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Gemstone Graphics


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→ follow your fire.


→ follow your fire.
Fragmentation Banner Form

Signature size: yes/no? NOPE
Text: the less amount of text, the better : THE BATTLERS CHALLENGE
Image(s): maximum of two http://pldh.net/media/dreamworld/250.png and http://pldh.net/media/dreamworld/249.png
Main color: any
Background color: any
Font: from dafont.com http://www.dafont.com/snow-traces.font
Anything else: anything goes try to make ho-oh and lugia face each other and the text in between
thank you ^_^
Let me know if you want any changes made. I think black and grey for lugia, rainbow colors for Ho-Oh.

@Apocalylpse Lucario: Will get to it soon!


I love shiny pokemon
Hey DP, just wanted to say my shop just got a compliment, and I wanted to thank you again. :) Are you still in business here?


Minecraft YouTuber
Dimensions: Same dimensions as the banner in your sig
Text: Ace-of-aces
Image(s): Gardevoir, Scizor, Shiny Aegislash
Color(s): Whatever you think looks good.
Border: yes
Font: What you think would look good.
Anything else: anything Awesome