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Gateway to Ruin! (604)

I blame the horrible holiday hours of working, and forcing me to stay late hours. :X And then I blame CN putting Pokemon on so fricken early in the morning. Holy crapperz.

But anyways. I heard they pronounce Charon in some funky way. Doesn't really matter to me, as I always call him Pluto anyways. CAR ON, haha wtf. And that he has Eggman's VA. Is he able to do that creepy chuckle?
I heard Saturn sounds stoned (we should def chill sometime.)


Yeah, I think I'll catch this tomorrow when it comes on again.


I agree that the whole scheduling is a little off this time of year.

Anyway, it was still good, probably better than the Japanese version since I actually understood what the characters were saying.

I like Charon's voice, it suits him.


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Interesting episode. The Shellos plot was a little boring, but Team Glactic was interesting as always. Pikachu's face looked a little odd at times. I wonder if anyone else noticed.

When Saturn sent out his Toxicroak to use Rock Smash, I was expecting Croagunk to come out and at least look menacing or something, but apparently after that beating he got back at the museum, he's a little hesitant about taking on his evolution.

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Given that apparently not even astronomers can agree on how Charon is pronounced (on the science channel I've heard "sharon", "kay-rone", "karon", "char-on", and "sherrin"), it only stands to reason that it'd be inconsistant in the episode.

However, "shel-oss" was odd.

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Charon is Mike Pollock, Looker is Jason Griffith. Given that, there was a dissapointing lack of "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOOOOG DETECTIIIIIIVE!"

I jest, of course.

A very nice episode overall, although I'm confused as to the lack of blue Shellos. The pink one's gotten screentime thanks to Zoey, so it just bugged me they couldn't use the blue one and go from west to east, rather than east to west with pinky.

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This episode was ok. I thought that this was kind of a pointless filler. Just the fact that Team Galactic working so hard, but being at the wrong gateway was what made it lame. The lost pink Shellos was also kind of a way to make this episode exist.


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Once again a great episode which I really enjoyed from the beginning to the end!

The only thing that somehow bothered me was the fact that Shellos was so extremely small. Do all the small Pokemon necessarily have to be crybabies?
But everything else was just breath-taking:
Set in mountainous terrain and mysterious caves and featuring both Looker and another part of the exciting and excellent Team Galactic plot, this episode could only be a win right from the start and left nothing to be desired.

You may now think that's all, but no! We also witnessed something unprecedented in Pokemon which we wouldn't even have dreamed of: physical violence!!!
That completely took my by surprise, but not that I didn't like it, on the contrary! This was a further proof of how far the Pokemon Anime has advanced by now!

All in all, a breath-taking, outstanding and action-packed episode which really knocked my socks off!
It raised my anticipation of the long-awaited Team Galactic finale which I now want to see as DUB as soon as possible!

8 out of 10 points
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i loved that little shellos!!!! i was hoping someone would catch it... but no. anyway great episode. gotta love that galactic...


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Just watched this episode. It was pretty good, yet Galactic is always up to something, which is no good. Anyway, good to see that Shellos got re-united.

And Mr. Looker being disguised was pretty neat.

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James' sentence:˝It appears we walked into a brouhaha.˝, along with the act of snatching the key under hazy premises was something that made me laugh. An interesting introduction into the Mayhem TG will cause.
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Great episode, or at least it was decent. Nice to see Charon debut and just seeing Team Galactic again, along with Looker.

It was decent alright, but not excellent. There wasn't anything to move Team Galactic's plan further.


TG going off to Mt Coronet? Ooh, the hot lead is going to be flying all over the place, courtesy of yours truly.

