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General Chat Thread - Come to #spp-misc on Discord! https://discord.gg/3u9nKEa

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by Kreis, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    **** that's ludicrous. Are you talking about the version with the 3DS or just the game?

    I still have my trusty Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS but it's gotten a little scratched up from being carried in my bag every time I go on a trip so I need to figure out how to clean it up a little.

    I kind of had Fates written off because Awakening was great for one playthrough but after that all the problems with the game became pretty noticeable, but apparently Conquest is one of the best games in the franchise in years. And the rumours are that we're going to see a new Pokemon generation announced tomorrow and I haven't played Gen 6 yet. I haven't even beaten SMT4 or MM3D and I preordered both those ****ing games. I bought a copy of OoT3D from a friend that I haven't even touched either. This is exhausting.

    Animal Collective comes to town tomorrow though so that's fun
  2. Jb

    Jb Tsun in the streets

    It was the GameStop one with the artbook. I just let people bid on it until it went that high

    Just used the rest of the money to buy a Nexus 6p. This phone is awesome
  3. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    So does anybody do weird things in their sleep?

    I have drooled in my sleep sometimes, but that's far from the weirdest thing I do.

    I have a habit of yelling when I just wake up. I would be previously upset in a dream, and just waking up and having to finish my sentence, I will throw a fit and hit the wall or something.

    It takes me a couple seconds to chill out after someone ticked me off in a fictitious setting.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2016
  4. Lexya428

    Lexya428 Pokèmon Master

    Does sleep "walking" count? I do things in my sleep sometimes. Like get up and do something... luckily it doesn't happen too freuqently.
  5. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    I've been told I talk in my sleep sometimes.

    There's been a lot of times when I seriously wake up 1 minute before my alarm goes off. It's so weird how my body just wakes up like that.
  6. Murder Doll

    Murder Doll Button Presser

    I apparently toss and turn enough to fling heavy comforters off the bed.
  7. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Yeah, pretty much.

    My mom says that I often say jibberish, and that there is an effect happening from the medication.

    I often have a slight fear of my mom baby-sitting my nieces. I can also yell things like, "Shut the **** up!"

    I hate it when dream people are so mean to me. :<
  8. Rocxidi

    Rocxidi ס₪₪₪§€ΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞΞ7

    I see the future in my dreams, often with deja vus i forget but sometimes with indirect dreams in which something very similar happens that same day

    i also drool occasionally. Cant be helped
  9. Akwakwak

    Akwakwak Chu Chu Yeah!

    I'm pretty sure you witnessed a baptism.

    That's definetly alot better than witnessing a kidnapping.
  10. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Reminds me of this: I've had dreams that deal with certain video games, and will give an erroneous detail about the game, yet it would reflect on something actually prevalent.

    One of the funniest was back when Melee was the newest Smash, the dream told me that C. Falcon was my go to for Master & Crazy Hands. The actual character was Ganondorf with Falcon a good second.

    Recently, I had a dream where the Regis in Pokemon were catchable in the Sevii Islands. The real aspect is the braille on said islands, and ever since then, I've had this weird interest in the Dotted Hole and the island one path.
  11. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    My roommate babbles in his sleep, but most of it is unintelligible.

    I've been told that I talked in my sleep when I was younger, but I don't know if I still do.
  12. CyberBlaziken

    CyberBlaziken A Greater Evil

    I've hadto deal with that last year. Super annoying when the littlest of noises can wake me up.
  13. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    My frog experiment has had drastic effects on the variable group. The variable has applied oxygen, the control doesn't. The current living ratio from control/variable is 43/9.

    Also, happy Pokemon day tomorrow (American time) to everybody. It is also my aunt's birthday, who told me that Pokemon was bad, and the game treated the Pokemon as slave labor. LOL!
  14. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    Congrats to Leo for getting the first mene-based oscar.

    God destroy bless the internet.
  15. Vernikova

    Vernikova Champion

    Wow, the forum is deader than ever.

    That news is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to me this leap day. I don't have any plans to watch his movie though. Well, I can't remember the last time I went to the movies.
  16. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    I spent a lot of my night shoveling snow last night, so much fun....I heard next week it's supposed to warm up again. Who knows with Michigan, though. Warm one week and snowy the next.
  17. Pikachu Fan Number Nine

    Pikachu Fan Number Nine Don't Mess wit Texas

    As a Beatles fan and especially John Lennon fan I mourn the loss of George Martin, who produced many of the Beatles' recordings. He passed away in his sleep at age 90 two days ago.
  18. Hunter Zolomon

    Hunter Zolomon Into the Shadows Staff Member Moderator

    I was in Iron Mountain Michigan for the last nine days staying with some friends. I just got home an hour ago. Iron Mountain is up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It's about an 8 hour drive from where I live. I can't remember the last time I had that much fun. Now it's back to work for me and my everyday boring life.....
  19. Navin

    Navin MALDREAD

    Dang, I really should venture into the Upper Peninsula sometime. Farthest I've gone was Sault St. Marie.
  20. Chris

    Chris Old Coot


    Wow, I seriously still have this account? And I went through all of 2015 without posting, let alone logging in. Yowza.

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