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Gaurdian Solaris (Advanceshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Xaotl, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris (Advanceshipping)

    Well this is my fic, which I've finally decided to post here..
    Some of you may have read this fic from ff.net, or another forum, and yes this is exactly the same Xaotl Omega from there, don't belive me? Ask me a question, any question.

    The ships that this fic contain are:
    Advanceshipping, with minor Pearl/ Showoff/ Vine/ Squirt/ FireGrass/ Contest/ Max&OC/ Orange/ Brock shippings/ and maybe more.

    The rating is PG- 13, R in later chapters (about 10 and after)
    Some chapters may be higher, but I will warn you at the begging of them, about the things that it may contain. K.

    Arc I - Mutual Aquatances

    Chapter 1- Alone

    Chapter 2- The Dragon Awakens

    Chapter 3- Blind

    Chapter 4- Recognition

    Chapter 5- You Win Some,

    Chapter 6- You Lose a lot.

    Chapter 7- Not The End

    Arc II - The Jorney of Life

    Chapter 8- Bonds of Seperation

    Chapter 9- A New Freind

    Chapter 10- In The End of the Lion

    Arc III - The Champion of Champions

    Chapter 11- The Faces of Life

    Chapter 12- One by One

    Chapter 13- The Cruelty of the Gaurdian

    Chapter 14- Humans Make Mistakes

    Chapter 15- The Heart Inside

    Chapter 16- Someday is Today

    Chapter 17- Storm Clouds are Brewing

    Chapter 18- Pyramid of Kings

    Arc IV - Forest of Shadows

    Chapter 19- A Ghost Echoes

    Chapter 20- Honour among Thieves

    Chapter 21- A Guiding Voice

    Chapter 22- Serch for Yourself (Part 2)

    Chapter 23- Arrogance isn’t Wisdom (Part 2)

    Chapter 24- Merits of guile

    Chapter 25- The Colour of Blood

    Chapter 26- Lavender Flames

    Arc V -

    Arc VI -

    And the FF.net mirror here, there my user name is XAOTL Omega (formerly Xaotl Adv), only cause XAOTL wasn't accepted as a username for some reason (AARGH) and that was the only thing I could think of.

    The first two chapters sorta drag on, as they are re-caps, but it gets better as the story goes on, honest.

    Now, let the story begin...

    Guardian Solaris

    Max- 13
    May- 15
    Brock- 22


    Chapter1- Alone

    In the begging there was Chaos.

    No time, or space, or life.

    No Light or dark. No good or evil, or life or even death.

    Just Chaos, nothing less, and nothing more.

    The chaos that floods the world constantly, although people believe differently, they believe that there was the being known as Arceus their creator, and he forged the universe with his thousand arms. They thought that he was the light, and that was that. In this belief, people and their Pokémon counterparts carried on in life, living in pure ignorance of the truth.

    The truth that every light has a shadow.

    This is the story of that Shadow, and its counterpart.

    This is not the story of the Guardian Solaris, the People, and the many Pokémon, I will tell you that now. This story...

    Is my story...


    It was a glorious day as the sun shone its bright rays of light down upon the earth. A young brunette girl, in her mid- teens walked down the path. She had definitely grown from three years ago although she was not an unusual height for her age. Her brunette hair went down to her shoulders, as the top was held up by a green bandana. (She wore her Emerald outfit)

    Besides the girl, strode her little brother alongside. He was now thirteen, living his childhood dream of becoming a Pokémon trainer, to follow in his father’s footsteps, as he walked alongside his older sister obviously more ecstatic. He wore a green T-Shirt with a white stripe running through the middle, he wore dark blue jeans, which were slightly worn at the bottom, and his black hair remained the same since he was a child.

    Although the sun shone down at the glorious day, the demeanour of the older girl seemed to change the mood entirely.

    “I’m sure that you’re going to win the festival this time May!” the younger one aid in a happy tone, attempting to get his sisters mood up. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you last time in the grand festival” he finished off.

    “I know” she said, trying to surface a smile although failing. It had been two years now that they had been reunited, the younger one, known as Max had seen the change in his sister. Her happy personality, her trademark smile that greeted all, they all seemed to have vanished. To the untrained eye it would seem that she was a happy go lucky girl, with her future to come to her; although her little brother could see deeper inside of his sister. And he knew that he was not the same.

    He would always be the type to look deeper into others, and he could try and deny it all he would want, but it was as clear as day to him. So to make sure that she would one day get better, he decided to travel with her, she had looked after him in his time of need, and now it was his turn to look out for her.

    ‘I hope that the grand festival cheers her up’ He thought, as this was one of the only viable options that he could see.

    “I hope that I do well, I have a lot of tough rivals to face.” She said, as Max’s attempt of cheering her up had failed. Unlike before, when she was in some of her first festivals, where she would run, not being able to wait for it to begin.

    Max’s internal plan of letting the festival cheer her up had failed. So the young boy decided to try once more, in the thought that it could not make things any worse.

    “I Know that you Will do great here May, you did great in Sinnoh” he said, but the young boy from Petal burg had made a small mistake. He said the ‘S’ word. Mays expressions saddened once more, with thoughts of the past flooding into her mind.

    Two years ago, she had competed in Johto; she had reached all the way towards the finals of the competition. Only to lose to one of her main rivals named Drew. She had barely seen the other green haired co-ordinator, apart from in other contests. In her loss all that she received was his ego in her face. He flashed his trophy over to her, the trophy that would remain just out of her reach, as girls swarmed around him. He told her things about her as a co-ordinator that, as always had made her feel like dirt. To try and take it all back, he threw her a Rose, like always. But this Rose had its thorns on, as it scratched her fingers, letting her blood come out. Yet he didn’t notice, as he was left in his own satisfaction of victory.

    The year after Johto she had travelled to the Sinnoh region, she had bought some of her strongest Pokémon along with her, and with their abilities she was able to complete the necessary contests with ease, and had a lot of time left. So she trained with her Pokémon, isolated from everyone else; all alone. Waiting for the festival to come, and when it did she was reunited with her younger brother, Max. Max was also travelling in Sinnoh and when he had heard how his sister had gone off the face of the planet according to his parents, he became worried. The young boy arrived at the grand festival trying to find her, in which he had succeeded. The two felt as if they were seeing a completely different person from who they had known.

    In the Sinnoh festival May had a case of Déj?* vu as she had once again reached the finals, only to lose. This time it was to her other rival, a boy known as Harley. After this loss, Harley began to mock her co-ordaining skills, and her ability to evade the trophy. Although her younger brother attempted to defend her, he too was put down by Harley. Harley mocked Max as being an incompetent trainer. It was then that May began to think about quitting co-ordinating.

    ‘Max has changed’ May thought, ‘He just doesn’t feel like my little brother anymore’ she had thought, although the years had not been easy to Max either.

    In his first year of training Max had failed to compete in the Evergrand league like other trainers, because he only had seven of the eight badges required. Because he couldn’t beat his father, no matter how hard he would try in a battle, he wasn’t able to win. The next year he had travelled to the Sinnoh region, where he had met up with his sister, at the Grand Festival, then headed over to the Sinnoh championships, in which the young trainer had all eight badges required to enter. In the Sinnoh league he too was beaten by a trainer named Brandon, after reaching to the top eight.

    This year the young trainer had managed to defeat his father, and after his sisters Grand Festival, would finally be able to compete in the competition in which he had missed out.

    “May, I know that you’re gonna blow the competition away!” Max said giving his sister a reassuring smile, although his persistent attempts continued to fail. The two then slowly made their way down the hill to the festival stadium complex. Into one of the few Pokémon centres that catered for the grand event.


    Once they reached the centre, the automatic, Double doors opened up as they then heard a familiar call to love.

    The call had made them both brighten up for the reason that was a mystery to them, maybe it was the thought of seeing an figure that they hadn’t seen in a long time, or maybe it was the thought of seeing someone lost to them. They rushed in to see Brock on his knees with a bouquet in his hands in similar attire that he was in when they had travelled throughout Kanto.

    “Nurse Joy heal my broken hart and... Urghhh” as Brock was dragged across the floor by a Toxicroak that had materialised out of his Pokéball. The brother and sister pair didn’t know whether to laugh or save the Fox-eyed breeder from what the Pokémon would do to him.

    “He will never change” A vice from their side sighed, they then turned they noticed a girl, she appeared to be as old as Max and (Its Dawn o.k. she doesn’t, really look all that different; and is wearing the same stuff, and she’s obviously a bit bigger). Max was lost in her image for an amount of time that he can’t really remember until he was taken away from his perving at the blue haired girl by his sister.

    “Hi!” May offered a friendly greeting,

    “Oh? Hi” was her response, ”urmm. Do you know Brock?” As Max thought that she had just stated the obvious and that she was just being her air-headed self “Yea’ I travelled with him through Sinnoh, my names Dawn; I’m a Co-ordinator”, “Hi, I travelled with Brock through Kanto and Jhoto; My name is May and I’m a co-ordinator, and this.”

    “My names Max and I’m a Pokémon trainer” Max said with a sense of pride in his voice as he didn’t want to be introduced by his sister.

    ‘A Pokémon trainer; just like’ Dawn thought, however Dawns thoughts were interrupted as the older of the two hit Max with a mallet that seemed to come from nowhere. Dawn merely chuckled, and with a grin said “so I guess this makes us rivals”

    “I guess so” May added. But this meeting left her a lot to think about.


    Well it’s mostly just a recap of what has happened so far and descriptive babble. A few mistakes will linger, such as Names, but they go away later, as the storyline comes out.

    Please R+R,
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2008
  2. Star Dust

    Star Dust live let live.

    Well, its not too bad, not too good.

    Sorry but it was hard to pay attention to the story too much. The paragraphs seemed to drag on forever, even for a recap.

    The changes seem ok. They all seem to be in character but you didn't really show much plot and shippiness. The story is nice though and you can describe situations well.

    Good luck with the rest of it.
  3. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Gaurdian Solaris- Chapter 2

    Guardian Solaris
    Max- 13
    May- 15
    Brock- 22
    Dawn- 13
    Serena (OC) - 9



    (Authors’ notes)

    I do not own Pokémon I mean do you really expect me to?

    I felt the same about the chap, slowly the story will get better, really. And about the shippyness, I will introduce that later, First the storyline will come in, but it won't bore you (Hopefully) but when the shippyness comes in, well just wait a bit and see.


    Chapter2- The Dragon awakens

    As the sun was setting the mysterious figure stood on the hillside, with aura that would strike deep into the hearts of all living things that would put their gaze on him, weather it would be a deep fear, or an everlasting inspiration none would escape the effect that his mask would have; all but the last ones that would remain close to the dark figure, those that knew him would see him for who he really was.

    His figure stood tall but not unusual for a normal adult, the first thing that you would look at the figure was his white trainers, because like when a child would look to an adult they would start with the shoes and yet when it came to him, no matter how much someone would try they would always start from the bottom up. Then you would slowly scan up to his black tracksuit bottoms with two white stripes on each side, an un-zipped hooded jacket with long sleeves covering his well built muscles, that was white except for a black stripe that stretched through the chest and in between the un-zipped top a view of his T-shirt was given; nothing but a black shirt with a glistening golden stripe that connected with the black stripe on his jacket. On top of his head lay his dark black hair, it was longer than usual but he didn’t require any head-gear because he had discovered that the hood on his jacket would prove far more suitable to the character that he had become, from the naive kid that he had been.


    The yellow Pokémon jumped onto his old friends shoulder.

    “Oh hey Pikachu”

    The Kanto native greeted his old friend in a tone that many people would not be able to receive.

    “Hey Ash!” A nine year old girl rushed out of the wooded area

    “How ya doin? You aren’t nervous are you?” she had asked in a teasing tone, “Ooh is the MIGHTY Ash is nervous, is the world gona end.”

    “Heh. Yeah I’m shakin’ in my boots”

    “uurm, you don’t wear boots.”

    The two had a small laugh at their antics even if Pikachu did not find anything about his master being nervous for a competition, “Pika” the electric type added in a worried tone

    “Don’t worry Pikachu; I know that we’ll win this, no doubt.”

    “Ya sure, I mean this not another league battle, it’s completely different, and this year some of the best of the best are coming here”

    “If I remember correctly, YOU were the one that dared me Serena, or should I say Ms. ‘I bet you can’t win the Grand festival’... well”

    “Where in that sentence did I say I dare?”

    “Just now”

    Ashe’s white haired companion stuck her tongue out at him, “I can’t wait until you loooose, Mr Over confident, Egomaniac”

    “Now, this MAY be a contest, and it MAY have some of the best co-ordinators in the world, but no matter what kind of battle it may be I am one of the best, of the best of the best.”


    “Come on I don’t have THAT big an ego? Do I?”

    “Pikaaaa....” (eeeegooooo...)

    Pikachu who stayed out of the competition until now had delivered the final blow to the17 year old forcing him to hold his head in defeat, knowing that he had absolutely no chance now that it was a two on one competition. Although it gave the white haired girl a slight smile which was good enough for Ash.

    “Come on; now let’s go to the Pokémon centre I’m getting hungry.” In an attempt to make the trainer happy once more, and it seemed to work.

    “YEAH FOOD!” Ash picked Serena on his free shoulder, in order to rush into one of the three Pokémon centres that were there to cater for the Grand Festival ‘She always knows how to make me feel better’.

    Serena was a nine year old girl she had white trainers, with black stripes on the sides, she wore dark blue jeans and a golden shirt, She was Caucasian with radiant white hair that flowed down her back to her waist, her hair was also tied by a bandanna that covered her for head, it was laced, with a predominantly red colour although there were pieces that were a radiant gold (like Tracy’s head thingy, not May’s, and at the back it is tied together, with the excess flowing down with her hair).

    The two were all that each other had they had gone through a lot and verso close that outside intervention had absolutely no way of separating the two (No romance; that would just be weird). Each knew what had made each others’ character inside and out, their favourite foods, just about everything and they had meant the world to each other; either from their history, or because they were really all that each other had left.


    By the time that the two had reached the Pokémon centre the sun had already set and the first stars had already begun to come out. Ash had let Serena down a while ago after she shouted and kicked him repeatedly, “shouldn’t you concentrate on your training.” on their journey down towards the Pokémon centre they had repeatedly seen other co-ordinators training there Pokémon, weather it would be their combinations, or in their appeals. Serena marvelled at the beauty of the contest style moves; mainly in her time with Ash the Jhoto native would see his league battles, and it’s not as if she did not enjoy watching the trainer battle but it was good to see something different.

    “I don’t really feel like training I care about my starving self.”

    “Well looks like your egos popping out of your overly sized head again” but before another battle of the egos could be waged Ash had to think quickly before he lost another battle being double teamed again.

    “I didn’t win these five ribbons for nothing you know, and I’ve already got my appeals round sorted out.”

    “Well I guess you did do pretty well for competing in something that was not in your element”

    “Are you coming in? I’m hungry!”

    “Pika, Pika”

    Ash stood in front of the double doors of the Pokémon centre with Pikachu lying on his shoulder, with no one else in sight, probably getting sleep for the festival tomorrow.

    The three went into the building and Ash strode over to nurse Joy that seemed to be typing up something on her computer, she seemed to be very focused on her work since she did not notice them coming in.

    “Room for two, please” The hooded figures voice seemed to completely change from the soft and joyful voice, which he had used to talk with the child into a harsh and vengeful tone that could strike fear into a Moltres.

    The nurse immediately scanned up the figure until she reached into his dark brown eyes almost lost in fear then without even thinking retrieved the keys for the room.

    “Thanks, now where would the cafeteria be” he spoke in the same soulless voice, the nurse, not releasing herself from the dark gaze of his eyes even if she tried to hide the emotion in her eyes; and immediately pointed to a door to her right.

    The figure walked towards the door into the cafeteria and beckoned the nine year old girl with his arm to follow him and with the other put the keys into one of his pockets.

    ‘I wonder what made him like this; I hope he’ll tell me eventually. I can tell its eating him up inside there is no way he can deny that’ and the young girl followed him for dinner, for tomorrow they will have to rest up for their competition.


    I will just upload every chapter I have so far to catch up with FF.net
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2007
  4. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris

    Max- 13
    May- 15
    Brock- 22
    Dawn- 13
    Serena (OC) – 9
    Harley- 16
    Drew- 17


    (Authors’ notes)


    Chapter3- Blind

    “Hi, everybody I will be your MC today ‘MC Lillian’ and these skilled co-ordinators have travelled all around the Hoen region and worked very hard to obtain five contest ribbons each. And here we are where they will show us their brilliant appeals that they have painstakingly worked on. Here in the Hoen grand festival!”

    At the end of the words festival the MC put her hands up and piles of confetti were launched into the air making the audience applause at the display given to them.


    ‘Just a bunch of show offs, this will be a walk in the park, I’ll have to use three Pokémon max’


    While back at the stage “and here are the judges who will rate the appeals that our co-ordinators will put on today. Head of the contest committee; Mr Contesta”

    “I am sure that the performances that will be put on here will be enjoyable for everyone!”

    “Head of the Pokémon Fan club, Mr Sukizo”


    ‘Man I really need to say something else’

    “And our three nurse joys who have been aiding our co-ordinators”

    “Hello everybody! It’s a pleasure to be here” They all said in unison although one of them had an uneasy appearance on her face, for some reason that she had not told to her cousins.


    While inside of that place where all of the co-ordinators stay:

    “I hope that I do well and get through” a familiar co-ordinator said to herself

    “Come on you can’t still be nervous about your appeals; I mean you are one of the best co-ordinators in the WORLD” a perky blue haired girl walked up towards May who was on her seat

    “Oh, hey Dawn”


    “Are you nervous too?

    “Of course not, maybe if it’s your first contest, but by now it should just come naturally to you, I wouldn’t expect to have any less from you as my rival and I know that you wouldn’t expect any less from me”

    “Well I guess your right”

    “I know I’m right”

    “I guess it’s just been a while since I’ve had a friendly rival.”

    “What do you...” although before Dawn could finish off in her conversation an annoying voice squealed to her.

    “HI HONEY” as the two turned to their left they saw a purple haired person, with a green suit that appeared to be like a Cacturn running as if he was a 5 year old girl running home after school. He quickly reached the two co-ordinators.

    ‘OH CRAP’

    “Hi May honey, long time no see, now who is your friend”

    “Hello, my names Dawn from Twinleaf town” Dawn attempted to be as friendly to this person who appeared to be a friend of May’s, no matter how creepy he or she may be. (Dawn hasn’t figured out Harley’s gender yet)

    “My names Harley, Champion of the Sinnoh grand festival” This seemed to impress Dawn because she had only reached into the top four of the Sinnoh grand festival; regardless that it was her first actual grand festival that she had entered into. The admiration that May apparently had seen inside of Dawns eyes was enough to make her sick.

    “I know you. You were great in the festivals that you had entered.” The admiration that Harley had shown to Dawn had apparently gotten through to her enough to make her blush slightly, being appreciated by a champion.

    “#Next up, Number 24#” the speaker called out

    “Well that’s me, wish me luck” Dawn had left May and Harley alone, unknown to her, for a one on one lesson of mental torture.

    Harleys plan was beginning to work, and he had only been there for several seconds.

    “Well May, or should I say tent. Looks like you’re still going for top co-ordinator; maybe losing this grand festival would teach you a thing or two. Maybe you would be better off helping that pathetic excuse of trainer that your brother is, or maybe you should become a trainer its nothing compared to co-ordinating.”

    May merely grumbled at Harleys words trying to make it seem like that his words didn’t hit home (whatever that means, I think that it has something to do with baseball. I don’t actually live in the U.S. so I wouldn’t know) although the fact that May didn’t become enraged and avoided looking Harley in the eyes told him everything that he needed to know.

    “Well whatever hon. I’ll hang around some actually talented co-ordinators”


    While a couple of feet away a Pikachu could be seen eating an apple, next to someone who appeared to be laying down, sleeping on a bench with his hood on.

    An Emerald haired co-ordinator walked over to the Pikachu with two girls, one to his left and the other to his right.

    “Aww what a cute Pikachu” the two female companions squealed.

    “I could buy it off its trainer if you want”

    “You’ll take Pikachu over my dead body” The person who had appeared to be asleep spoke in a cold, and harsh tone that had seemed to make the temperature go down by two to three degrees.

    “H, h, how much dose that Pikachu uurm cost.” Drew had seemed terrified at the figure, even if it had seemed to being lying down, his words had struck through Drew’s body, and bones like lightning from a cloudless sky, and to make things seem even worse he had seemed to be the trainer of the Pikachu.

    ‘I have to get him for these girls; I don’t want to look like a pussy’

    “Come on everybody has a cost, and by the looks of your clothes you really need some, I mean unlike you I can put two and two together.”

    “And get Six” Drew was flabbergasted he had not even seen his face that was covered in the shadow of his hood, and barely said anything to this guy, and he had dissed him so badly that he would not forget it. (I mean he is a superficial rich boy who doesn’t want those kinds of words haunting him)

    “#Next up Number 25#” the speaker called out and the hooded figure was beckoned to the stage, he and his Pikachu left the Jhoto Grand festival champion without giving him a second thought.

    “You think he’s got a girlfriend Alex.”

    “I don’t know but we should see if we can get him to dinner” The other girl replied, apparently they had left Drew a while ago.

    “GIRLS. I thought you were going out with me tonight”

    “Whatever” they had both said in unison. This was the last straw for the co-ordinator the dark figure was going to go down.


    Ash confidently walked down the arched walkway with Pikachu who had jumped onto his perch on his shoulder. Past him a girl walked past and clapping could be heard from her performance as she walked past the next person up she stopped and offered him a hand shake

    “Good luck, it’ll take a lot to top my performance, I got 93 out of 100” but he merely walked past her without even giving her a second glance but only said.

    “I don’t need luck to myself.” Although most would have been ****** off, this came to Dawn in a different way, she stood there for a few seconds a rush of different emotions swirling up inside of her, but none like the feelings of inspiration, and Déj?* vu.

    ‘A Pikachu, no it couldn’t be, could it. NAH.’


    It was close to 12 o’clock and the sun was just behind a lone cloud as the next competitor emerged, walking out of the walkway a lot less energetic than all of the other competitors that had participated. Half of the audience were bored out of their guts, as well as two of the nurse Joys who were judging.

    “Well here is our next competitor. His first time in the grand festival, and in front of all these veteran co-ordi” He held his fist up high which Pikachu perched himself onto, silencing the MC. He had sensed a familiar white haired girl watching him from the stands, and was not in the mood for letting someone patronise him.

    Everyone became interested at his actions especially three of the judges: the nurse joy for obvious reasons, but Mr Contesta and Mr Sukizo knew who they were in the presence of. Although all of the people in the stadium had heard of him, and knew of his achievements recognising him was a completely different thing.

    The cloud moved out of the way of the sun so that its rays could illuminate everything, and for a split second the stadium was blinded, then the trainers hand was seen back on his side and Pikachu was on the field.

    Then the sun was blinded once more and the stadium except for the Kanto native looked at the sound of team rockets motto coming from a Meowth shaped balloon, and underneath in a net were a load of Pokémon.

    “Listen is that a voice I hear” (you know how it goes)

    Let go of our Pokémon team rocket, the previous co-ordinator called out as she and several other co-ordinators came out of the walkway shouting for their Pokémon.

    “No chance you brat” a red haired woman called out of the balloon.

    “Empole” an Empolion possibly belonging to the girl cried out (It’s a very strong net)

    “Pikachu volt tackle” in an emotionless voice the boy called out, as his Pikachu obeyed. Pikachu began running as a bright yellow aura began to envelop him envelop him and ran directly underneath the balloon. When the electric type reached its destination, it went in a direct right angle and began running upwards as if it was a missile, and every Man, Woman, and child got up out of their seats even the judges were in awe of what they were seeing. The volt tackle sliced open the net, and destroyed the balloon in a large explosion.

    All of the Pokémon began falling to the ground and Pikachu used a quick attack to quicken his own decent as he landed a second before all of the other Pokémon and created an explosion. The whole of the audience, and the trainers, and the judges, and the MC gasped as to if they were all alright but Ash was not worried. The smoke cleared and all of the Pokémon were standing and seemed to be alright; Pikachu was standing and the yellow aura that surrounded him from his Volt tackle was very dim and was in perfect health, as the stadium was awe-struck at what they had just witnessed and four of the judges gave up cards, each with a twenty on, while the last one, a nurse Joy seemed to be scribbling something on hers (I’ll give you one guess which one), and when she lifted it up it was revealed that she had added a 1 to the begging making his total score 200 out of 100. The competitor raised up his hand in a fist shape and the audience gave a roar like they had never given before. (No. Seriously that’s what he got)

    While in the stands a certain 9 year old girl thought ‘Great this is just goanna’ make his ego bigger.’


    - A little piece at the end of each chapter to solve any quierys that you may have about it. Hope it helps solve some things.
    -Pikachu generated a magnetic field within his body thanks to volt tackle which repelled the earth’s natural magnetic field which helped him to rise into the air, like a Beldum.
    -When Pikachu crashed into the ground he was strong enough to take the full force of the impact, while the explosion created a cushion of air that helped slower the decent of all of all of the other Pokémon.
    -Serena is not fazed by this because she sees him do this kind of stuff everyday
    -Ash did know that he was talking to Drew and Dawn so held up his hood to cover his eyes, and the rest of his face enveloped in shadow from his hood throughout the chapter. They still don’t know he is Ash.

    Please R+R
  5. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena (OC) – 9

    Harley- 18

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)


    Chapter 4- Recognition

    The dark figure had walked into the place where all of the co-ordinators had stayed, welcomed by a chorus of cheers from all the others around him. Apparently they had seen the brilliant actions that 17 year old had conducted on the field; without even breaking a sweat.

    The man with a Pikachu on his shoulder then got annoyed by the admiration that he was receiving, he had grown used to becoming the faceless hero, he had no need for all of this, he did what he did because it was the right thing to do, and nothing else. Not because he would gain any recognition, or respect. So he silenced them. He raised up his left hand in a fist then opened it in the air, within the mark of three seconds the entire crowd of co-ordinators, each of which had gone through a lot to win five contest ribbons each, and were considered some of the best in their craft around the world was silenced. He then began walking casually towards the front of the crowd; then the people began to move away keeping away from him at least by one meter, and walked to the door which marked the exit so that he could go somewhere that he wouldn’t be asked any questions or have anyone to socialise with. All that he really wanted to do now was lay down and relax.

    As he left all of the other co-ordinators to watch their competitors, or to wait for their turn he entered into the deserted courtyard in front of the contest hall. That was most likely restarting with the appeals from the cheers that could have been heard. As he was being irradiated by the bright sun with Pikachu perched on his right shoulder.

    He had gotten’ all that he really wanted from the contest; it was a lot different from what he had been in the leagues. In the league you did your thing on the field and that was that, nothing else was required from you and that had suited him perfectly. In the Grand festival things were different, in the festival you objective was to get as much attention as possible. Getting attention was not one of his strong suits, ever since... the event.

    “Hey wait up” someone cried running up to the trainer.


    May had joined in with the clapping, but was not able to see what everyone was clapping for since she had been left at the back of the crowd that surrounded the person in his late teens, and her mind was racing elsewhere such as the words that Harley had spoken to her. She then heard a sudden stop in the clapping and stopped herself; slightly embarrassed to be the last one to stop (Eva happened to you? Embarrassing isn’t it).

    The brunette then felt that the crowd was moving so that someone could reach towards the exit. A few seconds later the crowd then began to disperse and return to the things that they were doing before. Although said co-ordinator remained for a few seconds thinking:

    ‘WTF just happened. Urgh, I hate it when this happens’

    Then Dawn appeared into the place (Still don’t know what it’s called) from the archway, looking around in a sort of panic, although no one apart from May seemed to notice. The other co-ordinators were probably still in conversation about what had happened.

    “Hey Dawn!” May managed to shout out towards her friend who had seemed to hear her, she then quickly ran to the Brunette co-ordinator.

    “What happened Dawn, you were supposed to come back a while ago?” Dawn didn’t seem to notice her friend talking to her and continued to look around, searching for someone else.

    “HELOOO. Earth to Dawn are you their?”

    ‘She’s probably looking for Harley’ (Not true, she was flattered by Harley, not attracted to him, she still hasn’t figured out his gender. Right now she is leaning towards Female.)

    “Oh sorry May, I’m sort of looking for someone?”

    “Harleys gone if you mean him” May told her friend in a very irritated tone, although in the short time that May had spent with Dawn she didn’t come across to May as a very irritating person, she mostly spent her time getting at Max which in Mays book was a good thing, but this would become different.

    “You mean that she’s a HE! But that’s not who I was talking about. There was a person in a hooded jacket that came out of the walkway just before me, do you know where he went” Dawn seemed to be pleading May now.

    “Well all I know is that someone came out before you but he was surrounded by a crowd, and for some reason” but May was cut off before she was able to finish.

    “BUT, do you know where he went?”

    “Urm, I think that he went outside”

    “Thanks May” a relived Dawn then rushed out towards the exit.” Leaving behind a baffled May, on her own.

    ‘Great, I still don’t know WTF has just happened wait a second did she just say that she thought Harley was a girl...

    Is Dawn a LESBO?’


    The clapping had stopped, and the crowd had began to shuffle in order to let the hero through, and yet, lingering at the back of the crowd, and yet on the other side of May stood a green haired co-ordinator. Envy was flowing through his veins as the crowd had begun to return to their previous activities, and Drew had begun to hear several conversations about the actions of the person. Unlike May who was completely oblivious, Drew knew of what had occurred; and that ****** him off.

    He had gotten respect, recognition, thrown Drew’s self-esteem in the dirt, and the two girls and he didn’t have to do anything. ‘That ******* is going down and I’m going to do it’ then under his breath the Rosearade trainer spoke under his breath “Then I’ll show him. No one messes with me like that”.

    “Looks like Drew’s got enemies, how sweet.”

    Drew than turned to the annoying voice to see a familiar, purple haired co-ordinator

    “Oh, Harley its’ you. What do you want?”

    “Is that how you greet an old friend? But it seems that you’ve got something against that trainer?”

    Harley had begun to get Drew’s interest.


    “Well of course, he didn’t act anything like a co-ordinator. He had a chance for everyone to know him, but instead he walks out. Just like a stupid trainer.

    But I’ll tell you one thing. It will be hard to beat him. Even for you hon.”

    “Well what do you propose?” Drew, becoming impatient with where Harley was going with all of this which was reflected in his voice.

    “Tut. Tut. Aren’t we impatient now? I say that we help each other to train, and whichever one of us gets to him first, gets the spoils of victory.”

    Drew was amazed at Harleys plan, “That is not your style Harley. You usually use underhanded tactics to defeat your opponents.”

    “I don’t need to use all of my brains to defeat a trainer, I am going to beat him at his own game, and totally outclass him. Then I’ll show him what it really takes to be a co-ordinator.” With determination racing through every word

    “So it looks like we have a deal.” The two shook hands at their new partnership, and its benefits.


    Dawn ran through towards the courtyard, searching for her saviour to whom she didn’t even have a chance to thank. She then saw alone figure walking away from the stadium. Exhausted and almost completely out of breath she called for him.


    He did not seem to hear the words that she screamed to him. She stopped and caught her breath for a second. Although the Sinnoh native was not about to be defeated that easily and shouted once more.

    “Hey wait up!”

    The mystery man seemed to have heard and stopped, although he did not turn around. The blue head took her opportunity and ran up to the person. He still did not turn around even though they were one foot apart and Dawn was breathing heavily.

    “I just wanted to say thanks for rescuing Empolion.”

    He still did not turn around.

    “You see Empolion was my first Pokémon as a Piplup, and I don’t know what I would do if”

    “I did what I did because it was the right thing to do and for no other reason. I didn’t do it for your thanks, or the recognition of all of the other co-ordinators inside of there.”

    He then continued to walk away with Pikachu on his perch on the trainer’s shoulder. Leaving Dawn behind. Pikachu then turned around to Dawn and looked at her as if he had seen her before.

    ‘Could it be? No of course not, I’ve got to be losing it.’


