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Games That Bring Back Memories

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Earlier today I was looking for a book in a cuboard and I came acrosss some old games of mine. This was really amaazing really: I thought I'd got rid of some of the years ago. Anyways, these games are the fiirst ones I ever played. Seeing as it is so long since I last saw, played or heard them, they really made me tingle. The music especialy. The games were:

Bubble Bobble. (a plug into your TV arcade classic.) The music on this amazing. And the game itself so fun. It brang back memories from when I was so young.

Sonic the Hedgehog 1/2/3/K. Nothing too much to say. Just spectacular.

As great as is was to play these few games again, they could never match up to the masterpice known as Little Big Adventure 2. Simply the best game of all time. The music, every track gave me goosebumps. I remember, it took me and my sister six years to complete this game. Nothing could ever match its spectacularity. Nothing.

Have you got any games like this? That just give you amazing feelings? Share them if you have.

I never did find that book...


You just inspired me to go back to the basement...

Digging up the original Metroid, older than me by the way, reminded me of the countless hours I spent trying to beat it. Finding Pong, definitely older than me, reminded me of the first (and as far as I remember only) time I played the game. I'm still browsing, but thanks for the inspiration I guess.


Meteor Trainer
?!?!?!? There's a plug and play Bubble-Bobble?! Nobody tells me these things. I've got the NES version, but my NES don't work.


Any of the Classic NES series games bring back so many memories. Especially Super Mario Bros., my favorite game of all time. It's the only GBA game I will never, ever sell.


The magic of Pokemon
the Mario trilogy, and Zelda!

I remember finishing playing that game for hours...we would begin in the morning and make it to stage 7-Demon, about the time Dad came home from work...he would then help us finish the game.

There was also the time the power went out right before we beat Ganon...

Broken Angel

ToeJam and Earl, a old n64 game,this was the first somewhat violent game i played.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Ah! I remeber when I re-Install a game, restart or play a sequel.
Dungeon Keeper: i had to install this game again when I got the new computer and I remebered how much fun I had with this game
Zelda> OOT: Always brings memories, Like "Look there the Redeads that I killed over and over for that one Redead that scared the hell out of me" There are others but I can't remeber them right now


Little Big Adventure 2? I only ever played the first one, but it was a very awesome game. Incredibly underrated.

Also Medievil, Duckhunt, Morrowind - (may be recent but try playing the game without remembering a lot of the awesome stuff you've done)Kickle Cubicle, Croc - (if just for the music..)

And I'd love to say Zelda, Mario, Sonic, etc.. and they would be in my list, if they hadn't been re-released so many times. I'd be shocked if anyone can say they haven't played at least one of those games recently.


Broken Angel said:
ToeJam and Earl, a old n64 game,this was the first somewhat violent game i played.
What the f*ck? It was on the Genesis. And it wasn't violent. AT ALL. Shows how memorable it was for you. ;/

Anyways, Super Contra (NES), Jurassic Park (SNES), Super Mario World, Double Dragons games, Streets of Rage games, the first Power Ranger games, Gunstar Heroes, Zelda (A Link to the Past...Never beat it, though. ;[ ), the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, and many more that I'm too tired to remember. @_@


You're cool.
Any Sonic or Phantasy Star gsme reminds me of my currently working Genesis and my PSII, and Sonic 1 & 3 (dunno why we never got 2)
I have a working NES too, me and my friends would play Final Fantasy for hours. With the blackbelt, the fightet, the red and white mages, out team pwned you.

But Sonic was my very first game. I remember when I was really little, I could hear my sister playing and the Green Hill Zone music. its either my sister turned it up real loud or I had good hearing, but somehow I used stuffed animals and a blanket to get over my crib bars, jump out, and run into the den to watch my sister play Sonic. No joke either, thats the only memory I have of my very young days. So now Sonic is one of my all time favorite games.

And my first N64 game was Mario Kart 64. I ALWAYS had to be Mario

For PS One, It was Croc. Hell, our babysitter used to come over everyday to babysit us (this was quite a while ago) and all we would do was play Croc. We were so close to beating it... actually, I think we did, but we never played Croc 2.

And my old Red Version brings back memories of Kindergarten and my Venusaur and my glitched up crap. I was attacked by a level 214 Pidgey. it took out every single Pokemon I had, and I tried to catch it, Think of the glitches that would've brought up. Worst of all, it was in the grass north of Pallet Town x.x

Yep. There they are =D


^Ah, you reminded me. My Blue and Yellow Versions bring back memories of my younger days. So do my Gold and Crystal Versions. 19 years old. Gah, I feel old. x_X

Wolf Goddess

~Lupo Di Autunno~
The good ol' Pokemon Yellow version. Reminds me of when I used to play with a Gameboy, may it RIP.

Silver Ryu

~Aqua Dragon~
Octillery said:
For PS One, It was Croc. Hell, our babysitter used to come over everyday to babysit us (this was quite a while ago) and all we would do was play Croc. We were so close to beating it... actually, I think we did, but we never played Croc 2.

Waitaminute. But Croc is a computer game! Or at least Croc 2 is....we have it, we used to love that game! We used to play it all the time!


Well-Known Member
Sonic games, Mario games, Megaman games and some other "unknown" games I played when I was about 4-8 years, we had bought even asian Nintendo, and got a pirate cart too, which had a LOT of games, one was uncommon Legend of Kage. I used to play Atari too, which had something like 3D-styled Pacman..

zonic the hedgehog

I got out Mario Paint the other day, and... WOW.

I almost forgot how fun that game was. Especially since I have the ol' guidebook with sheet music. ^.^ (PM me if you want the scans, because there's some quite AWESOME artwork in the book, not to mention CUSTOM SPRITES).

I messed around with the coloring book and the flyswatter game, and I instantly started saying, "Too amazing for its time..."

EDIT: Here's the cool cover of the guidebook, if you wanna know what it looks like (lol, $4.95 Walmart) :


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Alex Kidd for SMS (I dunno which one of them). The first platformer I ever played.

Lots of games from the good ol' Atari 2600 (namely Pitfall, Keystone Capers and that boxing game. Instant classics).

Pokemon Yellow :)

And the fabled Brazilian SMS Wonderboy hack (aka Mônica e o Castelo do Dragão). My first RPG ever, when I didn't even knew what the heck that word meant. A nice game anyway.

Cadillacs and Dinossaurs for the arcades. Used to play it with my cousins. We still play it today, if we have the chance (kicking arses in Cadillacs = lots of fun).

General Blaze

Not the face!
The original Defender game. I played that a whole lot when I was little, and I found it on the 'net recently, so I've been playing it like crazy.


Monkey Dragon
Legend of Zelda 2: Link's Adventure: I remember when I was about 5, I played this game forever, and couldn't even find the first level. Curse you, hidden bats...

Pokemon Red Version: The first game I got on my Gameboy Pocket, for some reason it never saved...

Pokemon Yellow Version: First game I got for my Gameboy Color. I remember actually beating Brock with Pikachu...
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