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General Character Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Endless, Feb 27, 2016.

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  1. goodpeople25

    goodpeople25 Well-Known Member

    I personally really enjoyed her character (and the story in general) but i can see why she wouldn't work for other people (and again the story and the focus on it in general). And some moments I could tell only worked cause I enjoyed her character. (Her "Z powered form", well referring to it as such, was definitely right on the line for me.)
  2. shadowF

    shadowF Well-Known Member

    So I want to play the games as close as canon as possible. So which starter fits closest to Hau as canon?
  3. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    Lillie: Fairly neutral towards her. I just dislike how helpless she is all the time.
    Hau: 1-dimensional happy-go-lucky "rival". Nothing to see here.
    Kukui: Another cool professor. Favourite character in the game so far.

    None, really, in my opinion. But if I had to pick one for him, water starter?
  4. Wryteous

    Wryteous Rogue Trainer

    I was really surprised and impressed by Proffesor Kukui utilizing the unpicked starter in the final battle. I thought that was a great nod to the third starter dilemna of previous games.

    Didn't appreciate Guzma or any of team skull's personality. But I did appreciate the fact that the team wasn't the overarching nemesis in this storyline.

    I actually really did enjoy Hau's positive character for most parts of the storyline. His character did appear and offer help in areas which exemplified his kindness. And still a good rival to be respected- his A-Raichu always caused a knockout in my battles.
  5. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    There is much more Lillie hate than I expected! I do see where it is coming from--there were a couple times she caused me to roll my eyes--but overall I found her pretty likable. Hau annoyed me much more, but you can't be mad at someone so happy for too long lol.
  6. U.N. Owen

    U.N. Owen In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night ...

    Hau's reactions were always a plus for me. I never stopped laughing when he found out Lusamine was over 40.
  7. shadowF

    shadowF Well-Known Member

    Really? If that is the case then I will just choose Litten as my starter. it just is getting annoying people saying Rowlet is the canon starter and Popplio fits Hau because they are both losers.
  8. EmphaticPikachu

    EmphaticPikachu A tired little girl~

    I guess I'll list what I thought of all the characters:
    Lillie- she's a total cutie, and the development was nice, if a bit repetitive at times. They really hit her moe factor hard and Im a sucker for it. kek Her leaving at the end hit me pretty hard, no more smiles :c

    Hau- Total cutie too, never really irritated me. Fun guy, I don't really feel much development but but its still there in small bits, and I'm glad for that.

    Gladion- He actually kind of annoyed me, idunno. Not his character (he was hilarious and awesome) but the way he started commenting on working together post Hau; idk, it makes sense, but i felt the dialouge expressing it was quite awkward and I swear he said the same thing twice...
    That said, that smile right before the elite four was beautiful and there needs to be more of it :<
    I did like how Hau thought he did half the stuff he did because he thought it'd make him look cool LOL I think that was my favorite line because its so true. Probably what normalized his weird tendencies to me.

    Kukui was an awesome professor kek

    Team skull themselves were awesome, although I was sorta disappointed with Guzma, I wanted him to be more of a threat in the end, just kinda felt he petered out... (although perhaps me using crobat removed the tougherness of his fight.)
    Cool that the Nigihleo caused him to feel fear tho, knocked some sense into him and while I haven't seen it in game, I have heard about his past, which does make me understand why he's the way he is.

    I didn't really like Plumeia though...she's just kind of there, Her remorse was cool but I didn't get or connect with her like the others.
    Team aether- I kind of did like their execution.
    I also ****ing called Wicke not being evil/crazy, it just didn't make sense to me. I was surprised faba was in on it though, maybe my surprise is stupid in hindsight (he's ego driven) but I thought that annoying ego would have been something Lusamine hated. Tbh, I thought it was only Lusamine that was in on it and she just had a catalog of grunts on her side, and I was...sorta right, I guess.

