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Gaining Groudon! (373)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Advanced Battle' started by Serebii, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Typhlogirl

    Typhlogirl keep battling on!


    I just watched the episode. (Well actually I listened to an English sound clip, and watched the jap episode on mute. I live in Australia, we won't see it for yonks. -_-) I thought it was...bleh. Not bad, not good. Here are meh opinions. And I emphasise opinions.

    Maxie: Being a hardcore Maxie fangirl, (XD) I was very interested in finding out how 4kids would portray his voice. After hearing his first few lines, I felt like banging my head on the desk...I found it to be very nasally, and kind of...too nice for an evil boss guy. (Wow, evil boss guy. How educated I am -_-) But after listening to it for the entire episode, I found my views swung around a bit...it did suit him somewhat, and was not as bad as it could have been. One part I didn't quite like was the part where Pikachu grabbed the orb, and Maxie yells at Tabitha, "I want that Pikachu now!!!" He sounded like a whingy brat making demands. Which I actually found amusing after a while. :D I guess I was more accustomed to listening to the jap voice for Maxie, which is deeper and more throaty. I had been waiting to hear his voice since I first saw his sprite in Ruby Version...I guess It could have been worse, but I wasn't exactly satisfied either.

    Archie: When I heard Archie's voice in the episode, I started giggling. I found it hilarious. It was so growly and deep, and didn't seem to suit Archie at all. I didn't like it, the jap voice for Archie is way better, and suits him perfectly. The English voice was over growly, and didn't seem to match the perception I had of Archie. He sounded like a bear roaring. And he gets most of the screen time in the second installment -_-. Dammit. I felt his character seemed rather empty, ya know? I thought it could have been branched out a bit more by something like, AVAST YE SCURVY NAVES!! *waves cutlass* XDDDDD, I can dream, right?

    Kyogre and Groudon: They sounded fine, acted fine, looked fine. No complaints here.

    Lance: While I am an avid Lance fangirl, (yes shoot me) I was rather surprised by him being the choice of a kind of peacekeeper/lifesaver. I expected someone else to be there, like maybe Steven for example. He would have fit in much better with the plot and actual region. But I guess the choice of Lance had it's appeals, with him being a G-man and all. Steven would have rather been a, WTF are you doing here? kind of character. I guess Lance had more reason. I for one found his voice to be exactly the same as the one from the R-gyarados eps. Maybe a little deeper.

    Team Rocket: No real opinion of them, I'm so used to them appearing that I just went, "Bleh, who gives a damn. So they're here. They ain't gunna be able to do anything major," And then they released Kyogre. Well, that was a bit of a shock! But I didn't really find anything wrong with them, so bleh. I liked the thing with the sheet and all. ^_^

    Overall Plot: Gaaaahhhh....passable. I just wanted to see Maxie and Archie. Mostly Maxie, ;). Pikachu being possessed was interesting, yet not at all surprising. The whole thing with being, 'Bonded with the Orb,' was amusing, it sounds like Pikachu and the Orb had a good old heart-to-heart. Word choice could have been improved in that particular part. I did find the part with Shelly breaking into Team Magma's ship quite good, I like her voice actor. She does the Team Aqua Admin, (or tactical commander, whatever) well. The whole thing with the trade was a bit off, there would be heaps of chances for sabotage by either Team with the trading of two huge containers. Not surprising Team Magma tried to. Busted! XD This episode also made me realise just how ridiculous the dub names of 'Maxie' and 'Archie' truly are. It sounds funny to have Harlard and Shelly adressing their bosses by such ...pet-like names. XD

    I suppose all in all, this episode was passable. I don't have really high expectations for the second one, nor am I looking forward to hearing a big round of Archie roaring away -_-. But I'll still try and get my claws on it. It's still worth seeing. I do agree though, this would have made a better movie, considering it has two popular legendary pokemon in it. Oh well. Ya get what you're given.

    Phew. That was a ton of writing!

    Last edited: Oct 22, 2005
  2. You forgot about Wallace. *sigh* EVERYONE who tries to justify Lance's unnecessary appearance in this arc just compares him to Steven, completely forgetting about Wallace. Then again, I suppose you all can't be blamed for that oversight, since it appears the anime storywriters themselves forgot about Wallace. Either that or they hate him. Honestly, though, this was Wallace's arc, this was his story, this was his DUTY. And the anime people stole it from him and gave it to their little favorite, just because Lance makes such a perfect cliché crimefighting superhero with his G-man background from Johto and his 00bered Pokemon.
  3. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    Ok, I know I'm kinda late, but here's the play by play for me.
    Start of ep: PO since dad didn't tape it so I had to watch it the following week. VERY excited to finally see Maxie and Archie (but mostly Maxie).
    After trainers choice: WTF!!!? Mudkip is strong against Plusle and Minun? *sarcasm* RIGHT, and I'm a guy! (Truthfully, I'm a Maxie fan girl). Wait a minute! Maxie's voice.... He sounds just like.... HANSON! AAAH!!!!!!!!! Oh, well, at least I can smirk at Archie's freaky voice.
    At end: Ugh! I liked the part with Archie vs. Maxie. I really wanted them to battle! Oh, and WTF is Lance doing here?!!!!!!!!
  4. Finally saw this episode. Re-runs for the win ;)

