    JEREMY Growlithe [OT: JEREMY ID: 24680 Quiet (Good endurance.)]
    Korean Battle Series Arcanine [OT: 배틀시리즈 ID: 06069 Quiet (Proud of its power.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;060; Poliwag and Poliwhirl
    Pokemon Cafe DW Poliwhirl [ID: 32709 Mild (Mischievous.)]

    ;065; Alakazam
    10 ANIV Alakazam [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Quirky (Strong willed.)]

    ;079; Slowpoke
    Trade for Evolution! Slowpoke [OT: こまざわ (Komazawa University) ID: 10100 Sassy (Likes to thrash about.)]
    Trade for Evolution! Slowpoke [OT: いちだい (Osaka City University) ID: 10100 Naive (Somewhat vain.)]

    ;113; Chansey
    GCEA #3 Nagoya Chansey [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 60144 Bashful (Quick to flee.)]

    ;116; Horsea
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Horsea [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Relaxed (Good perseverance.)]

    ;123; Scyther
    Trade for Evolution! Scyther [OT: おおくま (Waseda University) ID: 10100 Calm (Loves to eat.)]

    ;125; Electabuzz
    Trade for Evolution! Electabuzz [OT: きょうえん (Kyoto University) ID: 10100 Naughty (Quick tempered.)]

    ;129; Magikarp
    Ryuuta Magikarp [OT: りゅうた ID: 12226 Modest (Loves to eat.)]
    Utz Magikarp [OT: ウッツ- ID: 01256 Relaxed (Likes to thrash about.)]

    ;133; Eevee
    Buikore Eevee [OT: ブイコレ ID: 12068 Lonely (Mischievous.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Pokemon Cafe DW Eevee (FLAWLESS) [OT: Mat ID: 30160 Timid (Often dozes off.)]
    VGC10 Shiny Eevee [OT: VGC10 ID: 05080 Hardy (Likes to run.)]

    ;134; ;135; ;136;Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon
    Korean Befriend a Pokemon! DW Vaporeon [Hasty (Loves to eat.)]
    Pokemon Labyrinth DW Vaporeon (FLAWLESS) [ID: 34975 Bold (Mischievous.)]
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Jolteon [OT: Red ID: 56364 Bold (Loves to eat.)]
    Korean Befriend a Pokemon! DW Jolteon [Hasty (Likes to thrash about.)]
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Flareon [OT: Bolivar ID: 29923 Jolly (Hates to lose.)]
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Pyroli (French Flareon) [OT: Lolita ID: 13844 Brave (Often dozes off.)]

    ;137; Porygon
    Pokemon Cafe DW Porygon [Not sure what I did with this one :p I'll look for it later]
    US DW Porygon [OT: S ID: 27254 Serious (Sturdy body.)] <--- The one I got! Proof available.

    ;142; Aerodactyl
    GIULIA's Aerodactyl [OT: GIULIA ID: 01000 Jolly (Alert to sounds.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;146; ;147; ;148; Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres
    US 10 ANIV Articuno [Not sure what I did with this one :p I'll look for it later]
    Italian 10ANNI Articuno [OT: 10ANNI ID: 06227 Adamant (Strong willed.)]
    US 10 ANIV Zapdos [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Naughty (Quick to flee.)]
    US 10 ANIV Moltres [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Quiet (Scatters things often.)]

    ;150; Mewtwo
    French Spring Mewtwo [OT: PRI2012 ID: 02112 Hardy (Good endurance.)]
    Mighty Mewtwo [OT: FEB2012 ID: 02112 Calm (Good perseverance.)]

    ;151; Mew
    EULALIE's Mew [OT: EULALIE ID: 01000 Modest (Mischievous.)]
    FAL2010 Mew [OT: FAL2010 ID: 10160 Docile (Alert to sounds.)]
    Hayley's Mew [OT: Hayley ID: 01000 Timid (Good perseverance.)]
    Japanese Hayley's Mew [OT: ユカリ ID: 01000 Brave (Highly persistent.)]
    MYSTRY Mew [OT: Mystry ID: 06390 Timid (Proud of its power.)] <--- On 3rd gen.
    Nintendo of Korea Mew [OT: 한국닌텐도 ID: 03219 Serious (Very finicky.)] <--- On 4th gen. Great offers only.
    Shiny Faraway Island Mew [OT: Eppie ID: 25162 Adamant (Often dozes off.)]
    Shiny Faraway Island Mew [ID: 22980 Mild (Strong willed.)] <--- Quite possibly hacked, and therefore NFT
    Shiny Pokepark Mew [OT: ポケパーク ID: 60510 Quirky (Sturdy body.)] <--- Quite possibly hacked, and therefore NFT
    Susumu Mew [OT: ススム ID: 11219 Impish (Proud of its power.)]

    ;157; Typhlosion
    Bryant Park 10 ANIV Typhlosion [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 06808 Hardy (Strong willed.)]

    ;172; Pichu
    English SPR2010 Shiny Pichu [OT: SPR2010 ID: 03050 Jolly (Strong willed.)]
    German SPR2010 Shiny Pichu [OT: FRü2010 ID: 03050 Jolly (Loves to eat.)]
    Italian SPR2010 Shiny Pichu [OT: PRI2010 ID: 03050 Jolly (A little quick tempered.)]
    Stamp Pichu [OT: スタンプ ID: 30821 Bashful (Thoroughly cunning.)]

    ;196; ;197; Espeon and Umbreon
    10 ANIV Espeon [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Brave (Quick to flee.)]
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Espeon [OT: Fishy ID: 00346 Mild (Often dozes off.)]
    Pokemon Labyrinth DW Umbreon [OT: Mat ID: 30160 Careful (Mischievous.)]

    ;202; Wobbuffet
    Sunday Wobbuffet [OT: サンデ- ID: 50701 Impish (Likes to fight.)]