    It may seem to be Pearl shipping. But it’s not seriously.
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    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena (OC) – 9

    Harley- 16

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)


    Chapter 5- You win some,

    “HI, Everybody. Yesterday 200 co-ordinators all performed their amazing appeals, and only 64 made their way through. With some spectacular battles we have now dwindled down to our last eight. And after this matchup we will be into the semi-finals. So let’s get busy!” The full house of a crowd all cheered at the MC with a deafening roar, as through the archways two contestants were making their way to the field.

    The rules of this grand festival had been updated from lesions that have been learned in previous years, for one a competitors name or picture does not have to be displayed if he/she does not wish for it to be displayed, so people wouldn’t have to make up their names, or wear masks to hide their identities, although their name must be given in to be engraved onto the trophy. The second rule that was introduced was that competitors would not know who their opponents would be until they met up on the battle field, or they were the two finalists, seeing how underhanded play was not an exception in contests previously.

    On one side of the field a co-ordinator with long purple hair ran onto the field waving his hands up into the air and ran towards his position for his upcoming battle, confident in his abilities after training hand in hand with Drew, he had beaten all of the other opponents that stood in his way with little effort.

    10 seconds later the other competitor stepped out of the shadows of his walkway, the fur of his Pikachu gleaming intensely in the blazing Hoenn sun. The crowd cheered intensely for their favourite challenger as he casually walked up towards his place for the upcoming battle.

    Up in the stands Brock and Max were prepared for the battle, knowing that this was going to be intense from what they had heard all around them about this new challenger, although they were more curious about Harley waiting to see if he would get through to face off with May who had already qualified for the semi-finals.

    “So that’s what happened in Sinnoh,” the squinty eyed breeder had just been told by Max about what had happened in Sinnoh. “If only I was there”

    “Brock you had to take care of your family back in Pewter, there’s nothing that you could have done.” Max knew full well that there was absolutely nothing that you could have done.

    “I guess. Well it looks like the match is about to start.”


    “You think that you’re so clever don’t you!

    Showing up here acting all big

    But I know your kind and I’m going to win”

    Harley had shouted over the field although his opponent didn’t seem to hear whether it was from the roars of the crowd which were beginning to fade away; or maybe he just didn’t give a **** about some guy who dresses like a cactus.

    He then gave out a yawn at the time the crowd had gone silent. This was the Last straw for Harley, as a vein began to pop out of his forehead.

    “Grrr, GO Cacturn, Octillilary”

    The two Pokémon stood ready to battle, one appeared like it was a octopus, while the other seemed to be like his trainer, each worked up for this battle due to the intense training that they had been receiving from this.

    Harleys’ opponent merely whispered his Pokémon’s names under his breath and they appeared out of his pokéballs’

    One was a large blue enchilada like Pokémon that had flames forcing its way from its skin as it roared its name.


    The other Pokémon had a light green skin tone, two yellow antennas, with pink/white petals in a Ring around its neck. After its partner it also cried its name that echoed throughout the stadium.


    “Looks like its Octillary, and Cacturn vs. Maganium, and Typhlosion let’s get BUSY!” The MC that was wearing her bright red dress screamed to the crowd.

    Sensing its trainer’s thoughts The Typhlosion rolled into a ball that immediately became covered in flames as it approached its intended target, as its partner stood there patiently.

    “Cacturn, Pin missile on Typhlosion, and Octillary power it up with your Water gun” the Pokémon immediately obeyed there masters’ commands firing there attacks that were aimed directly at Typhlosion.

    “Mega” At his partners cry Typhlosion jumped up above his two opponents who were side by side and dodged there attacks. Now at the centre of the field Cacturn was facing Typhlosion with Octillary on his back facing Maganium.

    Maganiums petals then began to glow a bright white as they began to absorb sunlight.

    Ash then grew a smirk as he knew that he was standing in the face of victory, “Finish it off with your fire-grass combo” he shouted

    His two Pokémon knew exactly what to do; Maganium lifted its front two legs and smashed them into the ground. Thick vines then shot up beneath Cacturn, and Octillary, and ensnared them both in the air.

    Typhlosion then shot out a blast of flames in the shape of the Japanese symbol of fire at the two, while on the other side Maganium released a powerful beam of light that she had been charging for a while.

    The two blasts hit their trapped targets simultaneously and caused them both to faint at the same time. The judges hit their buzzers at the same time for the fainted Pokémon. Harley was shocked and fell down to his knees, at his defeat. After all of the training and all that he had believed in he had lost in under twenty seconds.

    Ashes’ Pokémon then rushed over to their trainer who in turn petted Typhlosions fur and rubbed Maganiums head as it nuzzled its master’s chest. In the astonished and cheering stadium, least one white haired girl who was sitting in the stands to the left of Brock.


    That night the breeder and trainer came into the Pokémon centre that they were staying in for the festival, and as they came through the double doors they were spotted by two familiar faces.

    “Hi, guys!” Max shouted to his sister and his new friend, although neither of them looked happy to see them.

    “What took you guys so long? We’ve been waiting here for AGES.” The blue haired co-ordinator shouted to the 13 year old.

    “YEAH, Dawn dragged me shopping with her.” Caroline’s daughter added and in return got a ‘what’s so bad about that ‘glare from the Sinnoh native, “Urm, sorry?” May replied in a slightly unsure tone, although there breeder friend interrupted them.

    “Did you two by any chance manage to see any of the other two battles?

    “no it’s against the new rules, remember?” The brunette replied to her friend becoming curious as to where he was going with this.

    “Well do you know that Drew’s in the festival.”

    “WHAT!” May was amazed that the two were in the same festival without seeing each other.

    “Back up whose Drew?” Dawn added slightly irritated that she was left completely in the dark.

    “Drew was this green guy that stalked my sister through Kanto, Hoenn, and then they last met in Johto.” The trainer said knowing full well how superficial Drew was and having no problem making fun of him. May had absolutely no idea about how to think.

    “And in the last round Harley lost.” Brock added to his former statement.

    This time both co-ordinators were shocked at this, although May was slightly happy. Dawn had to ask “who, how?” shocked that the Sinnoh champion had lost so early in the competition.

    “Well” Max decided to answer, “It was by that guy who saved your Empolion Dawn, Harley was destroyed in under 20 seconds! May was over the moon with happiness.

    ‘YES Harley lost, take that you tranny’ although on the other hand Dawn was wondering how hard beating Harley would be, and that this new opponent would be pretty hard to defeat.

    “So it’s May, Dawn, Drew, and Mystery man left in the competition” Brock said summing things up.

    “I got 100 on the Mystery man; he was AWESOME!” Max said causing the two females to get hammers and knock him down on the floor. Brock only smirked at the antics.


    “HOW could you lose?” The green haired co-ordinator shouted at his partner, obviously angered at his story.

    “I-I-I” Harley managed to stutter out a few words but was unable to form them into a sentence. He was looking down at the ground, not caring about Drew’s words but looking inwards; for the first time to all that he did to others and more specifically to May.

    “WHATEVER.” Drew walked away from the shattered co-ordinator.

    ‘That guy’s goanna get it, when I face him’

    Then Harley whispered under his breath “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”


    “So how’d you think I did, Serena?” Ash said to his companion as they were practice battling.

    “You could have done a lot better. You know that.” She replied. “Although everyone else seemed to be impressed.”

    “So you finally got some confidence in me?”

    “I just wouldn’t count your Togepi before they hatch.”



    -Typhlosion dose flame wheel without a command, and is like a flaming rollout.

    -Typhlosion and Maganium worked together as a team warning each other of danger.

    - Ash cares about his Pokémon and doesn’t give a damn about what others think.

    - Harley seems to be reforming after his encounter with Ash. I did say before he had that kind of effect.

    -I haven’t been concentrating on May & co. much but I got my reasons. Believe me.

    -Serena is also going to play the part of a ?tagonist.
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    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena (OC) – 9

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)

    The title of this chapter is actually the end of an expression that what started in the previous chapter.


    Chapter 6- You lose a lot.

    “Are you all ready, for the semi finals of the Hoenn grand festival?” The MC in a deep crimson dress shouted to the crowd and they roared in response, with their shouts echoing throughout the domelike stadium.

    Behind the MC stood the four final competitors that would face each other. On the far left was May. Then was Drew, after him stood Dawn, and at the end was Ash. May kept on giving glances to the person to the far side.

    ‘Who could he be? By what Dawn say he’s got to be amazing or something.’ Then she spotted his Pikachu on his shoulder, looking at her as if he knew her. ‘WTF it couldn’t be, could it? I can’t distract myself, I got a competition to win, and I don’t care if it is him anymore anyway, do I?’

    Drew was eager of his next battle with many scenarios being played out in his mind of how he would win. And then he had noticed May looking in his direction (she’s looking past him) and thought maybe he should tell May ‘Should I tell her how I feel, I regret not telling her in Johto now. Maybe after I win, yes definitely’

    Dawn was beside Ash trying to make Smalltalk, while the MC and judges got things started.

    “So you think that we will go against each other?”

    No answer

    “Well?” slight irritation growing in her voice.

    “So its contestant 1 against 3, and contestant 2 against contestant 4” the MC shouted through her microphone. Although Dawn shrugged this off as they both moved to their positions.

    Drew moved towards his position on the field as did his hooded opponent, while the remaining two co-ordinators took seats on the sidelines, the two were separated from each other so that they could not converse until their match.


    “Now trainers release your Pokémon”the MC called

    The Emerald haired co-ordinator released a green, dragon like Pokémon with bright red eyes, along tail, and green wings that were lined in red. Beside it was another green Pokémon that its emerald glow was as bright as his trainer’s shrub-like hair (Got that from advanceshippers unite :p ).

    The hooded trainer once again whispered two names underneath his breath, and out of his ball that was left on his belt came out the blue enchilada like creature with the flames shooting out of its neck, and the Pikachu that had kept his guard on his shoulder leapt down onto the field right next to his partner.

    “So it’s Roselia, and Flygon vs. Pikachu and Typhlosion.” The MC in her deep red dress spoke.

    ‘I’ll show him what happens when you mess with a LaRousse’ Drew said as he savoured his impending victory. The judges were ready for the action packed battle that they were about to witness.

    “So let’s get busy” and the beginning of the battle was signalled.

    “Roselia, petal dance, Flygon power it up with gust” Drew gave one of his combinations, not waiting a second as the powerful petals began to head their way towards their opponents.

    “Typhlosion, burn them down” and Typhlosion sent a flamethrower that burnt down the petals to ashes, causing Drew to lose an eighth of his points.

    “Pikachu, volt tackle” as Pikachu Ran towards Flygon, a golden aura emanating from around him, then he began to head upwards at a slant towards Flygon.

    “Flygon, dragon breath!” Drew cried, attempting to cut off Pikachu before the electric type could deliver a powerful move to Flygon. But the flames were shielded by the aura surrounding Pikachu. Then, from underneath Roselia launched a solarbeam knocking Pikachu off its course, and into the air, uncontrollably.

    Drew looked smugly as Pikachu was sent flying into the air, and when he looked back down to the field he saw Roselia being Flare blitzed by the trainers Typhlosion. Drew had seemed to gain his opponents attention.

    The scores were near to even at the quarter mark, although Drew had seemed to have fewer points. Then Typhlosion seemed to be ready for another flame wheel at his opponent.

    “Roselia, Magical leaf!” the co-ordinator ordered to his Pokémon as the glowing emerald leaves flew towards the fire type. Before the magical leaf could make contact they were incinerated by the flames of the flame wheel surrounding the intended target.

    The rolled up fire Pokémon kept on coming relentlessly with its attack, and Roselia had its flowers for arms put in a protective position in front of its face. When the flame wheel was two meters away Typhlosion came to a stop a grin on its and its trainers face. Roselia got out of the defensive position, then

    Flygon came crashing onto Roselia leaving both of them being knocked out, Pikachu on Flygons head grabbing onto its highly sensitive antennas smiling at a baffled Drew.

    #BUZZ# the judges had made their judgement, giving another victory to the seasoned trainer. May and Dawn were amazed at the victory which took 35 seconds to execute, and were regretting missing his match with Harley, as sparkles could be seen in their eyes.

    Pikachu and Typhlosion then made their way to their trainer who congratulated them on their performance. Drew on the other hand left without another word, while the judges gave their individual reviews of the battle ‘I can’t go to May like this’.


    When May reached the place where Drew was just so that she could begin her match, she had seen him walking away but didn’t press it any further, she had a match to win.


    Dawn walked towards her battling place (Same as Ashes) and saw the victor of the previous match walking her way. On one side of him was his Typhlosion still outside of his Pokéball to the Trainers right, on his left shoulder stood his Pikachu, with the hood still covering the trainers face deep in shadow.

    “That was a great match” Dawn tried to talk to him once again in hope of a reply.

    “Thanks.” was all he uttered. He then carried on walking to the stand Dawn was sitting in previously to watch the upcoming match.


    “So let’s see which one of my two students win” he muttered to his two Pokémon as he sat down, with Typhlosion and Pikachu to his sides.

    “Now here is the second of our semi-finals” The MC shouted to an already pumped up crowd. As they shouted at the top of their lungs, ready for another battle.

    “Go: Blaziken, Espion” the brunette co-ordinator, threw two Pokéballs releasing a red human shaped Pokémon that roared and flames then could be seen coming out of its hands. Besides her appeared a small cat like Pokémon with light grey skin.


    “Espi, yawn.” (By that I mean that Espion yawns after calling out its name)

    “Go: Floatzel, Empolion” the Sinnoh native co-ordinator also threw two Pokéballs into the air revealing intimidating blue Penguin like Pokémon with yellow talons. And on his left was an orange otter like Pokémon. Both seeming to be ready for a intense battle.

    So it’s Floatzel, and Empolion vs. Blaziken, and Espion. Let’s get busy!” and the signal of the beginning of the match was signalled.

    “Blaziken, fire blast on Empolion” May signalled to her fire type, as it launched a blast that represented the Japanese symbol for fire.

    Dawn smirked at the upcoming attack ‘doesn’t she know anything’ “dose down that attack with water gun guys”. But May had been predicting this.

    “Espion, use psychic to throw back the water gun” the psychic type did as it was told, and turned the water guns around Espion turned the water guns around, but they also combined with the fire blast, and as they hit their opponents they were pushed onto the floor, leaving Dawn with three quarters of her points remaining.

    “Now, Espion follow up with shadow ball” Espion fired the dark ball that it learned to create as an Eevee.

    Dawn had to think quickly, or she would have lost all of her points, “Empolion use Metal claw to turn it around, and the blue penguin then charged one of its claws with electricity, scooped the ball of dark energy and threw it around at Espion, which resulted in a critical hit leaving May with a quarter of her points. Floatzel then let its confidence in its battling abilities get the better of it and ran for a tackle at the Espion who was lying on the floor. Espion then got up just in time to see its opponent coming.

    “Espion use shadow ball again” the co-ordinator tried to get the Floatzel before it got in close. When the ball of dark energy was formed, the two were face to face as it exploded in both of their faces, blowing both of them away by 7 feet in opposite directions; fainted as the buzzers called.

    The two recalled their respective Pokémon, and looked up towards the board. They both had just under half of their points remaining, with only one minute remaining.

    They both called for their Pokémon to attack simultaneously, ”Blaziken/Empolion; thunder punch/claw!” the two Pokémon then ran over toward the centre of the field charging their attacks. There they exchanged three blows each and there owners both knew that they were going nowhere with this.

    “Empolion/Blaziken use Water pulse/Overheat” at point blank the two fired their attacks at each other causing them both to fly back several feet like their partners, but unlike their partners the managed to land gracefully, breathing heavily.

    Then both of their abilities kicked in. Blaziken began to glow a bright red; it was his overheat. Empolion also began to glow a deep blue; it was torrent.

    “Blaziken/Empolion rush in with a final thunder punch/claw!”the two opponents then began to rush in for their attacks, and when they were a few feet away Dawn cried out.

    “Use water gun!” and while they were charging Empolion also blasted a blast of water from its mouth that hit Blaziken square in the stomach, although the two kept on running for their attacks, and they struck and stopped two steps from each other each kneeling holding their stomachs.


    Dawn had the advantage in points, due to the water gun.


    If May was going to win...


    ...Blaziken was going to have to get up.


    ‘Come on Blaziken’ the co-ordinator was getting desperate now.


    Then Blaziken seemed to be standing up and turned around to face its opponent.


    ‘No’ Dawn was shocked at how it could stand.


    “Blaziken...” May was about to issue the winning command when


    The Hoenn fire type collapsed on the ground ending all hope that the co-ordinator had left inside of her.

    #BUZZ# the judges had confirmed, and May recalled her Pokémon.

    ‘No matter how hard I try; I just can’t win, I just can’t win’ May had become completely shattered from what had just happened. She had given all of her effort into the battle. And used two of her strongest Pokémon. And it still wasn’t enough. All of the fun, and excitement that she had in the other battles had dissolved into nothing. Then she looked up and saw Dawn celebrating with her Pokémon. Then she slowly walked off of the battlefield and into the archway holding back her tears. Harley’s words shattering every piece of hope inside of her. All of the time she kept on thinking ‘I’m not good enough’.

    When she was under the shroud of the archway, she got her back to hug the wall and collapsed into her knees. Letting loose a few tears roll down her cheeks.


    Dawn was ecstatic she had beaten May and reached the finals of the grand festival. She then looked up to where her opponent was, and saw that she wasn’t their then she looked to her opponent for the trophy and found that he even wasn’t there.

    “The finals will be taking place in 15 minutes. In that time our two trainers would be able to get their Pokémon healed. And the finals of the Hoenn grand festival will take place.” The regional MC said through her microphone. At this Dawn led herself out of the field through one of the two archways (Not the one May went through) to get her Pokémon ready for what she expected to be her toughest battle yet.


    May had two tear drops rolling down her cheeks; free to express herself in the pitch-black and lifeless tunnel, where the only sources of lights were LED’s on the sides to guide competitors, and that emanating from the battle field. She left herself crying for around 5 minutes, with no one there to disturb her.

    “Are you all right?” May then heard a comforting voice come from her side. She turned and saw the silhouette of a person, crouching in the same way she was. Colour of his face drained from the light that emanated from the battlefield, which was behind him, and only a few inches separating the two.

    ‘How did he get here? And how long did he stay there?’ The brunette became shocked, mostly because she did not notice him coming, and now there were only a few inches separating the two. Her tears stopped as she talked to him.

    “I...I guess so” May then snivelled.

    “Are you sure?” he replied in a familiar voice.

    “Uh, Hu.” May uttered, trying to get rid of him. ‘He’s probably a reporter or something’

    “I won’t tell anyone you know.” He knew exactly what was going through Mays mind; and left her no option to tell.

    “I... I... I” The Hoenn native attempted to form words out of her mouth, but couldn’t and then remained silent for a few seconds. The she felt a warm and comforting hand on her shoulder, but she didn’t try to take it off, instead it gave her the strength to speak out.

    “I guess I am going to quit co-ordinating.” She whispered out the truth, a part of her hoping he wouldn’t have heard, knowing that he would only say something like how stupid her decision was, but in her mind there did not seem to be any other option and the world couldn’t change her mind.

    “Are you sure, that’s what you want?” He didn’t shout out like she had expected but his tone remained comforting.

    “If I’m not goanna win the trophy, what point is there in continuing?” May blurted the idea that had formed in her mind from Harley’s words. There was no point in hiding anything now.

    “So that’s the only reason you became a co-ordinator? The ribbons and the trophies” May took a minute to process what he just said, and what it meant. Ten like a wave it came crashing to her, all of the fun and excitement that she had had in each contest, all of the memories that she had with her Pokémon and all of the friends that she made on the way.

    And then she remembered her first contests, in Hoenn and Kanto. The memories of a person also came into view. A friend that she had thrown away, who was probably been the best friend she had ever had, and the last meeting both of them had.

    “No I’m not going to quit. I’ll keep on going and going and meet new friends, and have new experiences and one day I might find him again and I’ll tell him I’m sorry”

    As she turned to the direction that he was, she noticed he wasn’t their anymore, and in her train of thought forgot about his hand leaving her shoulder. The brunette looked up to the light of the stadium, and underneath the archway there was a silhouette of a person with the background of the battling field, and the cheers of the fans waiting for the match to start.

    Then the Hoenn native rubbed the tears off of her cheeks with her arm and smiled a smile of pure happiness. The silhouette of a small Pokémon then ran up to him and leaped onto his shoulder. The co-ordinator and shouted, “Thank you!”

    She then saw his hand lifted up although she didn’t know who it was aimed at. But all doubts were cleared when she heard the figure say, “No problem.”



    -I’ll give you one guess who the mystery man is.

    -Ash did not hear the quote May said about him

    -May dose not know that it is Ash

    -Pikachu waited a few feet away, out of sight, while they had their conversation.

    -I got Harleys age wrong, but he’s not going to show up again so I’ll just take his name out.

    -‘You win some, you lose a lot.’

    Well there’s some of the Advanceshipping that I promised
  8. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena (OC) – 9

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)

    Chapter contains strong language, and violence (even for a Pokemon battle)


    Chapter 7- Not the End

    “Where’d May go?” Brock said to his friend, they had just returned to their seats after the intermission, but had expected Norman’s daughter to remain, and watch their friend in the finals.

    “I don’t know Brock?” But the thirteen year old trainer knew better. He knew what was going through his sisters’ mind, the mocking words, but he didn’t want the breeder to find out, seeing how it would only make him feel guiltier about not being there for them. ‘Please be alright May.’ The trainer thought.


    In another section of the stadium Ash’s companion was waiting for him to show up to the battle. ‘He best not have forgot’ But inside she knew that the trainer was not going to let her down, he hasn’t yet.


    On the field Dawn had been waiting for five minutes and was getting really impatient.

    “Do you know where he is, everybody’s waiting.” The regional MC, who had gone through a change of wardrobe, asked the co-ordinator.

    “No. I have no clue...” Dawns words were cancelled out by the cheers of the crowd.

    The competitor then stepped out of the shadow of the archway, with the cheers of the crowd rising with the appearance of their favourite competitor and his Pikachu running up to him, and attaching himself to his shoulder. He then raised his hand into the air and said something that no one caught. The faceless person walked calmly to his battling spot, noticing that the battlefield had been enlarged for the finals.

    “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!” The Sinnoh native shouted to her competitor, an anime vein popping out of her head. “I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR...” but he was silenced by him putting his hand to the air. ‘I’ll just have to beat you then, Mr Overconfident’ But the finalist knew that achieving this would be no easy feat.

    “This is going to be interesting” Mr Contesta whispered to Mr Sukizo, both knowing the different titles Ash had achieved in the past, due to their respective positions in the Pokémon world.

    “Well let’s get this show on the road” The brightly dressed MC signalled to the two contestants to release their Pokémon.

    Ash, once again whispered out two names signalling for two of his Pokémon to come out of their Pokéballs.

    One was a familiar large blue enchilada like Pokémon that had flames forcing its way from its skin as it roared its name.


    The other Pokémon had a light green skin tone, two yellow antennas, with pink/white petals in a Ring around its neck. After its partner it also cried its name that echoed throughout the stadium.


    The two Johto native Pokémon stood by each other prepared to face their opponents.

    The Sinnoh co-ordinator then threw her two Pokéballs into the air realising in a burst of red energy, her two Pokémon.

    One was the intimidating blue, penguin like Pokémon. It was fully healed and ready for another battle.


    Besides the Empoleon was a small squirrel like creature. It had white fur covering mostof its body, and a light blue stripe running along its head, along the back to its tail.

    “Pachirisu!” The Pokémon squealed out its name.

    “So it’s Pachirisu and Empoleon, against Typhlosion and Meganium, for the grand festival trophy, let’s get busy!” As the match began, and the timer began to count down.

    “Pachirisu! Use discharge!” Dawn shouted out hoping to knock her opponent down before he could get into the battle. The attack approached on the two Pokémon who stood there.

    “Meganium, Petal dance!” The petals came flying in to the discharge, neutralising the electric type attack, leaving the petals floating in the air. Then Typhlosion fired an Ember towards Empoleon, forcing the petals to catch fire, without turning them into ashes.

    “Empoleon, now use Water pulse and douse that ember, the co-ordinator commanded, forcing some of her opponents points to be lost. ‘ Why did he use ember? He should know that I could have easily countered.’ She pondered, why he made an armature mistake, especially for a finalist.

    “Now Meganium, Bullet seed, and razor leaf!” Ash commanded his grass type Pokémon. The grass type then aimed its head as if it was a cannon and fired, golden seeds out of its mouth, and bright green leaves out of the petals around its neck.

    “Pachirisu, use charge beam and stop it!” the Sinnoh native commanded her electric type.

    As the bullet seed, and razor leaf shot across the bare earth field, it picked up the burning petals in its wake, as the attacks carried on going forth.

    The bullet seed accompanied by razor leaf, and flaming petals from petal dance shot through the charge beam and struck Dawns two Pokémon, making her go to half of her original points, and leaving the Sinnoh native with two exhausted Pokémon. ‘He’s been planning this from the beginning!’ The finalist realised.

    “Amazing” Mr contesta uttered.

    “Remarkable” said Mr Sukizo.

    While the nurse Joy looked on in awe, a slight blush growing on her face. (I know I don’t do this but I think that it’s kind of irrelevant having the judges’ opinions. It’s the same nurse Joy as the centre that Ash is staying at.)

    Then the penguin like Pokémon began to glow a deep blue, as its Torrent ability took effect. “Looks like I still have some hope” Dawn muttered.

    The timer had one minute remaining. And she was left with one quarter of her points, while her opponent had only lost a quarter of his.

    “Empoleon use your Hydro cannon! And Pachirisu use Thunder!” Dawn had one last hope, and if this did not work she would no doubt lose. Empoleon fired the powerful gush of water at their opponents, and Pachirisu fired its Thunder, not towards its opponents but on the gush of water coming from Empoleon, causing it to become even more powerful.

    Typhlosion was in the face of the attack, but his partner acted fast. Meganium launched thick vines out of the ground, which appeared out of the ground in front of her comrade and spread out like a wall, blocking the attack. “Now Typhlosion.” The trainer called out. The wall of vines opened up in the middle, and through a blast burn was sped through, Dawn had not seen it and was caught off guard, as the blast caused both of her Pokémon to faint, and loose all of her remaining points simultaneously, and the buzzers sounded.

    Dawn collapsed on the ground exhausted from the battle. The deafening cheers of the crowd, destroying any other sound. She had never had a more testing battle, before. A mix of emotions was swirling around: sadness, tiredness, desperation, anger, and.

    Dawn then saw a hand in front of her face; she looked up and saw her opponent, his face still shrouded in shadow, to his left was Meganium, to his right, was the Typhlosion, and Pikachu was still perched on his shoulder. She took the hand and was lifted to her feet. They were face to face now the co-ordinator could feel his breath, and a few of his features were seen, his dark eyes, and his black hair. Dawn then smiled slightly, she felt; happy, she did not understand why; but she knew she was.

    Ash turned away from her, and turned to for the victory ceremony, which was to take place immediately after the match as usual.

    Trying to stay out of sight under the archway of the tunnel that she was weeping in. the brunette co-ordinator was spotted by him, he did not move to her, but the two of them looked at each other in a moment that seemed as if it lasted forever.

    He then turned away to step up onto the podium, Mr Contesta had already had the trophy in his hands and was approaching Ash, out of nowhere some of the other co-ordinators including Dawn, stepped onto the field to clap for the new Grand festival champion, although Harley, and Drew were nowhere to be seen. Mr Contesta handed the trophy and said, “Well done, Ash Ketchum, from Pallet town” In a tone where no one else would have heard.

    “Thank you” the trainer replied.

    “You are more amazing in person you know, I have heard and seen on T.V. many of your league achievements, and heard of your storeys and legends, but seeing you in person is a completely different thing.” The man carried on, “I don’t know why you decided to compete in the Grand Festival, but I’m glad that you did, otherwise I would have not been able to witness these amazing battles you have gave.

    Ash had no idea of what to say. He couldn’t exactly get him to shut up like everyone else for the long winded praise he was too used to receiving, “urm, thanks” the Kanto native managed to say sheepishly. They then shook hands while Pikachu tried to carry the trophy standing on his shoulder, and the crowd roared in admiration of their unknown champion.


    At the grand festival party, May was there, trying to enjoy herself, but was unable to find any of the friends that she had met. Not even Harley, or Drew, was there; but this didn’t irritate her enough as not knowing where all of her other friends had gone.

    Most of the talk that was going around, was about the new Grand festival champion. Rumours were beginning to go around about him. “You know, I heard that he road on the back of a Lugia.” May heard mumblings about him, but was clueless about where the champion was. No one knew where the mysterious figure was.

    “I heard that he is a trainer.” May then overheard another conversation.

    “What makes you think that?” the person’s female companion answered.

    “Didn’t you see the way he battled, his strategies?” He replied.

    Now that you mention it.” But his partner was cut off by someone else cutting into the conversation.

    “He’s right, I heard that the guy has won several leagues, and now is going to the Evergrand championships.” May then walked away from the group, they were only talking about rumours after all, and since when have rumours been true.

    “Dawn” May spotted her blue haired friend and approached her.

    “Oh, hi May. Have you seen this year’s Grand festival champion?”

    “No, I don’t know where anyone’s gone.” May sighed.

    “Maybe they’ve gone outside, probably to get some fresh air or something.” May agreed and followed Dawn outside.

    As the two co-ordinators went outside they spotted Max, having a confrontation, with someone. They walked closer and saw that it was a girl, with white hair; she appeared no older than ten years old. As the two reached the trainer he had released his Grovile in a burst of red energy, the other reacted by releasing her Ninetails.

    May and Dawn stood at the sidelines, not interfering with the battle, unless they needed to. ‘What is Max doing? That girl looks no older than ten, and he is using one of his most powerful Pokémon’

    ‘Good Mays here, maybe a little battling will pull Harleys words out of her head’ Max was now more determined than ever to win, his mind set on his sister and her co-ordinating career. “Grovyle, let’s use leaf blade, and cut this kids ego down to size” Max made the first command as Grovyle ran towards his opponent, sword like blades growing on his wrists.

    “Ninetails, you know what to do!” The girl shouted. The fox like Pokémons eyes than glew a bright red, and its tails began to stand on end. Grovyle then veered off course at the last seconds, missing the stationary fire type.

    “What?”Max was shocked at how Grovyle could have missed. “Try again” the grass type attempted the attack again, with the same glowing eyes within the Ninetails and resulting in the Hoenn native Pokémon veering off course once again. The trainer from Petalburg city tried the same strategy several more times, all with the same results and forcing the grass type to become a bit exhausted.

    “Max your tiring Grovyle out!” Dawn shouted from the sidelines knowing what was happening. Max snapped out and analysed the situation, he decided to try a new tactic.

    “Grovyle, bullet seed” Grovyle then began to fire golden bullets out of its mouth at the Ninetails.

    “Ninetails use overheat.”Serena shouted out. A bright orb of fire was then launched out of the Johto native Pokémon. All of the golden projectiles were incinerated, as the overheat continued on its course. The attack struck the exhausted grass type Pokémon knocking it unconscious to the ground.

    Max grumbled under his breath as the two trainers recalled their Pokémon. “Wow” May whispered to the Sinnoh co-ordinator, “she took out Grovyle with only one attack.”

    “What? Don’t you have any confidence in Max? He’s your little brother. Besides didn’t you see those eyes glow, she must be cheating or something, I mean how could a Ninetails do that.” Dawn replied slightly annoyed at Mays lack of confidence. “Come on Max you can do it!” Dawn then shouted out, trying to inspire some confidence.

    The two combatants then readied their next two Pokémon. They both released out their two Pokémon and in a burst of red light they appeared.

    Maxes Pokémon was a human like Pokémon it had an elegant white ballroom gown, green hair on its head, there was a red horn on its chest and its eyes were a piercing red.

    “Gardevoir” it called out its name.

    Serena’s Pokémon was similar to that of her opponents its head was shaped as a gladiator’s helmet, a red horn stuck out of its chest. Its arms were shaped like blades, and it shared the same eyes of its opponent.

    “Gallade!” it shouted out its name.

