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Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Ekans647, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Ekans647

    Ekans647 Strongest Shield

    Hi, I am Drizzle Milotic. This is my first Fan-Fic so sorry if it isn't the best. I will try to uptade to story once every week, probably on Sundays. I am open for character suggestions and I would be very grateful if you would want to help out with the overall story plot.

    Chapter 1: School and Stars

    "Man, what a pain. Why do we have too go to school? All they do is teach us the same old stuff year after year." whined Mizu to himself while walking to school. Mizu despised school. He thought it was boring. It was not he learning that he disliked. He got top grades in his class. That's exactly why he had loathed it. He was bullied because of it . And it did not help he was wearing his new geeky school uniform. The uniform he was wearing was a composed of dull brown shoes, boring grey creased pants, white polo shirt with grey tie and then a grey jacket to go over top. They would probably make fun of that too, even though they would be the wearing the same uniform. Finally reaching the front of Kyoto high, he opens the door only to be greeted by a flood of students wearing grey and white.

    Mizu managed to get past the wall of students and his way to his assigned classroom. The classroom itself had about two dozen desks for the students and one large desk for the teacher with a whiteboard behind it. Mizu and the rest class rushed into the room. A bespectacled woman wearing a red dress then walked into the room. "Welcome, class. I am your new teacher, Ms. Kingsley." announced Ms. Kingsley. "Now let's start with introductions. Ms. K then points to Mizu. "You there, why don't you introduce yourself?" says Ms. K. "Who me?" asks Mizu. " No, not you. The tall brown-haired one next to you." Ms. K sternly responded. "Hayato. My name is Hayato Sasori." the boy sitting next to Mizu announced. "Um, pardon?" Ms. Kingsley asked him. "I said my name is Hayato Sasori. You wanted me to introduce myself, right?"
    "I did. Continue."
    "As I said earlier, my name is Hayato Sasori. I come from the Osaka region. Hobbies, I have none, family wise, no one worth mentioning and in terms of personality, I try to to fit in."
    "Well then, it's good to meet you Hayato."

    Sorry about this chapter as it is incomplete, I was in a rush when I was writing this chapter and wanted to post some of the material. The first chapter will be finished tomorrow.
    ~Drizzle Milotic
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2013
  2. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly Staff Member Moderator

    Please read the rules of a section before posting in it. Rule #5 of the Fan Fiction Rules says not to post incomplete chapters, and #7 states that fics must come to at least two pages long, written on Microsoft Word. If the chapter isn't done, save it on your computer so you can go back to it later. No story is perfect the first time anyway, so you should be rereading and editing a chapter at least twice before posting it for the world to look for spelling/grammar mistakes and places where the writing can be improved. You should also start a new paragraph every time a new person speaks.

    Read the rules before posting, please, and read the other sticky threads at the top of the forum as well.

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