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Garchomp or Metagross?

Which Pokemon for my team?

  • Garchomp

    Votes: 17 70.8%
  • Metagross

    Votes: 7 29.2%

  • Total voters
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Falcon PUNCH!!!
Hello everyone! I'm having a hard time figuring out what the final pokemon on my team should be.
My team is:

And I need just one more, which would be Garchomp, Metagross, or another different pokemon entirely if I decide Garchomp or Metagross won't work.
Please help me!

PS don't count off Metagross just because I already have Scizor.
I believe Garchomp would be the better choice as you already have both of Metagross' types in your team.


Clan Deputy
Garchomp has a pretty good HP stat (108) and attack (130). However, Metagross's attack is slightly higher (135). But it's hp has a -28 difference (80).
Being a steel type, Metagross's defense is an obvious 130, and is 140 if it's a bold pokemon. However, it's attack is lowered to a 125. But you can improve it.

Garchomp, on the other hand, has a 95 defense stat, which is really good. If it has a bold nature, again, it becomes 105. Same with lax. The Lax Nature has its flaws though. The sp.def is lowered to a rather pitiful 75.

Metagross's sp.def is a ninety. 100 if it's a careful or calm pokemon.

Garchomp's speed is is a 102 compared to Metagross's 70. However, if it has a hasty nature, it'll become an 80. Still, you have to improve this stat. Metagross is pretty bulky, so you should help its speed stat.

Garchomp's sp atk is a decent 80. If it has a mild nature, it's a 90. Otherwise, you should improve it.
Metagross's is an excellent 95, and is 105 if it has a modest or mild nature.

Overall, they both add up to 600, being pseudo legendaries.

Metagross's learnset is great, but it can't learn a very wide range of TMs and HMs. Garchomp, on the other hand, has a fairly decent learnset, and it has a WIDE range of TMs and HMs.

Metagross is great, both offensively and defensively. Also, thanks to steel-and-psychic combination, it's weak to a very few types. Psychic, which is weak to Bug, is saved by the Steel type, which is of course resistant to it. Same with Fighting. And Clear Body prevents stat reduction.
Garchomp is pretty fast, good defensively and offensively. However, the Ice type is something you should fear. Unless your defensive stats are ridiculously high, you'll probably be 2 or 1 KO'd. Also, water and grass can be a bit of a nuisance, thanks to the Ground type.
Sand Veil, during a sandstorm, raises Garchomp's evasion. However, it's stats can be reduced, unlike Metagross.

Even though Garchomp is fast AND good at defending and attacking, it's weak to a fair amount of types, due to it's ground type. Also, it learns a wide amount of TMs and HMs. Metagross has Clear Body, is weak to a few types, is great both defensively and offensively, AND it has a great learnset when leveling up.

Overall, Metagross is the best simply, thanks to types and good stats. Garchomp is a good choice but I HIGHLY recommend Metagross.

(oh come on, I have a haunter and a roserade on my team. you don't need to worry about the two same types.)
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Raging Ghost

Red Dragon Archfiend
Metagross is the only pseudo-legendary who doesn't have a double weakness, so yeah, go for him.


Custom User Title
I'd go for garchomp, just for the fact that you already have his weaknesses covered with the rest of your team and it is initially more dangerous as a sweeper due to higher speed and a powerful physical attacks... ie: STAB'd outrage


Falcon PUNCH!!!
Anyone else?
I'm thinking of going with Metagross. Anyone who wants to tell me different that Metagross is the wrong choice speak or forever be silenced. :D


@ Brightclaw, simply listing off facts about the Pokémon is not sufficient justification for the choice of an addition to the team. You should really be looking at how the Pokémon works with the team to help determine its effectiveness.

Anyway, is no one else noticing the Electric weakness from Blastoise and Aerodactyl which none of the others can tackle easily and also which Garchomp handles perfectly?

Metagross is a nice Pokémon but Garchomp is better here just for that reason. People seem to be considering the Pokémon on its own, not as part of this team. Adding Metagross has no real benefit while Garchomp helps to balance out the team more effectively. I know that you seem to be leaning towards Metagross, but I assure you that Garchomp is the superior choice.

peacemaker987 said:
I'd go for garchomp, just for the fact that you already have his weaknesses covered with the rest of your team and it is initially more dangerous as a sweeper due to higher speed and a powerful physical attacks... ie: STAB'd outrage


slice and dice
Between the two I personally would go with metagross to eliminate the x4 weakness situation and metgaross only has 2 x2 weaknesses and he's not an uber


^but in making a decision like that, you are doing exactly what TBR said; viewing Metagross as an individual instead of part of a team. Garchomp has better synergy with this team. Yes, it has a 4x weakness to Ice, but Blastoise and, to a lesser extent, Scizor, can take the Ice hit comfortably. I know Metagross is a great Pokemon, but Garchomp will work better for you for the reasons TBR and peacemaker987 stated.

And if you're still opposed to the idea, consider this: Garchomp has STAB Earthquake. 'Nuff said.


Shiny Hunter
Garchomp is a good sweeper while metagross also has good attacks. but metagross takes more time to create into a good sweeper when you can have a

Garchomp.Muscle Band
-Fire Fang
-DRagon Claw

Quick and easy. Not much work put into him and he will sweep.


Metagross - just for looks!
Wow, this post is overflowing with logic and intelligence. No, seriously, no. Learn something about something before posting here, please. You opinion is no more valid than any other noob in this place, in fact, probably less so.

Garchomp has a double weakness. Use Metagross instead.
Excellent reasoning there. No. Just no.

The whole purpose of this thread is pretty pointless anyway. Fuck Garchomp, fuck Metagross. Both those pokemon suck about as hard as SlvrMetagross's post. And that's pretty hard. I think the only pokemon that can viably fill the last spot on this team is team is Corsola.

Yes, Corsola, no I am serious. First off, he's a fucking piece of coral. With a mouth. That alone should be enough for most of you. But wait, there's more! He's a pretty damn strong piece of coral too. With moves like Rock Climb and Earth Power in his arsenal, he can really fuck your shit up. Well, if you're stupid enough to cross him, that is. He's also got the stats to match it. With impressive base 85 Defences, he is an asset to any team.

But none of that is important. What matters is what Corsola has over both Garchomp and Metagross, of which there are many things. Corsola has a charming smile, for starters. How could you say no to that face? It's not like you'd have a chance, though, before he pummels you with a well timed Giga Impact or Earthquake. Both, notably, are stronger with Hustle than the same moves executed by Chomp and Gross. Corsola also has a higher density of Epic Win per cubic centimetre than either of the other parties. The only reason why you could ever consider not using Corsola is that you might not like using Ubers.

tl;dr, everyone in this thread is wrong except for me.


Well-Known Member
You should use Manectric, no I'm not kidding. He fit's really nice, because he's resistent to electric! Groud is already covered, so...

Manectric @ ?
252 Sp. Att, 252 Spd, 4 HP

~ Thunderbolt
~ Flamethrower
~ Hidden Power [Grass] / [Ice]
~ Toxic

Thunderbolt is your main STAB, Flamethrower to hit everything Thunderbolt can't. Hidden Power Ice solves the problem of not being capable of hitting Dragons, whilst Hidden Power Grass hits Swampert and Lanturn... Toxic to stall the Hell out of your opponent.


dark shiny hunter
take garchomp, it has a high speed and a high attack.