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Game Informer gave Pokemon XD got a 5.75

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Tauros Rider2

I think that what the rating they gave Pokemon XD means nothing and if you want to get it then get it dont listen to other people`s opinions just get your own opinion of the game
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It could really matter less what Game Informer gave Pokemon XD. For one, they obviously already had vendetta against Pokemon Colosseum. Also, isn't it up to people who play the game to decide what they think? Are you going to let a magazine tell you that to think?


Let's rock!
I dont care if they think if the best game in the world was yo yo. Pokemon is one of Nintendo's Legends, one of the best RPG's, and the most replayable game known as well. We like Pokemon, right? So we shouldnt even care what they think.


whoever wrote that article obviously hasn't even played XD, probably just been told what to say.

I like XD, I like Pokemon, I like the Gamecube and the DS, I like Nintendo. I like what I want to like. Not what other want me to like.

Most people think "Pokemon XD = Pokemon = Gamecube = Nintendo = Super Mario/Zelda/Pokemon/Kirby = No blood = it sucks." They're all biased and the same.

The lone wolf is always feared by the herd of sheep. :D

Just my $0.02 on that first post.

Volt Tackle

GI fails at reviewing. They barely give ANY GCN games high scores outside resident evil.

Notice that they called Colosseum "icky", yet they gave that game a 7. Now that's what I call hypocritical.


Live Long & Prosper
To whom ever worte they should use SSBM trophies are the Pokemon models:
1. They are the same as the Stadium poses, cept a few are attacking, or recovering from an attack
2. They are still poses.


Well-Known Member
While the battle system is the same as the seroes has always been, the limited focus of colloecting and rejuvenating Shadow Pokemon lessens the feel of creating your own team to tackle the challenge at hand.
Hi, my name is Pokémon Colosseum. I have only Espeon, Umbreon, 48 shadow pokémon and a Plusle to work with for getting through the game. My shadow pokémon have no variety whatsoever, only knowing shadow rush, which isn't even any good. Also my shadows can't be purified until nearly halfway through the game.

Hi! My name is pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. I have an Eevee, which you can evolve into whichever of its 5 evolutions you wish. I have 83 shadow pokémon, all knowing some different shadow moves with different effects. Those shadow moves are also super effective against all non-shadow pokémon, making shadow pokémon actually useful before purification. I also have 9 wild pokémon, 3 receivable via an ingame trade, and 3 that can be won at Mt. Battle. Also, you can begin purifying shadows very early in the game.

Whoever said that about XD needs to play through colosseum again. In XD, there are soooo many pokémon worthy of making valuable additions to a team.

Phoenix Knight Nova

Mineral Trainer
Would I say its earthshattering, intelligent, awesome graphics or anything like that.

Nope, the story is typical lame-o girly story as usual.

If you expected the magazines to like it, or give it good reviews you should have examined the game more closely. For anyone who isn't a serious Pokemon buff, its pretty much a waste of time.
To me, I like this game for the cool things you can get from it, free Lucky Egg , all kinds of pokemon with moved they couldn't have learned before.

For the Hardcore Pokemon trainer this game is great, for young gamers who don't need a flashy game with a great story, a great game.

For anyone else, they'll hate it, but that Uber Shadow Lugia you get will be fun to thwack your friends with.

Medical Meccanica

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The whole point of the game (to me and many others) is an easy way to get Lugia and other hard to get Pokemon. I could come up with arguments for all of their points, but I won't, because I honestly don't care what they think. they've made their bias so obvious it's staring me in the face.
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