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Gateway Ships

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Obsessive Shipper
So, how did you come to be addicted to shipping? What was your first ship, how old were you, how long did you stick with it, that kind of thing.

I started out shipping the pink and white Power Rangers. I was in first grade, and I think it was the first time I ever cared about romance... but I was very emotionally invested in it. Even though that ship didn't go so well in the end, I stuck with it for several more years, until I switched to Poke the summer after fifth grade. I thought it was weird that I was got so involved with it, but it turns out that it's actually a pretty common first ship.

So, what have your experiences been like?


Only Mostly Dead
I think my first couple of ships had to Ash/Misty from Pokemon and Arnold/Helga from Hey Arnold. But that was before I'd even heard the term "shipping". All I knew was that I liked the couples since they were awkward and sort of cute (as was I! *shot*).

The first shipping I supported while actually being aware of the term "shipping" and all it entailed was probably Joey/Mai from Yugioh. Back when I actually liked Yugioh (and not just the abridged series).

I still really love and support the first two pairings. Joey/Mai waned when my interest in the show waned. It's not like I don't support them or anything, I'm just not super excited about it anymore.

Rocketshipping was in there somewhere too, but I think it initially flew over my ten-year-old radar.


Obsessive Shipper
Yeah, I'd been a shipper for about... nine years before I ever heard the term. I figured there were probably other people like me, but I doubted they were interested in the same fandoms I was. I assumed others were involved in dramas and soap operas, not children's shows. Little did I know... It is funny, isn't it, that some of the biggest and most active shipping communities are based around shows like that. I think part of it has to do with the fact that most shippers are kids when they start with it. Those are the things we're watching at the time. And they're usually long running shows, so you get to know the characters well.

Anyway. Arnold/Helga was awesome. They'll never do it, but I wish they'd bring back the show and bring it to some sort of conclusion. There is no force in the universe that could prevent me from watching that!


MondoTR (Dani)
First when I was aware of what shipping is? Ash/Misty

First ever? I honestly have no idea. As stated above, I shipped Kim/Tommy (pink/white rangers) and Arnold/Helga. But I think my first was one-sided Chuckie/Susie from Rugrats. At times it seemed he had a crush on her. I was disappointed when no clues of the crush were given in All Grown Up. :( I shipped it when Susie first appeared (or whatever ep it was that Chuckie seemed to like her in). So back in 93? I was 8, lol. I guess I still ship it even though I haven't watched either show in years.
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Oooh A super awesome thread of super awesomeness XD
Nightning will post now ;D

Mmm. Lesse~ Ash/Misty introduced me to the whole idea of shipping I was SO shocked when I discovered this huge unknown world of shipping right under my nose~

I also remeber likeing Arnold/Helga <3 I guess it was a pretty common ship eh?Ah, how I loved Hey Arnold ! But, at that point I had no idea what shipping was.

I remeber thinking Ash and Misty should be together for quite a while before that fatefull day when I looked to the internet (2002? 2001?) to see if anyone felt the same. <3


Well-Known Member
First pairing(s) EVER: Ash/Misty (dur), Hercules/Meg (Disney)
First crossover: Kirby/Jigglypuff (I know it's Super Smash Bros. and therefore probably doesn't count....but I imagined it outside of the game back then :x)
First crack: Milgazia (?)/Filia from Slayers.... XD I don't like it anymore.
First yuri: IIRC, May/Kelly :x Back in 2005 >___>
First yaoi: IIRC, Leonardo/Raphael from TMNT o____0 Blame the 2007 movie, I didn't even THINK of it until then (and I was watching the original show for awhile).


Supposedly I shipped Kermit and Miss Piggy when I was two or three, so says my family. I suppose I'm inclined to believe them. X3

However, the first time I specifically recall shipping in the same sort of way I ship now (though far more innocently) would be back when I was in second grade. Around eight I'd guess? I shipped characters in the Mario Bros cartoons. XD So I've been a shipper for around 15 years. I first really saw myself as a shipper back in 1998 though, when I was eleven. That's the time I first started watching anime in earnest and got the internet, so I was actually exposed to the term shipping and was able to recognize myself as such. Needless to say, Taito in Digimon was one of the first things I was realllllly into. That was the around the time most of my fave ships started leaning towards yaoi too.


