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General Minecraft Discussion


One Truth Prevails
I'm planning on doing a Nintendo project on Minecraft PS3 edition when I have time. I wanna create a new world in Minecraft and make it all about Nintendo. It will be a fun project! I just need the time to do it!

I will include anything Nintendo related such as Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Earthbound ect. Anything Nintendo related.
That sounds awesome, be sure to post pics, when you get the chance ^_^

In other news, I finally got one of my friends IRL to get the full PC version of Minecraft, so will probably be playing on PVP servers nonstop for a while.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I started building in my Nintendo world this week, and one of my brothers decided to help out with the creating. He made his own version of the moon from Zeldas Majoras mask, while I created some pixel art. I made some pixel art of Mega Man, Pikachu, Boo and Kirby. Soon I will be making more pixel art. This isn't much, but it's a solid start.

Pic of pixel art

Pic of the moon from Majoras Mask


i played Minecraft again. Still the same world from last December, one without villages.

I found like 7 Diamonds a few days ago, in caves i already visited. Places i never reached + an abadoned Mineshaft.

I also had to reset the nether so that the Blaze spawners i destroyed were recreated. Now i can make potions. I have a few water bottles already in my chest. And a enchanted bow with 'Power I' dropped from a skeleton.

Next quest: Now i'm going to collect some Enderpearls and make them into eye of ender for the End Portal. I already found the stronghold though. And visiting a big jungle biome on my current map. See if they are some caves located underneath and some more diamonds ofc.

Oh, and nintendofan92. These creations look really good! i hope the final project is going to be aweosme. Keep up the good work.

The Master Chief

A.K.A Tythaeus
hi, i have MC on PC :p I personally think the best part of minecraft is seeing other people's creativity :-* Just to think how much time that takes lol. but the results are worth it. Recently i just looked at a someone making houses shaped like the avatars of other players