    ;212; Scizor
    Dalgeon's Scizor [OT: 달건 ID: 01071 Adamant (Good perseverence.)]
    E-Card Scizor [OT: ぴかちゅう ID: 12681 Hasty (Strong willed.)] <--- On 4th gen. NFT by original owner's request.

    ;224; Octillery
    Golgo Octillery [OT: ごるこ ID: 05138 Serious (Quick to flee.)]

    ;230; Kingdra
    PCNYd Kingdra [OT: PCNYd ID: 00089 Adamant (Capable of taking hits.)]

    ;239; Elekid
    HORDEL's Elekid [OT: HORDEL ID: 41400 Hardy (Highly curious.)]

    ;243; ;244; ;245; Raikou, Entei, and Suicune
    Spanish 10 ANIV Raikou [OT: 10ANIV ID: 06227 Lonely (Capable of taking hits.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Gamestop Shiny Raikou (Almost FLAWLESS) [OT: GAMESTP ID: 02071 Rash (Alert to sounds.)]
    WIN2011 Shiny Raikou [OT: WIN2011 ID: 02071 Rash (Good perseverance.)]
    WIN2011 Shiny Entei (BT and used for Zoroark event) [OT: WIN2011 ID: 02141 Adamant (Strongly defiant.)]
    Bryant Park 10 ANIV Suicune [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 06808 Serious (Mischievous.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Gamestop Shiny Suicune [OT: GAMESTP ID: 01311 Relaxed (Capable of taking hits.)]
    Gamestop Shiny Suicune Almost FLAWLESS [OT: GAMESTP ID: 01311 Relaxed (Capable of taking hits.)]

    ;248; Tyranitar
    10 ANIV Bryant Park Tyranitar [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 06808 Impish (Often dozes off.)]

    ;249; Lugia
    German 10JAHRE Lugia [OT: 10JAHRE ID: 06227 Bold (Likes to thrash about.)]

    ;250; Ho-Oh
    MATTLE Ho-Oh [OT: MATTLE ID: 10048 Serious (Very finicky.)]
    French 10 ANNIV Ho-Oh [OT: 10ANNIV ID: 06227 Naive (Likes to fight.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    German 10JAHRE Ho-Oh [OT: 10JAHRE ID: 06227 Naive (Quick tempered.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;251; Celebi
    10 ANIV Celebi (BT) [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Hardy (Good endurance.)]
    GAMESTP Celebi [OT: GAMESTP ID: 022711 Modest (Somewhat vain.)]
    Mitsurin Celebi [OT: ミツリン ID: 60720 Quirky (Highly persistent.)]
    Pokepark Celebi [OT: ポケパーク ID: 60623 Modest (Likes to fight.)]
    Shiny Ageto Celebi
    IMPORTANT: As of now, this is NFT. There are too many hacks of this out there for me to be sure of this one's legitimacy, and I don't want to spread hacks :p

    ;254; Sceptile
    Train Station Sceptile [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Adamant (Scatters things often.)]

    ;257; Blaziken
    Train Station Blaziken [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Quiet (Scatters things often.)]

    ;260; Swampert
    Train Station Swampert [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Lax (Strongly defiant.)]

    ;263; Zigzagoon
    Pokemon Box Zigzagoon [OT: TATTER ID: 53415 Adamant (Likes to thrash about.)] <--- Has Seed Bomb as one of its moves. Is that possible?
    RUBY Zigzagoon [OT: RUBY ID: 30317 Brave (Somewhat vain.)]

    ;272; Ludicolo
    Train Station Ludicolo [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Rash (Somewhat stubborn.)]
    Toler's Ludicolo [OT: Toler ID: 04143 Calm (Full Characteristics set!)]

    ;282; Gardevoir
    Train Station Gardevoir [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Quirky (Mischievous.)]

    ;292; Shedinja
    PCNYb Shedinja [OT: PCNYb ID: 00093 Docile (Good endurance.)]

    ;295; Exploud
    PCNYa Exploud [OT: PCNYa ID: 00274 Adamant (Likes to thrash about.)]

    ;330; Trapinch and Flygon
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Trapinch [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Naive (Quick to flee.)]
    BABA's Flygon [OT: ばば ID: 07018 Naive (Thoroughly cunning.)]

    ;333; Swablu
    Pokemon Box Swablu [OT: XAVIER ID: 06207 Gentle (Somewhat of a clown.)]
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Swablu [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Sassy (Likes to fight.)]

    ;335; Zangoose
    GCEA #5 Nagoya Zangoose [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 60321 Naive (Scatters things often.)] <--- On 4th gen. NFT by request.

    ;340; Whiscash
    Yamamoto Whiscash [OT: やまもと ID: 03217 Gentle (Likes to relax.)]

    ;350; Feebas and Milotic
    Shin Se Gae Feebas [OT: 신세계 ID: 07049 Calm (Alert to sounds.) and Calm (Capable of taking hits.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    German VGC09 Milotic [OT: VGC09 ID: 05309 Timid (Impetuous and silly.)]
    Train Station Milotic [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Sassy (Mischievous.)]

    ;357; Tropius
    Shokotan Tropius [OT: しょこたん ID: 02027 Jolly (Capable of taking hits.)]

    ;359; Absol
    Wish Absol [OT: ぴゃぴゃ ID: 56452 Naughty (Loves to eat.)] <--- On 4th gen. Great offers only.

    ;365; Walrein
    Train Station Walrein [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Lax (Loves to eat.)]

    ;373; Bagon and Salamence
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Bagon [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Lonely (Very finicky.)]
    Wish Bagon [OT: ぴゃぴゃ ID: 56452 Adamant (Highly curious.)] <--- On 4th gen. Great offers only.
    Saikyou Salamence [OT: さいきょう ID: 02158 Naughty (Scatters things often.)]
    Train Station Salamence [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Docile (Hates to lose.)]