    “Let’s finish them off Gallade, Use Psycho cut!” the white haired girl shouted. But instead the blade Pokémon walked up to its opponent and bowed, on its knees.

    “Humph. Her Pokémon doesn’t even listen to her commands” Max snorted, seizing his opportunity he ordered an attack on the defenceless Gallade. “Gardevoir; Use psychic” But the Hoenn native Pokémon only looked towards her trainer with disgust. She then reached down to the kneeling blade Pokémon and offered her hand to help him up. “What are you doing? Max shouted in disbelief. The three girls stood knowing what was happening.

    “Return Gardevoir, looks like this one’s a draw.” Max told the white haired girl, as she returned her Pokémon to its ball. The two trainers then readied their next Pokémon for battle.

    Max threw a Pokéball and in a burst of energy a creature that had a red body with a yellow flame design on it, a yellow tail that had a flame on it, rigid scales and red hands with five fingers and had two lumps on its forehead with a flame on top of each one.

    “Magmar” are you ready to finish this off?” Max asked hoping that there would not be a repeat of what happened before. ‘If I am going to snap May out of this, I can not lose.’

    “Mag” it shouted in a low voice.

    Serena than threw out her last Pokémon. It was a small turtle like Pokémon with a brown shell, and light blue skin. It had a furry tail and ears, and deep brown eyes. “Are you ready Wartortle” the 9 year old said with enthusiasm.

    “Tortle.” The water type said as it jumped into the air, clear happiness reflected in its voice.

    “Smokescreen!” the boy from Petalburg city shouted beginning the match. The spitfire Pokémon then blew out a black smog around the field. Wartortle then looked around frantically through the smoke.

    “Use rapid spin!” Serena called out. Wartortle then withdrew within its shell and began spinning around with great speed, clearing away the smoke.

    “Fire blast!” the black haired trainer shouted out, a blast of fire then flew to the spinning turtle, although it dissipated on impact of its target.

    “Wartortle was spinning too fast, fire blast had no chance.” Serena shouted across the field. Wartortle then stopped spinning and stood upright and had a grin on its face. Out of nowhere Magmars dynamic punch then made contact with the turtle like Pokémon knocking it on its back.

    “Now crush that turtle. Use stomp!” Max shouted. The spit fire Pokémon then placed its foot on the water types shell and pushed as hard as it could.

    “Tortle!” Wartortle was now crying out in pain. But Magmar only pushed harder.

    ‘Is Max crazy, Stop Him? You’re his big sister!’ May was screaming inside of her head. She then looked to the white haired girl and saw a singletear roll down her cheek.


    A large cracking sound came from Wartortle shell, then it was enveloped in a glow of red energy, Serena couldn’t see any more and returned her Pokémon to its ball. Then she ran. She ran as fast as she could, trying to hold her tears in.

    Max had a slight grin, on his face. ‘May’s got to get back into battling now.’ Then he was knocked to the ground by a fist. He looked up and saw his sister, anger flowing through her veins.

    “Ow, what did you do that for?” Max whined.

    “Ow? OW! You nearly killed that Wartortle, and sent that girl in tears, you DICK HEAD!?” Max then noticed a tear rolling down her cheek.

    Max looked down, realising his crime. “I’m sorry. I was so caught up in. I. I’m sorry.” He said. With his ego turned into sorrow.

    He turned to his side, and saw Dawn on the floor hugging her knees, having no idea about what to do.

    ‘And I thought I liked him. No he’s horrible.’ The blue haired co-ordinator thought.


    Back at the Pokémon centre Ash was waiting. “Where is she? We got to get going to the Hoenn league champion ships?” Ash asked Pikachu, slight worry in his voice.

    “Pika Pi” it replied.

    “Yeah I guess I am a bit worried, but I just can’t help myself sometimes. It’s like with May. Even though she did what she did the last time we met; I can’t bear to see her like that, I just can’t.”

    Then a white haired girl came running into the deserted Pokémon centre. Ash stood up and grabbed her by the shoulders. The white haired girl then grabbed him and started crying into his shirt. They stayed like that for a few minutes.

    “What happened?” The Kanto native asked.

    “W...w...Wartortle” the white haired girl replied, holding up the Pokéball. Tears still rolling down her cheeks, although they were slowing down.

    He kneeled down to her so the two were face to face. “Well get Wartortle to nurse Joy alright.” He said in a caring tone. Serena then nodded. Then when Wartortle is all better, well head out to the Hoenn championships.” She nodded, and wiped the tears with her arm, her eyes still red. The two then walked to get the Pokémon healed.


    That was long.


    - The Ninetails is the same psychic Ninetails that Ash met in Johto; Brock was not there to witness the battle.

    - I am actually planning to put Max with someone, along the sidelines. Originally I thought about Dawn, but a reviewer on FF.net changed that. So you can vote who you want with Max, Serena, or Dawn. As for Ash hes going with May (OBIOUSLY!) but you’re going to wait a bit. I’m planning to introduce the main plot first.
  9. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Pokémon talk

    This chapter has more adult language than the other chapters, and a teen rating will come into effect.


    Chapter 8- Bonds of separation

    The two were walking through the woods, heading towards their next championships.. A tone of despair was in the air. The sky had become a dull grey, veiling the Hoenn sun, behind it. The dying leaves on the branches were slightly yellow, as they hung on the twisted branches that had grown on top of the dirt path. The path seemed to be rarely used, as, most would rather go on the road, or in a car. But as a trainer there was no other path than the hard path, The taller of the two knew this all too well, and so did the girl with white hair, but that was not what troubled them most.

    “Are you going to be okay?” The taller person said, in an attempt to comfort the younger one. Serena held the red and white ball in her pocket. She held it with all of her strength, protecting the close friend that it contained. The blue turtle, was now fully healed, or at 110 as the nurse had told the two, but the thoughts of fail hire continued to plague her. Going through the shadows of mind, constantly gathering in strength, threatening the sanctity of confidence within her mind. Most kids her age were not privileged enough by their parents to have a Pokémon at their age, they would not have been considered responsible enough, Serena was lucky to have three. But she didn’t believe that she was worthy to protect them, not after what happened to her Wartortle. She then put her head down, facing the dirt that she was no better than, holding the tears within her eyes as she walked.

    “Yeah” she mumbled under her breath, trying hardest to hold in the tears of failure within her eyes, but in a few more seconds she felt as if she was beginning to fail with that, just as she failed to protect her friends. She was the forcibly stopped on her walk by her shoulders, and turned around by her closest friend. The 17 year old had his hood down, revealing his long hair that was as black as a starless night sky. He no longer had any need to hide. The trainer kneeled down so that he was face to face with the person he swore to keep safe. His arms were secured on her shoulders, so that she could not run away, each feeling the other breathe. They saw each other’s eyes; Serena had no use of hiding anything from him they were both close now, and there was close to no secret that the other could hide from the other. Serena turned her head. There was no way that she would be seen like this, failing to keep control of herself because he would do everything to help her, and right now there was no way that she wanted that. Pikachu on his shoulder gave a light electric shock to her. Not hurting her, but enough to force her to lookup. She looked in to the eyes of the trainer, and his first Pokémon, she saw concern in their eyes, so much concern that it went deeper than the deepest ocean. She then found some strength that was not claimed by the shadows of doubt in her mine, not a lot of strength, but enough to hold the tears in. She could not; she will not cry at her despair. Not in front of the person who showed her so much. Not now.

    “Are you going to be alright?” Ash’s voice was filled with concern. A concern that very few people could have. She reassured herself, it was a type of concern, which was as bright as the courage he showed, the courage that could let a man stand up and walk through the sun. It was something that only he had. He was the chosen one with this, and she had met him, why did she have to meet him, why wouldn’t he let her run away, and not give a damn about how much she had cried like everyone else would, why.

    “Pika pi” The electric mouse looked into her.

    “I, I, I.” Letters would come out of her throat but not form into words within her mouth, she tried again, “I” but once again nothing but emptiness.

    “Serena what’s wrong?” he tried again.

    “I failed. I let Wartortle get hurt, I shouldn’t have him an more! They don’t deserve to have someone like me as their trainer” The words all formed in a second, bursting their way out. A lone tear had let its way out onto her cheek. The doubt began to get stronger in her mind.

    “Don’t talk like that” he said calmly. “You are a great trainer, you took Wartortle out of the battle before he could get hurt, don’t doubt yourself.” Then he wiped the tear away with one of his hands.

    “Why do you care?” the rest of the truth was let loose. She looked to the dirt once again regretting that she said that.

    “I care because I promised your mom, and Dad that you would be safe.” The 17 year old added.

    “Like they care what happens to me now.” Serena then received a vigorous shake on her shoulders.

    “Of course they care; they always will, whether they are there or not, never doubt that. I’m sorry that you had to learn it the hard way, I really am. But there is nothing anyone can do about that anymore. Wartortle trusts you and believes in you. He knows that you will never do anything to hurt him. All of your Pokémon know that.”

    Then two people and a Pokémon appeared in a flash of smoke.

    “Listen is that a voice I hear?”

    “It’s speaking to me loud and clear.”

    “Floating on the wind,”

    “Past the stars,”

    “In ya ears,”

    “Bringing chaos at a breakneck pace,”

    “Dashing hope putting fear in its place,”


    “And James,”

    “Meowth, now that’s a name.”

    “Putting the do-gooders in their place,”

    “Team Rocket,”

    “We’re in your...”



    “Mime, Mime, Mime.”


    ‘Not now’ Ash thought as he stood up to his feet. Letting go of his friends shoulders. Out of all the times that they could have come, they just had to come now.

    The two thieves that were responsible for the robberies of many Pokémon, at the recent Hoenn grand festival stood in front of Ash, ready for battle. They threw two Pokéballs.

    Out of the one held by the person, that had Lavender hair came out a two headed purple Pokémon appeared. It levitated in mid air, its two mouths agape, joyous to be with its trainers once more.

    “Wheez” it said its name as if it was coughing out.

    The Pokémon, released by the one called Jessie, was a snake like creature. It resembled a cobra, with purple skin, and intricate designs on the underside of its hood.

    “CHAA-bok” it snapped out its call to battle, through the sharp teeth in its mouth. (I really missed these guys, Seviper, and Cacnea were just not the same)

    “Pikachu!” the trainer called, his friend. The electric Pokémon ran to a battling position ready to face the two Pokémon that it had not battled in years. “Serena?” Ash then called his friend, although she did not move.” He needed all of the help that he could have gotten with this battle, and Serena was not willing to help. ‘A battle could really clear things up for her right now’ the trainer then whispered the name of his grass type Pokémon as he had become accustomed to do. In a beam of red energy, the Johto native, grass type appeared in front of its trainer.

    Out of his Pokéball, appeared the final Pokémon within Ash’s Johto trio. “Gator!” It called out its name in joy. He threw up his fist up in the air, and leapt; clearly joyous about being able to battle ever since he had missed all of the battles in the grand festival. The big jaw Pokémon then changed its attitude, as its trainer when into a battle. In its eyes focus could be seen, as if it was looking up its enemy. Waiting to strike like a crocodile waiting for a Antelope to come near to a watering hole. The mouth was slightly agape, showing the dagger like teeth, positioned within its large jaw.

    “So, the twerp Tododile’s all grown up.” The red headed lady spat out in a tone that was as vicious as her Arbok.

    “What do you want now Team Rocket?” The trainer asked feeling ****** off with his opponents.

    “What do you think we want” The trainer of the Wheezing said. “Pikachu, same as always.”

    “How long have you been trying to catch Pikachu, and yet you still haven’t caught him?” He replied.

    “Well, with Arbok and Wheezing back, you stand no chance.” Jessie immediately fired back, holding her hands at her hips.

    “Were not az new at tis az we wre twerp. How do you fink we got tose Pokémon at the festival. Admit it wre better, and wit tese old buddies back Pikachu’s as good as ours.” The talking Meowth said, in between his two human companions.

    The four Pokémon then launched into hand to hand battle. Having grown impatient with their trainers. They had not fought each other in years, and the rivalry that they had grown with each other in the past was not going to wait for their trainers, no matter how well disciplined they had become.

    Arbok was continually attempting to wrap his opponent with its tail, but the fast Pikachu proved to be too much of an adversary. The Electric Pokémon expertly dodged its opponent, occasionally jumping on its body. The Poison Pokémon then launched a bite attack at its opponent, but once again its opponent proved too fast. The two immediately returned to their previous game of cat and snake, although whenever Pikachu was within range the snakes vicious mouth would act, slowly gaining to its opponents movements.

    On the other hand Wheezing was continually dodging Metal claws from its opponents, using the ability to float in mid-air to its advantage. Then the big jaw Pokémon saw the poison type make a mistake as it flinched. The Feraligatr launched itself in midair like a missile, spinning itself in mid-air. The mouth was wide agape, with the dazzling white of its teeth ready to shred its opponent. Then there was only a foot left between the combatants.

    “Sludge bomb” James commanded as the poison gas Pokémon fired a black gooey substance out of one of its mouth right into the open mouth of the flying Feraligatr. The water type then choked slightly with the gooey substance stuck in its mouth.

    “Feraligatr! Wash it out with water gun.” Ash said knowing that if it stayed in the Johto Pokémon’s mouth any longer the toxins would take effect. Then a black bubble blew its way out of the water type’s mouth. The outside was the dark poisonous substance launched from Wheezing, as it slowly filled up with water. The ball then dropped from the big jaws now clean mouth, and rolled on the floor, everyone had become tense, even Arbok and Pikachu had stopped their battle to watch the dark orb roll towards Wheezing.

    It stopped underneath the floating Pokémon, and everyone then got ready to fight again.

    It exploded, as if it was a giant water bomb sending Wheezing into the sky, “No” its trainer called out.

    “Now” Ash shouted, Pikachu and Feraligatr were now standing next to each other. Feraligatr launched a water pulse out of its mouth which Pikachu charged with its thunder bolt. The orb of charged water hit the cobra like Pokémon, and sent it crashing towards Team Rocket.

    “Looks like we win again” Ash said, he then turned towards Serena who was looking at the battle with interest. When she saw him she then turned away. “Now” The trainer got ready to finish off the team with his signature move, and his Pikachu began to have sparks flying from its cheeks.

    A purple Pokémon then came crashing down to the centre of the field, and involuntarily it began to glow white ready to explode at any moment.

    ‘Ahh crap’ the trainer thought.

    The Wheezing exploded, sending all flying. On one side team rocket were soaring, with all of their Pokémon. “Just like Old times” The Lavender haired trainer said, holding his hands together in a reminiscing way. The two Pokémon called out agreeing with him, as they had desperately missed their trainers, all the time they were in Hoenn leading the Koffing, and Ekans.

    “But were still” The lady added

    “Blasting off again” they said in unison.

    On the other side Ash was getting a taste of Team Rockets daily life as he flew in mid-air, He saw Pikachu on one side and pulled him to him grabbing him with one arm, and pulling him to his waist, then the water type appeared in his view, doing the backstroke in the air, he then returned it to its ball.

    Then Serena was in view, she seemed scared, “Serena!” he screamed, hoping that he would get her attention. She did not turn towards him.

    Ash shouted once more, “SERENA!” he hoped, that she would hear him now, and he could not lose her. Not at her current level of confidence, normally she was one of the strongest people in the world, but not now.

    She turned, she had heard him, her hand was then out stretched, grabbing between the narrowing distances between them. Ash also reached out towards the void as they reached out with all they had to each other. The inches, were now millimetres away as they stretched as far as they could. Their finger tips touched for a second then

    Ash began to descend, “NO, NO!” he shouted as he clawed in through the air, trying and yet not succeeding, to get to the girl whose arm was still stretched to him. The gap then became meters and she stopped hoping. There was not a shadow of a doubt anymore, that no matter how much she could hope at anything, she could not succeed. Ash kept on clawing as he fell trying to reach through the growing void as he descended. But he did not look down. Not once. He would have to see where she ended up, and he would find her. He would find the person he swore to protect. Not even the sun could stand in his way now.


    Ash awoke on something soft. He remembered what had happened; He quickly turned to Pikachu still in his arm, sleeping in complete peace within his trainers arm.

    “Pikachu” he whispered towards his first Pokémon in a soft voice. The Kanto native Pokémon then stirred awake slowly opening its black eyes.

    “You okay?” He asked.

    “Pika. PI!” it responded with its usual energetic voice. The electric type then rushed out of its trainers arms, and down what appeared to be a thatched roof, jumping onto the floor. “Pikachu” The creature then beaconed.

    The trainer then followed his first Pokémon onto the ground and got an chance to survey his surroundings.

    The sun was still high in the air so he hadn’t been out for long. He appeared to be in a village that was made out of wood, the roofs of the twenty or so houses were all thatched with straw, as the smell of rot could be smelt. He took a second look. Most of the buildings were badly rotted. In some places entire sides of houses had collapsed. Outside of one house was a statue of a person made out of marble, but it had almost completely covered in vines. He looked towards the south where he had come from and saw the planes. He was clueless of his position.

    ‘Serena’ He remembered all of a sudden. He turned north to where he thought she must have landed. Growing from the East and west were mountains that dipped to a valley in the north.

    ‘She must have gone into that valley’ He thought. But there was one problem; the valley was blocked by two enormous wooden gates. Their size rivalled those of mountains. He rushed towards the gates, remembering the vow he had made to the white haired girls parents.

    #Start Flashback#

    The trainer had just won the Indigo league, his second league victory. After an injury he was taken care by a kind family of three. A father, a mother, and a daughter with white hair; she was very energetic, and had the same white hair as her mother. Her parents allowed her to have a Pokémon, unlike most parents. But what amazed Ash most was the kindness and generosity that they showed towards him.

    “Why are you so generous to me, after all I am a stranger, but you trust me so much?” Ash asked one day to Serena’s father.

    “I still remember the day that you saved us from the pack of Lux-ray. You are a kind and caring person. I have no doubt about that, Ash, and that is why I trust you.” He replied. The Gallade by his side nodded.

    “Thank you. For everything, you have been very kind and generous. I don’t know how I could repay you” The trainer said.

    “Two things. First; Generosity is not given, it is earned. And two, Ash can I ask you to do something?” the father added going uneasy towards the end.

    “Of course.”

    “Serena is getting older, and she wants to become to be a Pokémon trainer. So I hope it’s not a burden to you if she travels with you.” He said.

    “Well?” Ash became slightly uneasy, he had no problem with travelling with Serena, but he was afraid, even if he didn’t admit it he was afraid that he would lose them as a friend, just like he had lost everyone else.

    “Just until she becomes 10, and can travel on her own.” The man quickly added, sensing Ash’s uneasiness.

    “O.K.” Ash finished off. They had been some of the most generous people he had ever seen, he could not say no.

    #End Flashback#

    Ash had reached the large gates, they were enormous. They were made by enormous wooden planks, but unlike the town, they were in perfect condition, not even a scratch was on it.

    Pikachu then shifted the trainers’ attention to a sign carved onto a small obelisk, no higher than Ash. It read:

    One with the might of

    Fire, Water, Grass, and Thunder

    May pass

    But be warned traveller

    For death

    Is certain to all


    With passing through

    You shall seal yours.

    But the words did not seem to slow down Ash, It only made him more determined to get there. If Serena was there he had to get through. So he let his Pokémon unleash its strongest electric attack on the gate. When the dust cleared the gate had nothing close to a scratch. Then Ash decided to use his brain after several more attempts.

    “Fire, Water, Grass, and Thunder, eh” Ash thought aloud.

    “Pika?” Pikachu said, otherwise saying you finally figured it out.

    Ash then released his Feraligatr, Meganium, and Typhlosion.

    “All right guys, use, Thunder, Hydro cannon, Solar beam, and Blast burn on the gate” The Pokémon then unleashed their attacks on the gate simultaneously, forcing a blinding light to be unleashed.

    Ash took his arms away from his face as he was shielding himself from the blinding light; he looked up and saw the gate completely undamaged from his Pokémon combined attacks.

    “For Pete sake, Why the **** is nothing working!” He shouted into the air. Then a vine tapped him on his back. “Maganium? He turned to his grass type Pokémon. He then took a double take and noticed that everything was different.

    He was located in a deep canyon, with large mountains on each side. The earth was bare and lifeless, with only a few patches of grass. The walls of the canyon were riddled with caves, on each side. The canyon stretched for what had seemed like ages. Taking a segment of Ash’s view whenever it made a turn. But nevertheless he returned his Pokémon to their Pokéballs, and began his walk, with a burning determination flowing through him.


    Ash had been walking for a while now, and he had become tired beyond words. The valley had become grassy, and more fertile a few trees were even beginning to show, but not good enough to provide shade. The caves tough continued on, it was still riddled among the walls of the canyon, but Ash did not dare to go in the trainer had no time to explore.

    The blazing sun continued to beat down onto Ash’s head. Pikachu had long since fallen asleep on his shoulder, normally Ash wouldn’t have any problem but with the furious sun beating down its glare onto the earth, his old friend became an extra weight on the already tired trainer. Sweat dropped down his face, as he made a wish for water.

    A blast of water then shot its way out from one of the caves. It caught him off his guard. The force was so powerful that it knocked him into the air and sent him flying into another cave on the opposite side.

    Ash found himself suspended in air. The trainer looked to his left and saw Pikachu. Pikachu was ensnared by white thread trying, but not succeeding to break free. Ash then noticed that he was trapped in the same thread. He also attempted to struggle out of the substance, although with no avail.

    Hanging upside-down from a thread, a spider like Pokémon descended, its back was facing towards the trapped pair. It then turned towards the two showing its face in the most scary way it could, trying to toy with its prizes. Pikachu felt the breath of the Ariados in its face, but was not scared, Ash said “Buddy, I got some de-odorant in my bag, feel free to use it.”

    “Pika. Pika, pi.” His friend added [Either that, or a mint. Seriously your gases are more toxic than a Wheezing

    The Ariados was now really ****** off, as it prepared to strike the two within the gloomy, damp cave.

    Pikachu then launched one of its thunder bolts in protection. The spider like Pokémon was then knocked off of the web it hung to and fell onto the ground; it then took a second to face its opponents once more. When the poison type looked up it was hit by a bullet seed, forcing it more backwards, to the edge of the mouth of the cave.

    “Mega!” Ash and his friend were now free from their ensnarement, and besides them was a Meganium, proud to help her trainer against this strong Ariados.

    “BLAST” a voice spoke from behind the poison type and echoed throughout the cave. Then from the outside appeared a Blastoise, with both of its cannons ready to aid his friend. Ariados welcomed his friend, as the two blocked the trainers exit.

    “We can make it guys” Ash said with confidence. Pikachu then launched a powerful thunder attack at the turtle like Pokémon hoping for a strong hit. Blastoise still stood strong, easily putting off the damage from the electric mouse. “Oh, ****” Ash said as he led his Pokémon deeper to the cave. The Blastoise and Ariadose could easily handle some of Pikachu’s strongest attacks, the only way out was to go deeper.

    The three ran deeper to the cave. The light then dimmed the deeper they went. Slowly they were being ensnared by the shadows more and more. The walls were lined by Ariadose’s webs and water trickling through them. Ash then stepped in a puddle as they went around a turn. The footsteps and noises of their predators could be heard by the three that were fleeing. They were then stopped by an underground river. They could have tried to wade across. A thunder then shot from the opposite side just missing the trio. Clearly there were more Pokémon on the other side.

    Ash looked around for another route. He then spotted a black and red egg. It was wrapped inside of one of the webs, clearly a snack that the hungry spider had saved for later. The trainer then ripped the webs off the vulnerable egg and carried it within its arms. The pursuers then caught up with their prey as Ash backed up to the river, holding the red and black egg within his arms.

    The two then blocked the doorway, leaving no way out for him, and his friends. The situation was bleak, as they stood in the shadow filled cave. Then Ash remembered why he had come. “Serena” he whispered.

    The promise he had made, came to light in his eyes, as the fires of determination began to burn inside of the 17 year old.

    The flames of determination then ran through the trainers’ essence. He would not fail his friend like he had failed all of his other friends. His two Pokémon sensed what their trainer had felt, and became ready for battle.

    “We have to fight” Ash said to his Pokémon, who stood in front of their friend, and trainer, ready to fight will all that they had.

    The four commenced in an intense battle, with Pikachu, facing off against the Ariadose, and Maganium facing the powerful Blastoise.

    Pikachu launched a series of thunder bolts at his enemy, Ariadose neutralised each of the bolts with an poison sting. While defending Ariadose was pushed back into Blastoise by a volt tackle. The water type pushed off the poison type, and fired a hydro pump into Maganium. Maganium, countered with a razor leaf, causing an explosion in the field. The battle continued, with neither side willing to lose.

    After several minutes of intense battling the two teams stood opposite each other, Ash’s Pokémon looked like they could collapse at any moment, while the other two were breathing heavily, but ready to carry on.

    ‘We have to finish this off now or never. These Pokémon are really powerful.’ The trainer thought while clutching the black and red egg. “Guys, give it all in a Thunder, and Frenzy plant.” Meganium pounded the damp rock with her feet, causing thick vines to be launched from underneath the wild Pokémon, Ensnaring them. Pikachu charged a final thunder attack, to finish off the two.

    A Pokémon was then awakened by the noise of the battle, and dived down striking Maganium, causing it to faint. The vines then went back into the earth they came from, freeing the two other Pokémon. Pikachu, being distracted, missed the final attack that he had within him.

    “Aero!” The rock and flying type cried. Ash then recalled his grass type, and took Pikachu inside of his other arm. His original captors, backed off with the Areodactyl’s arrival. Ash had his window of opportunity, and ran out of the cave, his new opponent in full pursuit.

    Ash made it outside, with the egg in one hand and Pikachu in the other. He was then blown face first on to the grass in the middle of the valley still carrying his cargo. The trainer turned around, as the Prehistoric Pokémon dived with its claws for the trainer.

    Aerodactle had managed to grab onto the egg, and began pulling upwards. Ash didn’t dare let go, letting the unborn Pokémon become victim to the Aerodactyl.

    #Start Flashback#

    Ash and Serena were set to leave on their journey, as he had promised the girl’s father.

    “Thank you Ash you don’t know how grateful we are” Her mother said.

    Serena I think that you should have this.” The girl’s father gave her a Pokéball.

    “What’s this?” she asked.

    “Its Gallade Pokéball” Her mother answered.

    “Bu. BUT.” Gallade was her father’s first Pokémon and there was no way that she was going to accept it.

    The man then made his way up to the teen that was charged with safety of his only child. “Now, I know that I am asking a lot from you already and you are doing us a big favour by taking care of Serena, but Ash. Promise that you will do everything that you can to keep her safe.” Ash struggled with the idea for a few seconds but accepted.

    “Dad, I, I can’t accept this.” The white haired girl said, as they stood at the doorstep of the house. She then held out the ball in her hand towards her father.

    “Yes you can” he replied. “Gallade is very loyal and honourable, and will be a good Pokémon.” he then pushed her hand back.


    A large explosion could be heard from the back of the house, ripping the atmosphere in two.

    “He’s here.” Serenas mother said, holding onto her husband’s arm.

    “I hoped he wouldn’t be here, until they left.” He replied.

    “WHAT? WHO?” Ah, and Serena said clueless.

    Another explosion ripped through the back of the house.

    “Run.” The man said, pushing ash and Serena away. “We’ll hold them back, and won’t tell him about the two of you.”

    “But I can help. I owe it to you.” Ash said in protest.

    “Ash, please take care of her, now go.” The lady said.


    “Please, go. Just remember the promise you made Ash.” The man said in a tone that got through to Ash. Ash then grabbed the girl by the wrist, and dragged away from her house, in much protest from her.

    The house then caught fire. Explosion after explosion was heard as the two walked away from the house as it was being torn apart by flames. Tears could be seen from the two people as the house was reduced to nothing but ashes.

    #End Flashback#

    A crack then formed on the egg.

    From the crack a burst of dark energy forced its way forwards sending the flying type into the sky, fumbling with its wings.

    Ash held the egg in his hands, with Pikachu watching from his shoulder, slightly revived from his bout.

    Dark aura began to emit from the egg, but Ash did not let go.

    Then in a second, it began to glow a deep black. The darkness was deeper than the night sky. Dark enough to shroud the world, then out of it a creature formed, sleeping inside of the trainers arms. It was a little dragon like creature. It was about half of a meter in length. Its head was long, with a small red horn growing out from above its nose. From the crown of its head four small red horns were seen, not sharp, but blunt. It had four legs, with small, blunt black claws on each of them. Its wings were small, meaning it was not ready to fly yet, but the lining of the wings, were the same crimson red as its horns. It had a long tail that was curled up with a few red feathers popping up from the spine. The body was completely black, apart from the red.

    Its eye lids were closed. Its snores were peaceful. Ash and Pikachu looked down in contempt at the baby. It opened its eyelids slowly. It looked up at the trainer that carried him, and yawned, and then it nuzzled its head in his chest, attempting to return to sleep.

    “CHAA” The Aerodactyl screeched, diving in for an Arial ace. Ash dodged, spearing towards the ground, with the baby still in his arms. The Dragon woke up, and walked onto the grassy valley, using its feet for the first time. It looked up, with its piercing blood-red eyes towards the sky. It spotted the Aerodactyl.

    Aerodactyl dived into the baby for another attack, as it stood inquisitively.

    “NO!” Ash cried, still lying on the ground.

    The Dragon then dodged an attempt of an wing attack by the flying Pokémon, by doing a back flip. It then purred a soft purr of happiness.

    The Aerodactyl tried to close in for another wing attack. Then the baby launched a blast burn from its mouth causing the aggressor to crash into the canyon wall, fainted.

    Ash crawled up to his new friend. The dragon leaped into his arms and went to sleep.

    “Wow, you are something else.” He said to the newborn.

    He then got his new Pokédex out and, it generated a holographic image of the Pokémon, and read out the data.

    Zenith: The chaos Pokémon.

    Type: Dragon

    There is no knowledge about this Pokémon apart from in mythological references. It is said that there is only one every thousand years.

    “BLAST!” a familiar voice called out from one of the caves. Ash looked around and saw the Blastoise. Then from other caves more and more Pokémon appeared, ready to attack.

    Things just seemed to get worse and worse for the trainer today.

    A roar came from the end of the valley. The rock on the edge of the canyon began to crumble. The ground shook. The Pokémon backed into the caves they had emerged from. Ash turned around, with the chaos Pokémon within his arms. Zenith then awoke.

    They stared up towards a creature. Its fur was as golden as the sun which had begun to set now. It stood high on two legs. It was around 5 stories high, and rivalled the height of the canyon walls. It had a mane that was golden and shone brightly. It stared down at Ash.

    “Why me” the trainer whispered.


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    -The creature at the end resembles a lion on its back legs

    -They have a sad past. Don't they?

    -The Pokémon in the valley are incredibly powerful. There was a warning.

    -Ash has a new Pokédex that looks like a Nintendo DS. It is white, and projects holograms about the Pokémon.

    - Did Zenith’s hatching remind you of a certain other hatching?

  10. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris


    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]

    -“The large beast’s words”-

    I do not own many things inside of this chapter. I don’t wish for any copyright infringement.

    Now you know 4 of Ash’s five Pokémon. He hasn’t captured Zenith. Let’s just say it will be a long wait for his fifth one to make an appearance, but it will strike fear into the eyes of its opponents.

    There will be some death here.



    Chapter 9- A new friend

    Ash stood, Pikachu perched on his shoulder, and the newborn stretching his legs as it was on the ground, oblivious to the great beast that resembled a great Lion standing on its two back feet. They watched as it took enormous strides towards them with its great legs. It stopped quite a few meters away from the three. And looked down. Its deep breath echoed through the now deserted basin of the canyon. Ash stood, not being able to divert his gaze from the golden beast that stared back with its deep glare. Ash had not had this feeling before, the same feeling that he would give to others around him. Pikachu stared along its trainer to the beast that shone like the burning sun. It.

    Zenith in its newborn naivety looked up towards the lion like being, and let out a weak roar in joy. No fear showing in its quiet voice.

    The beast loosened up its posture as a smile as big as its golden face grew.

