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Gen 8 Starters Evolution and Secondary Typing Predictions

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by Black.Rose, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    Well, I wouldn't like monotype fire starter evolutions. The main reason why I hate Typhlosion. If its main highlight is speed, then electric type can do the trick. A lot of electric types are speedy (like Pikachu).
  2. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    I mean to be fair Torterra is the only thing keeping the Grass starters from three gens straight of mono Grass.

    Also all 3 types have had 3 type combos repeated three times. Fire had x3 Fire/Fighting. But both Grass and Water have had 3 pure Grass or Water starters.
  3. Beloberto

    Beloberto Well-Known Member

    Between Fire/Electric and Fire/Ground, I would root for the second any time. Fire/Electric just sounds like a main character-ish stapple typing, while Fire/Ground seems to open room for a lot more interesting designs to me.
  4. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    Yeah I can sorta see that.

    Although for me I think I accidentally made a joke about a hypothetical type combo for Scorbunny..... And now it's my preferred route for it.
  5. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    I would love Scorbunny more than even my favorite Galar starter Grooky if they make Scorbunny's last evolution a Grass/Electric.
  6. KKS-Lapras

    KKS-Lapras Well-Known Member

    I'm referring to a starter of that type.
  7. Mega Ampharos the Dragon

    Mega Ampharos the Dragon Electric type Enthusiast

    Why would you be excited about a fire/ground starter evo?
  8. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    Because there hasn't been a Fire/Ground starter yet, and honestly, Camerupt seems kinda forgettable?

    I'm sure most people would forget it exists if it didn't have a Mega.
  9. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    2 weaknesses, 5 resistances, and 1 immunity. Even if one of those weaknesses is x4, that still pretty good.

    Add to that a theoretical decent speed with fire and ground stab?

    Isn't that all pretty good?
  10. Dragon Pulse

    Dragon Pulse Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure why people are mentioning non-starter Pokémon with type combinations that the starters could possibly have, like Camerupt. Jellicent is Water/Ghost, but everyone is on board with it as a typing for Sobble? I don't really see the problem as long as it is not a type combination that hasn't been used for a starter so far, and Fire/Ground and Water/Ghost haven't been used for a starter yet anyway.
  11. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay

    I mean, it's not like there are that many options left for type combinations that have never been used period.

    Water's already been paired with every type possible, so barring the (highly unlikely) introduction of a new type, whatever Sobble winds up becoming is going to repeat.

    Whatever Grookey becomes is also almost certainly going to repeat considering IIRC, the only types that Grass hasn't been paired with yet are Fire and Electric. Grass/Fire's not happening for obvious reasons, and literally nothing about Grookey screams Electric type, so Grass/Electric is highly unlikely as well.

    Scorbunny's the only real shot at a new type combination entirely considering Fire/Fairy hasn't happened yet, and the only other types Fire hasn't been paired with yet are Grass and Ice (yes, Rotom-Heat counts). Again, Fire/Grass isn't happening, and nothing about Scorbunny screams Ice type.
    Dragon Pulse likes this.
  12. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    See I don't see Mono final starters as repeating. Starters generally start out mono so having them end mono repetitively isn't a big deal. However when they add a second type and those repeat that's a problem.
  13. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Give me the life you so tightly cling to!

    If Rotom-Heat counts for Fire/Electric, surely Rotom-Mow counts for Grass/Electric?
  14. KKS-Lapras

    KKS-Lapras Well-Known Member

    Because it would bring about a full trio of starters with part Ground typing, and would be one step closer to having a full Flying and Ground set of starters. Torterra Grass/Ground, stilling need Grass/Flying - almost had it, but no... Decidueye had to become Grass/Ghost instead, so still waiting, Fire/Ground still waiting, Charizard Fire/Flying, Swampert Water/Ground, Water/Flying stilling waiting.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  15. Golden_Latias

    Golden_Latias #SlayQueenSlay


    You're right. I'm sorry. I forgot about Rotom-Mow for some reason.

    Point still stands, though. That leaves Fire as the only type that hasn't been paired with Grass yet, and Grass/Fire is probably not happening.
  16. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    .... But if the final stage doesn't get a second type, and that happens again, that is repeating. It's repeating staying mono type. It's repeating not gaining a secondary typing. If it repeats, anything that's repeating.
  17. Divine Retribution

    Divine Retribution Give me the life you so tightly cling to!

    I'm not sure why repeating types would be such a huge deal anyways. Let's look at Fire/Electric for example. This would be a fantastic offensive type combination, but the only Pokemon who gets it (Rotom-H) isn't all that fast, has pretty mediocre offensive stats, and learns only one damaging Fire move. I think there's plenty of room for Scorbunny to become a fast Fire/Electric attacker and not be outclassed or overshadowed by an existing Pokemon with that type combination, and I don't think Rotom-H would be outclassed either as it still makes a great bulky pivot, and Levitate is huge for a Fire/Electric type.

    This was my big problem with Blaziken and Infernape (and to a lesser extent, Emboar) is they were essentially the same sorts of Pokemon; frail mixed attackers. Infernape had better Speed, sure, but that's part of the problem as until it got Speed Boost through the dream world, Blaziken was largely overshadowed by Infernape. Then, when it did get Speed Boost, the problem was essentially turned the other way around. Emboar is at least somewhat different, being a slower physical wallbreaker, but it still falls in the category of offensive Fire/Fighting types that makes it kind of stale, given its two predecessors are also offensive Fire/Fighting types. I don't mind repeat type combinations, but when you combine a repeat type combination with a similar stat spread, you end up with one of the Pokemon overshadowing the other, and that's when the staleness comes in. Repeat type combinations but with unique roles and stat spreads are a good thing in my opinion, as it gives you a more diverse variety of options to pick from when choosing a Pokemon of that typing. If Scorbunny theoretically became a fast offensive Fire/Electric type and I was looking for a Fire/Electric type for my team, I could pick between having a fast attacker in Scorbunny's final evo or a bulkier pivot in Rotom-H.
    Beloberto likes this.
  18. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    Not all repeating is bad. Repeating the same two type combination three times in a row is bad. It's bad because there are 16 other types to combo with.
  19. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    I'd agree with that.

    But that's also (to some extent) the same reason why I think repeating any type combo within starters is bad, or rather less than ideal/preferred.

    And if they are going to do it, which again I'd prefer they not, try to do it in a way that feels very/more original.

    So for a Grass/Fighting monkey starter.

    -We already have a Grass/Fighting starter.
    -We already have 3 pure Grass type starters.
    -We already have a /Fighting monkey/ape starter.
    -We already have multiple /Fighting monkey/ape Pokemon.
    -We already have several mono type monkey/ape Pokemon.
    -we already have a mono type Grass monkey/ape Pokemon.

    So a pure Grass or a Grass/Fighting monkey Pokemon would feel rather "been there, seen that".

    Where as say a Grass/Dark, Grass/Rock, Grass/Electric monkey starter would feel much more unique.
  20. DSDark

    DSDark Breeder

    Exactly. If the typing repeats the pokemon has to feel unique. So for Grookey it needs to feel different as a monkey and as a grass pokemon

    The uniqueness is the other main problem with Fire/Fighting. Infernape is different then blaziken and better for it. Emboar is a different but doesn't do anything that Blaziken or Infernape can't. It is a waste of a starter.

    While for the mono repeats they are all different then others. However I argue that Gen 5 had the worst starters overall. None of them do anything special that the others can't do.

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