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Gen8 Fossil Pokemon, what do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Sword & Shield Discussion' started by paipr_christian, Jul 6, 2018.

  1. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    But if the Pokémon were to be a dinosaur Pokémon I would prefer it to have a typing no other fossil Pokémon have. I'm still waiting for a Fire/Rock fossil Pokémon that has kinda like a volcano motif but has something that separates it from Camerupt and Typhlosion. Maybe we could have a stegosaurus Pokémon like that but it constantly ejects magma from the plates on its back as a defense mechanism against predators and that its skin is able to withstand its own lava.
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  2. PocketMonsterRealm

    PocketMonsterRealm Since Crystal

    or whatever this dino is
    I could see him as a fire/rock pokemon dude. his armor gives alot of potential for designs.
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  3. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Yeah but I've also been thinking that there could be one that could shoot lava from its tail as well, as if it were some sort of hose or something. Something that will better differentiate it from Camerupt.
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  4. PocketMonsterRealm

    PocketMonsterRealm Since Crystal

    yeah that would be cool. not sure how to do that with this guy though.
    I can see him having a lava rock on the end of his tail that leaks lava onto his back.. and he can fling lava with it.
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  5. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Maybe that could also work like a flail. It could swing its tail around and that could cause serious damage to whatever gets hit by it.
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  6. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    I imagine an anklysarous being a good Rock/Fire Fossil.

    It's first stage would have a flat back that can be used like a burner, and trainers could use it to heat food.

    For the Evo it's armored back could be like cracked stone with glowing red lava from it's cracks. (Bonus fun anklysarous' natural weak point is it's belly, and with a Rock/Fire type being x4 weak to Ground, its almost a mirror to that fact)
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  7. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Kinda reminds me of Turtonator because of its weak spot being its belly. But to make it different from it, I wouldn't have that have exploding spines. But I can imagine it being called a 'Groudonsaur' as an alternate name in the games because it could resemble Groudon in some way.
  8. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    Sorta, but not really. I mean only in the same way that Grass types can resemble each other cause multiple have leafs in thier motif.

    I do get the Torterra comparison, specially since I feel that line takes on dino like characteristics as it evolves.

    That said I can still see this hypothetical Rock/Fire anklyo being unique enough it stands out and is it's own thing.
  9. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Oh, at least a Grass dinosaur with a combination of prehistoric plants would be fine for me. I meant Turtonator for the Fire ankylosaurus because both have their bellies as their weak points although I do get the Torterra comparison for the Grass dinosaur.
  10. Kdude146

    Kdude146 Well-Known Member

    For the gen 8 Fossil Pokemon I would like to see a triceratops that is an rock/electric type with the ability lightning rod it evolves when leveled up knowing charge beam. For the second fossil Pokemon I would like to see a raptor that is a rock/fighting type with the ability scrappy it evolves when leveled up knowing aura sphere. I think that they should be version exclusive Pokemon.
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  11. Fairy Queen

    Fairy Queen Lover of the Fairy type

    Sabretooth Tiger: Rock/Normal or Rock/Fighting with Tough Claws and/or Strong Jaw has High Attack and semi high speed

    Beezlebufo "Devil Frog": Rock/Water or Rock/Ground with Sap Sipper or Water Absorb respectfully has High HP and balanced stats aside from low speed

    Titanboa: Rock/Poison or Rock/Dark with Shed Skin or Intimidate has good attack and decent bulk
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  12. Bus

    Bus Well-Known Member

    Personally, I'm hoping for at least 2 of these dinos we haven't seen yet.

    Rock/Dark- Velociraptor (Ridiculously High Speed, low Hp, low/medium Defenses, Avg/low Attack, High Special Attack)
    Rock/Electric- Stegasuarus (High Hp & Defense, Avg/good Attack & Special Attack, Very low Special Defense, Low Speed)
    Pure rock- Spinosaurus (Very High Attack, Avg Defense & Special Defense, Medium/Low Speed, Pitiful Special Attack)
    Rock/Fighting- Pachycephalosaurus [The headbutting dinosaur] (Low/Avg Hp, Ridiculously high Attack, Good/High Attack, Good Defense, Low Special Attack, Pitiful Special Defense, Low/Avg Speed)
  13. Kirby Dragons

    Kirby Dragons Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see some basic dinosaurs like the velociraptor. I'd also like more pure Rock-types since we only have one.
  14. Litleonid

    Litleonid Well-Known Member

    I think I'd actually like something along the lines of a sabertooth tiger. The fossil is a large tooth. Something along the lines of velociraptor might be cool too!
  15. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    X2 Rock/Flying
    X3 Rock/Water
    X1 Rock

    8 of the possible 18 Rock combos, I vote we go with any of the unused (or at utter least hold off on more Rock/Flying and Rock/Water type fossils).

    That leaves

    Plenty of things those combos can be used for.
  16. Kung Fu Ferret

    Kung Fu Ferret The Usurper

    Rock/Ghost: Megaloceros
    Rock/Fire: Pyroraptor
    Rock/Electric: Phorusrhacos
    Rock/Poison: Dilophosaurus
    Rock/Fairy: Elasmotherium
    Rock/Normal: Diprotodon
    Rock/Fighting: Thylacoleo
    Rock/Dark: Smilodon
    Rock/Ground: Megatherium
    Rock/Psychic: Gigantopithecus
  17. Fairy Queen

    Fairy Queen Lover of the Fairy type

    Rock/Ghost would be cool as a Ghost taking over a Fossil. So it would be similar to the Aerodactyl and Kabutops fossils in the museum in Gen 1 (or the Missing forms of them).
    DBK likes this.
  18. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    Hmm... I do like the idea of a Fossil reviving like "wrong" into a stone skeletal Rock/Ghost type.... Might still be a bit too ..something though.
  19. Drewser17

    Drewser17 Member

    Ankylosaur - Fighting/Rock - Club Fossil
    Titanis - Ground/Rock - Beak Fossil
    Andrewsarchus - Fire/Rock - Snout Fossil
    Megatherium - Psychic/Rock - Paw Fossil
    Dimetrodon - Electric/Rock - Spine Fossil
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  20. paipr_christian

    paipr_christian grass type fan.

    What about a Rock/Fighting Raptor? It could use Sacred/Secret Sword with it's toe Claw/blade ?
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