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General Characters/Storyline Thread

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This is something that's always irked me some, but - much as I love Diancie's mega appearance - wasn't it mentioned somewhere in the story that only Pokemon who were NOT native to Kalos could go into Mega form, for some reason? Diancie is a Carbink, and Carbink being native to Kalos should by definition not allow it, nor Diancie by extension, to have a mega form.

That was never stated, no, and if it were, then Pokémon such as Salamence and Abomasnow, which in the flashback to the AZ-era war were shown to be present in Kalos 3,000 years ago and can still be found there in the modern day, would not be able to Mega Evolve either since they are most likely native to Kalos as well as to Hoenn and Sinnoh, respectively.

Basically, a Pokémon being introduced in any given Generation does not necessarily mean that that Pokémon is native to that Generation's region.

It's like Sudowoodo. You see a grand total of one Sudowoodo in Johto, but they can be found in abundance in Sinnoh and Kalos, which could suggest that they are actually native to those regions.

You may be thinking of this quote from an online interview:

"X and Y will include all Pokemon from all previous games, offering the largest selection of Pokemon in any of the series' titles. But only specific Pokemon have Mega Evolutions; older Pokemon — like Mewtwo, Lucario and the Generation One starters — will have Mega Evolutions, but Pokemon newly introduced in X and Y will not."


... but that is simply referring to the mechanically-oriented, out-of-universe logic behind the distribution of Mega Evolutions. It has no bearing on the in-universe story logic, and additionally, the introduction of Mega Diancie does not contradict this statement, as all that it claims is that XY will not introduce Mega Evolutions for any Generation VI Pokémon. Mega Diancie was, of course, introduced in ORAS, not XY.


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Mega Diancie was, of course, introduced in ORAS, not XY.

A valid point, also it was an event legendary and, technically speaking, event legendaries are not necessarily introduced at the outset of the game, but "revealed" later on into the generation. Granted everyone knows, but officially, they are not revealed at the get-go, hence making the original claim of Diancie no"introduced" in X and Y, valid. The same goes for past event legendaries (Genesect, Celebi, Deoxys, etc.).

In a relatively unrelated note, the thing that bugged me most about XY was the lack of gym leader interaction, at least during the main storyline (haven't finished the postgame yet). This is my criticism with almost every main series Pokemon game of course as most of them you pop in a gym, battle, and pop out. Yes, some gym leaders had bigger roles (i.e. Clemont and Korrina), but ones like Ramos, Olympia, and Grant just fill the gym space. I'd get over it except for the fact that they executed this SO WELL in BW/BW2 with well defined and developed gym leaders who actually stepped outside and interacted with the protagonist to move the plot along. Also, the fact that they STILL haven't done a dark-type gym is very strange and annoying.

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I dont like how your avatar looks a ten year old kid. Im 19, I want to look like it ty.
Yeah I thought the fact that I couldn't change my avatar to an older like 15-17 year old version was kind of lame.
Facial hair

But that's been the case since like forever, though. Unless you count Wes and Michael who looked like cliché shonen anime protagonists à la Yu-Gi-Oh!. Although personally, I'm 20 and I think that my player character looks remarkably similar to me.

I thought they looked older tbh o_O

But I'm mostly thinking of their full models and artwork. They definitely look older than Brendan or May in ORAS.

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I thought they looked older tbh o_O

But I'm mostly thinking of their full models and artwork. They definitely look older than Brendan or May in ORAS.

That's mainly because of the artstyle, the characters are drawn to be taller. I don't think they're older than 11-12ish. In fact, aside from Hilbert/Hilda and RSE Brendan/May I don't think any of the protagonists are older than that.
That's mainly because of the artstyle, the characters are drawn to be taller. I don't think they're older than 11-12ish. In fact, aside from Hilbert/Hilda and RSE Brendan/May I don't think any of the protagonists are older than that.

I was always under the impression that Calem and Serena were around the same age as Hilbert and Hilda. I don't think it's just the artstyle, ORAS May and Brendan look significantly younger than them to me despite being drawn afterwards.
I also think it's worth mentioning that Looker talks to you like you're old enough to take care of yourself, unlike Emma who he treats more like a child. And she is canonically 16.


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I think I may have to carry on with the story line soon. I just received my 1st badge... then spent far too long in the battle chateau... i'll be going to get my 2nd badge with level 50 pokemon! haha


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I'm pretty sure all main characters starting from B&W are meant to be older (besides ORAS Brendan and May because remakes). I'm pretty sure Nate and Rosa were stated to be older when they were revealed and Calem and Serena look like the oldest protagonists we've ever gotten.


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I never gave much thought to Calem and Serena's ages tbh. I think I just subconsciously assumed that they were older than Ethan/Lyra for instance, but not as old as Hilbert/Hilda.


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Trevor is my favorite character :3 he's so cute.
Not in the attractive way, in the puppyface way.
He reminds me of when in was little and shy.


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I kind of hated the group of friends, and the real lack of a plot line though. It was too simple, and pretty much nothing to do post-game. Seriously, is there just the Looker side thing? Its too 'built for kids', and it doesn't really challenge me like the older games did. As for the rival aspect, I hate what they keep on and keep on doing to them. They stopped being rivals, they're more like just friends who wanna battle every now and again. A rival is meant to give you something to strive for in the games, not just another battle that you can sweep in 2 minutes. The characters have personality and its alright with design...however, I love Team Flare. The entire AZ line was what...1 battle, an then went nowhere? I just thought the whole storyline for X and Y was a bit...underwhelming.


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I started playing Pokemon when I was 15 so the characters always looked too young for me since now I'm 32 and still play them. It is meant for kids and having characters look like children helps their target audience relate to the games more so there's that logic. There will always be children so they have a guranteed market that way, they sort of expect their kid audience to grow up and move on so they won't make any teen or adult characters to play as in any Pokemon game.

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Valerie's eyes are freaky to me. It seems that she tries to scare away Dragon-type users as they battle her.


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I like the five-clique inplementation as it made me feel tht my adventure isn't alone. Tierno's dream was somewhat random (dancing) although as a dancer myself, it did amused me. Trevor, on the other hand, should be more competitive with you as a Pokedex collector. He seemed solid at first but it felt like he wasn't doing anything during the mid part of the game.


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The 'friends' were an annoying recurrence. Sure they made it feel like you weren't alone. But they served no real purpose. And relatively weak, except Serena.
The Shauna bit at Parfum Palace was ridiculous and irrelevant.

Tierno was the most useless, with a pointless dream. I'm not bashing them, just could've been more useful.
I don't think you can find him or her, they should be at your house once you beat the elite four and they give you their starter if I remember correctly ok thanks.


The protagonists don't really look that young to me to be honest. Though I couldn't really guess there ages. People just assume their eleven since that's how it's always been. To be honest, I feel of terms of story and character I feel XY was a bit lacking. I was impress with what was presented in BW and thought with XY there go even further but I was wrong. The stuff with AZ and Lysandre is interesting but I wanted more. Your friends prove to me of a nuisance than anything else. They were entirely forgettable. Maybe I am asking too much from a Pokemon game but BW managed to surprise me. I just wanted more of what we already had.
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