    ;376; Metang and Metagross
    ROCKS Metang [OT: ROCKS ID: 02005 Impish (Quick tempered.)]
    Red Metagross [OT: レッド ID: 02109 Brave (Alert to sounds.)]
    Train Station Metagross [OT: ながさき (Nagasaki) ID: 03172 Careful (Quick to flee.)]

    ;379; Registeel
    Hadou Registeel [OT: ハドウ ID: 50901 Mild (Good endurance.)]

    ;380; Latias
    10 ANIV Latias [OT: 10 ANIV ID: 00010 Jolly (Scatters things often.)]

    ;383; Groudon
    Shiny PC Fukuoka Groudon (Almost FLAWLESS) [OT: フクオカ ID: 03172 Adamant (Capable of taking hits.)]

    ;384; Rayquaza
    Popularity Poll Rayquaza [OT: せんきょ ID: 02102 Adamant (Proud of its power.)]
    Nintendo of Korea Rayquaza [OT: 한국닌텐도 ID: 05318 Hardy (Somewhat stubborn.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Nobunaga's Rayquaza [OT: ノブナガ ID: 03172 Modest (Thoroughly cunning.)]

    ;385; Jirachi
    Australian Night Skies Jirachi [OT: SMR2010 ID: 06030 Lonely (Often dozes off.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    PKLATAM Jirachi [OT: PKLATAM ID: 03010 Lonely (Somewhat vain.)]
    Pokepark Jirachi [OT: ポケパーク ID: 60731 Lax (Sturdy body.)] <--- On 4th gen. NFT by request.
    Shiny CHANNEL Jirachi [OT: CHANNEL ID: 40122 Jolly (Mischievous.)] <--- Apparently these can't be Shiny :(
    Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi [OT: WISHMKR ID: 20043 Hasty (A little quick tempered.)]
    SMR2010 English Jirachi [OT: SMR2010 ID: 06260 Bold (Capable of taking hits.)]
    SO2010 German Jirachi [OT: SO2010 ID: 06260 Careful (Strong willed.)]
    Tanabata Jirachi [OT: タナバタ ID: 40707 Adamant (Hates to lose.)]
    Tanabata Jirachi [OT: タナバタ ID: 07077 Brave (Quick to flee.)]
    VER2010 Spanish Jirachi [OT: VER2010 ID: 06260 Full nature set!] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;386; Deoxys
    DOEL Deoxys [OT: DOEL ID: 28606 Gentle (Sturdy body.)]
    Gamestop Deoxys (FLAWLESS) [OT: Gamestp ID: 06218 Timid (Capable of taking hits.)]
    Oblivia's Deoxys [OT: Oblivia ID: 03060 Relaxed (Highly persistant.)] <--- Defense Form
    SPACE C Deoxys [OT: SPACE C ID: 00010 Impish (Quick to flee.)] <--- On 4th gen.

    ;387; Turtwig
    TCG Starter Set DW Turtwig (Almost FLAWLESS) [ID: 47070 Adamant (Capable of taking hits.)]

    ;390; Chimchar
    Birthday Chimchar [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 09129 Mild (Likes to relax.)]
    DW Chimchar [OT: Dom ID: 20323 Adamant (Often lost in thought.)] <--- Proof available.

    ;393; Piplup
    DW Piplup [ID: 53161 Modest (Somewhat vain.)]

    ;441; Chatot
    Concert Chatot [OT: コンサート ID: 10286 Jolly (Sturdy body.)]

    ;448; Lucario
    PALCITY Lucario [OT: PALCITY ID: 07157 Modest (Mischievous.)]
    WORLD08 Lucario [OT: WORLD08 ID: 081778 Adamant (Likes to thrash about.)]

    ;453; Croagunk
    CoroCoro DW Croagunk [OT: Gyuki ID: 49708 Bold (Quick to flee.)]

    ;461; Weavile
    WORLD09 Weavile [OT: WORLD09 ID: 08159 Jolly (Loves to eat.)]

    ;465; Tangrowth
    Pikachu Cafe Korean Tangrowth [OT: 피카츄카페 ID: 10038 Brave (A little quick tempered.)]

    ;466; Electivire
    Saikyou Electivire [OT: さいきょう ID: 11157 Serious (Impetuous and silly.)]

    ;468; Togekiss
    Birthday DW Togekiss [OT: Ashly ID: 33651 Modest (Somewhat vain.)]

    ;470; ;471; Leafeon and Glaceon
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Leafeon [OT: BLACK ID: 62441 Quiet (Likes to thrash about.)]
    Korean Befriend a Pokemon! DW Leafeon [ID: 51703 Naughty (Somewhat stubborn.)] NN: "Leaf" in Korean
    Befriend a Pokemon! DW Glaceon [OT: Naka ID: 60638 Jolly (Proud of its Power.)]
    Korean Befriend a Pokemon! DW Glaceon [ID: 64441 Quirky (Loves to eat.)]

    ;473; Mamoswine
    Korean DW Mamoswine [ID: 17355 Mild (A little quick tempered.)] <--- NFT by request.
    Pokemon Fan DW Mamoswine [OT: RoC ID: 39708 Brave (Strong willed.)]

    ;485; Heatran
    Oblivia Heatran [OT: Oblivia ID: 03060 Quiet (Sturdy body.)]

    ;486; Regigigas
    Italian EUETE09 Regigigas [OT: EUETE09 ID: 07189 Naughty (Mischievous.)]
    Nintendo of Korea Regigigas [OT: 한국닌텐도 ID: 06209 Jolly (Scatters things often.)]
    Tenimura Regigigas [OT: テンイむら ID: 07198 Adamant (Likes to relax.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    TRU Regigigas [OT: TRU ID: 03089 Serious (Scatters things often.)]

