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Gen V Music

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Ok. I admit it. I've never played a pokémon game where I fell in love with the music to the point where I would listen to it on my own but in my opinion, Gen V had a fantastic soundtrack. Hoenn had good music but I feel Gen V focused a lot more on it and some of the new themes are great.

Did anyone else like the new music in Gen V? If so, which pieces were your favorite(s)?

Some of my favorites----
-Driftveil City
-I love the new pokémon gym theme remixes, especially Burgh's.
-I think it was in BW but I like the "Gym Leader Pinch" music that plays on the leader's last pokémon.
-The music in the Reversal Mountain base area reminded me of Gusty Gulch from Paper Mario.
-Last but not least, my favorite is Virbank City. Never before have I wanted sheet music for a pokémon song until I heard this.


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I always love listening to pokemon music and gen V was no exception.
I agree with your choices, but, I'll add some more. The music that plays when you talk to Ghetsis and N is really good. It's dark and sets the tone. I used to wait for Ghetsis' speeches just to listen to the music that plays :)
Their battle music is really good too.
The piano music in Celestic tower. That is too dark and awesome imo.
Hugh's theme is really nice.
Aspertia City music and Route 20 are really nice.
Mistralaton City. I sounds weird and cool.
Route 10 music. 'nuff said.

Actually I can go on listing all my fav soundtracks, but, then I'll end up listing all of the music !
I think I'll stop here.

Born Better

God of Lightning
Drayden's gym
Iris battle
Cheren/Bianca battle
Hugh Battle
Roaming Pokemon theme
Colress battle
E4 theme
All Gen 1-4 remixes,especially Johto
Dennis Pt.1
N battle

And these are just off the top of my head.


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There IS a thread for music discussion in B/W subforum, but the thread is dead (last post is from last year's July), so I guess I'll just move this to the B/W section.

EDIT : on second thought, I'm moving this to the B2/W2 subforum instead, so you all can discuss B2/W2 musics as well. Not to mention B2/W2 subforum has no music thread.


Aspertia City has nice music; it's so calm and soothing. I also liked Virbank City's music, even if it sounds like a gloomier version of the Nacrene City BGM. The Virbank Complex music absolutely slays too. It reminds me of another track from the old games, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
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