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Gen8 starters, which one will you choose?

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The new gen 8 starters have just been revealed, so I was wondering, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite is Sobble. He looks so cute! But I also like Scorbunny. Although I first have to see his next evolution to decide if I'm gonna choose him. Grookey is my least favorite starter.

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I'll probably go with water, I've gone with water for years. Guess it really depends on who'll be on my team though

Grey Wind

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I never decide on a starter until I see it's final form, but right now I think my favourite is the water one. Fire bunny is my least favourite and I'm indifferent to the monkey.
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I never decide on a start until I see it's final form, but right now I think my favourite is the water one. Fire bunny is my least favourite and I'm indifferent to the monkey.
Same here. I like the water one now, not liking either the fire or the grass one.


I will probably go for Sobble but I might also end up with Grookey too depending on their next stages. I don't like Scorbunny at all and don't think my opinion about it will change.


I'm torn between Sobble and Skorbunny. Leaning more towards Skorbunny as I enjoy football. Grookey is sort of low-key not interesting to me.

Kung Fu Ferret

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Scorbunny looks like it'll probably be parts fighting when it evolve. My current choice will be Grookey for sword, Sobble for shield. This will not be my final decision due to the fact that we don't know what they will evolve into yet.

Hunter Zolomon

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Just like always for me evolutions will play a factor in my decision. Without seeing any evolutions, right now I'm leaning towards Grookey. I like Monkey type Pokemon lol. Chimchar is one of my favorite starters of all time!


The Purple Karakasa
I might have no Nintendo Switch, but I like the grass monkey better than the others. That would be my choice if I had a Switch.


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They are all 3 cute. I'm glad that having a previous monkey starter didn't prohibit getting another one now. That all being said, Sobble is my current favorite.

Nick VO

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Most likely goin mg to pick Scorbunny it’s different although I definitely do not want another fire fighting starter! Way to many it would nice to pair with fairy and something along those lines. Grookey is dope but reminds me too much of oshawatt. And Sobble is up in the air for me. Itll come down to a last minute decision. I always loved playing with the fire starters and water starters


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Not particularly fond of any of the starters really, but I do like Scorbunny the best. I don't particularly like Grookey at all.


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I'll end up breeding a six party team with at least, 5 perfect ivs, with egg moves I want from Utra Moon, then Transfering to SWSH but, to progress in the game, I'll most likely pick the water type and put it in the P.C.


Sobble for now but as others have said final evos are very important to the descion making process.
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