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Gen I Tournament team


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Before anyone asks, I asked the staff if this falls under "no gimmicks" ,and they said they didn't.

The Something Awful Forums have a good sized Pokemon thread, and we all play tournaments together. This time around, the theme is Gen I.

The clauses:
Battles are best two out of 3; 3 Pokemon per team with no changing (items, moves,EVs) at all
No Plat exclusive moves
No Mew or Mewtwo
Gen I only (yes, this includes future evolutions, such as Blissey, Scizor, and non Gen I Eeveelutions).
This will be taking place on Wi-Fi, where Hypnosis is still 70% accurate.

Butterfree w/ Focus Sash
252 atk/252 speed/4 HP
- Sleep Powder
- Stun Spore
- Supersonic/Toxic
- U-Turn

My starter and the standard double powder set. It outruns pretty much any non-Scarfed/speed boost Pokemon, including Adamant Aerodactyl. Without the Scarf, it can outrun non +Speed Dragonite and Gyarados.

After making the appropriate status ailment (Sleep), it'll switch out. Worst case scenario, it'll take a KO so someone else can come in safely.

The big threat is any priority move and anyone to use a priority move, as well as Taunters. I went through pretty much every starter in my head, and figured this presented me with a good payoff despite it's weaknesses. It really helps that Tyranitar won't be in this tournament, and hopefully I'll have good enough prediction skills to know when I'll be Taunted.

Snorlax w/ Leftovers
Thick Fat
156 HP/132 DEF/220 Special Defense
-Body Slam
-Ice Punch

The EVs listed are the basic Curselax EVs tweaked, putting more EVs into Defense so it can take a hit while it sets up to Curse, while the SpD EVs bring it up to 311. I considered Amnesia briefly for the second slot, but Snorlax's attacking power should let me deal with the likes of Gengar and Alakazam with not many worries.

Body Slam provides potential paralysis support, Pursuit can catch the fleeing Gengar/Alakazam, and Ice Punch will threaten the flyers and make it harder for Dragonite to switch in. My big threat is Machamp and Gyarados getting hax lucky with Waterfall

Even though Chansey is available to use in this tourney, I decided against it. She won't be able to deal much damage, and Snorlax can take hits from both ends of the spectrum as well as boosting it's own attack with Curse. I am questioning if I have a good enough type coverage and how much Fire Punch could add to it if I took Body Slam out.

Dragonite w/ Choice Scarf
Inner Focus
190 atk/68 special attack/252 speed/
-Thunder Punch
-Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse

Mixed revenge killer and someone who can finish the game. Draco Meteor is there so I can attack without getting stuck into the same move, but am considering Dragon Pulse for the accuracy. Fire Punch isn't present since steel types are only present with Magneton, which is taken care of by Earthquake. Switching into stealth rock isn't too much of a concern for me. The only real one is someone holding Scarf such as Alakazam or Gengar, both of which could have HP Ice. But if I'm lucky, Snorlax can absorb the hit, or Butterfree can make a sacrifice. It can also outrun and KO Gyarados after one dragon dance with a +speed nature, which is why so many speed EVs are there.

I've been out of battling for a while outside of random PBR crap, so please tear this team to shreds. It's hard to cover everything with 3 Pokemon and really hard without new Plat moves and all the new typings/evolutions from Gen II onwards.

EDIT:Tournament is on Friday, upon which I'll ask Reno to close the thread.
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