    -“Hello little one”- The words echoed throughout the minds of the three. The voice was Benevolent in its origin. Although when the trainer looked up towards the mountain like creature, its mouth had not moved. But the words were loud enough to be from someone who had been shouting from right in front of him.

    ‘Its psychic’ the obvious came to him. It had always taken a while for him to figure things out.

    “h-hi, my names Ash” The trainer then tried to shout out in an attempt of friendship, but all the words that came out of his mouth fell straight to the ground. But the beast had still heard him.

    -“Hello; Ash, I am Leo.”- Once again it had used its powers to convey its thoughts to the three in the middle of the grassy canyon. (The landscape at the bottom is actually more like a valley, but the sides’ tower up as if it was a canyon, so I’ll use both names to describe the landscape.)


    Serena woke up slowly, as she had always done. She was never a person who liked waking up in the morning.

    She found herself inside of a warm bed. Inside of a small room. The room was a bright white. The bright Hoenn sun shone through the window that had no glass upon it. She slowly got herself up, and rubbed her eyes. She felt that she still had her regular clothes on her. She felt her three Pokéballs on her waist as they always were.

    Then she remembered

    The blasting off, how Ash had tried to reach for her as they flew, and Wartortle. She jumped out of her bed; she was now weary of where she was. Who had bought her to rest? Many other questions had also attempted to bleed to the most important topic. But this was here and now, and she had to have her safety as her first priority.

    The girl snuck up to the doorway, which had no door; instead a brightly coloured cloth covered the threshold. She heard people talking and walking outside as if she was in a small town. She peered outside and saw people walking around. They all seemed to be around 30 years old, as they casually went around with daily tasks. One thing seemed odd about them tough, but she could not put her finger on it.

    Serena then walked outside of the small room, into the small village. She looked around and saw that the place was made up of 20 to 30 houses. All of them were wooden, with thatched roofs. In the back of the place there was a river that flowed out of a mountain towards the south. Then Serena noticed a huge wooden gate, as high as the mountain guarding what seemed to be a valley inside of the mountains to the south.

    A man in his 30s went up towards the now awakened girl. “Hello, it seems that you are awake now.” He had said with a smile.

    “Yeah,” Serena said slightly weary, the 9 year old was unsure of what was going on. “Where am I? And where did you find me?” She asked with curiosity, trying not to sound rude.

    “We just found you on the ground, and we took you to our village to nurse you back to health.” He once again said with a smile.

    “I was with a friend.” Serena added hoping that they would be able to help her to find Ash. The person had seemed to be friendly enough.

    “Well we only found you.” He stated. “How old was your friend,” he asked.

    “Well he was around 17”Serena said thinking how odd a question that was to ask. His face darkened slightly.

    “We will try to find him.” He said trying to reassure the girl. “But at least we found you.” His smile brightened again.

    “I guess I’ll stay here until you find him.” The man had become really happy now, as he told her that she was welcome, and went off to do things.

    Serena was then left alone to explore the village in the time that she had. She had come up towards many different villagers to answer questions, and noticed that they were all around the same age. When she asked questions of reassurance, they were very welcoming towards the girl and gave words of reassurance about Ash, but when she had changed the subject towards the gate, and why everyone in the village looked to be around 30 years old, they would change the subject once more or just walk away giving her the cold shoulder. Serena found this odd although she had not pursued the matter any further.

    All but one of the villagers was around the age of 30. He was around the same age as Serena and was named Ryan. They had become friends quiet quickly as they were the only children in the settlement, although Ryan’s words were the same as the rest of the village when Serena would begin to ask questions.

    “Hey Ryan?” Serena began to ask.

    “Yeah?” he asked knowing how to deter her questions about the gate guarding the valley.

    “How old are you?” Serena asked, curious since she had heard the other villagers always asking what age she was.

    “Well, I am close to ten years old. I’m having my ceremony tonight” he said casually.

    “What’s that? A birthday” Serena asked becoming curious with her new friends last words.

    “Yeah, I guess.” He said as if it was something bad. Serena had noticed this and then decided to not pursue the matter unless she would make Ryan sadder.


    Leo was a friendly and welcoming soul. Ash and all his Pokémon had befriended the giant and in return he had thought them many skills, and attacks with his extensive knowledge. His tutoring was focused on the newborn Dragon more than the rest of Ash’s team, as it seemed that he was more interested in preparing the chaos Pokémon. His story was also a sad one, when he had told the trainer.

    -“I am alone here. One millennia ago I served under my master with my brother and sister. We served him loyally and without question until we could stand serving him no more, he was power hungry and had become obsessed with destruction. When he faced his final battle we turned on him, and had him imprisoned in a tomb; but in his final breath he sealed me, my brother, and sister in three separate prisons. To have no contact with the outside world and to forever rot for our betrayal. The gates keep me bound inside of this valley and the Pokémon ensure that no outside entity is able to make contact with me.”- Ash had never heard a sad story. As he could not help but feel sorry for the Lion like creature. –“But now I have your friendship. And that of your Pokémon.”-

    Ash had felt a joy inside of him for being able to help him. But he had to leave in order to find Serena. “You have psychic powers right?” he questioned. He nodded in response. “Well I had a friend with me when I...

    ...can you sense where she is by any chance?” Ash asked hoping his new friend would comply. The Lion like giant then closed his eyes for a few seconds, and when he once again opened them he answered the trainers’ question.

    -“She is being kept within a village towards the north of the valley, and is being taken care of.”- Ash’s face then brightened, as did Pikachu’s. Although Zenith remained happy chasing his own tail. Then Leo let out a sigh, it echoed throughout the canyon due to his great size. –“Follow me; there is something important that I have to tell you.”- He had then walked away to the northern edge of the valley taking great strides. Ash then felt as if he had read his thoughts, and had guilt swell up inside of him for his words disappoint the friendly giant, but decided to follow him, it was the least he could repay him for his kindness, and maybe after finding Serena he could help to free his new friend. Ash then followed the loin, finding it hard to catch up as he made his way into a more wooded area of the valley, with the electric mouse on his shoulder, and the black dragon resting within his arms.

    As Ash walked he had begun to think about how Zenith had warmed up to him. He was the first human that the chaos Pokémon had seen and as it had happened with one of his friends, he would trust him as a parental figure. But the hatching had some oddity within itself. Instead of glowing bright white like a normal hatching, the egg had become a deep black, and before the hatching a crack had formed in the egg, from which the force that pushed the Areodactyl away came from. ’How powerful is he?’ Ash thought as he looked down to the dragon that was taking a bit of strength to hold up. He had just been born, but Zenith had already grown quite a bit. But then the thought of catching it came to Ash’s mind. ‘No, only if he wants to be my Pokémon.’ The trainer then continued down the now heavily wooded valley.

    The trainer then saw the golden fur above the tree line, and rushed towards it. He emerged out of the wood and found himself in a quiet large clearing within the valley where Leo was standing on the opposite side.

    -“Come closer little one”- His voice sounded inside of the 17 year olds mind. Ash and the two Pokémon slowly walked forward and made their way into the centre of the clearing.

    -“Behind me, if you keep on going, you will find the gates that will take you outside of this valley and towards your friend. But first I have to tell you something. Be warned this secret is dangerous even to the most ferocious Garadose (SP?).”-

    Ash then got ready for the message that he was about to hear.

    -“Our world was created by a being known as Arceus and with his thousand arms he fabricated all of existence. He then created Pokémon, to live in this world, and the legendary Pokémon to maintain the balance of the universe. But the legendaries were born with immense power, and that power confused, and corrupted them. So he then created he who was called the Guardian Solaris, you know him as the Ho-Oh bird. This bird was the sun that illuminated the eyes of the legendary beings, maintaining the order that we now have. That is why he fly’s around the world, keeping watch over all, giving off the rainbow of light to brighten even the darkest of shadows.-

    Ash became curious as to where the giant was going.

    -“Soon the Ho-Oh will die, and war between the legendary’s will once again ensnare the world in the claws of Ragnarök.”-

    The sunny sky, became cloudy, the clouds then began to go darker and darker, completely blocking out the sun.


    For some reason all of the people in the village gathered at one place. In the sky clouds had now become quiet thick, and thunder could be heard in the distance, with the flashes of lightning coming from the valley.

    Serena and her friend also attended the circle. Serena then hoped that they may have word about Ash. Ryan then made his way into the middle of a circle formed by the villagers. His face looked sad. Out of the opposite side of Serena the people parted to let in an Alakazam.

    The psychic type slowly walked closer towards the boy. Its spoons seemed to be rusted up. The skin on its body had faded in its colour, the skin of the stage 2 was sagging on its body, and the movements of the Pokémon were slow, as it stopped only a few feet away from Ryan. It then put the spoon in front of the boy as if it was searching for something inside of him.

    The Pokémon, than put its two spoons in front of it, and a white aura than began to connect him and Ryan. Ryan then kneeled to the ground; exhaustion could be seen inside of his eyes. The girl was unable to move at what she was seeing.

    “I take this light to give to the light of the many!” The voice of the creature shouted out. Than a blinding light emanated from him, in retaliation Serena, moved her arms to covered her eyes.

    Once she opened her eyes, the Alakazam seemed to be stronger, the spoons on its hands were new and shiny, and it looked as if it could take on a Charizard twice his size. The villagers also looked as if they had gained ten years on their lives; they were stronger and seemed to be revived from the light. Then Serena looked to where Ryan once stood, and saw a skeleton, a small skeleton, with clean bones.

    Two arms then grabbed her, preventing her from moving. She was then thrust into the middle of the circle formed by the villagers, with only her and the Alakazam.

    She was next.


    “What can I do?” Ash shouted out as rain began to drizzle.

    -“There is a reason that you keep on seeing Ho-Oh. It has chosen you to maintain the balance. This shall be accomplished with your new friend. The dragon of chaos, which will bring order from the darkness.”-

    “SILENCE, TRATOR!” A powerful voice shouted from the clouds.

    -“My old master he has returned.”- Leo was shaking; the look of pure fear had replaced the courage inside of his eyes.

    “You shall pay for your treachery!” The voice once again boomed throughout the valley. Ash looked up towards the clouds from where the voice seemed to come from. And saw that the clouds had formed into the face of a dragon. With the image of its long tail starting from the head, similar to a snake was also embedded in the dark clouds.

    -“Run!”- Leo called for Ash. –“go and find my brother, I can’t help you now. Run to the gate towards the north, there you will find your friend. She needs you”- He was urgent.

    “But I can help?” Ash tried to reason with him.

    -“No you can’t”- The voice was once again calm, once again becoming the benevolent being that he was when Ash had first met him.

    Lightning then struck throughout the valley. Trees had been lit ablaze, and the walls of the canyon were crumbling.

    Ash ran with Pikachu and Zenith, to the northern gate while now being chased by a blazing inferno that was in the thick woods.

    Leo looked up to the sky into the clouds that resembled a snake like dragon.

    He had done all he could.


    Ragnarök = fate of the gods.
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    Max- 13

    May- 15

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]

    -“Leo’s words”-

    I do not own many things inside of this chapter including the song.

    Yes this will be partially a song-fic, with In the End by Linkin park

    There is more death in this chapter. And blood there will be some blood.


    Chapter 10- In the End of the Lion

    Leo saw Ash running in the distance. He then turned his attention to the sky. A light drizzle was falling, from the dark grey clouds, and had mixed together with the smell of ash.

    It starts with
    One thing / I don’t know why
    It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
    Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme
    To explain in due time
    All I know

    -“What do you want!”- He roared. The giant didn’t bother to use his psychic powers.

    Time is a valuable thing
    Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
    Watch it count down to the end of the day
    The clock ticks life away
    It’s so unreal

    The image of his former master in the clouds moved as if it was laughing. Then a second later Leo heard the laughing sound, like hearing thunder after seeing the lightning.

    It was a sound that he had not heard in a millennia; he had hoped never to hear that sound again.

    Didn’t look out below
    Watch the time go right out the window
    Trying to hold on / but didn’t even know
    Wasted it all just to
    Watch you go

    “I locked you here to rot for all eternity, and yet your foolish sense of pride still shows through.”The voice of his master blasted down to earth.

    I kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart
    What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn't even matter

    -“You are supposed to be sealed for the rest of time; we sealed you to stop your destruction, and madness.”- His voice boomed into the sky.

    One thing / I don’t know why
    It doesn’t even matter how hard you try
    Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme
    To remind myself how
    I tried so hard

    Leo then formed a glowing ball of fire within his hand, and threw it into the sky. It exploded into the cloud, as a result the cloud had a small crater within it but quickly healed itself.

    In spite of the way you were mocking me
    Acting like I was part of your property
    Remembering all the times you fought with me
    I’m surprised it got so (far)

    The cloud that was the image of Leo’s former master, laughed, a sinister laugh, and let lightning loose from within its essence. The lightning crashed into the ground, lighting the trees ablaze, Craters were formed in the ground, the walls of the canyon also suffered several hits whish destroyed several mouths of the caves located there.

    The lion was hit with the worst of it, as the after effects of the lightning, scorched his golden fur, conducting with the water that drizzled from the heavens.

    Things aren’t the way they were before
    You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore
    Not that you knew me back then
    But it all comes back to me
    In the end

    “You are pathetic, I should put you out of your misery right now; and stop you from disgracing me anymore!” The voice once again boomed from the sky.

    You kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart
    What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter

    -“NO! I serve you no longer, I might be imprisoned in here, but I am freer now than when I served you!”- The lion like being then put his two hands on top of its head.

    Between the scorched paws a bright ball of energy gained in power.

    A large beam of blue lightning then fired its way into the sky.

    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    I've put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    For all this
    There’s only one thing you should know

    The lightning was only absorbed by the image of Leo’s master, which was embedded within the clouds.

    I've put my trust in you
    Pushed as far as I can go
    For all this
    There’s only one thing you should know

    A large cackle was once again heard from the sky, “This is what you get for your treachery. In the End no matter how hard you may try, you will fall.”

    I tried so hard
    And got so far
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter
    I had to fall
    To lose it all
    But in the end
    It doesn’t even matter

    Leo saw his fate, as he looked upwards to the last image he will ever see. From behind the image of his former master, meteors plummeted.

    The clouds had dissipated in their wake.

    The explosions shook the earth.

    In between explosions, the image of Leo could be seen by the Pokémon hiding in the caves. He was slashing the small meteorites coming into him, as he roared a roar that echoed throughout the entire Hoenn region.

    When the smoke cleared all that could be seen in the post-apocalyptic landscape, in between craters, a dead Lion like creature lay. His fur had been completely burned off, his body had deep gashes.

    He was breathing heavily, having survived the multiple assaults. He spoke his last words, the legend that his master had taught him , the legend that his master had feared with every atom of his existence.

    -“When the sun shall fall.

    Chaos will be born

    Ragnarök will arise.

    And the legends shall be in war

    Only he who is guardian of the sun can rise.

    And strike down the beast.

    Giving a second chance

    To the legends that he meets

    Ash, you are our only hope.”- His eyes then closed for the final time. He was now free from the eternal oppression of his master.


    Ash ran through the forest that was quickly lighting up, despite the light rain that was pouring, the fire did not slow down. The sound of booming could be heard in the background.

    The boy kept on running, on one side Pikachu ran alongside its trainer. On the other side the dragon also ran, not totally oblivious to the danger that it was in.

    The smell of ash begun to take control of the air.

    The rain kept on drizzling.

    They continued running.

    The seventeen year old looked back momentarily, and saw the blazing inferno catching up. He then turned his attention back to dodging the branches that were getting more and more, dense.

    The smell of ash had become strong, and smoke could be seen.

    The rain was now slowing down from the thicker leaves stopped their decent.

    They continued running.

    More explosions and lights could be seen and heard by the trainer, but he did not turn back.

    Ash then caught sight of a familiar landmark.


    “What do you want?” Serena cried as she attempted to plead for her life.

    The people encircling her gave no sign of emotion in their faces. No remorse, no sorrow, no pity, no mercy.

    “They want you.” Serena then turned to the Alakazam, who had spoken. “Do you know how old these people are, little one?” Serena just stood looking at the one who was about to take her life. They are 563 years old to this day. They use me to gain the energy of a child when he or she reaches a certain age; I take their light and give it to the lights of the many. Now it is your turn to give to the community little one.”

    The people still showed no sign of any remorse for the life that they were about to feed off.

    Thunder boomed in the distance, a boom that would make a whole city turn their heads. The clouds flashed bright lights. Smoke could be seen from behind the wooden gates. No one noticed. All stood still frozen in time. Serena stood opposite her executioner. She decided that if she was going to go, at least her Pokémon would have a chance to live on.

    “Take me, just let my Pokémon go.” The girl gave her last plea, to the psychic type, and it nodded in response. Serena released her three Pokémon who took up a defensive position around their trainer, sensing there danger aimed at her. “Run guys, while you still can.” She said in a calm voice. They turned to her with questioning faces. “I have failed you as a trainer; run maybe one day you will find a better trainer than me.” Tears were forming in her eyes, as she had no other choice inside of her now.

    “Tortle” Wartortle then stood in a defensive position around its trainer once more. Gallade and Ninetails then followed the water type, showing that they would stand against any shadow that their opponents would throw against them.

    “Pathetic” the Alakazam muttered. The four were sent flying into the wall of a house by a powerful psychic attack.

    Serena ordered her Pokémon to attack, but all of the attacks were stopped by the Alkazam’s psychic even that of the Ninetails. Alakazam looked at the four lying on the floor, and extended its arms.

    Serena was enveloped within a bright white aura, and began to levitate helplessly. Here Pokémon looked on helplessly, as their trainer began to float.

    Ninetails then stood up and threw Alakazam back a few feet with its power.

    “Ahh, so a fire type has learnt to harness the power of the mind.” The psychic type said as it got itself up. A grin then formed upon its face the villagers stood a few paces.

    “Nine tails use psychic!” Serena shouted, and then Ninetails surrounded its opponent within a red field. It still smiled as it effortlessly walked out of Ninetails attack. The Alakazam launched its own psychic attack, throwing the girls three Pokémon back a few feet. She looked back towards her Pokémon, and then turned to her executioner as it chuckled.

    The Pokémon put its hands in front of its face as Serena once again began to be lifted up into the air. A bright white aura linked the two.

    The white haired girl felt herself loose all feeling within her body. She was nothing but a viewer as the years of her life would be taken away.

    “I give”

    The psychic type began to speak its chant.

    “This light,”

    Lights could be seen from the background, a large roar that shook the world and enormous explosions, that could shake a continent. But no one noticed.

    “To give”

    The villagers then prepared themselves for what was about to happen.

    “To the lights”

    Serena’s three Pokémon looked on seeing as they had failed there master, there friend.

    All hope was lost for the girl, the 9 year old girl. The girl that a champion saw so much potential in. The girl that had faced more trauma than anyone else should face.

    “Of the m”

    Serena was then released from her imprisonment as she fell to the ground, unable to move her body, due to the strain of being trapped within the Pokémon’s ritual. She could still see tough.

    The psychic type was on his side due to the after effects of an explosion. The onlookers looked helplessly as their lifeline got up slowly, after being hit by an obviously powerful attack.

    Serena then began to have some feeling back in her body. Her Pokémon took up positions around their master once more. Serena looked to the direction that the blast originated from.

    She saw the figure of a person, standing on a hill. The clouds had cleared, and the sun shone onto his back, shadowing his face. A large plume of smoke could be seen towards his right as the gates had burned to ashes; from the intense battle that had just taken place in the distance. He ran in front of her and checked to see if she was still breathing. Besides him a small electric mouse ran towards her friend and on his other side, a small black and red dragon ran up, intrigued by the girl.

    “Serena, are you alright?” he asked as he lifted her body up.

    “Ash” she had managed to utter. The girl had more feeling within her body, but was unable to throw words out of her mouth yet. Gallade grabbed the white haired girl, as the angry trainer turned around to the psychic type which was standing, and had a very ****** off look on his face.

    “How dare you!” the stage two shouted out, toward the trainer.

    “How dare I? You were the one killing here.” Ash mocked. “Zenith are you up for another battle?” the trainer asked his unofficial Pokémon, who quickly jumped ready for another battle, still remembering its battle with the Areodactyl.

    “You send a child to battle? Even that rodent would have been a better choice.” The Alakazam mocked.

    Ash sighed as he decided to let the black dragon use one of its new moves, courtesy of Leo’s tutoring. “Use your Chaos blades!” Zenith then began to flap its wings which still could not allow it to fly, and from them several black crescents flew out dispersing randomly into the air as they flew faster than an Arial ace, Randomly in the air. Then immediately they all aimed for the stationary psychic type, creating a large explosion. When the dust cleared, it could be seen on the floor, barely able to get up.

    When it managed to get up it was angrier than ever, at the young legendary. It then launched a psy-beam, which the dragon dodged, using its wings for speed and balance.

    “Now, use your chaos surge, the trainer commanded.” (Once again courtesy of the deceased Lion like being) the chaos Pokémon then let several black lights (I think they are lights, but resemble Manaphys hart swap except are black) They swarmed around randomly then launched themselves into the earth. From where the lights landed it seemed as if the ground was turning pitch black. As it spread, to underneath the whole battlefield. A black hand then stretched itself from underneath the ground that the Psychic type was standing upon. It gripped onto him then held him a few feet above the ground.

    “You kill me, you kill them all!” it screamed. The villagers were now pleading for their lives. As their lifeline was held in the hands of the trainer, Ash hesitated to give a command.

    “Do it!” Serena screamed, finding her voice.

    Zenith complied, not knowing better, as the Black Hand and the stain on the land then vanished. The Alakzam dropped to the ground. Its body then blew away as if it was dust. The villagers, flesh and skin vanished in a instant, leaving their skeletons to drop onto the floor.

    The village turned into a mass grave.

    “You alright” Ash whispered to Serena.

    “Yeah; Listen I had to if we didn’t they would just carri” she was stopped by Ash putting a finger to her lips.

    “Whatever the reason was I know it was a good one, I know that you would not do that intentionally, unless you were protecting others who may have fallen victim.” The white haired girl nodded, and recalled her Pokémon, confident in using them once more.

    At seeing Serena recall her three Pokémon, Zenith whished for the same, and touched the button of Ash’s empty Pokéball with its claw. It opened and pulled him in. It didn’t even have to wobble, but then a strong black aura surrounded the black and white ball, when it went away the ball was completely black except for two crimson rings on the top and bottom of the ball.

    The three looked at the Pokéball in confusion. Then set off back to their journey, at the ever-grand champion ships. They took the route along the river behind the deserted town, as it was the most obvious. “So what happened, Serena asked as they walked, and just before she was going to get an answer, they could see blood running down the river. As red as Zeniths blunt horns.

    Weather it was the blood of the Pokémon in the caves, or Leos blood, or even the blood of the thousands that were murdered by the Alakazam and the village, they did not know.


    That was the darkest chapter that I have ever written.


    - I couldn’t let Serena die, a horrible death. The villagers on the other hand had lived for 500 or something years, feeding of the life of the very young.

    -Ragnarök Stands for fate of the gods, check Wikipedia. Here gods mean the legendaries, seeing as they are like the best of the best in the Pokémon world.

    -Zenith is a legendary Pokémon in itself; it is very powerful and has several attacks that are exclusive for it. Leo tutored the little dragon some of them: Chaos Blades is like a multiple razor wind that is able to lock onto its target. Chaos surge: Gives Zenith the ability to manipulate the structure of any surface.

    - The Evergarnd championships will be in the next chapter and guess who will be there: Max, and who else will be with him? May, and you know what that means? Yes they will find out who each other is, and the shipping will get more serious.

    -This little story Arc was here for two purposes. 1 To introduce the main storyline, and Zenith. 2 To get deeper into Serena’s character. I don’t want her to be some second rate character that everyone will forget about.

    Power corrupts
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    May- 15

    Max- 13

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17

    Brandon- 16




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]


    Chapter 11- The faces of life

    Four people stand on a path, looking down towards the large stadium that will host the Evergrand champion ships. Dawn looked at the stadium as it was something that she had not seen before, unlike the other three who were familiar with the arena in which the finals for the Hoenn league championships would soon take place.

    Suddenly the younger, black haired boy known as Max began running towards the stadium. Overcome with excitement for his next great competition. ‘I’m gonna win’ the thoughts rushed through him as he ran approaching the Pokémon centre, with his friends chasing in close pursuit.

    The boy ran through the automatic doors of the centre, and was greeted by a familiar face.

    “Brandon!” he said, causing the white haired trainer to turn around.

    “Max!” he said surprised, he then walked up towards, Normans son and shook his hand. “So you’re competing too?” he stated.

    “You bet” the son of a gym leader said with enthusiasm.

    Then his friends came through the doors. All of them seemed to be exhausted by the young trainers’ enthusiasm. Max turned around towards them and chuckled slightly, while holding one of his hands behind his head.

    “Hi guys.” He said chuckling slightly at his exhausted friends.

    “MAX!” May shouted, with flames in her eyes, ready to rip her brother limb from limb. Max stepped a few steps back away from his sisters’ anger.

    “Hey May” Brandon said, as Max looked at him he noticed a blush forming on the trainers face.

    “Oh, hi Brandon” she replied calming down. ‘I’ll get Max later’.

    Max took his sisters friendliness in the wrong way ‘I wonder if I can get those two together then I can stop her getting angry at me. FOREVER’

    “These are my friends: Dawn and Brock” she said pointing towards her friends behind her. “Guys this is Brandon, he is Professor Birch’s son and used to live in the same city as me until we moved to Petalburg, because my dad became gym leader.” May explained to the others. “He was also the one that beat Max in the Sinnoh championships.” She teased her little brother.

    “Hey” Max said angrily. “I was close!”

    “Close to getting your butt kicked” she continued to tease him.

    “So, Brandon you’re a trainer right” Dawn questioned him.

    “Yes, and I’m a frontier brain” he said with pride in his voice. This surprised everyone. “The only reason I’m competing here is because I haven’t got my gym built yet, and I got bored. So I decided to compete in the Hoenn league since I already have all of the badges necessary.” He had finished off. His eyes were focused on May throughout the speech, and she was impressed with his accomplishments, which gave Brandon another notch up on his egometer.

    “Shouldn’t we find register you for the tournament Max?” the breeder said. The group said their goodbyes to the white haired trainer; they left to register Max for the tournament. As they left Max noticed that Brandon’s eyes remained glued on his sister, with a slight blush forming on his face.


    Max and Brandon had so far made their way through the tournament with flying colours, with Max defeating his last opponents Magmortar with Magmar, and Brandon defeating a trainer named Jack with his Swampert.

    They had now qualified for the quarter finals (A.K.A. last eight) but Max had noticed that May had continued to be deep in thought throughout his matches. This only made him more determined to get her together with Brandon, not to stop being beaten by her hammer, but to stop her sadness Max had started to become more accustomed to, even if Brock or Dawn hadn’t.

    May was now walking in the Pokémon centre alone, Max’s battles reminded her to much of when she watched Ash, it was the same stadium and they were now in the same standings. The top-eight, she had to do something to get in contact with him. She continued to pace around the centre, it was abandoned currently, her friends were probably eating, and everyone else was watching a match between two trainers known as Paul, and Rebecca. Normally she would be the first one to go and get food, but right now she just wasn’t in the mood. She continued to pace around lost in thoughts of Ash. It had been three years since they last had contact; there last words weren’t the best either.

    Espeon then let herself out of her Pokéball. “Espeon? What are you doing out of your ball” May said, Espeon then stretched its legs. I guess you’re just stretching your legs?” the brunette said. Her Pokémon then looked at her trainer quizzically and gently nudged her leg. May immediately collapsed to the ground.

    “I guess I’ve been walking for a while now?” May said embarrassed, “Espeon, I don’t know what to do?” She said defeated. “I haven’t talked to him in three years now. Now there is no way that I can reach him. I don’t even know where in the world he is, or who he is travelling with. He could be dead for all I know.” A tear rolled down her eyes. Her words sounded like she was going to start sobbing at any moment. The cat like Pokémon then touched her chest with one of its paws. She rubbed the tear and focused her attention at what Espeon was trying to say.

    “What is it Espeon?” she said with a hint of sadness remaining in her voice. The evolution of Eevee then pointed its head towards the videophones.

    The Hoenn native’s eyes brightened like jewels as she got up off the hard floor. “Of course, why didn’t I think of that before?” she questioned herself, “Thanks Espeon.” The co-ordinator said happily as her dilemma was solved.

    “Espi!” the psychic type said in glee, happy to see her trainer happy again. “Pion” [I wonder what’s happened to Pikachu anyway It stated as an afterthought with a slight blush forming on the Pokémon’s face.

    May then rushed to take her seat in front of the videophone with Espeon jumping onto her lap. “Hope that Ash hasn’t changed his home number.” May said as she dialled the numbers. The line did not connect tough. She attempted several more times with the same results. May wasn’t going to give up so easily, as she thought for a few seconds. “I got IT! She said while putting her fist up. She then began to dial a different number which earned her a; what are you doing look.

    It ringed four times until someone picked up. Espeon noticed the person on the screen as Professor Oak, from all of the magazines that had his face on and from Bulbasaur mentioning him whenever she had talked about her time at the lab and her time with a certain other Bulbasaur.

    “May” he said.

    “Hi professor” she replied cheerfully.

    “I haven’t heard from you since you took back your Bulbasaur”

    “Sorry professor, I guess I’ve just been busy.” She said sheepishly.

    “So what is it you phoned for?” he said getting to the point.

    “Well; I am trying to get in touch with Ash, but I don’t know where he is or anything. I tried to call his house but the line doesn’t connect.” May said, the brunette noticed that the professors look had darkened. “Professor, what happened?” May said more seriously.

    “You don’t know do you?” he said.

    “Know what?”

    “It all happened two years ago. After Ash had won the Sinnoh championships, he had some sort of argument with Brock, and some girl he had met there named Dawn, as you can imagine that hurt him a lot but that wasn’t the start of it.” He paused then started again.

    “When he had returned home he found that his house was burnt down. Their Mr Mime survived, although Delia was not so lucky. Can you imagine how hard it was to be there at his mother’s funeral? His mom wished to have her body cremated so it was him who lit her funeral pyre. His father was already dead and his mom was the only family that he had left.

    He had no friends, to support him in his time of need. He was then left alone in the world. He left taking all of his Pokémon; I don’t know where he lives now.” The professor finished.

    May was devastated to hear about what had happened. Ash had lost everything. The person who had saved her life several times needed her, and she wasn’t there for him. Tears were free to flow down her cheeks now, and Espeon didn’t bother to stop them. What kind of a friend was she, if she couldn’t be there for the kindest person that she had ever met? She then buried her head in her hands as they caught the tears flowing. No one in the centre came up to her, she was sobbing but she was sobbing silently, without any sound. No one knew apart from the professor and Espeon.

    “Last I heard he had won the Kanto and the Johto championships, so it is very likely that he would be going to the Hoenn championships next” He said, trying to give the young girl a glimmer of hope in finding him. “Goodbye May” The screen turned off. May had stayed there for a few more seconds, then when she got up. Her eyes were a deep red mixed in with the blue core of her eyes.

    She then set off with determination. ‘He is here and I will find him.’


    May had been searching for a while when she then run into Brandon.

    “H-hi May he stuttered” It seemed as if he was holding something behind his back, but out of Mays view.

    “Oh-hi Brandon, I’m looking for someone so I don’t really have time to talk.” She said in a rushed voice.

    “Well Max is with Brock, and his battle doesn’t start his battle in a while, but there is something that I want to tell you May.” He said in a soft voice.

    “Sorry Brandon, but I got to find him its urgent!” May said, and then left the trainer on his own.

    When she was out of sight, he let his hand out from behind his back to reveal a bouquet of roses. ‘Him? I got to catch up with her and tell her how I feel, before I’m too late.’ And with that he ran to catch up with her.


    In her search May had done a lap around the complex, and found herself near to the entrance of the Pokémon canter that she begun from. ‘I have no clue where he might be. Maybe I should have tried to think things through’ May said as she approached the doors of the centre, walking along the wall. May then saw a white haired girl walk out of the Pokémon centre ‘Isn’t that the girl that nearly had her Wartortle killed by Max? I hope that it’s alright.’ And with that she gave pursuit to the girl who was running down the path and already a considerable distance away. ‘I can always ask her if she knows Ash.’ She thought even though she knew that it was very unlikely.

