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I was wondering if anybody knew the secret ID associated with the trainer ID: 42272. I recently caught my first shiny pokemon and attempted to deduce my SID but came up with 3 options for it. I don't know how I would go about testing them, and was wondering if A) anybody knew the SID associated, or B) could point me in the right direction. Thanks for any suggestions :)

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I'll going to start with talk of SID is frowned upon here, and when I was staff, I didn't encourage it. Mind you other this type of research wasn't really big at the time.

The Math is long and convoluted, but there's a few way to do it. I'm surprised that you're already down to 3, I thought the best the Math could do was bring it down a Value with the following 7 numbers being valid as well. As the SID is actually hidden with the Pokémon when it gets traded or transferred, It's possible to take that Pokémon to another game and still work it out. If had the hardware, I could get that Pokémon on a save file on a Flash cart/SD card and look at the save file in a Save editor. (Sites that actually host save editors may be a better place to look for help with this topic.)

Finally, the last thread that covered it was shut down.