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Games you played during your childhood

What the title says!

What are the games you ever played during your childhood days? Also, do you ever replay them as you grow older

For me, I played Final Fantasy IX as my first Final Fantasy game. And several years, I replay this game because I haven't beat the game until now...

Childhood games I also played are Pokemon, Breath of Fire IV, etc.


Catching up on XY
Super Mario World was my first game, I believe. Pokemon Red, however, was my main game back in my pre-school days.

To this day both of them are still among my favorite games of all time.


Back on my Mega Drive, I had Mega Turrican, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 and Golden Axe. I also had the Sega CD but barely any games for it, because most of them sucked. Also, Mega Turrican is seriously underrated.


not bad
I can't remember too many, but Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom and Crimson Skies were big ones


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Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot.

I feel special now.

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I should totally go on hiatus.

Master Leo

The Dark Side
Pokemon Yellow and Blue for GBC.
Super Mario, some old basketball game, Jurassic Park, and some other stuff for Super Nintendo.
Kingdom Hearts 1, MegaMan Battle Network 4, 5, and 6 and Kirby.

Crimson Penguin

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Believe it or not, my first video game was the A Bug's Life game for the GBC. I was pretty young and obsessed with the movie at the time, lol. My first console game was DK64. Most of the games I played as a kid (and still do) consisted of Pokemon, Mario, and Kirby. I still get nostalgic playing my N64...


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First few games I played were Mortal Kombat II, Duke Nukem 3D and Splatterhouse.

Ironically, my current gen game collection now consists of almost entirely E rated titles, with at most 10-15 rated T or higher, and only 5 of those being M rated, and 4/5 of those being on the Xbox.


I played a lot of Pokémon games as a child. I also used to play a bit of Bomberman...

blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
I am so jealous of those who had a SNES and Mega Drive when they where kids.

All I had was my PC but I do have frond memory of playing Free ski, Descent and Doom.

Later my Older brother got a Playstation and I played the hell out of Crash Bandicoot 2.