    ;490; Phione and Manaphy
    EULALIE's Phione [OT: EULALIE ID: 01000 Naive (Proud of its power.)]
    E4ALL Manaphy [OT: E4ALL ID: 10187 Careful (Quick tempered.)]
    Spanish Manaphy Egg [OT: Yours ID: Yours] <--- On 4th gen (obviously :p).
    JBHF Manaphy [OT: JBHF ID: 11077 Mild (Scatters things often.)]
    Mizunotami Manaphy [OT: みずのたみ ID: 12226 Brave (Thoroughly cunning.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    PalCity Manaphy [OT: パルシティ ID: 07157 Hardy (Often dozes off.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    Shiny Ranger Manaphy [OT: Jake ID: 27712 Modest (Quick tempered.)]
    TRU Manaphy [OT: TRU ID: 09297 Mild (Somewhat of a clown.)]
    World Hobbies Fair Manaphy [OT: みずのたみ ID: 12226 Quiet (Likes to eat.)]

    ;491; Darkrai
    ALAMOS Darkrai [OT: ALAMOS ID: 07038 Timid (Often lost in thought.)]
    Almia Darkrai [OT: アルミア ID: 03208 Lax (Often scatters things.)]
    ANA Darkrai [OT: ANA ID: 12270 Timid (Capable of taking hits.)]
    Arumia Darkrai [OT: アルミア ID: 03208 Bold (Capable of taking hits.)] <--- On 4th gen.
    German Winter Darkrai [OT: 2011WIN ID: 11011 Quiet (Mischievous.)] <--- This was received in Sweden, so I'm not positive it is the German version.
    Nintendo of Korea Darkrai [OT: 한국닌텐도 ID: 11088 Timid (Likes to thrash about.)]

    ;492; Shaymin
    Film11 Shaymin [OT: Film11 ID: 04019 Timid (Quick tempered.)]
    Korean Character Fair Shaymin [OT: 캐릭터페어 ID: 07249 Mild (Likes to run.)]
    Korean Times' Square Shaymin [OT: 타임스퀘어 ID: 05010 Adamant (Often scatters things.)]
    PC Shaymin [OT: PC ID: 12192 Full Nature Set!]
    TRU Shaymin [OT: TRU ID: 02089 Mild (Proud of its power.)]

    ;493; Arceus
    Korean Cinema Arceus [OT: 영화관 ID: 12249 Jolly (Likes to thrash about.)]
    Australian MICHINA Arceus [OT: Michina ID: 11059 Adamant (Likes to fight.)]
    European MICHINA Arceus [OT: MICHINA ID: 02010 Calm (Impetuous and silly.)] <--- Not sure which country this is from. It's on 5th gen, so I don't know the date it was received.
    Pokemon Popularity Poll DW Arceus [Not sure what I did with this one :p I'll look for it later]
    TRU Arceus [OT: TRU ID: 11079 Hardy (Hates to lose.)]

    :494: Victini
    European Movie 14 Victini [OT: Movie14 ID: 12031 Sassy (Somewhat stubborn.)]
    Japanese Movie 14 Victini [OT: アイント ID: 04161 Jolly (Very finicky.)]
    Japanese Movie 14 Victini (FLAWLESS) [OT: アイント ID: 04161 Adamant (Mischievous.)]
    Liberty Garden Victini [OT: Leafy ID: 06895 Lonely (Strong willed.)]
    Liberty Garden Victini [OT: S ID: 27254 Hardy (Strong willed.)] <-- NFT (The one I got)
    Korean Liberty Garden Victini [ID: 42929 Brave (Proud of its power.)] <--- Good offers only.

    :511: Pansage
    Cilan's Pansage (Unhatched) [OT: Yours ID: Yours]

    :519: Pidove
    Ash's Pidove (Unhatched) [OT: Yours ID: Yours]

    :531: Audino
    Birthday Audinos:
    PC Fukuoka [OT: フクオカ ID: 11040 Calm (Thoroughly cunning.)]
    PC Yokahoma [OT: ヨコハマ ID: 11040 Calm (Sturdy body.)]
    PC Nagoya [OT: ナゴヤ ID: 11040 Calm (Proud of its power.)]

    :559: Scraggy and Scrafty
    Korean Han Jiu Scraggy [OT: 지우 ID: 06281 Adamant (Hates to lose.)]
    WORLD11 Scrafty [OT: WORLD11 ID: 08141 Brave (Likes to run.)]

    :571: Zoroark
    ÉTÉ2011 French Zoroark [OT: ÉTÉ2011 ID: 06011 Quirky (Sturdy body.)] <--- NFT by original owner's request.
    SMR2011 Greek Zoroark [OT: SMR2011 ID: 06011 Quirky (Sturdy body.)]
    World Hobbies Fair Snarl Zoroark [OT: ポケスマ! ID: 01161 Quirky (Alert to sounds.)]

    :588: Karrablast
    Trade For Evolution Karrablast NN: Laukaps (its German Name) [OT: せいしゃ (Teikyo University) ID: 10100 Relaxed (Somewhat of a clown.)]<--- Probably hacked...
    SMR2011 English German Karrablast [OT: SMR2011 ID: 06011 Relaxed (Strong willed.)]

    :610: Axew
    Nagashima Spa Land Axew [OT: サーチャー ID: 03191 Serious (Often dozes off.)]

    :616: Shelmet
    SMR2011 English German Shelmet [OT: SMR2011 ID: 06011 Calm (Often dozes off.)]
    Trade For Evolution Shelmet NN: Schnuthelm (its German Name) [OT: せいしゃ (Teikyo University) ID: 10100 Sassy (Loves to eat.)] <--- Probably hacked...
    Trade For Evolution Shelmet [OT: ロンクー (Ryukoku University) ID: 10100 Docile (Somewhat of a clown.)]

