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☆C e l e b r i t y☆
Yeah, I do have some pokemon I prefer to be male like rock pokemon and heatran


☆C e l e b r i t y☆
and bellossom


I'm not too picky between gender, but it just depends on what pokemon I use.

I don't spend my breeding time trying to look for a specific gender though, I spend more than enough time already (I really go for the best IVs i can get).

But yea, depending on the pokemon, i choose which gender I'd rather have. My current team right now is a perfect 50/50 when it comes to genders. 3 female, 3 male. lol coincidentally lol. I also like the fact that the genders are what I'd prefer for that pokemon. (i.e. Heracross being male, Kingdra being female, etc)


New Member
I'm really don't care much about gender for battling/looks. The only time I can think of that it really matters to me is when I'm trying to breed them.



For my in-game team, gender was very crucial for me.
I had to get a female shellos, and had to get a male chatot.

Competitive wise, I don't really care.

Jounin Elite

Well-Known Member
For in game fighting, I prefered as many females as possible. Cute Charm was hell to all males, because every opponent with that ability was a girl.
It's their appearance for me. Those that look manly I prefer male, and those that look feminine I prefer female. I do care for gender, as I'll never train the likes of Male Gardevoir and Female Machamp and such.

A few are mostly gender-neutral, so it usually doesn't matter for me in such cases.

Pinata Panda

I Am Crazy ^_^
For my fav pokemon in my team (like infernape and aibipom) i prefure male but my infernape is a girl but i dont mind that much


Ivar's Experience
in my team i mostly want males because if the pokemon knows an egg move the baby pokemon will now him to!


Water Trainer
It depends on the pokemon species for example,

If it's a pokemon like gyarados, empoleon, or lucario I want them male
If it's like milotic or roselia I want them female


Well-Known Member
don't care really but my pokemon are typiclly female


Well-Known Member
I alway have three female pkmn and three male pkmn in my party
EDIT: rank up


< The one and only
I only catch male Pokemon. But I make exceptions if the kind of Pokemon I'm catching can only be female.
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