    The girl had run into a small clearing outside of the actual stadium complex.

    May had followed her, she then heard some people talking as she walked closer.

    “Thanks for healing them Serena” A masculine yet kind voice said.

    ‘So that’s her name, but why does that voice sound so familiar?’ May wondered as she approached staying out of view.

    She then peered through the bushes, yet staying out of sight. She saw Serena, and with her was a man.

    After a double take she noticed that it wasn’t just any man it was “Ash” she whispered under her breath.

    He was taller, his hair slightly longer as well but it was still unruly, and his face shone in the sunlight that managed to flow through the leaves, showing itself without the concealing hood there to stop it. His voice was deeper, and once again reminded her of something...

    “It was him” she whispered under her breath. The person at the Grand Festival that comforted her when she was as low as she could have gone. Like every other time that she needed him and he was there for her.

    For three years, she had been down, and didn’t know why. Even after they parted ways for what seemed to be a lifetime he still returned.

    May became lost in her thoughts, as she had not really thought this through.

    ‘What should I do?’ The Hoenn native wondered as she diverted her gaze onto the ground to be lost in her thoughts, to her it seemed like seconds but it was longer in reality. She heard Ash and his friend talking but did not really make out anything that they had said. When she looked back up she noticed that they had disappeared.

    She rushed into the small clearing where the two once stood, once in the middle she looked around, wondering where they might have gone.

    “M-May” she heard someone stutter behind her, and turned around in the hope that it may be Ash.

    When she turned around the co-ordinator found her friend Brandon, the 16 year old slowly took a step forward, but kept something concealed behind his back.

    “Hi Brandon” May said unsurely. ‘What’s he doing here?’ She wondered.

    “Well May I followed you, because I got to tell you something very important.” Brandon said with a slight blush forming on him.

    “What is it?” she questioned. But before the frontier brain could reply another rustling could be heard from another part of the clearing. From it another person came out.

    The first thing that was noticeable about him was his bright green hair.

    “Drew?” May said in surprise.

    “Who else” he replied in an arrogant voice, than he flicked his hair. “May I have to tell you something?” He said, he focused his attention to Brandon for a second noticing that he was concealing something behind his back. ‘What is this looser doing here? I’ll have to tell her quickly’

    “May” The two said in unison to the baffled girl. They then kneeled in front of her. Drew got out a rose, and Brandon got out a bouquet of white flowers from behind his back.

    “I love you” They both stated. Holding flowers in front of their hands, and their eyes glittering towards her; May took three steps back with a bright red blush emerging onto her face.

    The two then gave each other death glares.

    May was stunned; the world was just spinning too fast for her. A while ago she had just found out that one of her best friends, or former best friends had just lost their mother, and then she discovered who Ash was, and now this. She just looked as the two boys looked at each other; this was just not the time or the place. She took her opportunity and ran.

    When the two boys looked up once again they saw that she was gone, they then got up and looked around clueless.

    “What’s the big idea scaring her way?” Brandon shouted, to his new rival.

    “Me, you’re the one who scared her, I’ve known her throughout her whole contest career, and it’s obvious that she likes me. Like someone like you has a chance.” Drew retaliated, and then flicked his hair while turning away from the trainer.

    “I’ve known her since we were little kids Mr Big Shot, and for your information I am a frontier brain, so I’d see the facts before you say anything.” Brandon said enraged. “Maybe the grass on your head has grown into your brain, that’s why you think that you have a chance.” Brandon said trying to agitate his opponent, but it barely had an effect.

    “Look who’s talking about hair, Mr Snow.” (I know that was the worst line ever) Drew then shot back calmly folding his arms and holding his head up high, away from the person he was confronting. Brandon was now getting really angry at the calm co-ordinator, when a speaker called out from the distance.

    “All trainers competing in the next round are asked to go to their fields for their battles.” With this Brandon turned and walked off to his battle.

    Drew didn’t question him leaving. ‘I should have talked to May at the Grand festival while I had the chance’ and left to find her.



    - I have absolutely no Idea where Drew gets all of his roses from, that’s why I didn’t describe it.

    - People can have white hair, I’ve seen them.

    -Ragnarök is the name of an event (Fate of the gods) I havn’t told you the name of Leo’s master. (YET)

    -Zenith is more like a European dragon (2 wings, 4 legs breathe fire) while Leos master is more like a Asian dragon (head, couple of legs, long snake like body, no wings) a bit like Raquaza, but his physical form has not been seen yet only his image embedded in the clouds.

    -From now on I will finish each chapter with a quote (I like to give my chapters some sort of meaning inside of them).

    "The more I see the less I know
    The more I'd like to let it go."

    Red hot chilli peppers- Snow
  13. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    May- 15

    Max- 13

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17

    Brandon- 16




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]


    This chapter will be another song-fic chapters. I will put more in depending if people like them or not; although they will not be an integral part of the storyline.

    I do not own Pokémon or the song which is One by one by the Calling


    Chapter 12- One by One

    May ran away from her multiple dilemmas. Finding Ash who she had not had any contact with for three years. Apologising to Ash for the argument that they had, ‘It was the stupidest reason to argue’, she thought as she approached the stadium complex. Then there was the little girl, Serena who Max had hurt really badly. Then there was supporting Max for his battles, even if the battles reminded her of when Ash battled. Now there was the problem of the two boys that were after her, she had to choose one of them, did she? If she chose one what would happen to the other; but dose she actually care for either of them in that way?

    “ARGH” May said as she stopped for a moment and pulled on the hair that came out from underneath her bandanna, she was confused on what she was going to do. May then remembered that Max’s battle was in a few minutes and she had to be there. She once again made her way to the field that her brother was about to battle in. But then she remembered as she approached the field, that this was the very field that Ash had lost in the Hoenn league championships.

    He stands alone outside the blooming yards
    All is calm there on the street
    The shadows pass him hung right over
    The pain on his face he knew he'd keep...
    His hair is long, and it's twisted, it's twisted
    Around the smile spread cheek to cheek
    Another child, another soul, grabs a hold
    To the metal that will end his misery...

    Her thoughts drifted to the last images of Ash once more; she didn’t know why she kept on thinking about him today.

    ‘He’s changed, a lot His voice, he’s a lot bigger now, but his hair is still the same a bit longer but the same hair that he had.

    He seemed so happy, but so hurt. What has happened to him?

    Why didn’t he talk to me, or Dawn the professor said that he knew her? I guess he still remembered what both of us said the last time. It was a stupid reason to fight anyway.’

    May then reached into her bag and searched around for a few seconds. ‘Where is it’ she thought. It would be harder to find since she had not bothered to look for that item in ages; why? Arrogance, Selfishness, or maybe a bit of both.

    Yet she never took it out. Why she didn’t know, she never really gave herself the time to think about it. Even when she spent her time in isolation; training in Sinnoh.

    ‘I can’t have lost it’ she thought as she continued to approach the stadium that her little brother would soon compete in.

    She then found it, and took it out. It was a ribbon. Not a whole ribbon, but half of a ribbon. It glistened in the glow of the shining sun.

    This item for her brought back many happy memories.

    Also one not so happy one, the one that affected her for three years

    #Start Flashback#

    One by one
    We stand beneath the sun
    With arms high open wide
    Two by two
    He's getting you
    To watch him as he leaves this life he knew

    The sun was setting as May and Ash sat on the bench. They had just drawn at the recent contest that they entered in, and both had half of a ribbon from it. They sat on a bench with Brock. Max had just run to the distance after hearing about Mays plans of going to Johto alone.

    “I guess I better talk to him.” Ash said and prepared to get up off of the bench.

    “Wait, I should talk to him” May said, “I’m his sister.” She said with pride.

    “Besides” she continued as Ash started to return to his seat. “Aren’t you guys upset that I’m going to Johto.”

    “Well yeah” Ash said unsure of how to answer Mays question.

    “So you don’t want me to continue my career as a co-ordinator!” May said taking the answer the wrong way.

    Brock sighed, ‘this is going to be long and pointless as usual, then there will be a big soppy I’m Sorry as always.’

    #End Flashback#

    How much anger is set aside
    As each one of us cries
    Red light they come and they take him away
    In the thoughts, he'll be better, some day...
    Tied tight, can't see out your eyes
    That he's sure to shine, sure to shine
    In this deep dark, played out, reality show
    So, who's the man, with the plan,
    eating up all that he can?
    Don't you see, don't you see...

    ‘Has he become better without me?’ May continued to wonder as she carried on.

    The half of a ribbon was clutched tightly in her hand, feeling human touch for the first time in ages.

    ‘I know that I haven’t become all that better without him’ her memories then reverted to the thoughts of whenever Ash would help her. Every time that she would lose in a contest he would be there to say his famous encouraging one-liners. The times that they spent with each other training, making each other better. How they both had practically the same appetites, and every time Brock cooked, or they got hold of an all you can eat buffet it was a competition to see who could eat the most, and how it ended in a draw each time.

    But now he was one of the best trainers in the world, he had even won the Grand Festival ‘Dose he still miss me?’

    #Continue Flashback#

    One by one
    We stand beneath the sun
    With arms high open wide
    Two by two
    He's getting you
    To watch him as he leaves this life he knew

    Brock was wrong as the argument continued and heated up.

    “No, I don’t mean that!” Ash accidentally shouted back.

    “So you can’t wait to get rid of me!” May shouted back. “Listen Mr Big Shot! I drew against you in the contest, so stop looking down on me; I’m as good as you, maybe even better!”

    “May I never look down on you, what would give you that crazy idea?” He then retorted.

    “Face it, I’m better than you.” May said folding her arms and turning her face away from the trainer (Like Drew on Brandon in the last chapter).

    “What? May ever since that contest you’ve become really big headed!” Ash shouted.

    “Did you? You did. You just called ME Big headed Ash Ketchum!” May was really mad now.

    “YOU are the worst friend ever. I’m glad that I’m going to Johto because YOU won’t be there.” Ash stepped back out of his seat, not sure if she meant what she said.

    “You’ve lost me a friend FOREVER.” May pointed to him. “I never want to see or hear anything about you again.” The trainer saw in her eyes that she actually meant what she had just said.

    He turned around. “Well if that’s what you really want, I promise you that you won’t” he said in a solemn voice, then began to walk away, “I’m going to talk to Max now, I think he could use a break from your over inflated ego.” As he then walked to the boy.

    “Good riddance” the brunette said as he went to search for his brother.

    “May, Did you really mean what you said?” Brock questioned her.

    “Of course” she replied in her pride filled voice.

    “Because you do know that Ash always keeps his promises.” The breeder once again said in his calm voice.

    “Watch hell com back” May said once again in pride.

    #End Flashback#

    Do you ever think that things are meant to be?
    I know we all have our reasons why
    And now the power of one human being
    Has gone and changed so many lives...

    ‘I guess I was just too filled with pride, but I did draw against the champion of the Battle Frontier.’ The girl tried to reason with herself. ‘Even if he had a type disadvantage, and was in a contest with which he wasn’t really familiar with.’

    She arrived at the doorway of the stadium that Max was due to be in next.

    Dawn and Brock were standing waiting for May to arrive. “You wondered off for long enough May, now let’s find our seats.” The breeder said to May as he led the three for the upcoming battle.

    Mays thoughts were elsewhere.

    #Continue Flashback again#

    One by one
    We stand beneath the sun
    With arms high open wide
    Two by two
    He's getting you
    To watch him as he leaves this life he knew

    Max had returned from wherever he had been once May shouted to him that their boat was about to leave. He met his sister who waved her arms signalling for him to come.

    “Hurry up Max, or the boat will go without us!” she shouted, in return the son of the Petalburg gym leader quickened his pace down the pier.

    The two gave a quick goodbye to Brock and left onto the boat.

    “Hey where’s Ash?” Max questioned, to his sister, as the pier and Brock went out of their view.

    “I don’t care.” May replied, crossing her arms. “Besides what did he say to you?” she began to question her brother.

    “He told me that I could battle him as soon as I meet up with him with my new Pokémon.” Max replied, curious to why May began to suspect one of her best friends.

    “Anything else?” the co-ordinator once again interrogated him.

    “No; besides what have you got against Ash all of a sudden?” Max turned the way of the conversation to his favour. In return May said about what had happened and exaggerated Ash’s words, Max being a person who would trust his big sister, grew angry at Ash, and ended their friendship with the trainer their and then, and walked inside to eat some of the food that Brock had given to them.

    May followed him, and unconsciously put the half of a ribbon that she won into her bag.

    Not to be taken out to shine, in a long time.

    #End Flashback#

    One by one
    We start to come undone...
    Two by two
    He's getting through to you...
    One by one we stand, we stand, we stand, over,
    over, you...

    With that the void inside of her grew.

    ‘I’ll see you soon Ash’ the co-ordinator thought as her little brothers match began.



    - I know it was a really stupid reason to split them up but, you have to remember that some of the greatest arguments in the world happen for the stupidest reasons.

    - Mays character did shallow out to the end of the Battle frontier.

    "You can’t change the past,

    But you can always change the future."

    Somewhere, I forgot where
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    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    May- 15

    Max- 13

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17

    Brandon- 16




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]

    Get ready for a glimpse of the final member of Ash’s team, and a nice long chapter.

    A really long chapter.

    A really long epic chapter.


    Chapter 13- The Cruelty of the Guardian

    The two competitors stood on either side of the battlefield. The roars of the crowd shouting, towards the great battle that they were witnessing.

    Both competitors were about to release their final Pokémon in the battle that would mark who would move on in the tournament. The competitors for the battle were Max and Kate. Kate had gotten an early lead in the battle eliminating Maxes first two Pokémon with her Blastoise, although the trainer from Petalburg city was able to make a spectacular comeback, leaving the two with their final Pokémon. The crowd continued to roar at the epic battle that they were witnessing.

    Kate then picked out a standard Pokéball inside the grasp of her hand; she threw it into the air as it opened out letting out a blue/gray starfish like Pokémon that had a blue crystal in its centre. It called out its natural cry as the Starmie prepared for Max to release his Pokémon.

    The trainer grasped the Pokéball of one of his first Pokémon. Before releasing it, he scanned throughout the crowd, searching for his friends. ‘I wonder what Mays going to think after Brandon’s asked her’ the boy thought as he remembered giving the white haired trainer tips about his sister. He noticed Brock, and besides the breeder, Dawn was cheering for him to release his next Pokémon. Max took a double take at the Co-ordinator as a slight blush began to form on his cheek that was barely noticeable. He then moved onto his sister who was watching the battle.

    But she was not any different, he noticed that her eyes had not changed; and if anything they were slightly more depressed.

    ‘How could Brandon screw that up?’ He wondered as he took his focus back to the field. The boy threw his Pokeball as it released his Gardevoir.

    “Begin” the Referee signalled.

    “Let’s start this off, Starmie use Bubblebeam” Kate shouted as Starmie fired a beam of bubbles towards Gardevoir, who teleported out of the way at Max’s command.

    Starmie then redirected its fire to the Psychic type’s new location, as Gardevoir then once again teleported at its trainers command.

    “Now use magical leaf” as Gardevoir fired glowing leafs towards the back of the water type, sending it flying, although it quickly regained its composure.

    “Starmie, use rapid spin with bubble beam.” Kate said knowing that this repeated action would tire Starmie out. Starmie then began to spin whilst firing its attack so that it spread out through the field.

    This time Max could not tell his Pokémon to teleport. As the Embrace Pokémon fell to the ground.

    “Looks like Kate found a way through Max’s strategy” Brock said.

    “What do you mean?” Dawn questioned her friend.

    “Max was planning to use a hit and run strategy to wear down Starmie, by using teleport, but that won’t work now. I guess he’ll have to find another way to beat Starmie, because it looks like it’s at a really high level.” He explained.


    May took her eyes off the battle, not wanting to see anymore.

    This was just like one of Ash’s battle.

    It was the same stadium, and the same strategy.

    But the other two still didn’t say a word about him.

    ‘ I can’t believe that Brock had just forgotten all about the fact that Ash had used this strategy’ The co-ordinator thought. She heard her companions cheering her brother on.

    But she wondered shouldn’t she be cheering too?

    It is her brother and she should be cheering the loudest.

    She took a glimpse at the battle field and saw the starfish like Pokémon spinning round, charging energy as it launched a thunder, around the whole field so that Gardevoir was unable to doge.

    Her view then turned towards the face of the breeder.

    He was cheering as she should be.

    ‘I know I should be cheering, but I just can’t’ she thought.

    She blinked and looked at the breeder once again. Although this time she looked deeper, and now she knew how he really felt. He felt the pain as much as she did; he knew what stadium this was, who fought in the championships here, and who had used this strategy before.

    ‘But he doesn’t know that he’s here.’ May thought. She remembered that he and Ash were like brothers, and slapped herself mentally for thinking bad of the breeder.

    She then heard the crowd sheer in an uproar.

    ‘Maybe I got a new mission; I got to get all of us back together.’ The brunette thought with her thought rising with the prospect of being with one of her best friends once again; like nothing had ever happened; even if it would be a hard road.

    “That was a great match wasn’t it May” The Sinnoh native said taking Normans daughter out of her train of thought.

    “Uh yeah” she said as she mimicked her friends clapping. She had taken her view back towards the battlefield, and saw the two shaking their hands. She shifted her view up towards the monitor and saw a picture of her little brother with a large sign that said winner.

    Now she knew why she was clapping, as her little brother looked back up towards the stands and to his sister.


    Max was greeted and congratulated by his friends as he came out of the stadium.

    “Well done Max” Brock said knowing that he had now made his way into the last four trainers, that will compete in the league.

    “Thanks guys” the boy replied. “But isn’t Brandon’s battle starting now.” Max stated, as his view shifted towards his sister.

    “YEAH” Dawn added “We should go and see him, and cheer him on” the blue headed girl added.

    May shuddered slightly remembering the last words from the white haired trainer, along with those of Drew’s.

    ‘I like him as a friend not as anything more’ she thought unconsciously taking a step backwards.

    “So what do you think May, should we go” Max stated giving a slight grin to her.

    ‘I wonder what he knows.’ May thought as she looked towards her brothers facial expressions.

    “What do you think of course we should go!” Dawn said as they ran towards the central and largest stadium in Evergrand the complex. Although May followed more reluctantly than the others.

    ‘Looks like my little plan is starting to work’ Max thought.


    The four sat in their seats in the stands of the large stadium.

    It was a new rebuilt version of the old stadium.

    Where a gigantic metal arc loomed over one side of the enormous stadium where at the opposite end the burning flame that represented the tournament burned brightly, the crowds that was up to 90,000 people roared down to the enormous field where the two competitors stood on either side. There were several giant monitors that showed the Pokémon of both the competitors, unlike the one that was for Max’s battle, this was an enormous crowd that was ready to witness the battle between two champions.

    May and the others managed to reach their seats, as it seemed that they just made it in time to see the match. The two trainers stood at opposite sides of the enormous battle field.

    “Hey there’s Brandon!” Max stated, pointing to the frontier brain who was waving to the crowd. Brandon then noticed May in the crowd, and made eye contact through the vast space between them.

    ‘I guess she dose care about me, otherwise she wouldn’t have come’ he thought as May blushed slightly towards him. Max only s******ed at his sister knowing that his plan was begging to work out.

    “Isn’t that the guy who won the grand festival” Dawn shouted pointing to the other side of the vast grassy field at the once again hooded figure who stood through the roars of the crowd that he had become accustomed to in his multiple league victories.

    May looked in shock towards Ash, he was the one who was about to battle Brandon.

    As she looked awestruck, at the battle that was about to take place.

    “So the rumours were true.” Dawn uttered.

    “What rumours?” Max questioned.

    “At the grand festival there were rumours going around that he was not really a co-ordinator, but a Pokémon trainer, and I guess their true” Dawn explained not taking her eyes off Ash. “And there was also something about him winning multiple leagues.” She finished off.

    At this May remembered the words of Professor Oak, as he said how Ash had won several leagues and now was coming to Hoenn.

    “That’s right” someone said from the row behind them, causing the four to turn around, looking towards a fat man who had a Hawaiian shirt and a pair of sunglasses.

    “And who are you?” Dawn questioned, in a slightly rude tone, annoyed that he would eavesdrop on their conversation.

    “Sorry, for being rude, I’m Scott the owner of the battle frontier.” He replied in a calm voice. “Your friends already know who I am” he said.

    “Hi Scott, good to see you.” Brock replied in a more polite voice. “I guess that you’re here to see Brandon battle, I mean he is your frontier brain.” Brock said seeming to understand the situation.

    “Actually, I’m here to see one of the most exiting battles ever. It’s not every day that you get to see the champion of the Indigo, Johto, Sinnoh, Battle frontier, Whirl cup, Hoenn grand festival, and Orange leagues in a epic battle.” He stated, not giving up all of the information.

    “So I guess all of the rumours about him are true.” Dawn whispered to the man.

    “Yep, so who are you guys goanna’ cheer for?” he asked. Dawn, Max, and Brock all said that they were going to go for Brandon, even if his opponent was one of the best of the best. May however remained silent, and although the others did not notice this Scott did but decided not to pursue the girl on it.

    ‘So it seems that May knows about Ash. This is going to be interesting;’ he thought as the match began.


    Ash had his Meganium on the field, and his opponent had his Tropious.

    “Now take flight” Brandon commanded as his Tropious flew high above its opponent.

    Due to its height Tropious began to absorb the powerful sunlight, leading Meganium unable to fire back, due to its shadow blocking most of the light that Maganium would have absorbed. Tropious then fired a solarbeam down to Maganium, who was unable to counter due to the speed of the attack.

    “Looks like this guy is going to crash and burn” Brandon whispered to himself, although when the smoke cleared Meganium was still standing from the attack, with only a few battle scars on it. Leaving the audience and Brandon shocked at how it could have survived. Apart from those who had witnessed his Pokémon’s strength at the Grand festival.

    “Heal yourself Meganium” the hooded trainer said as Meganium began to use its, heal bell to give a peaceful sound that echoed through the stadium. Meganiums small wounds had seemed to heal and even the grass around the Pokémon had grown with small flowers appearing.

    Brandon then commanded to fly into Meganium to attack with a steel wing. Meganium jumped above her opponent and sent him crashing down with a body slam. Meganium then stood on top of the injured Pokémon and finished off the job with a point blank leaf storm from the command of her trainer.

    The dust cleared and the referee signalled that Tropious was unable to battle. In return the two returned their Pokémon into their respective balls.


    “Meganium came out of that without even a scratch” Max awed at the trainers skill.

    “I told you he was god” Scott replied. While May did not listen into the conversation leaving her eyes glued onto Ash.


    Now Brandon released his trusted Swampert in retaliation to Ash letting his Typhlosion battle, as the next battle began.

    Now Swampert use hydro pump, Brando ordered knowing of his opponents’ weakness, and in return the Volcano Pokemon launched a Fire blast causing a great explosion in the large, grassy field.

    “BUBBLEBEAM” the frontier brain ordered, and once again it was countered by a flamethrower.

    The two continued to throw their attacks across the field. Looking for the other to flinch, as explosion after explosion shook the stadium.

    Swampert began to breathe heavily between a water gun, and Hydro pump attack which had a second between them, after they were fired.

    The combo was once again countered with Typhlosions Fire blast, and Flame thrower. Although unlike Swampert Typhlosion seemed like it could carry on and on. Brandon had to think fast otherwise he would lose his starter Pokémon. ‘I got to impress May’ he thought as inspiration struck him.

    “Use earthquake” Swampert then got out of its routine attacks and stamped its feet onto the ground causing the field to shake and Typhlosion to lose its balance. In this period Swampert fired a bubblebeam knocking the fire type onto its back. Ash then became focused in the battle.

    While Typhlosion was on the floor Brandon ordered a hammer arm, as Swampert jumped up into the air ready to strike down the fire type.

    “Doge It” Ash ordered as his Pokémon quickly rolled out of the way just avoiding the attack.

    “Now use focus punch!” Brandon ordered.

    “Thunder punch” Ash ordered as the two attacks collided, the Pokémon recoiled their arms and repeated the action again.

    “Dig, Ash ordered as the volcano Pokémon burrowed deep underground.

    “Sense his movements, buddy” Brandon ordered as Swampert put its head to the ground sensing where Typhlosion was.

    Brandon had a smirk on his face as he would be able to attack Typhlosion wherever it would appear. ‘This match is mine’

    But his contentment quickly faded away when he saw that his opponent was also smiling. The hooded figure then shouted out now, use eruption!” The ground underneath the crouched Swampert exploded throwing him into the air, and knocked out. A large crater was left in the field as Typhlosion stood in its centre breathing very heavily and having a few scratch marks on it. The explosion had also affected it but Swampert was knocked out as the second match went to Ash.

    The two returned their Pokémon as the field began to sink into the ground. It was replaced by an enormous pool with a few islands scattered around the area.


    “Wow” Dawn uttered.

    “Hey, how come Typhlosion was hurt” Max questioned, although Brock wasn’t the one to answer.

    “You see in an enclosed area underground Typhlosions eruption had nowhere to go so It remained with Typhlosion continually building up, until it erupted. In the time that Typhlosion was attacking it must have gotten hurt” Scott finished off.

    “So he hurt his own Pokémon to win” Brock concluded.

    This got May out of watching the match as she quickly turned to Brock, “I think he knows how strong his own Pokémon are, he wouldn’t want to hurt them!” May snapped at the breeder. “Besides if he didn’t Typhlosion would have come out worse from Swampert.” She concluded her rant.

    “Sorry May. I was just saying.” he responded with his arms in a defensive position, although May turned back t the match. “it’s like you have a crush on that guy” Brock uttered, causing May to blush lightly. Max saw this and got slightly agitated.

    ‘She’s supposed to go for Brandon’ he thought with a frown. Scott only looked down to the others enjoying the show.


    Brandon let his Milotic into the pool, knowing that it was in its element and only a very small amount of Pokémon could beat the elegant Milotic in its own field.

    Ash then got out a Pokéball that appeared as if it was made out of stone. It had etchings of various shapes carved into its shell. Ash pressed the button and a burst of red energy appeared and went into the pool. Once the energy dissipated the Pokémon was only seen as a dark shadow that lurked at the bottom of the pool, with no one able to make out what Pokémon it was, it slowly flowed in the base of the deep pool.

    “Begin” the referee stated.

    “I don’t care what Pokémon you got there, it’s going down. Milotic wrap it under water.” Brandon ordered in a proud tone, and in response his elegant Milotic dove down into the pool.

    The crowd hushed in silence as tension crawled up onto the spines of every person in the stadium.

    Not a sound was uttered.

    Brandon had a grin on his face even though he was losing to his opponent; the frontier brain had confidence in the abilities of his Pokémon.

    ‘Brandon has no chance’ May thought as she watched on. ‘Ash’s Pokémon can battle without him even asking them, and without commands Milotic is sure to lose’

    Bubbles were then seen appearing from the bottom of the pool, the audience gasped at what was going on.

    An explosion came; an object was seen flying from the pool.

    Behind the blur of an object a rainbow coloured beam followed.

    It landed back into the pool, and when everyone looked on, they all saw Milotic floating at the surface of the pool with swirls in its eyes.

    The stadium gasped, and Brandon was left shocked as the referee signalled that Milotic was unable to battle.

    The next bout was between Ashes Feraligatr, and Brandon’s Shiftry.


    Mays view remained glued on the battle. This battle meant more to her than anything else. For some reason even more than the battles that she had fought in the grand festival.

    For a moment she had spaced out lost in her thoughts of Ash.

    How much he had changed, what he had become, how she should try to talk about him. Options and options came forth to her, after all it was something that she was not used to. One thing was certain; and that was that she was going to speak to him and not even her lovers would get in her way.

    But as those thoughts that took what seemed like seconds ended. The battle was over ending in a draw.


    The grin on the Pikachus trainer grew as he began to think how the match was becoming more and more interesting. His opponent seemed to become better match after match.

    ‘Maybe it’s time to use my secret weapon’ he thought.

    The white haired frontier brain grew enraged at his opponent’s satisfaction as he returned his Shiftry to its ball.

    Brandon then let out his Aagron to the field. The steel type roared out, preparing for his mysterious opponent.

    “Come on Aagron we’ve got to win this” he stated in determination. Brandon thought that, maybe making a comeback from a loss like this would get May on his side.

    “Come on Brandon you can win this!” he heard a shout, as he turned around he saw Max, Brock, and Dawn cheering to him. He noticed that Scott was also watching the match, which then gave the frontier brain more of a reason not to lose. His eyes then scanned over to May, he notice that she wasn’t cheering him on, but seemed to be deep in thought. Her eyes weren’t on him but on his opponent.

    ‘No ifs no buts I have to win. I will win’ He thought. Aagron felt his trainers’ determination and roared out trying to scare its hiden adversary. ’If May is going to love me I have to win’


    “Pika pi” The small electric mouse turned the trainers attention to the crowd.

    He looked to the enormous crowd, and heard a familiar call. He focused his eyes and when they saw the small group, they widened once more.

    ‘They’re here?’ he wondered but remembered that Max was a trainer so the chances of seeing them here were very likely.

    His ears were than filled with familiar cheers.

    The cheers that shouted over the rest.

    The familiar voices that kept him focused, and drove him to win a Pokémon battle.

    They were nothing now.

    It wasn’t for him, why would it be? They had turned their backs on him and have completely forgotten about him. He called them his friends. They called him various things, and yet none of them were nice.

    The cheers were not for him, they were for his opponent.

    His eyes then scanned away from those who he once held close, and back to the field.

    Pikachu rubbed his trainers’ cheek trying to snap him back into reality, after realising its mistake.

    “Don’t worry Pikachu.” He said remembering the days and days of pain that piled up onto him. “I can’t have that life anymore” he stated with his life becoming uneasy once more.

    They had been with each other through the tough times and whatever life threw at them. He had talked to May and Dawn in the grand festival and yet they still did not even make a remark about him, not even remembering his voice. But now,

    Now they were cheering not for him but for his opponent.

    “This is my life now” the raven haired trainer uttered in a emotionless tone. No matter how much he wanted to, there was nothing he could do to change the past. He spent days hoping that he could take it all back. Sleepless nights hoping that he would be able to turn back time.

    But it was all in vain.

    He focused back onto the water type battle field.

    “Begin” the referee stated as Brandon began to order his Pokémon.

    “Aagron use Hyper beam everywhere” Brandon ordered taking one of his opponents only advantage, in the battle field.

    Where the large steel type fired its attack the water erupted, time and time again.

    But after a while of firing its attack it became exhausted.

    “Ice beam” Ash then made his move as a white beam shot out from underneath the water and encased the large Pokémon in ice, from its legs to its neck.

    Brandon was stuck, but then he saw a shadow in the water seeing the location of his opponent, he also noticed that even though his Aagron was frozen its head was still able to fire.

    “Aagron fire your hyper beam there” as the Pokémon launched the golden beam causing the water to once again erupt.

    In the centre of the large spray of water Aagron saw his opponent; and knew what he was up against.

    “Night slash” Ash ordered to his Pokémon that appeared to be a brown blur to all other eyes. The unknown creature then had its claws glow a deep dark black as it shot past its opponent in a blur, shattering its prison, and knocking the titan on its back.

    Yet to the audience it was merely a brown blur.

    “Keep on going” Ash ordered, as Aagron lay on his island another burst of water appeared, concealing its identity from the viewing eyes, in another brown blur it flew into Aagron with its Night slash. It then went back into the water without anyone but Aagron seeing it.

    “Come on Aagron get up” Brandon ordered, and in return steel type got up shakily.

    As soon as the steel type was back onto its two feet his unknown opponent launched another Night slash.

    Aagron was beginning to think that it should stay down, as it got up once again. But this time his opponent did not launch an attack.

    “Now use Ancient power!” Ash commanded, the pool then began to glow a bright white. The opponent then slowly rose out of the middle of the pool standing on its legs. Its figure was a blur to make out, being strengthened by the ancient power.