    :621: Druddigon
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Druddigon [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Impish (Likes to fight.)]

    :623: Golurk
    Shiny Janta's Golurk [OT: ジャンタ ID: 06171 Brave (Somewhat of a clown.)]

    :635: Deino and Hydreigon
    Shiny Year of the Dragon Deino [OT: Vest ID: 04161 Naughty (Somewhat of a clown.)]
    Shiny Carlita's Hydreigon [OT: カリータ ID: 06171 Modest (Mischievous.)]

    :643: :644: Reshiram and Zekrom
    French Spring 2012 Reshiram [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Timid (Capable of taking hits.)]
    French Spring 2012 Zekrom [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Adamant (Hates to lose.)]
    German Spring 2012 Reshiram [OT: FRÜ2012 ID: 03102 Quiet (Often lost in thought.)]
    German Spring 2012 Zekrom [OT: FRÜ2012 ID: 03102 Jolly (Often lost in thought.)]
    Italian Spring 2012 Reshiram [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Modest (Alert to sounds.)]
    Italian Spring 2012 Zekrom [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Naughty (Quick to flee.)]
    Spanish Spring 2012 Reshiram [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Quiet (Mischievous.)]
    Spanish Spring 2012 Zekrom [OT: PRI2012 ID: 03102 Naive (Quick to flee.)]
    Satoshi's Reshiram [OT: サトシ ID: 07161 Docile (Sturdy body.)]
    Satoshi's Reshiram [OT: サトシ ID: 07161 Lonely (Often lost in thought.)]
    Satoshi's Zekrom [OT: サトシ ID: 07161 Jolly (Somewhat vain.)] <--- Has EVs, but no EXP since it's level 100.

    :647: Keldeo
    Gamestop Keldeo [OT: SMR2012 ID: 08272 Adamant (Quick tempered.)] <--- Got it myself!
    Gamestop Keldeo [OT: SMR2012 ID: 08272 Impish (Sturdy body.)] <--- Got it myself!
    Shokotan Keldeo [OT: しょこたん ID: 06232 Modest (Often dozes off.)]

    :648: Meloetta
    Movie 15 Meloetta [OT: えいがかん ID: 07142 Hasty (Proud of its power.)]

    :649: Genesect
    Plasma Genesect [OT: プラズマ ID: 08112 Modest (Strong willed.)]
    Korean Plasma Genesect [OT: 플라스마단 ID: 01193 Full Nature Set!]

    001 Bulbasaur (UT, lvl 1)
    004 Charmander (UT, lvl 1)
    006 Charizard (T, lvl 70) NN: GLURAK (Its German Name)
    007 Squirtle (UT, lvl 1)
    016 Pidgey (UT, lvl 51)
    022 Fearow (UT, lvl 48)
    023 Ekans (UT, lvl 18)
    024 Arbok (T, lvl 26)
    025 Pikachu (UT, lvl 7) NN: Ray
    028 Sandslash (UT, lvl 49) NN: SANDAMER (Its German Name)
    035 Clefairy (UT, lvl 62) NN: Cygnus
    038 Ninetales (T, lvl 46)
    040 Wigglytuff (UT, lvl 16)
    042 Golbat (UT, lvl 47)
    043 Oddish (UT, lvl 27) NN: GREEN
    045 Vileplume (T, lvl 100)
    046 Paras (UT, lvl 12)
    054 Psyduck (UT, lvl 17)
    058 Growlithe (UT, lvl 2)
    065 Alakazam (T, lvl 100, 255 SpA 255 SPE)
    068 Machamp (UT, lvl 45)
    072 Tentacool (UT, lvl 20)
    073 Tentacruel (BT, lvl 30)
    076 Golem (UT, lvl 36)
    077 Ponyta (UT, lvl 42) NN: Miracle
    078 Rapidash (UT, lvl 49)
    080 Slowbro (T, lvl 52)
    081 Magnemite (UT, lvl 29)
    086 Seel (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    090 Shellder: KAISER's Shellder (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    091 Cloyster (UT, lvl 60)
    094 Gengar (T, lvl 100, 12 HP 8 ATK 242 SpA 248 SPE) <--- Awesome EVs!
    095 Onix (UT, lvl 10)
    096 Drowzee (UT, lvl 14)
    099 Kingler (T, lvl 100, 255 ATK 255 SPE) <--- Has some ribbons.
    101 Electrode (UT, lvl 30)
    108 Lickitung (UT, lvl 34, JAP)
    109 Koffing (UT, lvl 14)
    110 Weezing (T, lvl 31)
    116 Horsea (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    120 Staryu (UT, lvl 27)
    122 Mr. Mime (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    127 Pinsir (UT, lvl 52)
    128 Tauros (UT, lvl 16)
    129 Magikarp (UT, lvl 5)
    130 Gyarados (UT, lvl 30)
    131 Lapras (UT, lvl 46)
    133 Eevee (UT, lvl 1)
    134 Vaporeon (T, lvl 50, HP Electric 70, 188 HP 252 DEF 70 SPE)
    137 Porygon (UT, lvl 18)
    140 Kabuto (UT, lvl 20)
    142 Aerodactyl (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    144 Articuno (UT, lvl 50)
    146 Moltres (UT, lvl 50)
    149 Dragonite (T, lvl 71)
    150 Mewtwo (T, lvl 100)

