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Gen 5 first team

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Hellboygeod, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. Hellboygeod

    Hellboygeod New Member

    Musharna - Leftovers/Lum berry
    Heal Bell

    This is my standard cleric/tank pokemon that I've decided to use. The leftovers is obviously for the heal ability but I've also thought about using the synchronize/Lum Berry combo to my advantage, where as if I go up against another tank then when I get a status effect inflicted on me by them (I've seen sleep powders, toxics, etcs.) I find that this combo works well

    Lucario - Life Orb
    Inner Focus
    Swords Dance
    Close Combat
    Metal Claw

    This is one of my standard sweepers. I find that the metal claw is a good fit because it is good to counter those odd type match ups and also has that chance of increasing my attack stat on top of 1 or 2 SDs already bringing my OHKO ability to a higher level with close combat

    Weavile - Razor Claw
    Night Slash
    Swords Dance
    Low Kick

    This was more of an experiment of my own, putting the SD razor claw with night slash has been working so far, critical hits come often and come pretty close to OHKO with only one SD. The low kick is for type mis match and punishment helps a lot with any super tanky pokemon that happen to kill a previous pokemon. Punishment has worked well for that tricky one hit sweep with Weavile

    Haxorus - Lum Berry
    Mold Breaker
    Dragon Dance
    Low Kick

    My last sweeper. I was debating and still am between SD or DD because Haxorus is already speedy as is. Some feedback on this would be nice along with a reason why or why not. Lum Berry instead of life orb, I find that getting that DD or SD outrage in and then being able to do it again, as Haxorus wouldn't be my opening pokemon, but would be fully capable of sweeping an entire team mid game

    Umbreon - Leftovers
    Heal Bell
    Foul Play

    This is another pokemon I decided to experiment with, going to act solely as a cleric and not as an opening tank or anything. Just want some general feedback on this set up and how you would think it would do in online play

    Hydreigon - Life Orb
    Draco Meteor
    Fire Blast

    This is one set up that I really do enjoy myself as Hydreigon will act as my main "type master". The roost is solely for that life orb hp drain and has proven to be useful for me to get out of sticky situations already.

    All feedback and criticism is welcome, as long as it is constructive :). Please bear in mind this is my first competitively ev trained team and kind of new to this (did my research however). I got lucky with a lot of these pokemon and got the characteristic for +30 or +31 in a useful stat (musharna has + 31 def, Weavile has +31 att, etc.) just really lucky I guess. Criticism on the EV, moveset, or overall potential of my team or any improvements I can make would be useful. Would also like to see them PM as well if it's not any trouble as I don't make it on to the forums everyday and may miss your post completely on the forum.
  2. Nulava

    Nulava Banned

    Lucario @ Life Orb
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Close Combat
    ~Ice Punch / Crunch / Bullet Punch

    Lucario's fourth move should depend on what its team most needs covered. If Gliscor and Landorus-T threaten the team, Ice Punch is the preferred option; however, if you need Lucario to handle Jellicent, Reuniclus, and Slowbro, use Crunch instead. If none of these Pokemon concern you, Bullet Punch is a solid option that allows Lucario to get past Gengar, Terrakion, and Choice Scarf Tyranitar.

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