    Lusamine- She annoyed me more then made me interested, but I eventually was okay with her. I really disliked her because I didn't understand her at first, but the moral conflict over how much she had control over her actions was probably the best choice as otherwise i couldn't take how crazy she became. Subject of many debates in the future. Her theme is nice though and god did her final battle catch me off guard... (****ing clefable)

    Trial captains and Kahuna:
    Some of these were hilarious and I was laughing the entire time, along with being surprised at the toughness of the totem battles; but thats for another thread.

    Personal favorite was probably Lana and a certain elite four member I can't spell the name of (Ace- agh...) Lana had me rolling all the time, thirsty, deadpan no nonsense girl. Sadist too god.

    The Kahuna were all pretty cool, I liked them all o vo.

    Anabel at the end completely caught me off guard lmafo, what the hell. I did not see that coming.

    One thing I was disappointed about was the UBs being mostly in the post game. When I saw them descend and attack the different island I was expecting,...so much more, come on. Zzz
  9. Maxine&Ovol


    Id really like to know whats wrong with gladions hand. Has anyone ever came up with any ideas about this? Or has no one thought anything about it?
  10. I'm thinking that it might be stress-induced...

    On the topic of Gladion, can I just say how his smile just before Mt Lanakila f**king killed me with how adorable it was.
  11. Wulava

    Wulava Chuffed to bits Staff Member Moderator

    Most people say that it's just Chuunibyou or Eighth Grade Syndrome.
    Or it's just too much edge concentrated on his hand...
  12. mystic9899

    mystic9899 Pokemon fan

    gladion's reaction when nanu did the dark type z-move pose xD priceless.

    overall, i loved the characters in this game, especially lillie and hau. for some reason it felt like they were travelling alongside me rather than just showing up out of nowhere.
  13. BlitzGirl41

    BlitzGirl41 Well-Known Member

    Finished the UB post game missions (didn't take too long), and already I am missing my companions. It doesn't help that at times when I start the game up, RotoDex mentions Lillie, wondering if she "is still in her Z-powered form". Hey, I teared up when she left, don't remind me she's gone! :( This is why I hope for a S/M sequel. Honestly, I never thought I'd grow attached to the characters in this game because that's never happened to me in any Pokemon game before. Most of our companions have either been standard rivals, or really obnoxious (looking at you, B/W and X/Y. Ugh). I feel guilty that I didn't attempt to visit Aether Foundation after catching Lunala. I wanted to know if Lillie and Lusamine were there.

    EDIT: Also got to say that I loved how Gladion ended up not being a typical rival. Started off seeming like an antagonist, then eventually gets on good terms with us. He may not consider us "friends", but it's really nice to see a rival change their opinion about you by the end.
  14. diakyu

    diakyu Well-Known Member

    It's likely just to show he's a bit too edgey, but if you want to look into it deep it might be some neurological problem cause by nerve damage. Just like his clothes he was probably hurt by Type: Null in one of its rampages that would cause it.
  15. YonaNoveau

    YonaNoveau Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I also grew pretty fond of the main cast this time around, especially given how lackluster it was in XY. I loved how Gladion was a throwback to the abrassive rival but without falling into being way too much into a jerk or one dimensionally edgy. I mean, sure he has a lot of edge, but has a quite a bit of depth as a character and his attitude is well explained and justified, and even then it's not so bad, hell in the first battle with Hau his reaction was because Hau was taking it easy instead of rubbing his victory in his face (and he even admitted Hau's pokemon weren't weak, the problem was other).

    Lillie was adorable and even though the whole "shy, spineless person grows more confident and brave with hardship" character arc has been overdone, I can't help feel but love it any time it happens, Lillie is no exception. Gonna admit I was tempted to give Nebby back to her after the Legendary battle (I even called Solgaleo Nebby and added it to the team simply because I had grown attached to him)

    While I always liked Hau, it did rub me off how at first he was just there, nothing really beyond being your friend. Everybody kept talking about the Player Character and how big of a deal it was that he was doing the challenge and then was like "oh yeah, Hau too...". Fortunately he got more active as the game went on and he got his own spot in all the events.

