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General Chat Thread

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Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon

Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.

Yay! I found another good adjective for me...XD


meaning 'from the laurel flower'
a beautiful name, in fact one of the best names ever.

LOL...I have the best name...XD
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pretty much every name on urban dictionary talks about how much of a sex god/great *** or tits or dick or w/e/etc anyone with that name is/has.


urban dictionary said:
1. to be awesome beyond contemplation 2. to be so good looking that one is attractive to every female present and at least one guy present 3. to be incredibly smart

1. one who is awesome beyond contemplation (not to be confused with one who is "pious beyond reason") 2. one who pwns in all that he/she does


Now that I got introduced to urban dictionary I can't stop reading it...It's really funny...XD
Your Welcome.
I didn't even realize that Chuck E Cheeze was still around.
You go there, pay to see a big rat, & leave.

1. Pokemon 5357 up, 2651 down
A disease that started in Tokyo. It first infected Gameboys in Japan in 1995. Then in 1998 the disease infected Gameboys in America. Soon channel WB11 was infected too, and now Cartoon Network. The ever-so-popular "Gameboy Advance" systems got infected in 2002, and still is. In 1999 the disease started spreading via cardboard aka "Pokemon Trading Card Game". "Nintendo 64" and "Nintendo Gamecube" are infected too. The disease is also spreading via plastic and metal in the toy isles at Wal-Mart, K-mart, toys-r-us, and every other toy store. It is now July 2004, almost 10 years after the start of this addicting, argument instigating disease and it is still out there, but not as bad as its most powerful years(1999-2001).
In 2000, I almost had a heart-attack from the Pokemon Disease!

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon

One whose IQ exceeds his weight.

Well...considering that I weight 47 kilograms...


shiny hunter
lol /\[*x*]/\

Josef Stylin

I want to dye
Urban dictionary has some funny stuff on 4chan.

Welcome to 4chan:

1) Please leave your religion, morals, and opinions at the door.

2)Please note, women are not permitted to enter this site without showing their breasts.

3)Please be advised that adult content is beyond the opening page in a very childish manner.

4)Please be made aware that every sexual fetish ever conjured by the human imagination lies beyond the first page.

4chan is the sphincter of the internet. Also known as the interbutts.

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon

The absence of a sexuality, most notably in humans. Some may just not be sexuallly attracted to others, otehrs may completely lack a sex drive or sexual desires. Common misconceptions are that such people have suffered sexual abuse, are emotionally frigid, are closet homosexuals, masturbate ten times a day, are too ugly to get in a sexual relationship or are impotent. This, more often than not, does not apply. XD

Peter Quill

the STD of Canada. located in British Columbia, it is common to refer to [Name] as the ******* of the province. pretty much just a giant ghetto.

If you want to go nowhere in life, just live in [Name]!

I'd say it's pretty accurate, yeah.
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