Well-Known Member
The first ship I can remember liking... and the ship I call my first OTP... was Lord Zedd x Trini from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Yes, even back then I was a cracktastic little so and so. To begin with I shipped it for the same reason that I started sailing the good ship Strategist; my two fave characters together. But then there was one episode where all the other rangers apart from Jason was captured and Zedd was paying way more attention to Trini than he did Zack, Billy and Kimberly...

My friends didn't exactly help either. Of course it was all innocent, childish, frolic around the streets type of thing but we would play Power Rangers, I would be Trini and I was always trying to stop Zedd, ha ha. Yes, I would make my figures hug each other too... and he would dominate her. Oh how I miss my eight year old self.

Two years before that I had my first bromance; Sonic and Tails. I can never ship them together; the cartoons had them calling each other brothers and the games had them helping each other out in the same way as any diehard friendship would. Eighteen years on and I am still seeing that. I always will. I know people ship it and I know I can take friendships further... but with the latter it depends on what vein I see first. Sontails? Easily the bromance. And come off it, I was six. I was more interested in playing Cuckoo Spits and Giant Strides than COOTIES!!!1111

The first shipping I supported while being aware of the term? Step forward FemmeGymshipping, back when I was 14 and first got into Pokemon. Alright, it could be between that or one of the Aisha/Altered/Hydrophobiashipping trio but I remember being more vehement about my love for FemmeGym. I actually felt some pride in knowing about shipping and that to ship Sabrina and Erika together there is a name for it, a label if you will. Man I was easily pleased back then... okay, still easily satisfied now but not on what I've just typed about.
Well, before I knew anything about truly shipping (way, way before), in about first to second grade, I loved Sailor Moon. It came on in the morning around six thirty to seven, so I watched it while getting around for school. I was very fond of Damien and his "Meatball head", Serena. Of course, now know that the Dub was horrible and should never have aired in the first place, but that couple will always have a small spot in my heart.

Once I discovered the awesomeness that is (about... three, four years ago, now?) shipping, I think I first shipped Ash/May. Other popular pairs for me at that time were Sora/Kairi of Kingdom Hearts, Ryudo/Millenia from Grandia 2, and Cloud/Aerith from Final Fantasy 7.

My first yaoi ship was either Axel/Roxas (another Kingdom Hearts) or Kai/Rei (from Beyblade...). Now I have pretty much at least one such ship in every fandom I like (sometimes, these pairings make up most of my supported pairs!).

My first yuri ship was Mint/Ichigo (from Tokyo Mew Mew). I also really like Xiao Qiao/Sun Shang Xiang (from Dynasty Warriors).

Being a multitude of Disney and Final Fantasy universes combined, Kingdom Hearts introduced me to crack with pairs like Tidus/Selphie, Demyx/Larxene (only counts as we never actually see them meet in-game, though they definitely have had to, considering they work together...), and Sora/Yuffie (or, if I'm feeling really crackish, Roxas/Yuffie or Demyx/Yuffie).

My first Never-Met ship was Drew/Dawn (from Pokemon, of course!). I also like Paul/May, Gary/May, and Gary/Melody.


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My first pairing ever?
Dang...All I did as a kid was...Well...Watch the show xD
I really believe that it was Advanceshipping. That was around when I was...8 or 9, I think. I just thought there was somethin' goin' on.
I haven't got into Yuri..So...There isn't a first couple yet xD
But for Yaoi...I'm almost positive Black*Star x Death the Kid was my first Yaoi pairing.

Scarlet Tactician

Lazy, But Here
I hope this thread isn't too old for me to post in...
Anway, my first ship was Hoennshipping, or Brendan x May. They just seemed to really be close in their games. Maybe it's because Brendan is the first "nice" rival, although that doesn't stop me from supporting Blue x Leaf and Silver x Lyra nowadays.

Love in a Mist

Mostly Harmless
My first ever ship was probably Tidus x Yuna from FF10. I mean... I was a really tomboyish kid, and I didn't get into the whole "romance" thing until I was about 9 or 10. And I remember being at my friend's house and watching that one cutscene in FF10 and thinking they were so cute together. ;P

But my first ship in which I knew what shipping was... Roy x Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist, I believe. Good times, man. I was so amazed by yaoi as a 13 y/o. xD
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