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Gen 8 Starters Evolution and Secondary Typing Predictions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Black.Rose, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Black.Rose

    Black.Rose New Member

    The most popular theory is this

    Scorch jumps on a steel cog turning in a circle
    Grook smacks his stick repeatedly evaporating the water foot steps
    Sob becomes invisible and leaves footprints

    Thats the speculation, that the trailer showed us the secondary types in a hidden, and in your face way as well.
  2. johno1995

    johno1995 Well-Known Member

    I'd LOVE

    Scorbunny - Fire/Electric
    Grookey - Grass/Dark
    Sobble - Water/Ghost or Water/Poison

    I have a weird feeling at least one of them will stay pure-typed, though..
  3. WhiteBlair

    WhiteBlair Siren Song.

    What I predict:

    Grookey: Grass/Dark,
    Scorbunny: Fire/Electric,
    Sobble: Water/Poison.
  4. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    Scorbunny looks like it’s going to go the Fire/Fighting route, which is a bit disappointing. We’ve had a few generations off from that so I guess it’s not too bad. Grookey will probably go Grass/Dark, Grass/Ghost, or Grass/Psychic. I have no idea where Sobble will go.
  5. Beloberto

    Beloberto Well-Known Member

    Nah, it makes the grass regrow.
  6. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    Scorbunny looks like it will most likely be Fire/Electric, I can't tell for the other two.
    PokeMon2.0 likes this.
  7. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Bwahahaha! Grass/Fire is absolutely not going to happen, I can tell you that much..

    Crookey looks like it could go pure Grass or Grass/Psychic or Grass/Fairy based on its power to regrow grass.

    Sobble honestly looks pure Water. The way it blends with the water is similar to how Vaporeon morphed into water. Granted, it shares some similarities with Mudkip, but as opposed to that it isn't based on a mudskipper and the Ground-secondary typing isn't likely in my eyes. It basically depends on where they're going to take it (poisonous lizard?) on whether they'll add a type.

    Scorbunny.. Yeah, that yellow patch above the nose looks like a bandaid as if it was in a brawl and broke its nose.. Hence Fire/Fighting is definitely on the table. Fire/Steel would be awesome, but I don't see it.
  8. RileyXY1

    RileyXY1 Young Battle Trainer

    The markings on Scorbunny look more like grounding tape than bandages, in my opinion.
  9. MalcolmBelmontS

    MalcolmBelmontS Well-Known Member

    Scoobie screams to me - Water/Poison or Water/Dragon
  10. maq7742

    maq7742 New Member

    Grookey smacking a rock with that stick makes me think Grass/Fighting with that stick turning into a grassy quarterstaff sorta thing.
    Scorbunny could be Fire/Electric like others have said, although GameFreak tends to stay away from mixing the more "elemental" types with starters. I'd actually lean towards Fire/Ground, albeit speedier than most Ground-types.
    Sobble going full chameleon makes me think Water/Ghost.
  11. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Danny Phantom

    Any predictions I could make would be pure speculation.

    I predict Fire/Fairy Scorbunny. Based on nothing other than the fact that a Fire/Fairy bunny would be cute.

    Water/Ghost Sobble because a crying Ghost would be something that makes sense

    And Grookey stays pure Grass because I can’t think of anything.
  12. Erron Black

    Erron Black The Outlaw

    Grookey: Grass/Steel or Grass/Rock
    Scorbunny: Fire/Electric
    Sobble: Water/Psychic or Water/Ghost
    Dragon Pulse likes this.
  13. D*N

    D*N Back from the death

    Plottwist: They all stay monotype
  14. Dragon Pulse

    Dragon Pulse Well-Known Member

    Grookey: Grass/Rock or Grass/Dark (it is apparently "mischievous")
    Scorbunny: Fire/Electric, Fire/Ground or Fire/Fighting (let's hope not)
    Sobble: Water/Ghost, Water/Psychic (either one because of its ability to turn invisible), Water/Dragon (doubt it though)

    For Water/Dragon, I don't really see a starter having Dragon as a secondary typing, unless in the case of Mega Evolution (Mega Sceptile and Mega Charizard X).
    Also, I'd love it if Scorbunny turned out to be Fire/Fairy as some speedy pixie rabbit, but I doubt it...

    There's also the chance they all (or one or two) stay monotype.
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  15. UltimateNinja

    UltimateNinja ~Ice Cold~

    Grookey -> Grass/Rock
    Scorbunny -> Fire/Ground
    Sobble -> Water/Poison or Water/Ghost or Water/Dragon
    Dragon Pulse likes this.
  16. lolipiece

    lolipiece It's a fish eat fish world out there Staff Member Moderator

    Fire/Fighting, Fire/Fighting, Fire/Figh*shot*

    In all seriousness, I can't think of anything for Grookey or Sobble, but Scorbunny does feel like it could evolve into a Fire/Fighting type.

    I'd hope not, but it has been three Gens since Emboar, so I guess it won't be the end of the world (as long we don't do it in a row this time).
    Red and Blue likes this.
  17. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    The only one there that is "popular" is water/ghost
    Kirby Dragons likes this.
  18. Kawaii Emolga

    Kawaii Emolga The cutest EVER!!!!

    Scorbunny: Fire/electric, fire/ground or fire/Fairy (I want a fairy rabbit so much!)
    Grookey: grass/rock, grass/dark or grass/phychic
    Sobble: water/ghost, water/poison or water/ice (or just water)
  19. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Well-Known Member

    What's the possibility Sobble could evolve into a Loch Ness monster type reptile in its final form?
  20. Sarefan

    Sarefan Hylden General.

    Grookey: Grass / Ground
    Scorbunny: Fire / Fairy
    Sobble: Water/Poison
    Monster Guy likes this.

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