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Game Winning Assist (329)

Psychic Venusaur

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Those Numel looked kind of big if you ask me

I was playing Ruby the day before the episode premiered, and a Skitty I fought used Assist. That may have been the first time I'd ever seen the attack in the game. I guessed the effect right (everyone else already knew this)

7/10, this episode was o.k.


Team Awesome
I finally got to see this episode yesterday, thanks to Friday reruns of weekend episodes. I have to say, I was pretty impressed by the episode. I didn't know how awesome an attack assist really was until I saw this episode (I'll definitely teach it to one of my skitties). It was great to see May escape from Team Rocket on her own too. This was an excellent episode for her. :)


I really didn't like this episode (only saw it today on Sky One. I'm a Brit :rolleyes: )

A very boring filler. It didn't seem important apart from showcasing the Numel, who were quite cool, and Skitty's Assist move. It had a really bad Johto feel to it, but did improve slightly in part 2. Even Team Rocket were below par. There was a golden opportunity for Meowth to have had a fantasy about giving the Numel to "the boss" but all we got that drivel about James having the Numel keep him warm....

I think the only good thing about this episode is that Numel had a good voice and it brings the UK closer to the Mount Chimney episodes.

I'm not usually this harsh, but 4/10.


Izit cuz I is black?
Those numel were obese! Way too big and dopey, like Snorlax, rather than small and cute, witch you'd expect.


Battle Factory Champion
Too much of Skitty I think here, so much so that it's starting to become very annoying. Also May once again was featured more than Ash was, seems like she's beginning take over his lead role nowadays!

Not a bad episode, better than Cheer Pressure mainly becasue Max didn't bugger anything up this time.

Factory Head Noland

Hey Sharpshooter!

I quite liked this episode, Team Rocket actually nearly got away with their plan! (Extremily rare!!) That Furret was fast! I think that Skitty should have been able to get a few more hits in there.
I think Skitty is grrrrrrrrrreat!
I'm with Anti-Richie, this was reallly Johto. I loved the Numel, but that was abut it. Skitty was cute, and nice to see Furret again, but.....meh. This episode just didn't catch my interest. Would've been better if they'd re-run 'A PokéBlock Party!" or "Watt's with Wattson?" instead of this. The least I can say is that I didn't miss this episode, although I kinda wish I had.

Overall rating:
4.9 out of 10....
Pretty bad episode. Small bit above Johto, but anyone who couldn't tell would call it a Johto, and I don't blame them.

SC~ out


This is the first Pokémon episode I've seen in about three years. Too bad it was a filler. Anyways, there were some good things and bad things.


- May is a pretty cool character.
- May's Skitty is also pretty cool.
- Numel looks pretty cool in this episode.


- Max is really annoying!
- Team Rocket is as annoying as ever. Especially Wobbuffet.

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
A decent episode, but not without its flaws. They're not huge, but they still bugged me...

1. The voice acting. I know 4Kids has to wrap their scripts around the lip movements, but you'd think they could do it better. At the end of Act I, Ash's line "Hold on, May, 'cause we're comin' to save you!" just sounded too contrived. Same thing for James and Meowth's simultaneous "That sounds great, can we be in your fantasy too?" And May looking up Skitty's attacks in her PokéDex sounded like Veronica Taylor had a train to catch while she was recording it.

2. Nitpicky, but still - I don't like the writers throwing Hoenn Pokémon into Kanto flashbacks. It's fine when they're contained in their own region, but when you make up some backstory about how James used to keep his bedroom warm with a herd of Numel, it's just odd. Numel aren't found in the Kanto region (of course, you could argue that James' wealthy parents had them imported from Hoenn, but then that takes all the fun out of nitpicking).

Aside from that, though, this episode wasn't half bad. Some good screentime for Skitty, especially when showcasing Assist - I just wish they'd given it more variety, since I'm sure May's Pokémon know attacks other than Ember, Silver Wind, and Gust. The Numel were inexplicably adorable; I'm sure the voice contributed to it. They were played perfectly dopey. And it's good to see May be the hero(ine) every once in a while - it shows character development. In all, a mostly satisfactory episode.


I didn't like this episode much, it was pretty boring and not worth waking up early for..


Ashy Boy

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I recently watched the episode and even though it was mostly predictable, it was great to see Skitty get more screen time. I also liked the filler character.


I loved that Skitty learned how to use a new move
Assist is a good move fot it, it was great

popcorn dragon

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It was cool how skitty learned assist, but the best part was the beginning. It shows how Skitty can be such a troublemaker. Cute pokemon come at a price.


The Numel seemed out of place in this episode. The episode focused too much on Skitty's Assist move.

I liked that May actually worked hard on teaching Skitty it's most potent move for use in Contests.

Some people say she became an expert overnight, but I think she really trained hard. 5/10


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was cool seeing Numel for the 1st time. I'm glad May was able to get Skitty to learn Assist. Assist is a pretty cool attack, but can backfire if the random attack in non-effective against the opposing Pokemon. It was cool seeing Furret for the 1st time. Numel seem to me like the fire version of Slowpoke for some reason. It was cool to see Max show concern for May.