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Gastlyman and Tyranitarboy!

I thought of making a comic. I read the rules and all and read this awesome comic by Blazeingman and got all my inspiration. So here it is:


Tune in next time to see what happens! I need comments about how it is! Thanks
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Sorry for the double post. I just made chapter 2.

Here I am with chapter 3! I am thinking of doing a Halloween special.

Blazeing Man

proffesional artist
Well If you do a Halloween Special you should get on it because it is halloween afternoon right now.
I guess I won't be doing it this time :( because I don't have enough time and plot. I'll just have to continue with the regular story and I wish everyone a Happy Halloween!
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Double posting because I want everyone to know the next chapter is here. If you like this, let me know.

Blazeing Man

proffesional artist