    152 Chikorita (UT, lvl 5)
    155 Cyndaquil (UT, lvl 1)
    158 Totodile (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS, JAP)
    160 Feraligatr (T, lvl 52, JAP)
    161 Sentret (UT, lvl 3)
    163 Hoothoot (UT, lvl 13)
    165 Ledyba (UT, lvl 10)
    167 Spinarak (UT, lvl 10)
    168 Ariados (UT, lvl 52)
    179 Mareep (UT, lvl 34)
    181 Ampharos (T, lvl 42)
    183 Marill (UT, lvl 21)
    185 Sudowoodo (UT, lvl 20)
    186 Politoed (T, lvl 100)
    189 Jumpluff (T, lvl 27) NN: RARE
    190 Aipom (UT, lvl 1)
    191 Sunkern (UT, lvl 47)
    193 Yanma (UT, lvl 24)
    194 Wooper (UT, lvl 1)
    200 Misdreavus (UT, lvl 45) NN: Missy
    201 Unown (UT, lvl 19)
    202 Wobuffet (UT, lvl 1)
    204 Pineco (UT, lvl 1)
    207 Gligar (UT, lvl 6)
    208 Steelix (UT, lvl 36)
    209 Snubull (UT, lvl 33)
    211 Qwilfish (UT, lvl 1)
    212 Scizor (UT, lvl 1)
    214 Heracross (T, lvl 100, 255 ATK 255 SPE)
    215 Sneasel (UT, lvl 5)
    218 Slugma (UT, lvl 15)
    220 Swinub (UT, lvl 21)
    222 Corsola (UT, lvl 1)
    224 Octillery (UT, lvl 40)
    225 Delibird (UT, lvl 1)
    227 Skarmory (UT, lvl 47)
    228 Houndour (UT, lvl 1)
    231 Phanpy (UT, lvl 5)
    235 Smeargle (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) <--- Knows Sketch, Bolt Strike, Blue Flare, and V-Create!
    236 Tyrogue (UT, lvl 17)
    239 Elekid (UT, lvl 1)
    240 Magby (UT, lvl 55)
    241 Miltank (UT, lvl 1)
    242 Blissey (T, lvl 83)
    248 Tyranitar (T, lvl 55)
    249 Lugia (T, lvl 50)
    250 Ho-Oh (UT, lvl 70)

    252 Treecko (UT, lvl 1)
    255 Torchic (T, lvl 7)
    258 Mudkip (UT, lvl 1)
    260 Swampert (T, lvl 50, HP Electric 70, 252 HP 252 DEF 4 ATK) <--- NON-REDIS
    262 Mightyena (BT, lvl 51)
    263 Zigzagoon (UT, lvl 3)
    269 Dustox (UT, lvl 51)
    270 Lotad (BT, lvl 24)
    273 Seedot (UT, lvl 1)
    276 Taillow (UT, lvl 8)
    280 Ralts (UT, lvl 6)
    285 Shroomish (UT, lvl 1)
    286 Breloom (T, lvl 100, 255 ATK 255 SPE)
    293 Whismur (UT, lvl 1)
    301 Delcatty (UT, lvl 40)
    302 Sableye (UT, lvl 49)
    304 Aron (UT, lvl 7)
    305 Lairon (UT, lvl 40)
    306 Aggron (T, lvl 100, 255 ATK 255 DEF)
    310 Manectric (T, lvl 32)
    314 Illumise (UT, lvl 50)
    316 Gulpin (UT, lvl 24)
    318 Carvanha (UT, lvl 21)
    320 Wailmer (UT, lvl 33)
    324 Torkoal (UT, lvl 55)
    328 Trapinch (UT, lvl 1)
    329 Vibrava (UT, lvl 53)
    331 Cacnea (UT, lvl 1)
    334 Altaria (T, lvl 100)
    335 Zangoose (T, lvl 65)
    336 Seviper (UT, lvl 15)
    337 Lunatone (UT, lvl 65)
    341 Corphish (UT, lvl 35)
    343 Baltoy: Revan's Baltoy (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    347 Anorith (UT, lvl 20)
    349 Feebas (UT, lvl 1)
    350 Milotic (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLWESS)
    351 Castform (UT, lvl 16) NN: Rain Man
    352 Kecleon (UT, lvl 26)
    353 Shuppet (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    355 Duskull (UT, lvl 1)
    359 Absol (UT, lvl 1)
    361 Snorunt (UT, lvl 36)
    363 Spheal (UT, lvl 1)
    366 Clamperl (UT, lvl 1)
    369 Relicanth (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    370 Ludvisc (UT, lvl 1)
    373 Salamence (T, lvl 61) NN: Salami
    374 Beldum (UT, lvl 1)
    378 Regice (T, lvl 100)
    380 Latias (UT, lvl 40, FLAWLESS)
    381 Latios (UT, lvl 50) NN: Latios
    382 Kyogre (UT, lvl 70)
    383 Groudon (UT, lvl 50)
    384 Rayquaza (T, lvl 100)
    386 Deoxys (UT, lvl 30, JAP)

    387 Turtwig (UT, lvl 1)
    389 Torterra (T, lvl 100)
    392 Infernape (T, lvl 36) AND (T, lvl 100)
    393 Piplup (UT, lvl 5) NN: PLINFA (Its German Name)
    397 Staravia (UT, lvl 16)
    402 Kricketune (UT, lvl 17)
    403 Shinx (UT, lvl 8)
    407 Roserade (T, lvl 70)
    410 Shieldon (UT, lvl 20)
    412 Burmy (UT, lvl 1)
    415 Combee (UT, lvl 7)
    416 Vespiquen (T, lvl 100)
    419 Floatzel (UT, lvl 48) NN: MUSTEFLOTT
    422 Shellos East (UT, lvl 22)
    426 Drifblim (T, lvl 50)
    427 Buneary (UT, lvl 12)
    433 Chingling (UT, lvl 1)
    436 Bronzor (UT, lvl 1)
    438 Bonsly (UT, lvl 18)
    441 Chatot (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    442 Spiritomb (UT, lvl 25)
    443 Gible (UT, lvl 1) and (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    447 Riolu (UT, lvl 1) NN: RAWR
    448 Lucario (T, lvl 76, FLAWLESS, EV'd)
    451 Skorupi (UT, lvl 22)
    453 Croagunk (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) and (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS) <--- One is Naive, the other is Jolly.
    454 Toxicroak (T, lvl 50)
    455 Carnivine (UT, lvl 1)
    464 Rhyperior (T, lvl 100) NN: Rhinastoc (Its French Name)
    467 Magmortar (T, lvl 73)
    474 Porygon-Z (T, lvl 100, JAP)
    475 Gallade (T, lvl 100)
    479 Rotom (T, lvl 100)
    480 Uxie (UT, lvl 50)
    481 Mesprit (UT, lvl 50)
    482 Azelf (UT, lvl 50)
    483 Dialga (BT, lvl 48) <--- Has a League Ribbon.
    484 Regigigas (UT, lvl 70)
    485 Heatran (UT, lvl 70) and (T, lvl 100, Almost FLAWLESS, 252 SpA 252 SPE 4 SpD)
    487 Giratina (UT, lvl 70)
    488 Cresselia (UT, lvl 50)
    491 Darkrai (UT, lvl 50)
    492 Shaymin (UT, lvl 30, FLAWLESS)