    “And finish him off with your X-scissor” at this the Pokémon dove back into the pool illuminating it as it swum sleekly through the body of water. It gained in speed as it got closer to the Aagron that was now shaking. Before it was hit by the island that the steel type was standing upon it rose out of the water and appeared as if it was flying. Aagron tried to counter the missile that was his opponent as he sped towards him with a dynamic punch.

    But the large steel type was too slow for his opponent as it connected with its x-scissor and vanished back into the water.

    The audience gasped, as Aagron was still standing.

    The steel titan then dropped to the ground face first, fainted.

    The audience all rose out of their seats applauding the powerful display that they had witnessed. Even if one of the Pokémon was hidden in the depths, it was cool.


    “That was awesome” Max managed to utter, even if he was supporting Brandon he could not help but be awe struck by the strategy that the hooded trainer had used

    “I know, but I wonder what his Pokémon is?” the breeder responded, even he could not explain the situation because he did not understand it fully.

    “Well what did you expect” May said, causing the others to look at her questionably, wondering why she would side with the unknown trainer rather than their friend.

    “Yeah, after all of the championships that he won what did you expect” Scott interrupted, saving May and in return giving a look to the man that was like a thank you.


    “Now we will change to our third battle field” the referee signalled making Ash return his unknown Pokémon back into its ball.

    The enormous pool then sunk down into the ground and another battle field arose. The new field was shaped like a forest with large trees, and flowers, and vines covering it. But it was well spaced out so the audience had a clear view of the battle.

    The raven hared trainer then let his Typhlosion onto the battlefield, although it was still slightly weakened from its previous battle.

    His white haired opponent smiled as he got out a gold and silver Pokéball in his hand.

    “No, it can’t be” Ash muttered as his confidence slipped away, in the view of the Pokéball.

    In its view the burning flame that represented the Pokémon league burned brighter as a small roar was heard from it.

    Brandon then threw the ball as it released its contents in a burst of red energy. At the Pokémon’s sight the audience gasped as the Pokémon flew around the battlefield that it was most comfortable with.

    “Celebi” Ash muttered as the guardian of the forest flew around.

    ‘Try and beat the guardian of the forest’ Brandon thought with gasps from the audience. The frontier brain then shifted his view to May and saw that even she was in awe. His plans that had to do with her were begging to work.

    Ash decided not to waste time in his attack against the legendary otherwise he would surely lose.

    “Blast burn” he commanded, although Celebi easily dodged. And by Brandon’s order attacked Typhlosion with a magical leaf, knocking the volcano Pokémon on its back, as it struggled to get back up.

    “Psychic” Brandon ordered once again. Celebi then lifted the injured fire type and threw him into a tree. Typhlosion fainted from the hit, but Celibi hit Typhlosion into another tree regardless, and then into a boulder, until it stopped.

    Brandon did not notice that his Pokémon was begging to have a mind of its own as Ash returned his beaten Typhlosion then gave it some comforting words through its ball.

    Ash looked up into the guardian of the forest and saw a dark glint in its eyes like he had seen before in the guardians’ eyes. Behind the silent mutterings of the crowd he heard the flame burning more fiercely than usual.

    Ash then gripped the Pokéball of his unknown Pokémon once more knowing that it was his only option against a legendary.

    As he held up the ball another Pokémon released itself, from another one of Ash’s Pokéballs.

    ‘No he’s too young’ Ash thought as the small playful dragon got out to the field. It was too late Zenith was going to battle against the fairy like Pokémon and there was no way back. The dragon may have grown a lot since birth to the point where it was as large as a Charmelion and his horns had also grown, he was still young.

    Without command Celebi launched a shadow ball at the chaos Pokémon while it was distracted throwing it back.

    Zenith then looked up to his attacker, and fired his Chaos blades as the crescents dispersed and flew randomly around the field. Everybody wondered where they were going until in a split second they all launched themselves at Celebi when the dust cloud cleared celebi had a few scratches from the attack although it was fine, giving Brandon a confidence boost.

    Celebi then grew angry.

    Its eyes grew cold.

    It shot thick vines out of the ground that lay underneath it as the vines formed a large structure around the time travel Pokémon. It then began to absorb all of the trees and grass and vines within the field so that it formed around itself.

    The spectators including May grabbed onto their seats as the powerful winds nearly ripped them out. The chaos Pokémon flapped its small wings to stop it from being pulled as well as Ash who tried to keep his grip on Pikachu.

    Brandon was also being pulled by Celebis attack, “Stop Celebi! You’re going to hurt someone” he cried but his Pokémon did not listen. He tried to return it into its ball but the beam of energy was stopped by the thick vines it had created.

    When the winds stopped Celebi was surrounded by material that it had absorbed. It was in the shape of a Celebi except that thorn covered vines covered the outside.

    It smacked its arm down onto a random part of the field creating a large crater in its wake.

    It then turned to its original target.

    And smashed the baby dragon down into the earth and raised its arm.

    All that was left was the baby Pokémon lying down flat in the centre of the crater, it began to breath heavily.

    The bright flame grew to enormous proportions although it did not make the stadium warmer.

    Celebis creation hammered more areas of the field to dust without thinking of its actions.

    Some spectators ran, although May forced the rest to stay.

    Ash stood holding his hand out to the Dragon that was close to death. A tear rolled down his cheek, knowing that he had failed to protect one he cared about once again.

    The tear rolled down his cheek and slowly fell to the ground, no one in the audience cared that the dragon had just died.

    The tear dropped to the earth and everything became silent. Not the screams of the crowd was heard, or the noise of Celebis rampage, or the blazing crackle of the flame that represented the tournament was heard.

    Every shadow within the stadium changed its position.

    They lurked towards the baby Dragon as he was covered in their combined darkness, and within them a dark figure rose higher and higher within the freezing void of silence that had ensnared the stadium.

    Then the noise returned, but everybody and everything had stopped, even the legendaries. They all faced towards the dark figure.

    It was two times the size of a Charizard. It slowly opened its blood red eyes. It held its head up high, as two of its sharp crimson horns extended back, while the other two curved and went forwards like those of a ram. It stood on it muscular back legs. As its dark black claws that resembled its, scaly pitch black body extended themselves. It stretched out its enormous wings that had a blood red lining. Its tail was long and ended with small red hairs that also ran down its back. It opened its mouth that contained razor sharp white teeth and roared a deafening roar that caused all in the stadium to move slightly backwards.

    A few took out their Pokédexes in order to study the beast but none of them had even a single entry. Ash then got his out, as most of the stadium remained frozen in the dragons’ presence. The Pokédex then generated a hologram of the large dragon and read out the contents.

    A’DRITH: The Chaos Pokémon.

    Type- Dragon

    -It is said that this is the evolved form of Zenith.

    -It is supposed to know every attack

    -This Pokémon is said to only exist in myth and most references of it like its pre-evolutionary exist only in stories and remain unproven.

    “So I guess you’ve grown up” Ash said, which resulted with another deafening roar by A’drith, as it agreed with its master. “So let’s stop Celebi” Ash said as the dragon as it faced the twisted Pokémon with its blood red eyes.

    Celebi launched a large shadow ball, but the chaos Pokémon slashed it down to the ground.

    “Use your chaos surge” Ash shouted as his Pokémon replied, by letting the black oil like substance cover the field. Then several pitch black spikes struck out of the ground and trapped the time travel Pokémon as it attempted to struggle out.

    “Now use Dragon claw” The trainer shouted as A’drith used its razor like claws to relentlessly rip off the armour that Celebi had made taking chunk after chunk of it out with enjoyment, as its opponent felt coursing pain through its body, even tough the vines that made up its armour were being torn, the pain course through it, its opponent carried on without remorse, paying back the creature that almost murdered it in confusion. The Pokémon fired shadow ball after shadow ball at the black spikes that encased it but to no avail.

    The Pokémon was then left exposed as A’drith slashed his opponent down to the ground resulting in a small crater. The black spikes that encased Celebi vanished as the time traveller lay fainted on the ground.

    A’drith decided to finish off his opponent as he got a claw up in the air ready to kill his opponent.

    “No” The trainer shouted as his Pokémon then turned around to him. “STOP! Don’t kill it. We’ve done enough.” He reasoned with the powerful beast remembering the disobedience of his other dragon after evolution, the dragon reluctantly agreed with its trainer and returned to its Pokéball.

    The referee then got up of the crouched position that he lay in and declared the winner. Brandon then rushed over to his Pokémon and checked to see if it was alright then returned it into the GS ball before it could cause more harm. “What happened to you Celebi?” he whispered, to the fainted, battered, and bruised legendary. The frontier brain then looked up to apologise for his thick headedness that almost got everybody killed, but didn’t see him.


    “Wow” Max uttered.

    “I know, that was... wow” Dawn replied, as she quickly let go of Maxs hand, finding out that she had grabbed it all of the time.

    “Well I’m all right, what about you guys” Brock asked. Scott, Dawn and Max said that they were fine but May wasn’t there.


    Ash made his way out of the stadium, not wanting to be riddled with questions. He walked with Pikachu on his shoulder; unharmed. His hand gripped A’driths black and red ball. He was heading to meet up with Serena (sorry for not including her much)

    “Hey” he heard someone utter quietly behind him. He then turned around towards the stadium and saw a familiar face.

    He couldn’t believe it.

    But he did not utter a word.

    “Hi Ash” the brunette said once again.

    ‘So she knows’ he thought.

    “Hi May” he said in a soft voice, if she knew there was no point in hiding anything.

    “So how are you doing” she said.

    “Fine, I guess” he said remembering his previous battle, and how she had seen it. “What do you want May” he slipped out. He didn’t want to be rude, but it just happened.

    “I know about what happened Ash” the brunette said in a soft voice slightly hurt by Ash’s tone.

    “Does anyone else know?” he inquired with memories of his mother filling through his mind. Opening up old wounds once again.

    “No. That’s why I’m here. I just wanted to be here for one of my friends.”

    “May we haven’t talked in years and were friends now?” he questioned her, remembering their argument.

    “But that didn’t stop you from helping me in the grand festival, I know it was you Ash” she cried out scared by the fact that maybe Ash didn’t want her back in his life. “I just want things like they were before. Don’t you remember?” she whimpered letting it all flow out.

    “I remember.” The trainer stated “But things will never be like they once were, never.” He said while looking down to the ground, knowing how he gave up all hope of things once again becoming like they had used to be. Pikachu became puzzled at what his trainer was doing, wondering how stupid Ash could really be.

    “Oh” May managed to quietly let out. Tears then began to flow down her cheeks, it took a lot to come up and talk to him, and in the end it didn’t even matter.

    She then felt a comforting hand on her shoulder, as she looked up into her friends eyes, as hers were still flooded with tears.

    “But we can try, I’m sorry for being a jerk May, can you forgive me?” he said while looking deep into her tear filled sapphire eyes. She then launched herself into him in a deep embrace, hugging him by the chest letting the tears flow freely as she held tighter. Ash slowly wrapped his own arms around her pulling tightly, but not too tight; as he closed his own eyes whispering “I’m sorry for hurting you May”.

    “It wasn’t you” she sobbed out. “If I hadn’t acted like a jerk it wouldn’t have happened at all, I’m sorry Ash. You don’t have to apologise for anything, even when we were apart you were still there for me.” she sobbed out once more.

    “So were both sorry” Ash said calmly, in a deep embrace.

    They held to each other, and having no one else around.

    Finally together again.



    - The Starmie had a blue, yes blue crystal, not a red one. It wasn’t a typo. The crystal on a Starmie can shine the seven colours of the rainbow.

    -Celibi is considered the Guardian of the forest, while the title of this fic is Guardian Solaris, linking in with the title of this chapter.

    - The central stadium resembles the new Wembley stadium in London, except the flame is positioned that opposite to the arc.

    - A frontier brain needs a battling style and Brandon’s is to overwhelm his opponent from the begging.

    - Ancient power was not used as an offensive attack here but to rather power up Ash’s unknown Pokémon, and as a side effect it blinded it from view.

    -His current team is: Pikachu, Feraligatr, Typhlosion, Meganium, A’DRITH, ???

    -A’drith is like the current avatar in my bios for ff.net, the link is in my sig. I may eventually change it to something else. But you can PM me if you want A’drith as my avatar for a week longer as a point of reference. ‘K.

    - I wonder who the final member of Ash’s team is :p

    - A’drith had its name changed after I found out that Anorith was already a name of a Pokémon. The name of the basic Pokemon was Zenith, focusing on the Zen portion being how it was the ‘chaos’ Pokémon. Now the name of the stage 1 is A’drith which resembles adrift, not literally but...you’ll find out later.

    “Open your mind,

    Surely it’s plane to see that

    You’re not alone.”

    Olive-You’re not alone
  15. Xaotl

    Xaotl Dragon Lord

    Guardian Solaris



    May- 15

    Max- 13

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17

    Brandon- 16




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]

    This chapter will be a bit more, calmed down from the begging seeing as there is always a tense situation in each chapter I decided to try something different, and let you get to know the characters a bit more, or at least three and their Pokémon.


    Chapter 14- Humans Make Mistakes

    Throughout the time May and Ash talked as they walked along the path. They spoke of how the other had been in all the time that they were apart; just as if none of the events that had separated them had happened. While in Ash’s case he held back the deadly knowledge that he knew, knowing that it would only make things worse for his friend, while another part of the trainer believed that he was going to have to tell her sooner or later, otherwise the reborn friendship that they had gained would be destroyed, the part of Ash that was still the innocent trainer.

    The two walked side by side, down the path, as he began to lead them out of the arena complex.

    “Hey Ash where are we going?” May asked, as she then noticed that the sun was beginning to set, leaving a pallet of colours in the sky. The young woman realised that she had to meet up with Max once more, and give a lengthy explanation for why she had been away.

    “Oh yeah, I forgot that you were staying at the Pokémon centre.” He began to explain, “I’m going to meet my friend at our camp site.” He explained.

    “Why aren’t you staying at the centre” the brunette said slightly perplexed, “I mean you could meet Max, and Brock and”

    “Well” he interrupted, “for one, staying at the centre, is not really...good for me, because of all the leagues that I’ve won there are a lot of fan boys and girls after me like in the Grand festival. And two, I don’t really know how the others would react to seeing me again. The last time I saw them we didn’t really leave on the right foot.” The raven hared boy said with his head down towards his last statement.

    “Fan boys?” May said slightly amazed that Ash had fans, the only person that she had seen with fans chasing him was Drew, and even he stayed inside of a room, rather than outside from what she knew. But her tone of voice was more related to making Ash forget about the problem of Max. It was the co-ordinator, who had turned her little brother against him, and it was now her problem to get the two back together again and she would not want Ash to stress himself on the dilemma.

    “Well yeah, I have become quite a good trainer while we’ve been; apart” he said with a slight smirk, as they continued to walk closer to where they would find Serena.

    Pikachu smiled seeing his friend open once more, it had been too long since Pikachu had seen Ash like this, the new form of Ash that the small Pokémon had seen may have been stronger, and still the same to Pikachu but the Pokémon could feel the trainers pain whenever he was explicitly rude towards others, and at other times when he would become easily irritated.

    Then a Gallade leaped out from what seemed to be nowhere, startling May.

    “Hi, Gallade. I guess she’s been waiting for a while.” Ash said to the psychic type.

    He then turned to the brunette co-ordinator who was still slightly startled by the Pokémon who had managed to come out of nowhere, and chuckled along with Pikachu who joined in.

    “What’s so funny?” May shouted out, to her companion. As the two stopped, there laughing.

    “N... nothing, May I’m going to follow Gallade to take me to my friend, you can head to the others if you want.” Ash explained to his friend.

    “NO” May shouted, as a small blush came on her face because of her rash statement. “I mean, I’d rather catch up with you, we haven’t seen each other in a while now” she corrected herself, making sure her words didn’t come out wrong. It had been too long that they had been apart, and now that she was finally back with Ash there was no chance that the girl was going to lose him once more.

    “But won’t the others be worried about you?” Ash asked his friend.

    “I’m a big girl now; they should think that I can take care of myself.” May replied, slightly irritated that Ash still looked down at her as an inexperienced young girl.

    “Well come on then!” Ash shouted out, already following the Pokémon while May rushed up to him once again. They then made their way to Serena being led by Gallade.


    Ash then made their way, as the Pokémon slashed any piece of greenery that came in their way, vines, trees, and even some boulders. In order to fulfil his duty he would do anything and that was his personality; weather it was big or small. His loyalty was almost limitless.

    Gallade then slashed a couple of vines and as May peered through the gap that was created, she looked in awe at the sight.

    The camp site was a large clearing. In the back a huge waterfall fell down, as the orange sun continued to set behind it leaving a rainbow to emanate at the base of the falls. An elegant Ninetails was lighting a large fire in the centre, as it also used its psychic abilities to move logs into the fire.

    Ash casually threw out three Pokéballs. His Meganium used its ability and made flowers grow around the site as its sweet scent awoke the senses of the wild Pokémon in the area, and May also enjoyed the sweet smell from the flowers, and Meganiums ability. Typhlosion rushed towards the fire, and helped Ninetails. While Feraligatr rushed over to the river that came from the waterfall to swim.

    A picture of tranquillity.

    Ash then led May to the camp-site where a where a white haired girl ran up to the trainer.

    “Took you long enough” she said in a slightly bratty manner, without noticing his new companion.

    “Meh, at least I won.”He said, while rubbing her head, she then retaliated by pushing his hand off after getting irritated by the playful motion of her friend.

    “Hi” May interrupted the two.

    “Ur, Hi.” Serena said finally noticing May was there.

    “Oh, yeah Serena this is May one of my old friends; and May this is Serena” Ash introduced the two to each other. Even though they had unofficially met before.

    “WAR” Serena’s Wartortle then stepped in front of the young girl recognising May from before, and with its call so did its trainer, as Serena became suspicious of the brunette girl. Ash walked off to the campsite, sensing the tension between the two girls leaving them alone for a while to talk.

    “What do you want?” The white haired girl said boldly after seeing that Ash was out of earshot, with her two Pokémon coming to support her by coming to her sides.

    “Look I’m sorry for what my little brother did.” May tried to reason with her, clearly this was going to be hard.

    “So he was your little brother!” The nine year old snapped, becoming even more agitated by the new arrival.

    “Yes he is.” May admitted. “I’m really sorry, I mean it you should have never gone through that, I don’t know how much it must have hurt seeing you’re Wartortle like that. But I know that I would never want to see my Pokémon in that position” May said holding up one of her Pokéballs. Mays eyes were diverted to the ground, being inside of tense situations was something that she was not used to, and found that she would do that whenever she was put under a stressed situation.

    The expression on Serena’s face then calmed down after seeing Mays eyes. It was a look that the young girl had seen once before, only once.

    It was the look of innocence.

    She had seen it on Ash, before he had become the hardened rock that he was now.

    Then she knew that the co-ordinator was saying the truth.

    Serena took a step forward to the co-ordinator, who was a lot taller than the nine year old. She then grabbed the other end of the Pokéball, and lowered it, May looked up to the white haired girls eyes noticing that her expression had once again calmed down.

    “Come on let’s go and eat.” Serena said calmly, May nodded as the two headed towards Ash at the camp site.

    May knew that Serena had forgiven her, or at least opened up to her a bit more, even after the tense first words that the two shared.


    The two arrived at the site after a while where Ash’s Pokémon greeted May’s arrival, remembering an old friend of Ash, and knowing that they could trust her from what Pikachu said and the feelings that they had felt from there trainer. Serena’s Pokémon also made themselves comfortable.

    May then released all of her Pokémon from there balls: Her Blaziken who looked towards Gallade taking note of a future sparring partner, Espeon who stretched and began to reacquaint itself with Pikachu, her Ledian, who flew up into the sky and immediately became attracted to Meganiums scent, while Meganium used its vine whip to pull away the persistent bug type, her Altaria, who perched itself besides its master, looking around at all of the new Pokémon, her Bulbasaur who at sight of Ash rushed up towards the trainer wondering something that was unknown to the humans in the group concerning the trainer, and her Blastoise who just sat down although Feraligatr tried to talk to the shelled Pokémon Blastoise would get irritated and just turn away the big jaw Pokémon.

    “Hey what about... you know?” Serena asked unsure if she should tell May of Ashes ‘SECERET’ Pokémon.

    “Well if you mean Zenith” Ash said holding up his black and red Pokéball.” He’s recently evolved, and well, now’s not the right time to take him out; and you know that he’d rather eat on his own.” Ash said slightly irritated that Serena wouldn’t trust his decision in trusting May.

    Ash then got a bunch of fruits that May was unfamiliar with, and walked towards the river where My could see a Pokémon meditating, The sky had become really dark and if the sky was any more dark she would have mistaken the Pokémon for a Person.

    May stared as Ash made his way to the meditating brown Pokémon who sat at the bank of the river, close to the roaring sound of the waterfalls. She stared wondering which Pokémon it could be.

    ‘It’s probably that one that Ash used in the battle...

    ...I bet it’s really strong’ May thought while looking as the trainer attempted to talk to the loner in his party, it seemed as if he was trying to get the brown Pokémon to eat. May then smiled seeing that Ash still cared about his Pokémon and that the Ash that she had remembered was still somewhere in there.

    Ash then made his way back, successfully having the got Pokémon to eat the fruits that Ash had gotten it. The stars then began to peer out in the night sky and the moon began to be seen behind the waterfall. The mysterious creature was just a silhouette in the moon light, as the fire was the only bright source of light, just lighting Ash’s figure in a warm red glow as he made his way back.

    “Hey Ash, what?”May asked in slight curiosity, as to what just happened although she was cut off by the white haired girl.

    “Don’t worry, it’s just Ash’s loner Pokémon” Serena said not wanting to reveal the member of Ash’s team who resented to be known and would rather stay on his own, and still not entirely trusting May. May then noticed that the nine year old had given the Pokémon a range of fruits, berries which they happily ate. Each Pokémon had a specific platter of food that they had happily enjoyed, even more so then the food that Brock had given to them May had noticed when she looked towards her own Pokémon eating the food that they were given.

    “You got a great knowledge of Pokémon, Serena.” May said to the girl. She knew of each Pokémon and there specific diets while still at a young age. May would have been reminded of Max, but he only knew about the names and what attacks they could do. But this girl was something else entirely; she knew more than her brother did even now.

    She matched him in a battle, and had a good knowledge of the diets of her Pokémon, and those of the co-ordinator, even though she had just met them. Her knowledge could have rivalled Brocks. She did not have the recipes, or ingredients, or processed food that he did but it seemed to do.

    “Well actually, I only know all of this stuff because of Ash.” She said modestly.

    “Ash?” The brunette asked inquisitively.

    “Well, you know you pick these things up, I mean how could I have gotten where I am now if I didn’t.” He said not flaunting his talents. But May then began to wonder if she had stayed with Ash; where would she be now? Would she still be in a rut? Would she become the great trainer that he obviously seemed to have become, easily defeating her most powerful rivals in their own battle field: Drew, Harley, and even Dawn stood absolutely no chance against him?

    “Hey, May is that you’re Squirtle there?” Ash asked feeling that something was wrong with May for a while.

    “Oh, yeah, that’s that cute Squirtle that I got from professor Oak” The Co-ordinator said once again looking at the turtle like Pokémon that was her Blastoise. Seeing how it had changed in personality so much since she had gotten it, from the Spuirtle who tried so hard to please it’s master, and now the tough Blastoise who was tired that it had not gotten a challenge that was worthy of it, and turns away from its masters commands continuously.

    “So why didn’t you use it in the Festival? With Blastoise and Blaziken you could have been really powerful.” the raven haired trainer asked obliviously.

    “Well... Ever since she evolved, Blastoise has found things to become too easy, and doesn’t try. She doesn’t even listen to my orders any more, and in a contest that would have gotten me to lose fast.” The co-ordinator said remembering how trusting Blastoise had cost her in the past.

    In Johto May was facing Drew in the Grand festival, and with her newly evolved Blastoise thought that she would win easily, but was mistaken, leaving her with a humiliating loss; and another patronising lesson from Drew.

    But the conversation got the girl to think once more: what would things be like if she had not left travelling with Ash. Would she be one of the best? Would she know as much about Pokémon as Serena?

    “The same thing happened to me and my Charizard. I’m sure that Blastoise will eventually open up again.” Ash said trying to make May look at the brighter side of things. He didn’t think about his words, they just came out of his mouth without a second thought.

    “May, I have to admit you have a really strong team.” Serena complimented.

    “So do the both of you.” The brunette replied. “But Ash, whatever happened to that Pokémon that you used in the league, I’m sure he will have to eat sooner or later, May asked curious as to the dragon that had defeated Celebi.

    “Well” Ash said holding up the black Pokéball up in his hand.

    He thought for a moment, but decided that A’Drith would have to come out sooner or later.

    He threw his ball into the air in the air and in a burst of energy that was darker than the night sky, the large Pokémon was seen as it stretched out its blood red wings above the trainers and all of their Pokémon, the image lit up by the fire. Each scale, and claw of the beast as all of the Pokémon and the two girls looked towards it feeling slightly scared as to seeing it for the first time, while in Mays case it was the first time seeing the beast up close.

    It huffed, as Ash looked into its eyes. No sign of an Iris, or Pupil and no trace of white lay in its eyes. Just a sea of red, greeted the trainer as he looked into them.

    The dragon then flapped its powerful wings as it flew away, its take off blowing away the fire close to extinguishing it, although it had managed to survive. Its trainer did not attempt to stop it; and most of the Pokémon were glad it had gone away, from those who had known it from birth, and to the stubborn Blastoise who wouldn’t obey its trainer’s commands.

    Ash sighed; as A’Drith perched itself near to the edge of the waterfall, becoming a pitch black image in front of the moon behind him.

    “What happened to him?” Serena asked in the silence, as the fire began to roar again.

    “I don’t know.” Ash replied as all of the Pokémon began to listen in to their conversation. “ When he evolved Zenith, or should I say A’Drith was close to death.”

    “I remember that” May added, “After Celebi becoming dark, I don’t know how tough.”

    “And I’m guessing that he’s still very angry and confused. If he didn’t evolve he would have died there and then.” Ash tried to make sense of the situation.

    “But what did you expect?” Serena said, not trying to be offensive. “He is the chaos Pokémon after all”

    “I know, but he’s really changed” Ash said remembering the basic form of the Pokémon, and the affection it showed to the trainer.

    “With all of my Pokémon I have a sort of, bond. I can’t explain it, it’s as if we can feel the others pain, and in a battle, we can know what the others thinking of doing, I don’t know how to explain it but I know it is the reason why I am as good as I am now.” Ash explained, as all of his Pokémon knew what he was talking about.

    A bond, that was above the Master and Servant relationship that was between most trainers and there Pokemon. Beyond friendship that the kind trainers may have shared.

    Something different, something that can only be described as.

    Brotherhood, knowing the other inside and out and being ready to give yourself for him and knowing that he would do the same in turn. A bond that not many shared.

    And many others would call foolish and petty, if they only knew it was possible.

    “But I don’t have that same feeling with him, at least not anymore.” Ash said looking up to his black dragon, that stood alone, not wanting anyone to come close enough to him in order to have that form of bond.

    “So we’ll, just have to try and get a hold of both of our Pokémon!” May said referring to her Blastoise, although the water type didn’t realise it.

    A small smile grew on Ash’s face seeing how she tried to cheer him up, like she had used to do.

    A sure sign of better things to come, at least he hoped.


    May then walked off from the camp to have a small drink. Accompanied by Blaziken to offer light in the dark, even though May didn’t wish for her first Pokémon to come along, as she made her way to the river.

    When May reached there, Blaziken kept the flames upon its body alight, as she stood along the water’s edge.

    The Co-ordinator asked her Pokémon to turn the flames off for a while as she got a small metal flask and unscrewed the lid.

    Her fire type was slightly confused thinking that she was going to have some water. But obeyed her command anyway.

    A few seconds later the lights from the fire type came on again, as May screwed on the lid of the flask, which had a smell that deterred the fire type.

    “Blaziken please don’t tell anyone about this, especially the other Pokémon or, or, I don’t know what will happen if they start to think any differently about me.” She pleaded, and although her Pokémon didn’t agree with her trainers decision she agreed to keep her mouth shut.

    The two then slowly made their way back to the others, as May thought about the implications of one of her strongest Pokémon knowing this.

    But what she didn’t realise was that a certain Pokémon that was once there had disappeared.

    He was in fact underneath the waterfall, as the water pounded against his hardened rock like body.


    But he did not fail to notice the events that had just taken place, as he closed his ancient eyes once more.


    May then made her way close to the site, but ran faster than her Blaziken when she had smelt the scent of food.

    “Took you long enough” Serena said to the Co-ordinator, who was staring down to the load of food that was made.

    She then couldn’t resist, as she ate along with Ash, at breakneck speeds through the food.

    Serena just sighed and began to eat at her own pace before the other two ate it all.

    “Wow, this is delicious!” May said in between bites. “Don’t tell me you made this too” she said towards the white haired girl, not being surprised if she did cook all of it.

    “No, actually Ash cooked all of this” the white girl said, causing May to stop, and stare at the trainer as he also ate, but then stopped when he noticed that she was staring at him.

    “What, did you think I could have survived all of this time without knowing how to cook anything but readymade? I would have starved in a day.” He said.

    May resisted the overwhelming urge to eat, as she wondered two things. Ash, and Cook. Two words that she had never put together, and what was even scarier was that he was good at it.

    “So you’re not eating just because you found out that I made it.” Ash said noticing that May had stopped.

    “Oh, sorry” May said as she then went back into her eating competition.

    ‘I guess that I will just have to return the favour’ she then thought.


    When the meal was over the group had fallen asleep underneath the stars, although May stayed awake, looking up to the stars as the soft sound of sleeping Pokémon filled with the burning fire filled her ears with a gentle drone.

    The thoughts of her upcoming challenges with getting together all of her friends filled her mind.

    Plan after plan, scenario after scenario she went through. She then turned to her side and saw her pack, inside of which was her flask.

    The co-ordinator then thought of having something to clear her mind, but was cut off by a calm voice.

    “Hey May, you still awake?” she heard then saw that behind her pack Ash was also laying on his side, looking back towards her, with the bright and radiant glow of the fire illuminating his face in a bright light.

    “Yeah, just thinking, you?” She replied smiling.

    “I’m just wondering when he’ll come back, I’m getting kind of worried.” Ash said, as May knew he was talking about his unruly dragon.

    “Don’t worry about him, just get some sleep you got a battle tomorrow.” She said caring about her friend without a second thought. (Like Ash did before)

    “And Ash, dose Serena hate me.” May asked softly, not wanting her to sound bad. But the Hoenn native had not failed to notice a slight hostility come from Ash’s most recent travelling companion.

    “No, she just needs time. You see May, she’s an extraordinary young girl, she’s been through more than me or you will ever have to go through and she’s still made it.” He said causing May to be even more curious.

    Ash then explained Serena’s true story, to the girl. All the time he wondered whether she was still asleep, as her face was turned away the entire time. The trainer dared not say this story to anyone, believing that it was not there business, and every time Serena heard that story it brought tears to her eyes.

    Remembering a time when life seemed to be perfect. A time before the dark side of life blew up in your face.

    And knowing that you will never have the same happiness again.

    A feeling that Ash had gotten all too familiar with.

    “It’s hard May.” The trainer said as a small tear rolled down his cheek.

    He was always so cold, so hard to feel that pain. But now he had let his guard down again, and the deep pain struck him down to the cold hard earth like a ton of bricks.

    “When my mom died, I, I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I had nothing in the world.” He said as his emotions were finally allowed to be let out, not erupting after ages of being bottled up, but slowly coming out, becoming more painful as he remembered memories that were supposed to be happy. But now only bought pain,

    Nothing but.

    “So just give her time, May.” He said, closing his eyes, as he remained on his side, controlling his breathing so that he wouldn’t break down into a sob. He held it in for all of this time, and wouldn’t let it out now.

    “I’m so sorry for you Ash, if only I was there.” May said, as she got her hand and put it on his side, but noticed that he had fallen asleep.

    She smiled, as the fire graced upon his face lighting it up from the shadows it had been accustomed to. His tear glistened as May rubbed it off.