    Whomever commented on the savagery of the Mightyenas was right. They look positively feral in this episode(and a bit badly drawn, truthfully ._.). Max and May's first reaction to them was funny, though :D

    The episode title is indeed misleading. No one even gains Groudon in this episode, unless you count Team Aqua, who 'gained' Groudon prior to this episode anyway. As a matter of fact, the only bit of Groudon we see is its eye flashing as the Orb is absorbed into Pikachu and at the end where it's sleeping.

    Kyogre seemed quite small in this episode, IMO, especially compared to Groudon. Very well-drawn though(in contrast to The Scuffle of Legends ¬_¬).

    I liked Archie and Maxie's dub voices, actually. Dunno why, but they both seemed rather fitting.

    Lots of deception in this episode o_0. First there was Isabel(blegh Shelly), then Lance, then the Magma grunts......Wow. I guess you could count TR as well, since they infiltrated the Aqua submarine to free Kyogre.

    Overall rating:
    8.7 out of 10
    Great first episode, only to be followed by one of the most disappointing episodes in the history of Advance Generation. Brilliant -_-

    The 8th Champion
  5. Ridley-X4


    I just saw this ep, it's pretty good. Shelly was had the voice I somewhat imagined, which was a voice that somewhat sounded seductive. Psycho Pikachu was cool. At some times, Archie's voice sounded dual-tone. 0_o TR getting Kyo outta the tank was neat. May and Max's reaction to the Mightyena was inevitable, but funny in a way.

    I'm kinda looking foward to the Scuffle of Legends, I mean, it's so suspenseful at the end.
  6. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    When will the Kyogre/Groudon episodes be released for me to watch in NZ{with a Australian Cartton Network}!!Grr.. when can I see it!!!!
  7. Myuuvuirocon

    Myuuvuirocon <--- Destoria

    I liked this episode. It actually had explosions in it... but, God, does it have to be sooooooo childish? I wish it had some more...... I dunno..... PGish stuff. Evil Pika.... I likey veddy veddy much..... Maxie's voice..... different than I expected... Archie's the very same... but the "Misusing ancient Pokemon" excuse? PUH tha TIC. Come up w/ a better excuse. I like Tabitha in this episode, actually, I love him in every episide he's in... buh maybe his name is Harland Tabitha...... Tabitha bein' his last name...... dat would make way more sense......
  8. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    It's not fair!!!
  9. YAY! Im not the only one who thinks Maxie is hot after all!
  10. I wish they showed raquaza in that episode
  12. i mean geez they totally like,if not love, each other nnnnnnn
  13. hello? anyone there?
  14. Magus

    Magus Fog Trainer

    This is very much not the thread for that subject. Take it to the Shippers Community, and please use proper capitalization and punctuation while you're there.
  15. Ashy Boy

    Ashy Boy Paul's #1 Rival

    The episode was OK, but the only thing that annoyed me was Meowth and his insane plan to capture both Groudon and Kyogre which thankfully failed in the end.
  16. CaptainBrain

    CaptainBrain Continuum

    I finally saw this episode, on Cartoon Network.... I feel that it was a decent episode that leads up to a great climax.
  17. C.J. Ray

    C.J. Ray I wanted Shaymin! :(

    Dogasu was very much PO'd by this two-parter. See my sig for a comment he made about this episode. I sort of agree with him about the fact that Lance was here instead of somebody else, and mourn the loss of Wallace, who will never been see in the anime because they ditched him for Juan. :cry:

    As for the childish statement Ash made - the line was translated exactly from Japanese.
  18. Evil Munchlax

    Evil Munchlax Well-Known Member

    This was an awsome episode...dont know what else to say about it, it's just awsome!
  19. Desert Flower

    Desert Flower Sandstorm Trainer

    Understandable. But they could have put a little more effort into it. Saying they do "bad stuff" isn't exactly threatening. Or am I thinking of a different part?

    All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. But then this is coming from someone who can only watch the 4Kids dub.
  20. Pokemonger49777

    Pokemonger49777 IT'S ASHER JESUS!!!

    I liked that episode, but I liked the next one more. I also loved EVIL PIKACHU!!!

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