    495 Snivy (T, lvl 42)
    498 Tepig (UT, lvl 1)
    501 Oshawott (UT, lvl 5)
    503 Samurott (T, lvl 89, FLAWLESS, EV'd)
    504 Patrat (UT, lvl 4)
    506 Lillipup (UT, lvl 2)
    507 Herdier (UT, lvl 23)
    510 Liepard (UT, lvl 20)
    513 Pansear (UT, lvl 15)
    515 Panpour (UT, lvl 1)
    517 Munna (UT, lvl 8)
    519 Pidove (UT, lvl 9)
    520 Tranquil (UT, lvl 21)
    521 Unfezant (T, lvl 34)
    524 Roggenrola (UT, lvl 13, 30/30/31/27/30/0) <--- My first RNG! :D NFT
    526 Gigalith (UT, lvl 39)
    527 Woobat (UT, lvl 11)
    529 Drillbur (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    530 Excadrill (UT, lvl 39) <--- Has Sand Rush
    532 Timburr (UT, lvl 1, 31/31/31/31/31/0)
    535 Tympole (UT, lvl 13)
    538 Throh (UT, lvl 38)
    539 Sawk (UT, lvl 12)
    541 Swadloon (UT, lvl 20) Caught it myself :D
    545 Scolipede (T, lvl 30) NN: Brutapode (Its French Name)
    548 Petilil (UT, lvl 1, 31/x/31/31/31/31)
    550 Basculin (UT, lvl 20)
    551 Sandile (UT, lvl 21)
    554 Darumaka (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    555 Darmanitan (UT, lvl 35, Zen Mode)
    556 Maractus (UT, lvl 20)
    557 Dwebble (UT, lvl 1)
    559 Scraggy (UT, lvl 1, JAP, FLAWLESS)
    561 Sigilyph (UT, lvl 20)
    562 Yamask (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    563 Cofagrigus (UT, lvl 50)
    564 Tirtouga (UT, lvl 25)
    566 Archen (UT, lvl 1)
    569 Garbodor (T, lvl 100, JAP)
    570 Zorua (UT, lvl 1)
    572 Minccino (UT, lvl 32, JAP)
    574 Gothorita (UT, lvl 23)
    577 Solosis (UT, lvl 1)
    580 Ducklett (UT, lvl 25)
    581 Swanna (UT, lvl 48)
    582 Vanillite (UT, lvl 22)
    585 Deerling (UT, lvl 26)
    586 Sawsbuck (UT, lvl 34)
    587 Emolga (UT, lvl 48)
    588 Karrablast (UT, lvl 1)
    590 Foongus (UT, lvl 30)
    595 Joltik (UT, lvl 24)
    597 Ferroseed (UT, lvl 25) NN: Thorny Gal
    599 Klink (UT, lvl 26)
    602 Tynamo (T, lvl 2)
    607 Litwick (UT, lvl 1)
    610 Axew (UT, lvl 31)
    612 Haxorus (T, lvl 100, JAP)
    613 Cubchoo (UT, lvl 28)
    615 Cryogonal (UT, lvl 1)
    616 Shelmet (UT, lvl 30)
    618 Stunfisk (UT, lvl 32)
    619 Mienfoo (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS)
    620 Mienshao (UT, lvl 59)
    621 Druddigon (UT, lvl 33)
    622 Golett (UT, lvl 30)
    624 Pawniard (UT, lvl 31)
    626 Bouffalant (UT, lvl 35)
    627 Rufflet (UT, lvl 50)
    628 Braviary (UT, lvl 58, JAP)
    629 Vullaby (UT, lvl 34)
    630 Mandibuzz (UT, lvl 60)
    631 Heatmor (UT, lvl 37)
    632 Durant (UT, lvl 32)
    633 Deino (UT, lvl 38) AND (UT, lvl 1, FLAWLESS, JAP)
    636 Hydreigon (T, lvl 100, FLAWLESS, 252 SpA 252 SPE 6 HP)
    637 Volcarona (UT, lvl 70) and (T, lvl 100, FLAWLESS, 252 SpA 252 SPE 4 HP) <--- Not certain of EVs...
    639 Terrakion (UT, lvl 42, FLAWLESS, JAP)
    640 Virizion (UT, lvl 42)
    641 Tornadus (UT, lvl 40)
    642 Thundurus (UT, lvl 40, HP Ice)
    645 Landorus (UT, lvl 70, JAP)
    646 Kyurem (UT, lvl 75)

    And now, for my
    Korean Cinema Celebi
    Shin Se Gae Manaphy
    Christy's Heracross
    Seth's Heracross
    Stamp Absol and Pichu
    PCNY Pokemon on 4th Gen

    Birthday Audinos from '11-12
    Korean DW Eeveelutions
    Ierukana Pikachu
    Complete Nature Sets of Pikachu Events I don't have

    Any shinies I don't have.
    Any Events I don't have.
    Any Gen 1-5 breedable Pokemon I don't have.