    Though would have liked that Gladion and Hau had joined in the Ultra Space against Lusamine's last battle, really for me the real climax of the game was the Assault on the Aether Foundation with teaming up with your rivals, facing team skull and all the big reveals. While the Ultra Space did have the legendary and was also pretty intense it did feel less so than the Aether Base. And come on, it was Lillie's shining moment, his bro should have been there to see his little sister not take anymore crap from their crazy mom.

    And lol poor Gladion, he's stuck covering his mom's business while Lillie and Lusamine left him for pokemon adventuring XD (Okay, I know it's more complicated, but it's still amusing to think it that way). One thing though... Lillia and Gladion had very little interaction despite their relationship, while Gladion did talk quite a lot about his sister they shared one dialogue? Lillie doesn't even mention him that much... truth to be told, she doesn't interact that much with anyone besides the Player Character, (predominantly) Kukui and Lusamine, even if she mentions how some people have been very important to her. Even Hau seems way too heartbroken for her departure, despite how his interactions with her didn't go much further than getting along rather well with Lillie instead of a deep friendship.
  16. BlitzGirl41

    BlitzGirl41 Well-Known Member

    Good analysis! Overall, yes, the characters, even the "weak" ones, feel like they are done better than in X/Y. Even the characters I am not very into are still more memorable for me.

    I didn't rename Lunala, but in the post-game I named the Cosmog you get if you go through the rift at the altar "Nebby" in memory of my character's good friendship with Lillie. Almost don't want to evolve Nebby, but it's the one good way to give my Sun-owning friend a Lunala.

    As for the seeming lack of interaction between the other characters, I'm just going to assume there was interaction and dialogue done "off camera". At least, that's what makes sense to me.
  17. I know this thread is more for developed character arcs, but I gotta say, my favourite underrated character of this game has gotta be Mina. She is like my Pokemon soulmate. She loves art, has a job to do but procrastinates it with her hobby, gets bored kind of easily, Wears casual clothing, has an awkward-but-optimistic talking style and uses a Ribombee. Like not only is that exactly what I'm like, but she became an enjoyable character in her small yet adorable appearances. Seeing her family in Seafolk village talk about her is also sweet, plus it actually gave her backstory. If Stars really is a sequel, they'd better add more scenes with Mina in.
  18. BlitzGirl41

    BlitzGirl41 Well-Known Member

    I guess this would be a good place to ask: Who is everyone's most and least favorite Kahuna/Trial Captain? You can choose based on any criteria (appearance, personality, team Typing, etc.).

    Favorite: Kahuna Hala - I really like his character design, and that he's an older guy (which isn't new in Pokemon, I know). He's just quite memorable, especially since he's around since the beginning of the game - he gives you your starter, after all. I like that he gave the starter option instead of Professor Kukui, breaking a long-standing tradition in these games.

    Least Favorite: Kahuna Hapu - Even if I could tell she was a good-hearted person, and was helpful throughout the story, she just never grew on me. I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of her character design, with those thick always-angry eyebrows and staring eyes. I would have mentioned the Trial Captain Sophocles as one of my least-favorite, but Hapu has way more screen-time and story impact.
  19. Favourite: Nanu. His whole attitude is hilarious, plus the dark-type Z-move scene... Gladion's face XD Also I love his attitude of "I'm only doing this damn job because a red tiki head told me to".

    Least favourite: gotta say Olivia. She just didn't get that much development as a character, and felt to be the "filler" Kahuna more than anything else for me.
  20. cl94

    cl94 Well-Known Member

    Favorite character in the game is easily Nanu for me. He's the biggest badass the series has ever seen. Basically the FBI agent who DGAF about anything. Put that with his music and it's perfect.

    Least favorite Kahuna is Olivia. Again, not much in the way of character development. She's the only Kahuna who doesn't have a decent amount of backstory and we know nothing about her other than that she owns a jewelry shop.
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