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Game resets?


will give nethin 4it
How often do you reset your game? I go through 2 or 3 games a week. I just like starting from the beginning. Anyway, do any of you reset your games?

DaN ere

Fire Master
I sometimes reste my lg, ruby or emerald.


will give nethin 4it
I dont like resetting RSEFRLG.

DaN ere

Fire Master
Neither do i, I just do it once in a while when i get rele bored of the games and wanna start a new 1.
EDIT: Rank up!!!

Mewmie the shiny Mew

I don't because I don't like to just delete all my hard work. The only game I've restarted is my Emerald (twice '^_^) because my Groudon got deleted in the cloning glitch (I always do it wrong because the right way doesn't work for me.) and my Yellow on accident (also twice '^_^)

Marky Vigoroth

Beginning Trainer
Not anymore. I did that in the past for a variety of reasons (i.e. someone else saved my game without permission), though.


Well-Known Member
I used to restart sometimes since I would do some mistakes inbetween, which can only be corrected by restarting.
The only game I ever reset is pokemon ranger, If i have no other game to play i play ranger until i win the game and complete the browser then reset it.

Its good how you dont lose the manaphy egg when restarting ranger. ;123;

EDIT: nice rank Sceptgatr ;)


i reset once i omplete teh whole thing..and sometimes i trade all my most powerful pokemon to another game..and sometimes i just keep training,even though i hav finished the game.