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Gen III is the best Pokemon Generation

Captain Jigglypuff

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Gen III did a great job of introducing a permanent addition to the games that was very well balanced for the most part with Abilities. Other than a couple of Abilities being near useless, only the weather changing ones and Wonder Guard but only if you hacked the games and put it on Sableye could be considered to be overpowered.


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  • Thw weather system was quite a nice addition.
  • All those things about evs, ivs, natures, abilities
  • Lots of good new pokémon
  • A decently good and diverse region
  • Decent legendaries
  • Very good remakes of the first gen


Son of Seiso
I feel like gen III was one of the ones that GameFreak had a pretty difficult time balancing. Just looking at the differences between games on Bulbapedia, there were a lot of changes, going from R/S to FR/LG and FR/LG to Emerald. The sheer number of changes gave us a lot of features to pick favorites from, even if individual games had their flaws.

Personally, Battle Frontier was one of my favorite additions to Emerald. Abilities, the Physical/Special split and double battles were fun, even in their infancy.

On the flip side, gen III had some aspects that make playing through them annoying, from a modern perspective. Berry mechanics were pretty awful. And not having back-access to gen II or I games was frustrating for dex completion.

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“Best” is a matter of opinion. That said, gen 3 seems to be the first generation where the series hit its stride. Some things were still missing (namely only one region instead of two like in gen 2 which a lot of people didn’t like) and no day/night system; yes I know there was a clock in rse but nothing shifted to tell u it was day or night.

but overall gen 3 imo was the first time where the developers could really make the game they wanted to make without being bound to limitations of working with late 80s/early 90s hardware. Yes the gba was still limited compared to the GameCube, but it was a quantum leap compared to what they could do before. After all at the time gen 3 was called a reboot of sorts for the franchise, so yeah, even though gen 3 is far from perfect, it was much better than anything else Pokemon at the time, but overall somethings later games just do better.


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Like honestly, Gen 3 really blew me away the first i played them. It was the first time i played a game from an older generation. Probably has the most consistent Pokemon roster. Wailord is an example.