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Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
So if anyone's interested in some Internet drama, particularly with Internet critics, while I don't know exactly how this started, Obscurus Lupa, MarzGurl, Pushing Up Roses, Linkara, Holly, and a good number of other previous Channel Awesome contributors are spilling the beans about their experience with the company, mostly with Doug and Rob Walker, and Mike Michaud and just how poorly everything was and is handled, and how much of a scumbag Michaud is. It is freaking amazing, so have a chain out of many you can find through her Twitter.

Lupa also posted on Google Docs a document of producer notes that was made to bring to attention suggestions on approving the website, and the original script for To Boldly Free as well if anyone wants to take a peek.
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Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
I went out to eat yesterday and heard a song which I wanted to know the name and performer of for years, having heard it several times when I was young. So I Shazamed it.

The song was Steam by Peter Gabriel. I actually think it is a pretty good and funky song. You should check it out some time.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Peter Gabriel's pretty great. Genesis was great when he sung with them (granted, they were good with Phil Collins singing too! just a different kind of good!), and his solo career has been full of some good songs.

"Steam"'s a good one, but I have literally never heard it on the radio around here.


Orderan' Defendan'
Do you dudes believe in aliens? A lot of people think aliens are a waste of time to think about, as they'd probably never affect you outright, and while they may be right, it'd be an awful waste of a universe if we were the only sentient life out here.

Sometimes I just look at the stars and think of all the things that may've traveled between em.
Yeah, I think that statistically, there's some form of life out there. I'm skeptical about any alien races much more advanced than we are, though. Hover cars, sure. I just don't think any God like, time bending, worm hole traveling type three civilizations are around yet.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Whatever intelligent life is out there are probably the same level of dumb redneck that we are, just maybe with compound eyes or something.
Yeah, haha. My reasoning is that creatures with our cognitive capacities have evolved on our planet exactly once, we being said creature. I'm assuming it's probably because of the massive calorie intake required to fuel such large, powerful brains. Then you also must consider the likelihood of an intelligent race successfully colonizing the solar system without wiping themselves out first, via runaway technology or something or other.

I also think we would have come into contact with one by now.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
I'm not sure I like the way this looks overall, but also I think this took a lot less time than I thought it would, so hey, that's fine.


The light is coming
It'll take a while for me to get used to this style (especially with all the grey). But I'm glad we can like posts now.


What would happen if I dropped a moon stone
Am I the only one who likes the dark background? It's much easier to look at than that terrible Happy Style. That burns my eyes.

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
It'll take a while for me to get used to this style (especially with all the grey). But I'm glad we can like posts now.

*gets Reputation flashbacks*

Kurloz Makara

Red Death
I like the new look. :D Feels nostalgic and yet brand new at the same time~.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
I think maybe part of why it's bugging me slightly is because I'm used to the Rock style, I dunno.

That one looked pretty decent, all told.