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General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa


Still Dirrty
Welcome to the new general chat thread!

Want to chat more fast-paced with other spp people? Come to the #spp-misc irc!

It's very easy to join. Simply go to the SynIRC page on KiwiIRC, type in your name (and password if you have one), #spp-misc for the channel, and poof! You're there!

To avoid clutter in this thread, if you are discussing something that has its own section on SPPf or its own thread in Misc/subforums, you may be asked by a misc mod to stop talking about it here if it is better suited to those areas. If you do not listen to the mods, you may be infracted.[/B]

As before, this thread is for chatting, but keep in mind that this isn’t a chatroom. When you post here, it’s expected for your posts to have some content. The rules of the forum still apply in this thread. Typically, misc is more lenient than other sections, but that does not mean we won’t infract, so keep that in mind if you’re under the impression you can get away with anything.

Furthermore, any complaints about moderators/infractions/bans/etc do not belong here. Talk to a moderator privately if you have a complaint, the members of General Chat Thread do not care, and you will receive an infraction if you do so.

Also, a warning: this is the 2nd time we've closed this thread due to spam. Don't make it a 3rd time or else the thread most likely won't be re-opened. Report spammy posts to moderators to avoid this from happening, don't just complain about it in here.

this thread has become a spampit once again. please avoid making the following posts that are devoid of substance:
-"what did you eat today?"
-"what did i miss?"
-"how is everyone/how was everyone's day?"
-anything inappropriate
-anything asking about a ban or other moderation decision
-anything that is very obviously uninformed and stupid
-anything that will cause petty fights
-smartass comments about thread title changes
-any talking about how you make bad posts/etc. if you can't make good posts, LEAVE.
-replying to/referencing spam in this thread or any other part of the forum
-short chatting back and forth between you and another member (just use visitor messages)

this is not all-encompassing and in some cases SOME OF THESE (nothing about bans though ever) may be ok if part of a larger post, but if your post is pure spam and obviously not contributing anything to the topic it may be removed.

remember, this thread is NOT a chatroom. if you want to use a chatroom, you can visit #spp-misc or even #spp on purplesurge.
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Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
Today I learned how to get Skype integrated with the web. It is pretty awesome and easier to be able to start a Skype group this way instead of having to switch tabs then select the names of the contacts you want to add.


One Truth Prevails
Glad it got remade. I was a little bummed when it got closed, but completely understood why it did. And I have to say, when I first saw that it was closed, my first thought was "...My comment about a locked, mods only, chat thread....it was just a joke guys XD"

Just want to say thanks to the mods for keeping this forum enjoyable.
Well, its nice to see that this thread is back up. Hopefully we won't have to deal with what happened last time...

Anyways, I just got an invitation to a camp from a college scout. I'm pretty damn excited about it too. (Btw, its for baseball)
So, can somebody explain why it was 65 Degrees in the middle of December last year?

Could be a variety of things, depending on where you live. Mediterranean climates tend to have much milder climates than other areas of the world.

Well, let's hope this one stays up for a while.

Let's hope. The perpetrators got banned, so when they do come back they should be a lot more careful about their behavior.


Be a Man!
Eh, it's so freaking so hot here, I wished it had a bit of snow or some cold days. 34c and still going, and no rain has some days. It's tiring. I hope winter to be that strong too. Maybe we have snow someday (......................).


"Orange" Magical Girl
So, can somebody explain why it was 65 Degrees in the middle of December last year?

Sometimes it did get in the high 50's or low 60's during December and the Fall season but usually it was uncommon (I live in Maryland). That said I did enjoy those days even if it was a bit chilly.