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Games & Face Offs Index

Discussion in 'Games' started by Darato, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)

    Games and Face-Offs Index

    Here is a list of the current games/face-offs to help you easily find games you’re looking for or see if certain games already exist. Please keep in mind as you search that, while a game is only listed once, it may plausibly fall under more than one category—so be sure to check multiple sections if that’s the case. I will add/remove from this topic as it is needed. I'll do a clean up at the first and end of each month so to make sure everything is in order.

    Some helpful links:

    Games Rules
    Approved/Disapproved Thread
    Face-Off Rules

    Current Categories: Mafia, Counting, Above Poster, Word/Letter, Listing, Rating, Question/Answer, Guessing, Creative, Competitive, RPGs, Miscellaneous Games, and Face-Offs


    A specific type of RPGs involving players who take on the role of either being the Mafia or being one of several townspeople, with the Mafia being able to eliminate one townsperson per day. The objective of the game is for the townspeople to correctly pinpoint as to who the Mafia is; if the Mafia succeeds in eliminating all the townspeople without getting caught, the Mafia wins. Because of the popularity of this type of game, only three Mafias are allowed to be active at one time.


    A specific type of continuous and competitive game involving the battle of two groups. Counting Games usually start at a mid-point (ie. 500), with each group posting for the number to reach their group's aim (for example, Group A would want to get the number to 1000, so each post from a member of Group A will add 1 to the current count; on the other hand, Group B would want to get the number to 0, so each post from a member of Group B will subtract 1 from the current count). Because of the popularity of this type of game, only three Counting Games are allowed to be active at one time.

    1000 reasons why nintendo is the best

    Above Poster:

    Technically speaking, these are games that involve the player interacting with the player who posted before him/her. With that definition, though, almost every game can be said to belong to this category, so for the purposes of this index, "Above Poster" games will refer to games of that nature, but do not fall under any of the other categories in this index.

    ^ > v
    Caption the Above Picture
    Caption the above signature III
    Create a new Place by Combining the Above two User's Locations!
    extremely wrong answers to general questions
    extremely wrong answeres to pokemon questions
    Have You Ever?
    Have you seen this tv show?
    I Never Did My Homework Because - V.2. (The Nightmare Edition)
    If The Above Avatar Appears In Front Of You...
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above avatar...
    If you were in an arranged marriage with the above signature V3
    Mega Evolve the Above Poster's mon
    Name it's Use Game
    predict the next poster
    Post an INSANE lie about the user above you
    Raichu, use Thunder!
    Rename the Member Above You
    the revival of first thing that comes to mind
    the revival of the penny game
    the revival of pokedex match
    the silly pokemon evolutions game
    throw an object at the next poster
    Train, Release, Store in PC
    What Pokémon would fit it?
    what type is it?
    Which of the above two avatars would win a fight?
    Which of the above two signatures will win in a fight?
    Who's That Character?! v.2
    Would You Eat That? V.2.
    Would You Rather? 3.0
    You're Banned
    you fail to catch a magikarp


    These types of games usually revolve around the alteration, continuation, expansion, and whatever else one can do with words, phrases, and sentences.

    the babelfish game
    ABC Character Game
    The One Word Story Game v2.0 (Rule update. 16.12.2015)
    try to type the above word with your elbow
    What happened to my _____? V.2.
    Waiter, there's a _____ in my soup, again!


    From the name itself, these are games that involved the players continuing a list started by the game's owner. Despite the titles of some of these games having numerical values, most games under this category have a list that is understood to be limitless (only really ending when the game is closed), though there are some exceptions.


    A type of game which involves a player giving his/her opinion of anything provided by or a characteristic of the player who posted before him/her, with this opinion being given or accompanied by a rating. Most rating games follow a rating scale of 0-10, with 0 being the lowest rating given and 10 being the highest.

    Good Ol’ Rating of the User Title Above You
    Rate the Avatar Above You.
    Rate the Above User's Location!
    Rate the above Video Game Music.
    Rate the above Pokemon Nickname.
    Rate the Profile Picture Above You.
    Rate the signature


    As what the name suggests, these games involve a player asking a question to another player, with the usual setup being a player answering the question of the player before him/her and the player asking another question to the player who will post after him/her. Q&A games are distinct from Guessing games in that there are no right or wrong answers, but only merely answers.

    do you have this game? V3
    Have you seen this movie?
    Pokémon 20 Questions (Revival!)
    The True or False Game!


    These are games wherein the player has to guess the correct answer from the questions given by either the above poster or the game's owner. For games like these, though, the latter is preferred in order to avoid the game from being cluttered, though there are some exceptions. Guessing games are distinct from Q&A games in that there is actually a right answer in these games.


    As what the name suggests, these kinds of games partake to the players' capacity to think creatively. Creative games usually go for the inventiveness and originality of the player instead of their spontaneity.

    Give The Above Two Posters A Shipping Name
    The Pokemon Link Game
    The Revival of the 12 Song Album Game!
    This is court, defend yourself! v2


    These are games that involve contests and/or competitions of some sort, with the aim of the game being to find a victor among a pool of contestants. Though most of the games in this category can also be placed under other categories of this index, they are placed here because the competitive aspect of the game is what drives it.

    Secret Story: La Maison des Torsions


    Standing for "Role-Playing Games", these obviously refer to games where each player is designated a role. An important characteristic of RPGs in the Games section (as opposed to RPGs in the section of the same name) is that the role-playing element of the game, while important, is very minimal. Games under this category are only grouped as such because of the presence of the element, but this element is not the dominant one of the game.

    Pokemon High V.IV

    Miscellaneous Games:

    Of course, categories are limiting, and it is virtually impossible to create categories for all of the games of this forum. This category, then, is for all the games that do not fit in any of the categories listed above. Should enough games of a similar nature appear in this category, a new category may be created just for them.

    Pokemon Survivor! (Revival!)


    Face-Offs are a specific sub-genre of Competitive games, with the means of getting a victor being achieved through different voting styles being employed by its players, rightfully called its "voters". Because of the specificity of such a genre, there is a
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
  2. Lbsweet96

    Lbsweet96 &#32

  3. Chelc

    Chelc Well-Known Member

    Lie to Me-Game Creator-Chelc
    Who's That Pokemon?-Game Creator-Chelc

    Thank you, Darato, for all of your hard work on this new Games Index. :]
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2010
  4. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)

    I already had your game on the list Lbsweet96.

    No worries Chelc :)

    Last edited: Apr 30, 2010
  5. Lbsweet96

    Lbsweet96 &#32

    Oh I didn't even see it o_O Thanks
  6. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)


  7. cieux

    cieux banned

  8. Nidoprince

    Nidoprince Well-Known Member

    Last edited: May 19, 2010
  9. pkmnhippy

    pkmnhippy Banned

  10. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)


    I'm working on a new way to have the games organized on here. I was supposed to start on it last week, but I ran into a few issues I had to deal with. I should be able to start on it by tonight, or tomorrow night.

  11. Shadow Eeveelution

    Shadow Eeveelution DracLord Dread

    The never ending cheat (Origonal idea by roden 306)

    -Game Creator-Extreme Floatzel

    Abit Error on the list
  12. Darato

    Darato (o,..,o)


  13. KnightofRawr

    KnightofRawr Don't underestimate

  14. Josef Stylin

    Josef Stylin I want to die

  15. keepitsimple

    keepitsimple Big Brother

  16. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Closing this down since lists of new games can be found here,. With some patience, it is simpler to find out if the game you want already exists, instead of maintaining this more or less inactive thing.

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