    He had fallen asleep in tears.

    May looked on to him returning her hand around him as she slightly dragged herself closer to her friend, but not too close.

    She thought that he had everything going his way. But it was the contrary; the world was against him and no one there to help him. She then also began to drift asleep, saying one message to herself, and only one.

    ‘I’ll be there for you Ash, and this time nothing will stop me for being there for you. Because you were always there for me.’ The co-ordinator thought as she drifted off to sleep, her arm over the boy who held the weight of the world over his shoulders.

    More literally than she knew.



    - Don’t worry (If you like darker Ash that is), Dark Ash is not going to vanish, in fact there will be an arc where he will be at his darkest.

    -May told the other two that she was going to have some water, not even her Pokémon know about it because she is slightly ashamed of her habit.

    - I have a general outline of each chapter from here, so writers block is not really a problem for me, although planning future chapters will.


    "People make mistakes; it is not our place to judge them.

    But to help them to fix it."

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    May- 15

    Max- 13

    Brock- 22

    Dawn- 13

    Serena– 9

    Drew- 17

    Brandon- 16




    (Authors’ notes)

    [Translated Pokémon talk]

    Well this was actually supposed to be part of the previous chapter but, well it isn't.

    Reply to reviews will be put here from now on:

    Mays habit is not good, but it’s not as bad as how all of you make it seem, o.k. maybe it is.


    Chapter 15- The Heart Inside

    May and her new friend found their seats in the enormous arched stadium, as the battle field was being prepared for the next battle.

    She still remembered how lucky she was to have woken up before Ash, so that he didn’t see how close they were to each other. But Serena was another story, and since morning had suspected May, of something.

    “So, I wonder who he’s going to face now.” May asked her friend, still sensing some hostility between the two.

    “Does it really matter? He’ll win whoever it is. As always” she stated, the white haired girl had seen victory after victory by the trainer that another wouldn’t be anything new to her.

    But this match would be different.

    Maybe not to Serena.

    But to May, definitely.

    “MAY?” She heard someone call out from her side.

    As the co-ordinator turned to her side, she saw something that she had almost completely forgotten.


    His palms were sweaty, knees weak, and his arms were heavy. He stood, momentarily taking a glance towards the silent figure that stood beside him.

    This was the young boys one moment, but he was breaking up inside from the intense challenge that he was about to face.

    The thirteen year old boy once again took a glance to his side, at the hooded figure.

    Silent, calm, and from witnessing his previous battles, Max knew that his opponent was very deadly.

    Max though t about nothing but his opponent. Calm, ready, and holding a powerhouse of Pokémon in his arsenal that were powerful enough to defeat Celebi, everything that Max was without.

    The roars of the audience could be heard from the end of the tunnel, meaning that the match was about to begin.

    As if called, Max’s silent opponent walked calmly, even his Pikachu sat comfortably, knowing that his trainer was not going fast enough that it would fall off.

    Max then followed suit, not peeping a word from his mouth to the person who had beaten Brandon, there was nothing the boy could say because there was something, just something about Max’s opponent that silenced all and any words that Max would have said.


    “May where have you been?” Dawn said to her friend as she took the seat besides the brunette.

    “Ah, well.” May tried to explain.

    “You know we have all been worried about you.” Brock said, sitting besides Dawn. (The order of how they are sitting down is Serena, May, Dawn, Brock)

    “May, what are they you’re baby sitters?” Serena decided to intervene.

    “WHAT we’re her friends for your information, and we were worried.” Dawn said irritated by the girl behind of May that remained out of sight to the blue haired co-ordinator.

    “Rubbish, if you were her friends, you would trust her enough.” Serena fired back.

    “WELL” Dawn tried to say back, but May had managed to stop her by putting her hand on her mouth, turning her words into mumbles.

    “I don’t think that arguing right now is a very good idea.” She whispered then took her hand off her mouth giving the Sinnoh native allowing her to speak once more.

    Dawn then moved her head forward in order to see who it was, and spotted Serena sitting casually in her seat.

    ‘I’ve seen her before, somewhere’ She wondered, taking her mind back to the people that she had met. Then it hit her.

    “Oh” She let out remembering what had happened, with her and Max, and decided not to pursue the matter any further.

    “Serena these are my friends Dawn and Max, guys this is Serena” May introduced them all.

    “Hello Serena.” Brock said kindly.

    “Hi” Dawn then said sheepishly.

    “Hello, nice to meet you” Serena said. “Or at least one of you.” The young girl then muttered under her breath.

    They then heard the crowds roar, as the two popped out onto the field.

    They all noticed in awe as they all remembered both of the competitors that stepped out into the field. In one way or another.

    “Is that” Dawn said sa if she had ran out of breath at witnessing the two.

    “It is, Max has a big challenge ahead of him, the breeder also said.

    But they all knew what the outcome was most likely going to be.

    Each in their own way, and witnessed the hooded mans power, three of them had been mentored by him, three of them had broken all contact with him. He beat Dawn in the Grand festival, and all of Mays toughest rivals. He had beaten the legendary guardian of the forest, and a frontier brain, only having two of his Pokémon faint in the battle.

    ‘Max stands no chance’ they all thought in unison without knowing that the others were thinking the exact same thing.


    The two opponents took their respective positions on either sides of the field, as the referee signalled for them to begin.

    Ash let his trusted Typhlosion out onto the field, as Max let out his Hitmonchan.

    The fire type yawned out, still tired and annoyed that it had to wake up. It then looked back to Ash who just stood there knowing that this would be good battle, as he watched the Hitmonchan practicing punches through the air. The only weakness would be the nervousness of the trainer, and Ash had a plan even for that.

    “Begin” The referee called out.

    “Typhlosion, use a fire punch” Ash commanded.

    Max, thought fast, and retaliated with a dynamic punch from his fighting type.

    The two attacks, hit each other, causing a stalemate of power.

    “What are you going to do now?” Ash questioned, Max across the field giving a questioning look from the young boy. “Typhlosion use your other fist” he ordered, as the fire type swung the other fist, hitting the fighting type in his chest, and sending him flying onto his side.

    “Hitmonchan, gat up” Max ordered, not wanting a one-hit knock out in the first round.

    The young boy knew that they were watching. Sitting at home, watching his battle. But all seemed to be in vain for the young boy. He had seen the trainer fight against Dawn, Harley, Drew, and one of the strongest trainers he had ever seen Brandon. What chance did he stand?

    “Hitmonchan use, ice punch” He ordered, as his fighting type, got up and ran with his fist in the air towards the Typhlosion.

    Ash shook his head in disbelief of Max’s foolish mood. He could have always used any of Typhlosion’s ranged attacks, and taken out his opponent easily but decided that he would give Max a fist fight, so that he would not put down his spirits and Max would receive the promise that had been given to him, so long ago.

    “Dodge, and knock him down” Ash commanded as soon as the fire types opponent was close enough.

    On cue, Typhlosion side stepped and his opponents punch missed, but in the fighters eagerness hi fist dragged him forward and closer to the ground. The fighting type then felt a pain in his back, as Typhlosion hit him in the back with his elbow.

    Typhlosion then walked back in front of his master, turned back to the field, and yawned.

    “Come on, do you want to lose?” Ash questioned.

    “N...no” the boy said back.

    “Then why are you loosing so badly? Tell me what would your parents think?” Ash asked.

    “Well they would want me to win!” Max stated

    “Then why do you disappoint them?” He said.

    “What would you know? I’m the son of a gym leader! There’s a lot of pressure on me to win this match, and you wouldn’t know anything about it.” Max said enraged. The life of being a gym leader’s son was hard for him, and there were high expectations for the son of Norman.

    “Use Thunder punch!” Max ordered. The fighting type Punched into his opponent, and missed.

    “At least you still have parents” Ash mumbled under his breath.

    Max ordered another thunder punch with the same results, as the trainer began to get enraged.

    ‘How dare he talk about my family. What does he know’ Max thought ordering another thunder punch which the fire type once again dodged with ease.


    May began to wonder what Ash was doing antagonising her little brother, thinking that her little brother may have done something horrible to another Pokémon, but this was unlike Ash.

    “What is he doing?” she mumbled not too loud, but loud enough for one person to hear.

    “Easy, the little pile of rubbish was nervous before the battle, and he wouldn’t have been able to get a decent match, so he’s getting him to battle properly. By... well wait and find out.” Serena explained with a slight smirk.

    ‘She thinks that she knows him’ Serena thought as an afterthought as Mays focus returned to the battle. Yet all the time Dawn and Brock was listening to Serena’s explanation to the question that they did not manage to make out, and they thought ‘something’s going on’


    “Focus, MAX” Ash stated, “or you’ll lose.”

    “You wish” Max said angrier that his opponent was trying to teach him something. He would let no one take that place, not even his sister.

    “Fire punch!” he shouted forgetting what he had learnt about Pokémon type differences, in his rage.

    “big mistake” Ash whispered to no one in particular as the fighting type began to rush towards Typhlosion with a flaming fist, “ Use your Fire punch” Ash ordered as the two attacks met, cancelling out the others power, as the two Pokémon continued to push their fists against the others, looking for a flinch that they may take advantage of.

    “Now use Thunder punch with the other” Ash ordered, as Typhlosion used a Thunder punch with his other, free hand and hit Hitmonchan in the guts, sending him flying backwards.

    Typhlosion didn’t move an inch as the fighting type landed with a crash.


    “and the victor of this round is Typhlosion” the referee called out with the cheers of the crowd. The two returned their respective Pokémon to their balls. As the grass type field became ready for the next match.


    “Dose he always, get this... Stupid?” Serena asked thinking how Max continually came with the same attack, without even a thought of a strategy.

    “Well, he can lose his temper occasionally. I’ve noticed that sometimes he can get so into a battle that nothing but winning” May explained.

    “Like in your battle, and I’m sure Mays already said that he’s sorry.” Dawn interrupted, after eavesdropping on their conversation.

    “Yeah... I noticed.” Serena said as they all once again shifted their view to the battle.


    Ash released his Meganium onto the grassy field, as the grass type basked in the glow of the field.

    “His Meganium well lets use grass type against grass type.” Max said as he threw his Pokéball, releasing in a burst of energy his male Grovyle, which he got as a Treecko at the begging of his journey.

    The Grovyle looked around at the large field, and waved his arm around the field towards the audience, as they cheered onwards.

    “Begin” The referee called out.

    Meganium started by using a weak bullet seed on her opponent, just to get him in the battle after knowing of her trainers intentions through the battle, although her opponent shrugged of the weakened attack and continued waving towards the crowd, locked within his own vanity. Meganium became irritated, and began to collect sunlight, as she took up her signature cannon like position, that she had learnt as a combo attack.

    “Grovile watch out!” Max called out towards his Pokémon. Even Max was irritated at how Grovyle reacted whenever he was around a large crowd. In an isolated battle he was alright, but around a crowd the Hoenn grass type couldn’t help but find himself acting vain. Max knew that now wasn’t the time for Grovile to get into THE ZONE as he called it, Max remembered that attack that Meganium had used from the grand festival.

    Grovile then shrugged and turned around, to see the Meganium absorbing the bright sunlight, the grass type (Grovile), couldn’t help but droll.

    Meganium then fired her combination of multiple attacks at the staring grass type, as he watched to him what seemed not to be an attack, but rather a beautiful portrait of Petals, leaves, and glorious light emanating from Meganium.

    “NOOOO” Max shouted as the attacks made contact, but it was all in vain, as when the beam of light cleared all that was left was his Hoenn starter Pokémon laying on his back fainted, although with a blush still on his cheeks, and a bit of droll hanging out.

    Meganium then walked towards her trainer, and hugged him, as she usually did.

    “A bit over the top don’t you think?” her trainer said quietly to his Pokémon.

    “Mega, Mega-num” she replied [Well it wasn’t like I was going to get a decent battle out of him She said as her trainer returned her into her ball.

    While Max also returned Grovile to his own ball, having learnt a small lesson on thinking before letting his anger take charge during a battle.

    The young boy then chucked a bit, ‘I spent all of that time learning about moves and type advantages, and yeti am not using any of that’ He thought as he reminisced, and remembered how he was once able to name all of the Pokémon in order. He still remembered but with a few patches in his knowledge.


    “Well, that had a slight hint of... Déj?* vu” May said, the young girl then looked towards her two companions, and noticed how two of them had no clue as she had expected. But Brock was an exception in the group. He did not turn, or change his expression, but instead kept on looking towards the field and the two challengers there.

    May then turned back as the next round began and smirked ‘So he’s starting to remember’ the young girl thought.

    Her plan to get them all together was beginning.


    The battle field had changed into a lake like field. The centre of the field dipped down into a muddy pool, while the edges were rounded out with grassy sides, as the small pool and the grass were separated by a bank of sand.

    Ash released his Feraligatr whose eyes brightened up at seeing a field that was similar to his natural habitat, and got ready to dive in.

    “Wait” Ash said stopping his Pokémon who appeared disappointed, but then figured out what his trainer was planning once the big jaw Pokémon looked towards Max. Feraligatr decided that he would give his opponent a fair chance to see what he was facing, until the battle officially began.

    Then he’ll be able to go into the pool.

    Throughout the time Max was deep in thought of what Pokémon he should use for this battle.

    ‘Feraligatr, Feraligatr, Feraligatr...’ The young boy thought trying to once again recall his knowledge of Pokémon. ‘I could have used Grovyle, but he’s gone now. So I’ll have to match his power with some power of my own’ The young boy deduced as he threw out a Pokéball that reviled his Metagross.

    “Begin” the referee called out as the battle then began.

    Feraligatr immediately made its way to the pool of water that would give the water type an advantage against his opponent.

    “Use Meteor Mash” Max ordered, as his Steel type rushed forwards to his opponent.

    The water type made his way into the pool being able to conceal himself, but his opponent was expecting for that to happen, as Metagross used his attack into the pool of water, causing a large splash that forced Feraligatr to get out of the body of water.

    “Now Hyper beam” Max ordered, while Feraligatr was still getting himself together from his opponents previous attack.

    “Counter with Hydro cannon” Ash ordered to his water type, as the hyper beam was taking its course. Feraligatr, fired his most powerful attack when he finally got himself together, but it collided with the hyper beam, which was right in his face.

    The resulting explosion that occurred only a meter away from the water type sent him flying backwards, flipping through the air.

    Once the water type landed, he groggily got up on his hind feet, and looked up towards his opponent who seemed to be unfazed. The big jaw then did something that was unexpected of a Pokémon that just took a hit like he had, he grinned, with a look that mimicked his trainer.

    “Meteor Mash” Max ordered, as his steel type once again rushed towards his opponent, this time without having the body of water in his path.

    Feraligatr stood at his position, putting himself in a position to prepare himself from the oncoming attack.

    “You know what to do” Ash said trusting the plan that his Pokémon appeared to have.

    Metagross, went in for his attack, but Feraligatr used his steel claw and parried his opponents attack. The water type then spun around and hit the steel type with his tale, knocking him onto the floor, around two meters away.

    The water type glanced towards his trainer wanting to see if he trusted him, and got a small nod.

    Feraligatr under his own will jumped high into the air using Hydro pump to propel himself high up, especially for his large body weight. Once he was high enough the water type began a head first decent towards the steel type, and stretched out his claw which began to glow with the power of a steel claw.

    “Metagross stop him with Hyper beam!” Max ordered in some desperation. The steel type then aimed his beam up to the Big jaw Pokémon who was descending like a hawk after his prey, and fired.

    Feraligatrs claw sliced a small opening through his opponents attack protecting himself from the majority of it, but not entirely as he dove down attacking his opponent, in a resulting explosion of dust and smoke.

    Some of the large number of the people in the audience leapt out of their seats waiting for the dust to clear. When it did both Pokémon were seen lying close to each other on the ground; fainted.

    The match was declared to be a draw, as both trainers then returned there Pokémon to their balls, proud.

    Each for their own reasons.

    Max was proud that, his Metagross had fought hard against his opponent and managed to draw in a battle against one of the best trainers in existence.

    While on the other hand Ash was proud for his Pokémon, managing to get Max to battle in a way that he battled best, something that took a trainer a long time to find out was done in the matter of a battle, but Max’s lesson was not over.


    “See” Serena said.

    “No” May replied.

    “If, he didn’t battle like that your little brother would have lost each and every battle, but he is teaching him in this battle.”Serena explained.


    “Yeah, you saw how well he battled in his last battle, compared to his first battles where he continually lost it. He is teaching your little brother the only way that he will listen, through battling.” Serena explained to May, but didn’t notice the other two listening into their conversation. Dawn barely had a clue of what implications him teaching Max had, but Brock on the other hand wondered that there may be something more to this stranger with a Pikachu on his shoulder.


    Max smiled seeing that he may be getting a advantage over his opponent, ‘Looks like I’m going to get a comeback, lookout mystery man’ the young boy thought as his confidence began to appear.

    But his opponent was smiling too.

    He was smiling because he didn’t have to hold himself back and was now able to use one of his most powerful Pokémon.

    The trainer gripped a familiar ancient stone Pokéball in his hand, and grasped it in his hand, as the markings on the dark brown Pokéball were now more visible. The bottom and top halves were filled with etchings of geometric shapes, like they were scratched in with a blade of sorts, although many of the shapes were now worn out after ages of were and tear. The most interesting portion of the ball was the ribbon that surrounded the middle of the ball; words were etched inside of them, many were worn away so badly that it was impossible to decipher.

    Only four letters remained.

    S.O.-.-. -.-.U.L.-.-. -.-.-.-. (The – represents a worn out letter)

    And therefore Ash named this ball the soul ball, as no other name was classified for this type of ball. Although he had seen it before, once, at a moment when he was at his weakest.

    The trainers’ opponent then saw the ball that Ash was holding, as his happy expression was then wiped off his face in an instant.

    Max’s comeback was going to be a lot harder than the young boy had expected.

    As before Ash released hi mysterious Pokémon, as it led its beam of energy into the dark murky water in the pool, of the lake like field, immediately concealing its identity. Mutters of general chatter filled the stadium, originating from the audience wondering who or what this Pokémon may be.

    Some believed that it was another legendary Pokémon like A’Drith which had absolutely no entry in the standard Pokédexes. Others thought that it was a Pokémon from outer space, as they had no clue of a Pokémon of its kind; from this earth.

    They were all wrong.

    But one person knew, a little white haired girl who kept the secret of the Pokémon who chose not to be reviled due to his solemn nature. A nature etched into his very Soul, by his duty, to his masters.

    Max thought for a moment about the Pokémon that he had remaining, and only one stood a tactical chance.

    “Go, Fearow!” The boy shouted out as his flying type Pokémon came out of his Pokéball and soared around the battle field.

    “Begin” The referee called out.

    But unlike before, the battle did not immediately begin, on the contrary, the two remained in their respective safe zones, waiting for the other to come out.

    Max knew that whatever happened Fearow couldn’t go into the or close to the body of water at all circumstances. It was the only hope he had of winning this.

    Ash on the other hand, smirked.

    “Max is starting to think more like a trainer, rather than a hot head?” Ash said to his long time partner.

    “Pika Pi, Pi Pika Pi” the electric type replied [yup, but you have to win this sooner or later

    “I know” Ash said and started to think, his Pokémon was the most deadly at close range, as was Fearow, but they were so far away from each other.

    What options were there?

    “Maybe I should trust him? He hasn’t failed me so far, and I don’t think that he ever will.” Ash said to his partner waiting for approval, and got a nod in response.

    “Comrade, I trust your decision.” Ash called out to what seemed to be nothing. A few seconds had passed, without anything happening.

    Max was beginning to wonder whether that call was absolutely nothing to worry about.

    But then a sharp screeching sound came.

    Faint at first. The trainers could barely notice it.

    The Pokémon on the other hand did, as Fearow began to fly erratically, twisting in its turning, and clasping its eyelids tightly shut. From all directions the pain affecting the flying type seemed to be tremendous.

    Slowly, the screeching grew louder, and louder.

    Max could hear it caving down to his core, as he gritted his teeth, at the metal like sound. Even Pikachu and Ash were affected, as the monotonous noise grew.

    Like the screeching of metal, one note and one note only, growing louder and louder, using the pool of water as an amplifier, aiming the sound directly upwards. And towards Fearow.

    The metal like sounds effect continued for a few more seconds, although Fearow managed to stay airborne not allowing itself to be taken into the water.

    “Hang in there Fearow!” Max called out, although his Pokémon could not hear, as Metal sound had dug deep into the flying type.

    Then it stopped.

    Max smiled to see Fearow still in the air.

    But then Fearow fell.

    Diving down like a falling fighter jet that had lost its wings.

    Splashing down into the water.

    The audience gasped., as a large scythe like claw scooped the still conscious Fearow under the surface. Fearow tried to fight back by flapping its wings, and maybe flying away, but its feathers were too wet to allow that.

    The bird, slowly was dragged down under the pool, as it saw the face of its opponent.

    The mysterious Pokémon then charged his Aurora beam at pint blank, as the rainbow like lights began to show.

    Max moved as close to the field as he could walk without becoming disqualified for interrupting the battle. For once he knew what it really meant to be helpless, helpless to help those that you swore to protect, those who you promised to take care of.

    It was the moment when the pain that Max gave to another came right around to him.

    It was the moment when Max could; really go up to Serena and say that he was sorry, because now he knew how it felt.

    The aurora beam fired, launching Fearow out of the water, in a large splash.

    It then crashed beside the water, upon the sandy bank.


    Max then returned his Pokémon to his Ball, and so did Ash.

    But Max did not feel the anger that would usually wash through him.

    The rage that would make him do something that he would regret later.

    But he knew about understanding.

    The young trainer from Petalburg, had now grown a little bit taller, and there was only one person who he could thank for that.

    Max may not have known exactly what happened, and what was going on with him in this battle. One battle where he was learning more than when he faced Bruno of the Elite Four.

    But Ash did, he just didn’t want to be so harsh to the Pokémon, as the next battle was about to begin.

    The field changed from a lake like one, to a plain barren dirt field, with nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

    “I guess you want to have this battle?” Ash said to the electric type that was perched upon his shoulder.

    Pikachu didn’t even need to say anything else as the small Pokémon immediately jumped off Ash’s shoulder, and onto the field.

    Max, once again thought about what Pokémon to choose against Pikachu. It was not fully evolved, so maybe it would be a lot weaker, than his others. But then again, the small electric type was always kept outside of its ball, and was usually upon his trainers shoulder, so he could be a lot more powerful. The young boy thought.

    ‘That Pikachu is always out of its Pokéball, so it has to be powerful, so there’s only one choice.’ Max thought.

    ‘Wait a second, on his shoulder, could it, no it couldn’t, could it?’ Max questioned as he got out a Pokéball.

    “Ash where are you when I need you? You did promise to battle me” Max said to himself, as he threw out his ball, revealing his Magmar.

    “Have you forgotten?” Max asked as the referee then began the battle.

    “Quick attack” Ash ordered calmly, as Pikachu seemed to vanish into a blur. A second later the electric mouse was seen knocking Magmar at the side, causing the latter, to side step in order to maintain his balance.

    “Leer!” Max ordered, as the fire types eyes began to glow, in retaliation, Pikachu just turned around from the glaring eyes of the spitfire Pokémon, negating the attack.

    “I should have thought of that.” Max said making a note to himself. “Fire punch” He ordered noticing that Pikachu was still turned around, and had his guard down.

    Pikachu had his eyes towards his trainer, as he saw Ash nod. Pikachu knew what to do (Pokémon can hear attack commands too) as the Magmar came in for his attack, Pikachu jumped high up flipping around, causing the fire punch to miss.

    Pikachu’s tail then began to glow a bright white as it dove in for an iron tail, which successfully hit its mark.

    Max then commanded for his Pokémon to use his flame thrower.

    Pikachu dodged the attack, but Magmar continued to come in with his attack, as he sprayed the barren field with flames. Pikachu had nowhere to go, as it was attacked by the searing flames.

    Pikachu then slowly got up, feeling the intense flames that lit several areas of the field. His opponent stood calmly clearly adapted to the hot conditions.

    “Volt tackle” Ash ordered, Pikachu then glanced at his trainer, and nodded.

    Pikachu stared at its stationary target, and smirked as the electric type ran with its volt tackle.

    “Magmar, get ready with a Mega punch when Pikachu is close enough” Max ordered knowing how to counter volt tackle, using his ingenuity. Like Ash had through all the battles Max saw Ash face.

    Ash smiled seeing how Max was learning. “He always as a fast learner” Ash said to himself as Pikachu closed in closer and closer, to Magmars trap.

    “NOW!” Ash ordered, as Pikachus course, changed, as it ran in a completely vertical direction towards the sky. Like in the Grand festival.

    The audience gasped as Pikachu rose higher and higher. Even Magmar stood in awe of the small electric type.

    Pikachu then stopped its volt tackle, as it started to descend, spinning around, and increasing in speed.

    The target, Magmar, who stood not making a motion.

    “Magmar, use flame thrower!” Max ordered, as Magmar regained control of his body and fired his attack at the flying electric type.

    Pikachu continued to spin in his decent as he was caught in the middle of the flame thrower, slicing through the flames like a knife.

    Pikachu was only a few feet away from his target, as the electric type twisted its body, and used its iron tail, which made contact.

    Pikachu then unleashed its electrical energy in a thunder bolt while its tail was still in contact.

    Magmar was blown away from the intense strength of the attack.

    Pikachu landed elegantly to the ground with many scratches and burn marks, but still able to carry on fighting.

    Unlike Magmar who tried to get off the floor using his arms, but collapsed back down, unable to battle any further.


    “He deserved that” Serena said, seeing Pikachu’s victory over Magmar.

    “Don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?” May replied.

    “YEAH. Just because of what happened before doesn’t mean that you have to act like a brat.” Dawn screeched back in a hostile tone, irritated by Serena’s overall knowledge of what was going on, and yet wouldn’t say anything about it.

    “Look who’s talking about being a brat!” Serena fired back making eye contact with Dawn.

    “Calm down you two” May said pulling the two away from the sight of the other, as she was sitting in the middle. The two grunted as they looked away from the other.

    “He was right, you are a bit bratty at times” Serena said, exaggerating the person whom she quoted from.

    “Bratty?” Dawn said to herself, as she remembered how a few people had referred to her as that at various times, she couldn’t stand being called that, but especially hated it when he called her that.

    ‘Ash?’ Dawn began to think, as her mind began to put together the pieces of this intricate, yet simple puzzle.

    “Dawn what’s going on between her and Max?” Brock intervened taking the blue haired co-ordinator out of her train of thought.

    The co-ordinator then began to explain to Brock.


    Ash decided to keep Pikachu on for the next match.

    Max released his trusted Gardevoir onto the field.

    “Begin” the referee called out as usual.

    “Psychic” Max ordered As Gardevoir launched Pikachu backwards.

    In retaliation, Pikachu ran towards his opponent in a quick attack. Gardevoir, attempted another psychic, but missed As Pikachu proved itself to be too fast and avoided the attack.

    Pikachu knocked his opponent down onto the ground with his quick attack, although Gardevoir used her psychic energy to immediately lift herself back up.

    “Use hypnosis!” Max ordered, as Gardevoir used her attack, lulling Pikachu to sleep.

    Max then smiled as, Pikachu was left sleeping like a baby, defenceless, to his Gardevoir.

    “Dream eater” Max ordered his psychic type, as it began to use its attack. Invisible to the audience except for the view that Pikachu seemed to be disturbed in its sleep, rolling around.


    “You can’t lose.” Serena whispered, as she watched Pikachu in silent pain as its dreams were eaten away, slowly. Pikachu in pain was something that she didn’t usually see, although whenever she did, it was painful.

    May then gripped onto Serena’s hand as the young girl looked up to her.

    “Don’t worry, I’m sure that Ash has a plan, trust him, I know that he won’t ever disappoint you.” May said calmly giving condolence to the young girl, who smiled in return.

    May wanted her little brother to win as much as Ash, no doubt at the begging of the match, but now she realised that loosing this match would be better for Max. She realised what Serena had explained earlier. If Max was ever going to grow as a trainer, he would have to lose.

    But two other people, were thinking one, and only one thing. ‘Ash?’ They thought as the walls of there minds began to crumble. They knew that it was Ash, no doubt.


    ‘Pikachu, I know that you have it in you. Listen to me and wake up’ Ash said inside of his mind, praying that Pikachu would wake up before he fainted.

    And the small electric type did, as it opened its eyes coming out of the nightmares induced by Guadevoir. It turned to the comforting smile of his trainer, and then to his opponent.

    Gardevoir seemed in slight shock from something that it had heard inside of Pikachus mind, a voice that was not from the Pokémon, aiding the Pikachu to wake up.

    Pikachu then launched a thunder attack that threw Gardevoir back, then another, and another.

    Pikachu then stopped its melee of attacks and began to rush into its opponent for a quick attack.

    Max had to think quickly, otherwise he would lose this single bout, the tournament was lost, he knew that. But he thought that he would go down fighting.

    “Shadow ball” Max called out.

    Pikachu used its quick attack, as Gardevoir moved its shadow ball to Pikachus face.

    The two attacks collided in a explosion that encased both the Pokémon.

    After the dust cleared, Pikachu was seen fainted while Gardevoir seemed to still be standing.

    Everyone gasped.

    Then the psychic type collapsed down to the ground herself.

    The bout was a draw.

    But Ash won the battle, and was the one who was going to carry on in the tournament.

    Max and Ash walked towards there Pokémon at the centre of the field. Max returned Gardevoir back into its ball, as Ash scooped up Pikachu in his arms.

    “Thanks, that was a great battle” Max said offering a hand shake to Ash, who was carrying Pikachu.

    “Yeah, well I got to go” Ash said, as he turned around not shaking Max’s hand.

    “You know Ash, we would all like to see you again” Max said, causing Ash to turn around once more.

    “So you know as well, I really got to invest in a mask” Ash said smiling.

    “Yeah you do, so you coming with me?” Max inquired, as Ash thought about things for a while longer. “I mean don’t you want to see how Celebi is doing?” Max said with a slight bribe.

    “Aright then” Ash said giving in; he then took hold of Max’s hand which he shook, as the audience cheered at the sign of friendship between the two.


    “Well see ya” Serena said as she then began to walk away, through Mays seat, then Dawns seat. She was then stopped by a hand grasping her wrist.

    “What do you want now?” Serena said in a slightly harsh tone, as she turned around to face Dawn. When Serena saw her eyes, there were tears in them.

    “Can I come with you to see Ash?” Dawn said, as the co-ordinator from Sinnoh had a look of desperation on her face, it had been to long that they were away from each other.

    Serena was slightly shocked at Dawns unexpected action. The young girl was unable to maintain eye contact, as she looked around, the breeder, Brock seemed to be deep in thought himself, as Serena shifted her view to May, who nodded.

    “Uh, yeah, sure” Serena said unsurely.

    Dawn leapt out of her seat and hugged Serena unexpectedly.

    May watched on smiling; her plan, or lack of a plan was working perfectly.



    -Each of my chapters will be greater than 2500 words, as they already have been, although they will only stop when the topic that the chapter is based on will stop so some may be two times longer than others.

    - Field one is a plain and grassy field with nothing special in it.

    - Meganiums signature move is a combination of multiple attacks which she fires at the same time; she used this attack before in the grand festival. Step1: ready head like cannon and begin absorbing sunlight. Step 2: After solar beam is charged fire, alongside Bullet seed from the mouth, and razor leaf/Petal dance from the ring of petals around her neck. (Nice idea eh?)

    - Ash will often refer to his (Insert name here) as comrade.

    - I won’t have each chapter with a battle, I mean it, I plan on having more shippings.

    - I won’t be able to write for about a week or so due to exams (Wish me luck ^^)

    - I will only update this fic on this site if I get enough reviews (once the next chap is written that is)


    “ The bonds between freinds

    Can always be broken.

    Yet they can always be fixed.”

    Some T.V. show
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    Woah.... Just unbelievable. I'm in awe. What a fantastic fic!
    The plot revealed itself nicely, the league is interesting, the battle scenes are intense, you give us cliffhangers, mysteries, just the right amount of shipping, a great OC, an Ash I usually don't see in a fic. Its unbelievable. You developed the characters wonderfully well, keeping their old personalities and tweaking it a bit. Ash's troubled history was creepy at first and the correct balance between the fluff and seriousness in a fic.