- Ash & the gang come into proximity of Mt. Coronet, when they find a bunch of blue Shellos.
- Then, they find a pink Shellos, which is pinned down on a rock inside a piece of rapids. Man, that guy is pit-i-ful. The gang, being a sentimental bunch, decide to help it out.
- Once they've gotten it out of trouble, they find out that this particular Shellos got lost. Then, Looker arrives & tells them that there's something unusual going down in Mt. Coronet.
- He couldn't be any more correct, as TG is inside the mountain. Saturn, with the help of Charon, is tasked to find the hell-if-I-know gateway inside some ruins.
- They plan on using the Spear Key to open the Gateway, & once that's done, they plan on getting Dialga & Palkia to bring about a new world order.
- Speaking of which, TR is planning on stealing the Spear Key, but TG is smart enough to leave someone on guard duty...
- Back with Ash & the gang, they're trying to escort Shellos back to the western side of Sinnoh. Problem is, they came into a seemingly man-made downward cave, & by the time they got close to it, the outcropping that they're standing on gives way, & they fall to their deaths... Okay, not really...
- What actually happened is that they've fallen deeper into the network of caves. They try to navigate through this network...
- ...only to end up finding TG. That's beautiful... now they're tied up between a rock & a hard place.
- Just then, a rather unusual-looking TG grunt joins the scene, but it actually turns out to be Looker in disguise. After calming down the Shellos & "tightening" the gang's snares, he reveals his true colors...
- ...& this is where the fun begins! Come on, Looker! Beat the @$%# out of them!!!
- What strikes me is the fact that the TG grunts are wielding pipes instead of... oh, I don't know... automatic rifles/sub-machine guns. But of course, this anime is for children that are a friggin' month old...
- That aside, Looker gets overwhelmed & back-flips over to higher ground... just as TG finds the ruins that they're looking for.
- Then right on cue, TR comes to steal the Spear Key. They recite their motto, but thankfully for me, Charon came prepared with his own motto breaker, in the form of a legion of Golbat.
- The Golbat Legion recovers the Spear Key, & Saturn commands his haXX0red Toxicroak to bash away at the walls.
- They eventually find the ruins inside, & they bring along the Spear Key. There's only one problem: it's not responding. That meant that they've got the wrong place.
- With that all said, TG flees the scene like wee little babies. The gang attempt to pursue them, but the Golbat Legion covers their escape.
- To add insult to injury, the whole network gets flooded, but Looker is one step ahead, as he has brought along an inflatable dinghy, which "safely" whisks the whole gang away out to the west side of the mountain.
- Once they're outside, it turns out that the flood was a blessing in disguise; it has plugged up the entire network that TG had made, so now the Shellos can't wander off to the other side.
- Speaking of which, they've now managed to reunite the stray Shellos to its original herd, so now everything is normal, or so they think...

Now this is what the Looker introduction episode should've been. It has told us a bunch of important information about him that was lacking in the last episode that Looker was in. Combined with the TG line, & this is an episode that raises hell.


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This episode was ok. I thought that this was kind of a pointless filler.
Background on Looker + explanation of Galactic's plans + Looker and Galactic appearing in the first place = clearly not filler. Why can't people stop throwing that label on random episodes without thinking?

- Once they're outside, it turns out that the flood was a blessing in disguise; it has plugged up the entire network that TG had made, so now the Shellos can't wander off to the other side.
Which makes no sense to begin with, since Shellos are Water types so it isn't blocked for them at all... -_- ...although I guess seeing a flooded cave/tunnel would be more of a red flag to them that they aren't supposed to be there than some random cave/tunnel would be.
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Also consider that there could've been BLUE Shellos lost on the wrong side as well, and both BLUE and PINK Shellos still in the cave, trapped forever more.

A big rock slide does not a solution make.

I do love the VA's they've given all the Galactic cast members though.


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This episode was quite funny in some way. I just cant explain it. X3 But still, I loved Charons voice, reminds me of Eggman.

I totally lawl'd when Charon said this was the wrong part of the mountain to the ruins. XD


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Enjoyed this episode. Thought shellos was so cute and enjoyed its antics with piplup. Also enjoyed all the Team Galatica stuff as well and also Looker being revealed as a poilice officer and also the violence bit as well. Enjoyed Tean Rockets part in this episode as well. So yeah it was a good episode but I wouldnt count it as a filler but not as a main episode either somewhere along the middle for me