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Gametrak Freedom: The XBox 360 and PS3 to get motion control remotes


So 1991

Article in short (for those to lazy to read the link): A third party company is developing a Wiimote-like motion sensing peripheral for the XBox 360 and the PS3. They claim the peripheral will feature "better" motion sensing than the Wiimote.

So will it be a massive flop, a runaway sucess or something in between?

I personally think the peripheral will not make any major impact. Typically add-ons such as these aren't massively sucessful and don't receive much support. The fact that this is being made by a third party won't exactly help it in the support option either.


Oh look. Now its pratically the Wii + Good Graphics. Still won't buy it. But I can see that maybe some future games might incorporate that control scheme as an alternate feature. But as I said, I won't buy it. Its lame. I already have a Wii, and I won't spend another
$100+ so EVERYONE in my family can play it. I already own a Wii. Lame.

Also: The PS3 Controller better be bluetooth. There are WAY to many USB dongles for the PS3 already.