    This fic is really nice. Hope we at SPPF can scrounge up enough reviews to satisfy you!
    Good luck in your finals and the rest of the fic. :D
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    Guardian Solaris

    Max- 13
    May- 15
    Brock- 22
    Dawn- 13
    Serena (OC) – 9
    Drew- 17
    Brandon- 16

    I’m back with the next chapter of GS (I will often use GS as a abbreviation of the fics name) No, the main section of the story does not have much to do with the GS ball

    I've been convinced to continue here, but I'll only carry on after this if I get 2 reviews or more for this chapter.

    Slightly anti-shippyness chapter here (not too much), just to add some more, you know, urm, yeah, you know. But there is still some shipping (Advance) involved as well.


    Chapter 16- Someday is Today

    “Come on” Max beckoned Ash towards the Pokémon centre. The Older trainer walked slowly, occasionally being interrupted by another fan boy wanting the autograph of the champion of multiple leagues.

    Ash merely mumbled as he brushed aside another fan boy, in order to follow Max inside of the Pokémon centre.

    “The amount of people that are going to be at my feet in there” Ash muttered as he casually walked into the centre, With Max still further ahead.


    A small group of people made their way into the Pokémon centre.

    “So do you know where Ash is?” Dawn asked Serena, almost pleading the young trainer.

    “Yes” The young girl said raising Dawns hopes.

    “And no”

    “WHAT!” Dawn screeched so loud that the windows of the Pokémon centre were close to shattering.

    “YOUNG LADY” Nurse Joy intervened from across the reception, “This is no place to shout” She continued, as Dawn became silenced immediately. Serena and May giggled slightly seeing Dawn being put down, for May it was a rare thing to see her in that sort of an embarrassing position.

    Brock on the other hand did not seem to be interested at the antics of the others as he scanned around the reception of the Pokémon centre; there were a few people around. Trainers who had lost in the tournament and only remained to see who would win. Out of the corner of his eye the breeder saw a man watching the small group, he attempted to hide himself, but the breeders fox like eyes were trained for this sort of thing and wouldn’t be fooled so easily.

    “Well, if you’re not going to help I’ll just have to look for him myself” Dawn said in a resilient tone walking away, deeper into the building, in search for Ash.

    “Wait” May said as she then followed Dawn, and in turn was followed by Serena.

    The three girls walked down the hallways of the fairly large Pokémon led by a fairly persistent Dawn who wouldn’t listen to the reason that the others would attempt to show. Dawn persistently carried on until they saw Max in a conversation with Brandon.

    “Hey Max” Dawn said as she walked over to him.

    May was about to follow Dawn to her little brother but noticed that Serena was about to walk away. The brunette co-ordinator then put a hand on Serena’s shoulder to stop the young girl.

    “I know that you and Max don’t exactly have a perfect first meeting, but I’m sure he’s sorry if you’ll only let him have the chance” May asked softly, but Serena didn’t seem to register her words.

    “Do you have something against me? I’ve tried to be nice to you and everything, but you still don’t trust me enough.” May said having finally become impatient with Serena.

    “No, I don’t have anything against you” Serena lied. “It’s your brother that I have something against” Serena said.

    “Then if you don’t trust him then at least trust me.” May said still persistent.

    “Alright then” Serena replied finally giving into Mays demand as the two then walked towards Max, Dawn and Brandon.

    “Hi May” Brandon said blushing slightly towards her.

    Max smirked as the co-ordinator said hi back to Brandon who began to blush even more. He then noticed Serena who was standing besides, and yet slightly behind May not wishing to become a part of the conversation. He also turned away from the young girl who didn’t lay her eyes on Max. He was too far in shame of his own actions previously.

    But as the young trainer diverted his gaze away from Serena, he realised that something was amiss. He looked around or a second, and once more to see if he had missed something.

    But his eyes did not lie, Ash had disappeared.


    Just beyond the group, Ash stood just remaining out of their view, and yet still being able to see them.

    He finished off writing an autograph subconsciously for another trainer, as he watched Serena and the others. He was dragged away from Max who had failed to notice how Ash was swamped in a sea of fans wanting autographs, from one of the closest person in the world to be a Pokémon master.

    “Mask; Definitely need one. Or maybe a balaclava?” Ash made a mental note irritated about how his identity and achievements put himself into the limelight and disrupted his personal life.

    Ash saw as his fan walked away satisfied, and turned around ready to head to Max as he had said to the young boy before. The only problem would be Dawn.

    The trainer then felt someone tap him from behind on his shoulder, as he turned around in return to see someone standing right in his face. With barely enough room to breathe, and impossible to notice the other person.

    The trainer stepped back worried about his personal space. If it was a fan girl he would find himself naked on the internet, and if it was a boy he would be screwed beyond words.

    After he stepped back the face of the other person became clearer to his view. ‘Brock’

    “H... H...” Ash stuttered back not believing the predicament that he was now in, by just turning around.

    “Have you already forgotten who I am Ash?” The breeder asked the trainer.

    ‘Masks £5 from the Pokémart, next time I go there’

    “No” he replied shaking off his shock.

    “It’s good to see you Ash.” The breeder said, as his upright and strong appearance began to break down. “I can’t believe how long it’s been” He said as tears began to roll down his eyes.

    “Brock?” Ash said in concern for the breeder who was begging to tear up, as he put a hand upon his shoulder.

    “I’m sooooooooooo sorry about what happened Ash” The breeder collapsed onto his knees, and grabbed Ash’s leg as a river of tears began to run down his eyes.

    “Brock, stop, please Brock. It’s alright” Ash said as he noticed that everyone in the Pokémon centre had begun to look at the two.

    The breeder then slowed down his tears as they stopped. He then got up and rubbed his face free of the tears that remained.

    In another random burst he hugged the trainer tightly in a hug.


    “I’m sorry Ash”

    “Yes Brock, but could you let go? Everybody’s staring.” Ash said blushing of embarrassment, as the breeder let go of the tight grip he had, and looked around at the people staring in disbelief at the two.

    “So I guess you know as well.” Ash said.

    “What do you mean? As well?” Brock replied.

    Well, you know who I am, and so dose May.”

    “May? She didn’t say anything” Brock said in slight disbelief that May held back such information from her friends. The breeder knew about Serena’s link with Ash, but not May.

    “I’m sure she has her reasons for not saying anything” Ash said in her defence, he trusted May enough to keep his little secret. Having the fan site know his name would wreak havoc on the trainers’ life.


    #Begin Flashback#

    Ash had just had a large argument with Dawn and Brock recently after his victory in the Sinnoh league, as he looked onto his two friends as they both walked away in the distance. Tears slowly graced the trainers’ eyes, as he saw the two walk away not turning around to see Ash. Expelling the very mention of him from their lives. Just like May and Max had done before, and although Ash had felt the pain of this form of separation before, the pain that it bought was not lighter in anyway.

    Pikachu looked up to the trainer understandingly, knowing that Ash running to the other two begging for the forgiveness that he desperately wanted, would not be successful.

    Ash had travelled with Brock for nearly all of his journeys, and the bond that the two shared was strong, that the tear left Ash broken. Ash had met Dawn as Pikachu had burnt her bike like Mays, and Misty’s, it was apparent to Pikachu that Dawn had some form of feeling for Ash, even though Ash could only see her as a little sister. Dawn would flirt with many other guys to get Ash’s attention, and maybe make him jealous, but the trainers’ density stopped any hope that the blue haired co-ordinator may have had.

    Ash wiped his tears with his arm, as with his other he went over Pokéball after Pokéball, until he found the one that he wanted. He realised the Pokémon that was inside to revile a bright orange Floatzel, Ash had not originally captured Floatzel, but traded it with Dawn as the water Pokémon seemed to be interested in battling, over the contests that Dawn participated in.

    Ash kneeled down to the Floatzel and handed it its Pokéball which it grabbed inside of its mouth. It tilted it head slightly to the side wondering what its trainer had in mind.

    “Floatzel, I want you to be Dawns Pokémon again. You have been a great Pokémon and that’s why I need you to be there to take care of her, because I can’t anymore.” Ash explained as calmly as he could, although he could not stop his voice from slightly breaking up. His friends, and now one of his most trusted Pokémon, all vanishing from his life one by one.

    “Zel” The water type shook his head not accepting the trainers command.

    “Please” Ash said as he made contact with the eyes of the water type. “I know that you can take care of her while I’m not there.” The trainer said a softly as he could although his voice was still a bit broken.

    Floatzel did not say anything more to Ash. Floatzel just turned around and ran. It Ran to Dawn, who had originally caught the water type. Acting as if it didn’t care about Ash, he wasn’t the one who had caught it so why should Floatzel care for the trainer, but the tears running down its eyes broke through the strong exterior that the water type attempted top show. Floatzel cared, much more that he would admit.

    Ash watched as the water type quickly ran towards Dawn, and knew that he had done all that he could and turned around. Going down a road that would leave him as a almost completely different person from who he was originally.

    #End Flashback#


    Dawn walked away from the conversation turned heated argument, the young co-ordinator had become irritated about the argument that had to do something about Max using Brandon to something or other with May.

    The Sinnoh native gripped a Pokéball, Floatzels Pokéball. As she remembered the mission that she had set herself a few moments ago to find Ash again.

    After she had gotten Floatzel back she noticed a change almost immediately in the water type. It was determined to do its best for Dawn. Every time that Dawn may find herself in some form of danger, Floatzel would be the first of her Pokémon who would protect her. Like a big brother would protect his little sibling even though they may not always agree.

    Then Dawn realised, that the look of determination inside of Floatzels eyes, the same look of determination that she saw inside of Ash’s eyes.

    Then she was sorry. But it was too late, and now that she had a small window of opportunity, Mays love life, no matter how much fun it was to get involved in would not be big enough of a reason.


    “So I guess we should go in.” Ash said, to Brock.

    “Yeah, Dawns going to like seeing you again” Brock said, in a more cheerful tone than his friend. But Ash mind was concentrated more on the subject of weather Dawn would accept him as a friend once more due to their turbulent past. Brock, May and Max were one thing, but Dawn, as Ash could remember was slightly bratty, and able to hold a grudge at times. Not to the extent that Misty could, but still.

    As the trainer turned around, he saw a figure that he had not expected to see. Her blue hair, swayed as she looked around, searching for someone inside of the Pokémon centre. But she didn’t seem to find Ash.

    “Hey Dawn!” Brock shouted from behind of Ash, as it got the co-ordinators attention.

    She took a second to register who she was looking at. Not like before in the grand festival, when she went up to the trainer without hesitation, unknowing of who he was.

    But she stared for a second, or two as Ash.

    ‘She knows’ he thought.

    “Ash” Dawn uttered, as she began to run towards the trainer in the hall.

    Ash just stood, as Brock took a few steps backwards from Ash.

    Dawn continued to run, not showing any signs of slowing down.

    She then ran into Ash knocking them both onto the floor with a thud. Ash then got up into a sitting position with Dawn on his side, yet still facing him.

    “OW” the trainer said rubbing his head with one hand.

    “Ash” Dawn squealed, as she also got up and hugged Ash back onto the ground.

    “Dawn” Ash tried to reason.

    “Oh, Ash I can’t believe it’s really you, and I thought that I would never see you again, and it was also you who...” the co-ordinator continued on in excitement, but paused for a moment, before she continued, “you beat me at the festival”

    “You could let go now” Ash said noticing that Dawn was still hugging him without having any signs of letting go. Quickly the Sinnoh native let go of her grip, as she blushed furiously.

    “It’s nice to see you again Ash” She said meekly as he tilted her head down, as the memories of their separation returned, from her sudden burst of excitement. “You know I’m sorr”

    The co-ordinator then felt a finger on her lips, stop her apology.

    “I’ve had enough apologies for one day Dawn.” Ash smiled to his friend as he got up and helped her up in turn.

    “Maybe we should go to all the others now, I’m sure that they would like to see you.” Dawn said hoping that Ash would meet May and Max as well.

    “They already know” Ash said. Remembering the mental note that he had made earlier.

    “THAY KNOW” Dawn said irritated about how her friends knew all about this and yet didn’t utter a word.

    “Calm down Dawn” Brock decided to intervene otherwise, the siblings would feel the wrath of Dawn. I’m sure they were going to tell you” Brock said as Dawns nerves eased slightly.

    “Eventually” he muttered under his breath.

    “Speaking of them shouldn’t we see them” Brock said as he began to lead, the other two. Dawn began to walk but was stopped by Ash.

    “You can let go of my hand now” he said. Dawn then realised her grip almost immediately, and blushed slightly as she ran to catch up with Brock.

    Ash merely shrugged this off as Dawn being glad to see him once again, and followed the other two, at his own pace, once again taking up his mask of a hardcore, loner, trainer.

    But still unknown to him, Dawn was still blushing, not because of her holding his hand, but because she had managed to sneak in a kiss.

    ‘So it looks like Dawn still has a thing for Ash, hope he doesn’t screw things up again’ Brock thought, as matchmaking ideas came into his mind.


    “May, I’m sorry about the things that happened in the stadium; I thought that, maybe Celebi would listen to me. She always has before, I don’t know what happened.” Brandon tried to gain Mays pity, for what had happened.

    “Why are you apologising to her?” Serena intervened, saying what May was thinking.

    “Well, because, well” Brandon thought.

    “Because he likes her” Max blurted out, in his tone that made him seem smarter than anyone else, forgetting to whom he spoke to in a split second.
    , therefore breaking his silence to the girl.

    Serena glared daggers towards him. Max couldn’t help but find his own confidence to speak deflated by the young girls glare.

    He stepped back expecting to be ripped apart at that very moment.

    But Serena instead, changed her view over to May.

    “May?” she said questioningly.

    “Yes I do.” Brandon said in a proud tone, the frontier brain then gripped Mays hand as a symbol to the young girl. “May I love” but May quickly took her hand out.

    “It seems that she doesn’t feel the same.” The white haired girl said grinning.

    “May, you don’t” Max said slightly shocked.

    “So it was you who tried together little man.” May said accusingly, “How dare you play with people’s feelings like that” May screeched.

    “Sorry, sorry, sorry” Max said quickly, not knowing how much additional stress, Max’s plans had put onto her.

    “Calm down” another voice intervened into the conversation. The four turned their heads to view a green haired boy walking casually towards the group. Brandon’s teeth gritted together, in irritation by the arrival of the co-ordinator.

    “Drew?” May said questioningly at the co-ordinators arrival, as she stopped her interrogation towards her little brother, “What are you doing here?”

    “Yeah, why don’t you just walk away” Brandon intervened, not wanting his competition to get in the way again. But Drew seemed to ignore Brandon’s comment, as he continued to make his way to May; he then got out a rose, and gave it to the brunette who blushed in return.

    “So it’s official May” He said in confidence, after listening in to the conversation that she had just had with the white haired frontier brain.

    “What?” She said questioningly.

    “You don’t like him.” Drew said with a smirk, aimed towards Brandon.

    “W, Well, not really. Not like that anyway.” May said slightly unnerved, as to what Drew’s intentions were, and how he would use her words against Brandon.

    Drew smirked towards the frontier brain, as the green haired co-ordinator took a hold of Mays hand, as she did not resist.

    He then kissed it, causing a shocked expression to go on all except for Brandon who was restraining himself from lunging at Drew; a previous battle had shown him that it would be better to hold in his anger, unless he would want the situation to deteriorate.

    May blushed hard, in shock as Drew once again lifted her hand which was free from the rose which he had given previously, and had just kissed. He saw the prominent blush on her cheeks and smirked.

    “I’ll see you soon May” he said calmly, as he turned and walked away, maintaining his cool guy impression, leaving the rest behind.

    The small group just stared, as Drew vanished out of sight.

    “Is he, Stalking you?” Serena said, curious as to how Drew was hearing into each and every word of their conversation, waiting for the right time to strike, as the right words were spoken.

    The other three looked towards the rash statement that the young girl said, as if it was something incredibly idiotic. But inside of their minds they saw some truth in her words.

    “No of course not” May said, still blushing slightly.

    “You sure? He looks like the stalker type to me” Serena said, and inside of his mind Brandon agreed with the young girls’ opinion.

    “Do you even know what stalker means?” May said remembering that Serena was still young and unlikely to know about what she was talking about.

    “Well...” Serena began, but was interrupted.

    “Nope, he’s not here” Max said looking down the corridor in which Drew turned into, causing Serena to smirk holding in her laughter towards the other two who wouldn’t admit to believing her.

    Max then began to walk towards back to the group after his perimeter surveillance, as he saw a familiar figure come from the opposite end.

    “Brock” he called, as the breeder waved and approached down the hall of the centre. Back towards the group, the other three also turned towards the breeder.

    Then another figure appeared, and turned towards the group. It was Dawn; the Sinnoh native then turned to her back and dragged someone in by his and to the slight dismay of Max. They all knew who it was, and all but one knew of his name; it was Ash.

    Ash glared a irritated look at Dawn for dragging him when he was perfectly able to walk. And if it was anyone else they would have run away terrified while he would send a thousand volts down there systems. But the blue haired girl ignored it and continued to grab a hold of his arm to the laughter of Pikachu.

    As they walked, and were dragged towards the main group of four, Max had a large sense of dismay inside of him, just seeing that scene made his stomach churn slightly. The source remained unknown to the young boy from Petalburg, but it did not feel right to him.

    Similar to her brother May had received similar feelings of sadness. But, what were they the young girl from Petalburg still was unsure. Just looking at that scene for a second was uncomforting.

    ‘Maybe, it’s because they’re friends already’ She made a reasonable explanation inside of the safe confines of her mind. But the churning inside of her was undeniable.

    “H, Hello” Brandon said shakily to Ash offering a handshake in friendship.

    His voice interrupted the two siblings’ chain of thought as their thoughts vanished.

    Ash looked towards, Brandon’s offer; He then shook loose Dawns grip that was upon his arm, and looked at Brandon’s handshake again.

    “I’m really sorry. I have absolutely no idea about what happened to Celebi, and I will make sure that it doesn’t ever happen again” he said, but Ash merely ignored his offer and walked towards Serena, Max and May leaving him behind.

    “Guys” he said to the three, as they said hello back to the trainer. Although the hard shoulder that Ash gave towards the frontier brain was not entirely ignored.

    Brandon gritted his teeth.

    “What is wrong with you!” He said as Ash remained with his back towards the frontier brain.

    “You talk to everybody else, Mr Big Shot. But I don’t think that I am entirely responsible for what happened. Can’t you just; let it go” the frontier brain began to rant on, letting his anger show; just as in a battle how he would consume his opponent with overwhelming force from the begging. He may have started down the road to learning to control his anger courtesy of the humiliation gained from losing to Ash.

    Btu although the conversation may have moved on from the feelings that Brandon had for May, the idea still stung inside of his mind. He had to let loose his frustration.

    “what’s wrong with him” Brock whispered over to Max as a short silence from Ash remained.

    “May rejected him” the young boy replied, although inside he knew how it was himself who had told Brandon to let it all out. Leaving him shot down in the end.

    “Well, what’s wrong with you!” Brandon boomed out his frustration once more.

    “You’re the one with the problem” Ash said calmly. “The idiot who thought that he could control Celebi, even though he knew absolutely nothing. Where did it leave you? At a nice spot in the battle frontier? But what about all of the Pokémon that Celebi could have killed, nearly killed” he said not giving a hint of sadness, but pity for the fool he made Brandon out to be.

    “How is that my fault!” he said not picking up on Ash’s point.

    “Don’t you get it!” May said, irritated at the harsh and angry tone at which Brandon was attacking Ash.

    “What do you care!” Brandon fired back to the one he cared about in the same harsh tone in which he attacked Ash.

    May was taken slightly aback, the only people who had ever spoken to her in that much spite was her rivals. Even when they were arguing Ash didn’t speak with the anger that Brandon had.

    “Why would you care about ME!” the frontier brain said, as his eyes slightly watered up, and then May knew what was getting to Brandon.

    “Brandon” she said as her voice stayed calm, a slight shock from Brandon’s tone, “I’m sorry, you’re a nice guy and everything. But I don’t feel that way about you” she said trying not to make the fall to hard for him, even though it was rather late for that; Drew’s intervention at the time that he did made the hit, harder for the Frontier Brain.

    “I’m sorry, could we just be friends” May said, exposing the feelings that Brandon would have preferred to keep private.

    Brandon kept silent, and began to walk away.

    “Wait” May called to him, but he didn’t stop.

    “Go to your precious Drew” Brandon replied, as he continued to walk away, holding in the pain.


    Brandon sat outside of the Pokémon centre, lost in his own thoughts. No one had come to look for him for the time that he was outside, in his hand he held his GS ball, looking at it, and thinking. He had stayed like that for an inapplicable amount of time. Just looking at the gold, and silver ball in the palm of his hand.

    ‘What should I do’

    The Frontier Brain was broken; the girl that he loved didn’t feel the same about him. His opponent didn’t respect him. Heck he didn’t even command the respect of his own Pokémon.

    One in particular.

    Ash’s words continued playing in the back of his mind.

    ‘Knew absolutely nothing’ At the time it didn’t seem like much, but for some reason it continued to nag at him.

    ‘Why?’ he thought, shouldn’t his feelings come first?

    Before anything else?

    He continued to be perplexed, as Ash’s words although spoken calmly, made a large impact upon him.

    ‘The idiot’ Ash had said before.

    “What dos e he know?” Brandon said under his breath. After all he barely knew this guy, yet it continued to hit him inside, more than his feelings to his childhood companion, and more than...

    ... His duty to his Pokémon.

    ‘Where did it leave you?’ Brandon then began to understand what it meant. His status, in Ashes eyes was a souvenir, the fact that he had a legendary Pokémon, was still nothing.

    There was only one thing that Brandon could do.

    He stood up from sitting down for what seemed to be ages; he took the GS ball in his hand, and released the time travelling Pokémon inside of it.

    Celebi came out and Brandon remembered what the Pokémon had done before, and became scared of what it may do now.

    Celebi came out of its ball and flew up, it then stared down to its trainer, its eyes were still slightly dark.

    Brandon prepared himself to be attacked, but instead Celebi lost its flight, and crashed upon the grassy earth, clutching its head in pain, as Brandon cautiously approached the time traveller.

    He tried to pet it, but Celebi swatted its trainer away with its small hand.

    Inside of the small Pokémon’s mind; a war raged on.

    The frail consciousness that had protected the forest for what seemed like an eternity, just like Arceus had ordered during the ‘Creation’. Past, Present, and Future was the domain of the psychic type. Yet never before had Celebi faced a sharp pain like the pain it was experiencing at that moment.

    What was wrong, eluded the psychic type, as it recalled a time like this when it had been captured inside of a dark ball. A moment which Celebi had tried its hardest to fight back but its consciousness was pushed back. Celebi didn’t want to harm the innocent spectators, or the Pokémon, but after the first hit was fired.

    The monster was unleashed, and there was nothing that the True Celebi could do because it was chained back.

    Brandon tried to pet his Pokémon once again, but in return Celebi charged a weak energy ball to distance its trainer. It was for Brandon’s own safety.


    “Shouldn’t we help?” May said to Ash as the group hid around the corner. They had not approached the Brain as Ash said that it would be better if he was alone. After this most recent attack May felt the need to help him, she may not love him in the same way, but she did care about him as a friend, that much was true.

    “No, let him do this by himself. He needs to” Ash said, as Brandon gathered his strength and stood up. May looked at Ash’s face to see if he knew what he was doing, and was reassured when he held upon her shoulder, like when she needed him to give her reassurance during their travels together in Hoenn, and when she almost gave up on her dreams.

    The dreams that Ash had tried so hard to build, and try to make a reality.

    She just smiled back at him knowing that he was doing the right thing.

    But unlike Brandon she knew that here was something wrong, something that Ash had not touched upon even tough May felt that he knew.

    The mystery as to why Celebi went berserk, but May remembered something that she had heard about, Celebi only appearing at times of peace, what did that mean.


    Brandon was sent crashing back by another light energy ball; he gathered his strength once more and stood up. He had deduced that maybe a direct approach on the confused Pokémon wasn’t really the best thing to do.

    “Celebi” Brandon said, although it didn’t seem to be listening as it continued on in its internal battle.

    “I don’t know what to do, but you’re free, just tell me what I can do to make things better?” Brandon said, in hope that he would get an answer.

    Still his Pokémon seemed not to be able to hear his words.

    Brandon gave up, as he grasped the GS ball in his hand ready to return it back into its ball. But then Celebi bean to glow a bright green light, freezing those who watched on in secret.

    Several rings of energy expanded from Celebi, as it began to vanish, then it was gone, to a distant time, leaving only a small ring in its wake.

    “Celebi, wherever you are. I hope that you are alright.” Brandon said, as he looked at the position that Celebi was in. But couldn’t help but feel a bit sad, it was only because of the time traveller, Brandon could make it to the position of a frontier brain. Without it where would Brandon’s life lead to?

    “Well, well, well” a mocking voice came from the distance; Brandon looked around, only to see the last person that he wanted to be there.

    “Drew” he sneered towards the green haired co-ordinator, it seemed that due to their rivalry over May he would always be waiting to pounce, at the most inappropriate times, only to add salt to the wound.

    “Well, what do we have here? Looks like you’ve just given up your ticket to the big leagues” he mocked referring to Celebi.

    “What does it have to do with you?” Brandon sneered, becoming irritated by the green haired co-ordinator.

    “So what will you do now? Without Celebi you’re nothing, finished. I bet that you only got to be a Frontier Brain because you had Celebi” Drew ranted on not paying attention to Brandon’s words.

    Brandon decided not to speak, Drew was right. But then as he was looking away, he heard a large smacking sound.

    The brain immediately looked up, and saw Drew red on the cheek, as he rubbed it, and on the other side, he saw May, looking out at her handy work.

    “Just Shut up Drew!” She screeched, “I won’t take you making my friends feel like dirt” she said as Drew regained control of his body from the shock of the sneak attack.

    “What are you talking about, I thought you hated him” he shouted back.

    “I don’t hate him, and I don’t love him at least not in that way. He is my friend, and you might have treated me like dirt all the time thinkin’ that a rose will make things better, but I won’t let you treat my friends like that!” she screeched once again, as Brandon looked on in amazement.

    Drew grew angry, as he clenched his fist, and threw it at May, even though he had said that he had loved her.

    But it never made contact as Ash gripped it in his palm before it could.

    A second passed, as Ashes face grew angry, he then pushed Drew back several steps, by pushing the co-ordinators palm. Drew had to stumble back to maintain his balance.

    “Walk away Drew” he said, but Drew didn’t remembering the way in which Ash had humiliated him in the grand festival.

    The green haired co-ordinator, gripped one of his Pokéballs in his hand, ready to let his Pokémon do his dirty work.

    But then he is action stopped, as a blur passed in front of his face, closely followed by a tuft of his hair.

    The others looked on as Drew slowly turned his head towards hi right to the assailant.

    “Bu-Tops” the brown shellfish like Pokémon snarled as it held out its large scythe like claws it front of Drew, ready to strike.

    Drew, stood perfectly still as not to agitate the ancient Pokémon.

    “Have you heard that Kabutops can suck the blood out of its victims, while they are still alive.” Ash said to a still stiff Drew, “so if i am you, and I’m glad that I’m not. I would run, before he gets hungry.” Ash finished off, Drew thought about his choices for a second, and slowly stepped backwards, and away from, the vampire like, ancient Pokémon. Kabutops maintained his threatening demeanour, which had terrified Pokémon who were a lot tougher than Drew by far.

    Its mouth seemed ready to kill, as its razor sharp claws in which it had used to capture its prey, glinted to show there sharpness.

    The air remained tense, as Drew slowly walked back, further and further away from all of them. When he was at a safe distance, he pointed at the three, and gave out a warning.

    “May, you made a big mistake, you could have been safe with me May. I’d watch out if I was you, Darkness is coming.” The co-ordinator said, as he then turned and ran in case the ancient Pokémon may have given him chase

    When out of sight, Kabutops, faced Ash, and saluted him with his claw, his eyes gave a slight glance towards May knowing of her shameful habit, but returned back to Ash.

    “Nice job Comrade” Ash said as he returned Kabutops back into its stone ball.

    “wow” Max and Dawn said in unison as they came out of there little hiding spot with Brock and Serena.

    “So I guess he was the powerhouse that obliterated me?” Brandon said in return, still slightly down from Drew’s words.

    “Yeah” he replied preparing to become bombarded by questions, and he was, as Dawn, Max, and even Brock began asking questions at the speed of light.

    May hesitated to ask any questions, as she felt slightly unsure about Kabutops. It seemed to know something about her that she would rather not disclose, although its appearance was welcomed by May, with her experience with Drew he could get out of control if tampered with.

    The group continued to ask Ash questions, as May whispered her thanks to Ash, no one heard. Except for the only one out of the confusing bombardment of questions, who was Serena. The white haired girl didn’t say anything but smiled.

    “Guys, I’ll answer your questions, later” Ash said irritated by the bombardment of words aimed at him. They all then stopped, as Ash asked Brandon a question.

    “So Mr Frontier Brain, what are you going to do now?” wondering how much of an impact Drew’s untimely appearance had made.

    “Well, ur, I, well” Brandon ran through his thoughts, seeing that Ash finally began to talk to him.

    “You’re going to start from the begging” May interrupted, causing everyone to look at her inquisitively.

    “Huh?” Brandon said.

    “Well, you’re going to train your Pokémon from the begging and get better, isn’t that what every trainer dose when they get down?” May said a she shot a slight glance to Ash. Brandon nodded in agreement.

    “yeah, and I’m going to battle you when I see you again Ash” he said begging to get the message.

    “I’ll look forward to that” the raven haired trainer replied, he then began to walk away, and waved to Brandon, “Se ya”

    “Where are you going?” Dawn shouted out to Ash.

    “To eat, I’m hungry” he replied, as the group noticed how the sun had already set and the only light came from street lights in the distance, and from the windows of the buildings in the area.

    The group, the followed Ash thinking that he had the right idea, although Brock thought about how the more things changed the more they had stayed the same.

    May started to follow but was stopped by Brandon’s voice.

    “May thinks for sticking up for me there”

    “No problem” she replied

    “You may not like, like me. But at least were still friends” he said.

    “Thanks Brandon” she replied, happy that things had remained relatively the same between them.

    “and May”


    “I’m sure that Ash will make you happy” Brandon said as he went in the opposite direction. May wondered what he meant by that statement, but shrugged it off and ran up to Ash, and the others, who were now waiting for her.

    They all knew that they would be reunited someday. That Someday, was today.

    Unknown to her someone was watching the events that had transpired patiently.

    He smiled, as they all walked away, not knowing that he was there, as he didn’t wish to revile himself, his past, or his intentions for the future. As that would destroy the ones he cared about and he couldn’t let that happen.

    “So it looks like the Guardian of the Forest is out of the game already, and he has a Kabutops, interesting?” he said under his breath.

    Soon he would have to make his move.



    -I needed a reason why Floatzel was on Dawns team in the grand festival ever since I found out that they traded their Pokémon.
    -Dawns character may seem very OOC at times, as I haven’t really seen the D/P series. I base her character from what I have heard by the ‘word of mouth’ of others. If you’re thinking why he doesn’t just add Misty instead? It is because she has her own part to play, which is currently separate from the group.
    - The concept of Ragnarök will come into the storyline again, very soon. There was a small hint at the begging, and end of the chapter, concerning more central events.
    - Some people have a moment, when you know that something is going to hurt but there is that small period of time before it happens, and you just think. This is going to hurt so mu, OW.
    I know I have. And before Dawn crashed so did Ash.
    - You know that it is Kabutops, but now you don’t know about the origins of it, or the identity of the new Mr Mystery, it is shocking when you find out.
    - I may include slight Pearlshipping, nothing serious, at least unless I change my mind. But be assured that this Will remain Advanceshipping.
    “You play with fire,
    You’re going to get burnt”
    Learnt that the hard way
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