    So, guys, that's it for now. Thanks for coming, and leave a post if you're interested in trading. My FC is 2881 0125 0998, as seen in my signature, and my IGN is S.
    Also, if you have any feedback about my shop, I'd be glad to hear it :)


    Shop Honors:
    Proud member of the League of Shops!

    Recipient of FILIP22's Best Traders Trophy!

    Recipient of Fishy's Awesome Blaziken Trophy! (Made by Gladeshadow)
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  2. Blackacer

    Blackacer ~Artist~

    Interested in ash pikachu , can offer DW Female : Ponta , Doduo and Poochyena
    3 for 1 find me in my chat room , If u want i will pm u what i will trade to u and what i wanted , therefore u can report if i scam. :)
    Or For 1 Shiny Event Volt Tackle Pichu

    Hope we trade.
  3. MEME

    MEME Well-Known Member

    Hi I want Ash's Pikachu

    I can Offer Shinies

    Korkorok (UT, lvl 37)
    Druddigon (UT, lvl 31)
    Joltik (UT, lvl 24)
    Vanillite (UT, lvl 22)
    Sigilyph (UT, lvl 1)
    Audino (UT, lvl 9)
    Bouffalant (UT, lvl 39)
    Panpour (UT, lvl 1)
    Gurdurr (T, lvl 42)
    Golett (UT, lvl 30)
    Heatmor (UT, lvl 37)
  4. DJMonty

    DJMonty <--- Currently REing

    IGN: Josh
    What you want: Shiny Charizard (T, lvl 70), Shiny Lugia (T, lvl 50), Shiny Ho-Oh (T, lvl 100)
    What you're offering: Three Shiny Event Dogs (Suicune, Touched, Entei, UT, Raikou, UT), Daycare raised Manaphy, A lot of UT Phione, every Gen 5 Legendary except Zekrom and Reshiram
    Is the offer shiny? (Y/N): N
    Items (If applicable): N/A
    Your FC: 5114-3706-2383
  5. zwgiantsfan

    zwgiantsfan <- Best Pokémon Ever

    shiny axew 4 squirtle n bulbasaur
  6. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    Hmmm... Not so interested in the DWs, but is that Pichu UT?

    No thanks, man, I'm getting the 3 dogs today, and I don't want to trade shinies for normals. Do you have any other shinies?

    I'll take the UT Joltik. I'll PM you.

    You mean 2 for 1? Deal.
  7. bushie

    bushie Well-Known Member

    hey saw you don't have shiny gyrados i'm lookin to trade it either for another shiny or dw pokes female you interested
  8. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    I PM'd you :)
  9. jirachiuser1

    jirachiuser1 balance

    Your shiny cubchoo for my shiny feebas?
  10. Matt36

    Matt36 Clone my Balls!

    Interested in a Shiny Shinx?

    Do you have Croconaw and Nuzleaf?
  11. Lycael

    Lycael Stuff of Nightmares

    IGN: Lycael
    What you want: The amount of shinies you'd give me for it.
    What you're offering:Wishmkr Jirachi
    Is the offer shiny? (Y/N)Y
    Items (If applicable):For an extra shiny, i'm prepared to attach a master ball, or subway item.
    Your FC: 2923 8282 0235
  12. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    Sure. I'll PM you when I get some of my other pending trades cleared :)

    I am, and I can breed a Totodile and evolve it into Croconaw for you, but I don't have a Nuzleaf. PM me if we can work something out.

    Hmmm... I'll PM you.
  13. DJMonty

    DJMonty <--- Currently REing

    I'm afraid not. I'd be prepared to trade two legendaries per shiny, perhaps three. If you're interested, PM me. If not, then don't.
  14. zwgiantsfan

    zwgiantsfan <- Best Pokémon Ever

    ill pm u 4 timing
  15. Assassin9399

    Assassin9399 Wanna hug?

    I got:
    Vespiquen (lv 100) and Bagon (UT)

    DW Females:
    Ponyta, Lapras, Murkrow, Nidoran, Tailow and Surskit

    the three birds and Zekrom

    I also can breed Cacnea, sableye and some others.

    I'm interested in: your DW females, but I listen to all of your offers ^_^

    EDIT: I would really like the shiny Golett
    Last edited: May 6, 2011
  16. Steph
    Want: TRU Arceus
    I can offer: anything in my shop(Steph's Trade Shop), but to save you trouble
    the shinies i have are

    Blastoise - male level 50
    Lucario - male level 58
    Zoroark - male level 47
    Furret - female level 30
    Mismagius - male level 100
    Ditto - level 50
    Gible - male level 100
    Ponyta - male level 19
    Musharna - female level 50
    Piplup - female level 1
    Pachirisu - male level 8
    Ninetales - female level 55
    Phione - level 8
    Cyndaquil - male level 1
    Lapras - male level 20
    Haxorus - female level 50
    Raticate - male level 50
    Eevee - male level 2
    Tentacruel - female level 100
  17. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    I'll trade you Golett for the Vespiquen and 2 females of your choice for the Zekrom :)

    I'll take the Cyndaquil, but we may need to trade tomorrow.
  18. Assassin9399

    Assassin9399 Wanna hug?

    Vespiquen for Golett it is :)

    About Zekrom, I would like to trade it for something of the same worth...

    I can trade tomorrow, I'll send you a PM then ;)
  19. Okay :) let me know whenever you're ready
  20. Gad

    Gad is low on Patrats

    Sounds good.

    I may get a TRU Arceus in a few minutes. I'll PM you if I do.
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