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Gallery V2.0 *New Style!*


~[Winter Angel]~
Yeah, well. I made a new gallery just to freshen up on my banners after a month or so. Some of them look a tad overdone, but meh. I like my banners overdone. ;P Well...feel free to comment or C+CC. :) ;)





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Master Coordinator
Your newest isn't great - the lines are far too thick, and while the background it alright, it's kinda dull; needs something more. Maybe some CD4.

The top ones, however, are sweet, if a little cluttered - the depth is okay, and the colours are sweet.



Oh, they're pretty good. It can all be better and I personally think that banner makers should have their own style, their own originality. I find it that's their only abilities that they're capable of doing.

Find your own, you could be better.
I'll criticize every tag for you.

For the Captain America tag, I think the splatters were overused. A lot are on CA, and a lot are in the background. And you made the lighting way too strong.

Second, scanlines ftl. To me, it's just a smudged background with splatters and scanlines covering. Boring.

Third, good job on blurring then setting it to Hard Light. My favorite technique ever. But what's that big silver thing at the top right, coming into his shoulder?

Fourth, it's too monotone, which makes it boring. There's no lighting or depth.

Fifth, is just horrible. Sorry to sound so cruel, but ... it's a lot worse then your others. The pen tooling is not used right, because it's supposed to help create flow, not a big source of light.


D: I like her current banner she has on now. Pretty. n_n


~[Winter Angel]~
Aw, I have so many flaws. ;( Thanks for the crit anyway, Magne, and all the other comments. n_n x3

Might as well make this thread alive again. New banners/tags and an avatar. DX




*gets ready for hardcore crit*

EDIT: New tag. Made for the Monthly Banner Contest. xP


Crit/comment is appreciated.
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