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Games Face-Off

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This face-off is for the many games that have been made for Pokemon.

Rules are simple:
1. Follow the main forum and face-off rules.
2. You may vote once every twenty-four hours. New groups starting is an exception.
3. Anyone is allowed to post the vote tally but only I may start the next group.

The first face-off shall be for the best main game. Each group will decide the best of its generation and then the final four will compete for best main game of all generations.

Generation One:

First to ten wins.

~Shadow Espeon~

I did it!!
Yellow ftw...

Red and Blue weren't as good and I never had Green...
2. You may vote once every twenty-four hours.

You have got to be serious ~_~...by the way, what about e-voting (probably not very applicable here, but it is worth mentioning)?

Red simply because I never had Yellow (plus, giving the rival the Eevee was, IMO, not the best move)...

Mewtwo's Apprentice

Master in training
I vote Yellow


Well-Known Member
Red cause Missingo and that stuff. =]
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