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Gen8 Fossil Pokemon, what do you want to see?


grass type fan.
So random moment of inspiration. I don't have a concept to go with this name but.

We need a Rock/Ghost fossil named Fossaurus aka Fossil + saurus.


What will they be? - Cave bear and Irish elk.
What types? - Ground/Steel and Fighting/Normal.
Stats? - Cave bear excels in Atk and Def, but is slow. Irish elk excels in Atk and Spd, but has lower defense.
Abilities? - Cave bear gets Anger Point as First Ability (gets angry after critical hit, maxes Atk), and Thick Fat as a Hidden Ability (halves Fire and Ice damage). Irish elk gets Vital Spirit as First Ability (prevented from falling asleep), and Fur Coat as a Hidden Ability (halves damage from physical moves).
What's their 'fossil' named? - Paw Fossil and Hoof Fossil.

Kung Fu Ferret

The Great Dreamer
I had an idea for a fossil duo based on the Iguanodon and the Carnotaurus (yes, I recently was thinking about Disney's DINOSAUR)
Iguanodon would be rock/fighting with moxie (HA sap sipper), and Carnotaurus would be rock/dark with anger point (HA rough skin)