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Geeze, have I been gone THAT long?


Legendary Seeker
Man... it has been so freakin' long since I last came here!

So, er, how's everything? Any of you know how to work with Game Maker? I'd like to discuss with you about possible Pokemorph games.

Until next time, take care and God bless ya! ;249-d;


Well, everything is going well.

Unfortunatley i don't know how to work with game maker and you'll have to talk to omeone else about the pokemorph thing.

Nice to see you coming back, later days :)


Super Gamer
Hey - welcome back. This really belongs back in the Newbie Lounge...

How are you?



DBoyWheeler:Welcome back! I don't know ya, but I'm glad you're back ^__^

yoav:Just a lttle hint:Don't post 2 times in a row, just a little tip ^^

she said what i was gonna say


pokemon/mew master
game maker whats that?