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General Character Discussion Thread

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they hinted towards older champs returning with new looks ( red,blue )

both look super awesome cant wait to battle them

Since we already saw Cynthia with her old look, I guess that Red and Blue are the only characters that are returning with a new look..


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I personally really want to see Iris and Diantha coming back, with or without a new design :)

agreed im guessing most of the well known trainers will be at the tree. prob including gym leaders/battle frontier trainers


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
Considering they definitely aged up Blue and Red and Wally doesn't look like he's aged, I'm pretty sure that this means S/M take place not too long after X/Y, as OR/AS took place not too long before X/Y, correct? It'd make sense with there being no newly discovered Megas.
Well, it's worth considering that RSE and RBY take place during the same time (or year, I guess).


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Maybe they just wanted to show that many years have passed since the first games came out, and that's why Red and Blue r older now..

yeah thats prob the reason. or they prob hinting at a new kanto game where its set 20 years in future. or you know to celebrate the 20 year of pokemon to showcase where it all, began

Well, it's worth considering that RSE and RBY take place during the same time (or year, I guess).

i thought it was FR LG and RSE that was set at same time
Maybe they just wanted to show that many years have passed since the first games came out, and that's why Red and Blue r older now..

I feel the same way. Those two also appear outside the Battle Tree, and the 6v6 battles the trailer showcased weren't at the usual Battle Tree arena.
I don't expect any more redesigns, maybe Giovanni if they decide to put emphasis on him too.


danger chili pepper
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Wally not getting old is nothing compared to the exact same Frontiers existing in Sinnoh & Johto simultaneously.


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That would be amazing, really :)
I hope they will be challenging enough

It's the Battle Tower of this region, so they are all to be Level 50 using 3 Pokemon(4 I guess for Doubles, 6 if Triple/Rotation(Whichever it is) is still around). We will also be at the same level and use the same Pokemon. Can't use bag items so no healing except with held items and moves. The AI in these things are higher than other stuff. All in all, they will be challenging, still ultimately depends on your team though, but they'll be giving most a hard time, and wont go down easy. I would imagine they would probably have a group of Pokemon they could use and get to use 3 random each time(Maybe 2 if they want them to use their ace), although that was more of a PWT thing so that might not be the case here, although hopefully it is, I would like to see them with different Pokemon throughout the generations.


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"Psh, oh Red, the same old Snorlax, looks like you're just-"
"....Oh sweet mother of Arceus"

Oh, like there is any chance at all that Red's Z-Move is not going to be Catastropika. The only real question is whether he will have Mega-Charizard (X, naturally *rolleyes*) or not.


Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!
How cool would it be if you could do not only double battles but triple battles with the others, and you get to choose 2 characters to team up with and they follow you around the battle tree. Just for example, having Cynthia and Wally running around after you....AHHH! It's almost like following pokemon again, or as if you're going on your own journey with friends....just you're stuck in the battle tree.


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Just learned from the trailer Lillie might end up as a battler afterall. https://youtu.be/JZcqvFtWyqI?t=170

Not only that but Gladion is with her so we are teaming up with her against Gladion! wonder if it is main story or postgame?

Also here is hoping we do not just get champions in the battle tree and Wally because he has a 3d model. Really hope we get to battle the rivals too like silver. Dont let me down GameFreak!


Everything stays.
I don't know why I never thought to go back to this video:


If it wasn't confirmed already, we now know that Cosmog is indeed what Lillie has in her bag: the cry from the E3 gameplay matches Cosmog's.
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