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Kutie Pie

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Omg I really liked Wolf Girl and Black Prince, I've been meaning to re-watch that. Apparently a lot of people don't like it probably because of the bastard boyfriend trope, but it was one of the more enjoyable anime of its season, I felt. (It was the same season and I think also aired the same day as Girlfriend (Kari), which is a piece of ****, so I watched those two and a couple of others back-to-back.)

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
I'm only really following 4 manga right now, and being a fan of all 4 is bad right now. One is ending soon (Gintama), one went on hiatus with the last issue (Hunter x Hunter), one is monthly (UQ Holder!), and One Piece is One Piece.

I also started playing Ni no Kuni II, and Kingdom Hearts recently. Neither have really captured my attention yet, but Ni no Kuni seems more fun at the time


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I need to remember to watch Gintama. It's probably the hold anime I've watched with triple digit episode numbers, and I just need to watch the slip arc and the final arc (so about 26 episodes I think?). That said, I think Gintama choose a good time to exit.


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i come back to life and of course this thread is talking about animus

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discussing animu is fun, but i also like judging people's bad tastes

and boy howdy, we have some real champs in this thread


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Animus are mainstream now though honestly. Which is why taste whether you like it is less important than which ones you like at this point. I don't really care that , much if someone likes anime, I only care if they like the ones I do.

I guess it's kind of the thing with "nerd stuff" going mainstream. It's not so good of a marker for identity or social grouping anymore, so I am finding myself distinguishing myself and relating to others based on other things I am into. Which honestly isn't a bad thing at all, encourages me to be more of a well rounded person. Been going to more alternative/underground clubs lately and live music shows, and making new friends, been going great.

Sadly some people really don't have much in the way of other interests or personality beyond being a nerd.


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PTE is over so all animus are stale again.

if it was made stale by one thing being over then it must have been a bad genre in the first place :^)


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"Moderators: Kirby Serebii SerebiiBot Staff_Member bobjr emeraldellie emeraldellie ricocheting"

Damn it Joe, your forum upgrade cloned one of the admins.

Anyway as for anime I dont watch it anymore. Even though my avatar is from an anime. But eh, couldn't think of anything else to use.


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I wish there was 2 of me I would get so much more done


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We need clones or something.
An eagle landed on some player during the national anthem at a baseball game today

really? an eagle? that's awesome. I wish I had a pet eagle...


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Celebrating raichu's birthday on this forum is fun. :) I would of done it on my own forum, but i've been feeling too sensitive to login lately.

All people here who were on my forum would like to know that this lady plan's on doing a huge update when she returns~

...A little like serebii's did xD