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Game Devs you would like to see make a Pokemon game.

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by shoz999, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. shoz999

    shoz999 No! That's impossible!

    Simple idea. What Game Devs do you want to see make there own spin for a Pokemon game? Pokemon, like Mario, is filled with tons and tons of characters that can be used in all types and styles of games.

    For me personally. I would like to see Atlus games, developers of Persona, make a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for HD consoles featuring a smaller but quality-focused selection of dungeons featuring different unique designs, mechanics, and puzzles not too different from Legend of Zelda. I think this would be a great evolution of the Mystery Dungeon series as I think most Mystery Dungeon fans can admit that Mystery Dungeon can't rely on great storytelling and repetitive dungeon randomization alone as there sole future.

    Another dev I would like to see make a Pokemon game is Monolith Soft. Monolith Soft is famous for there intriguing storytelling and there amazing world design where you don't need quests as the plot device for exploring. Xenoblade Chronicles X is a great example that makes you want to explore the world and see what's out there rather than using quests for that. After Pokemon I Choose You showed an incredible and beautiful side of Kanto never seen before, I'd always imagine Monolith Soft could bring such jaw-dropping details to a Pokemon video game. Also after seeing there take on Pokemon through multiple collectable Blades in XC2 fighting on the same time with other characters, I thought it was actually more and more realistically possible for multiple Pokemon able to fight in real time, including real-time triple battles. Due to this, I hope Nintendo gives Monolith Soft a chance to make a real-time open world Pokemon spinoff series releasing alongside the core series.

    Finally, the other dev I always wanted to see make a Pokemon game is Platinum Games who made Bayonetta, Vanquish, Nier Automata. I think they are personally the best devs, although I could see the Atlus and Square Enix devs who made Persona and Kingdom hearts do a great job as well, to make and adapt the Pokemon Adventures manga into a video game because the manga is full of real time action that expands upon the Pokedex entries that is only hinted at in games and the anime, makes clever uses of biological features of Pokemon, and deals with great problem solving skills of the environment around them. Unlike most Pokemon games, I feel like the list of Pokemon should be confined to the trainer's personal Pokemon teams, kind of like a typical JRPG team like Final Fantasy, and different NPC's and bosses in order to develop further in quality real-time action and how your Pokemon can interact the environment.

    For example, in the manga Blue (Female) uses her Blastoise's Cannons to propel herself and Blastoise in the air like a rocket as a mode of transportation and battling. Red could climb on Poliwrath's back as Poliwrath dashes like a boxer (think Little Mac dashing in Smash Bros.) pulling up on ledges a, rock smashing boulders, and diving into oceans at the same time. Another is Green's Porygon which can be used to hack computers and other different forms of technology.

    A great example that could be used for bosses in a Platinum Games adaptation of Pokemon Adventures is Mr. Mime. Pokemon Adventures showed me how badass Mr. Mime, a joke character, can be. In the manga, Pokemon are often portrayed as using reflect as a kind of mirror to increase defenses. For Mr. Mime's case however, he uses reflect to create an entire invisible house with a second floor and stairs, causing confusion and clumsy mistakes to the opponent. This would be a great boss battle for the characters select team of Pokemon in real time action and puzzle solving. Another great example would be Gengar who is portrayed as a Pokemon who can fight by hiding in shadows while toying and attacking you when your not noticing. A signal that Gengar would be attacking if a shadow, including you or your own Pokemon's shadow, is grinning at you. This would be great for a Dead Space-inspired boss battle.

    Much of what I'm describing here sounds like a Nier/Kingdom Hearts/Persona 5-style of game because much of this does indeed exists in Pokemon Adventures which at least I think is the most perfect adaptation for this style of Pokemon game at the cost of a larger list of Pokemon available to you. The blueprints have already been laid out in the manga. It just needs a dev, preferabbly Platinum Games, Kingdom Hearts dev team, or the Persona dev team, to make it come true and I really would like to see Platinum games make there own style of Pokemon game some day.

    Also I'm kind of interested in the idea of a Western Developer, a good one that isn't Niantic, making a Pokemon game. Personally I'm most interested in Obsidian Entertainment having there own take on the Pokemon world. There well known for storytelling, world-building (including asking questions and exploring other topics of other video game series that aren't normally asked, perfect for Pokemon) and choices that make an impact on the story. The thing is Pokemon probably has the most consistent and largest RPG world lore-wise out of any RPG to this date. If not, then it is definitely up there in the Top 10. I can see Obsidian Entertainment taking interest in the relationship between Arceus and Mew, Giratina's distortion world where hinted in the Pokemon Adventures manga, if you die you may possibly go there as nothingness that can't speak or hear, just watch endlessly, possibly expand further on Necrozma's role in USUM, or maybe just focus more on the Japanese-Mythological inspired side of Pokemon in the Johto Region. I feel like with there surprisingly strong work ethic under restricted deadlines, they can achieve a lot with Nintendo's "A Good Game takes longer time" policy.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2018

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