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General Pokemon Discussion Rules (Edited 11/5 - Make sure to take a look!)

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Profesco, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    GENERAL [img139]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_In7cd9sYo...yc/syHx889e3Nw/s400/pokemon_logo.gif[/img139] DISCUSSION

    Welcome to our General Pokemon Discussion section! This section is where you can talk about the Pokemon universe and everything that happens in it.



    Before posting, though, let's look at the General Pokemon Discussion Rules:

    1. Obey all the Standard Forum Rules:
      This means no spamming, no flaming, no foul language, no double posting, no bumping old threads, all that good stuff.​
    2. No threads about just one single Pokemon:
      Every Pokemon doesn't need a whole thread to discuss it. If we did that, the forum would be crammed with way too many little Pokemon threads! That's why we have this Official Pokemon Discussion thread
    3. No individual versus threads:
      We see these pop up quite a bit, and most of the time the two Pokemon in question have no relation to each other whatsoever. So, we've decided to make a collaborative Versus Thread! You can find it here.​
    4. Don't make a reply about how "Pokemon isn't real" or "It's just a game:"
      We already know that. This section is for using your imagination and pretending about the Pokemon world. If you only post to rain on everybody's parade, you'll be infracted for spamming. (We also have a lot of trouble with "New is better than old!" threads. It's not a fact, and we don't need you to tell us about it. If you like a particular early generation of Pokemon, go post in that section - not here.)​
    5. Do not ask about specific Pokemon Games!
      We expect that almost everybody here plays the Pokemon games. But that's why this forum has specific sections for each Pokemon game! See the Link Terminal below for links to game sections. If you have a general question, use the Pokemon Questions thread. ​
    6. If you make a thread that goes missing... check the Closed Thread Container!
      Since this section always gets threads that don't follow the rules, we'll begin merging all closed threads into one big closed thread. If you don't see your thread anywhere, be sure to check the closed thread container linked above.​

      Directions for locating a "lost" thread: On your profile page, click the "Statistics" tab. There, you'll see a link labeled "Find all posts by [your username]." Clicking on this will show you every post you've ever made, including the opening post of threads you've made and cannot find. Following these links will take you to your thread/post, wherever it was merged or moved. The only time you won't find your thread/post is if an Admin hard-deleted it, which is an extremely rare occurence. If you've followed these directions and still can't find your thread/post, PM a moderator of this section for help.​

    How To Post A Thread In GPD: In order to avoid having your thread closed as explained above, here are some thread-making tips.

    • First, be sure you understand all of the above rules for threads. We can't be any clearer than saying "No threads about _____!"
    • Second, make sure you've had a look at the Link Terminal below. A lot of the ideas you want to post in this section belong somewhere else, and we graciously provide you links to everywhere you'll want to go.
    • Third, speaking of posting in the right place, we have a section for Polls! If your thread is asking a question that people can answer in just a few words - questions like "What did you use your Master Ball on?" or "What do you think is the least useful Ability?" - it's a Poll, and belongs in our Poke Polls subforum.
    • Fourth, look at all of our threads first, and don't make one that is a copy of a thread that already exists. We're not going to want two threads about what it would be like if you had real Pokemon, and we will close any copy threads that get made.
    • Fifth and finally, a good thread is one that gets a lot of people talking and interacting together about Pokemon. Some ideas posted here are very common, very old, or very simple, and they just make everybody roll their eyes and groan. If your thread is a dud, it'll probably be closed - so learn how to make a discussion, instead of a simple comment!



    Here's our Link Terminal, where you can jump to all the important Pokemon places on this forum. Look here before you make a thread! You'll surely find something useful.​

    Pokemon World Stuff:
    The Pokemon Questions Thread: If you want to ask a question, any question at all, about Pokemon, please ask it here - don't make your own thread!
    Official Pokemon Discussion: Just feel like chatting about a random Pokemon? Use this thread!
    Pokemon News: Updates on games, events, merchandise, and more can be posted here!
    Claim A Pokemon thread #5: Come stake a claim on your favorite Pokemon here!

    Poke Polls: Here you can ask about opinions and choices. Be sure to use all of the Favorite threads!
    ~ Create/Rename/Change Your Own Anything thread: Do you have a new Type; Poke Ball; Move; Pokemon; Region? Is there something about Pokemon you'd prefer to change? Post it here!
    ~ If You Could Be Anything thread: What would happen if you were a Trainer? A Gym Leader? A Pokemon? Tell us here!​

    Pokemon On The TV:
    Pokemon Anime Discussion: Do you watch Ash and Pikachu on the path to Pokemon Mastery? Come here!
    ~ Anime Spoilers: Come here to discuss the anime in Japan!
    ~ Anime Polls: Come here to share your opinions about the Pokemon anime show!​

    Play Stuff:
    Shiny Pokemon Discussion: Come here if you're interested in shiny Pokemon!
    Pokemon Nickname Discussion: Come here if you want to discuss nicknames!
    EV Training Guide and Discussion: Come here if you want to understand Effort Values!

    5th Gen Wi-Fi Center: Come here if you're looking to link up with other players in Unova!
    ~ Trade Forum: Find 5th Gen Trade partners here!
    ~ Casual Battles: Find non-competitive 5th Gen Battle partners here!

    4th Gen Wi-Fi Center: Come here if you're looking to link up with other players in Sinnoh and Johto!
    ~ Trade Forum: Find 4th Gen Trade partners here!
    ~ Casual Battles: Find non-competitive 4th Gen Battle partners here!

    Competitive Pokemon Discussion: Are you a hardcore Pokemon battler? Competitive is for you!
    ~ Wi-Fi Battle Salon: Find opponents for Wi-Fi battles here!
    ~ Competitive Team Rating: Get help with your Wi-Fi team here!
    ~ 4th Gen In-Game Team Rating: Get help with your DPPt/HGSS in-game team here!
    ~ 5th Gen In-Game Team Rating: Get help with your BW in-game team here!​

    Game Stuff:

    6th Gen section
    ~ XY Help

    5th Gen section
    ~ BW Help
    ~ B2W2 Help

    4th Gen section
    ~ DPPt Help
    ~ HGSS Help

    3rd Gen section
    ~ RSE Help
    ~ FRLG Help

    2nd Gen section
    ~ GSC Help

    1st Gen section
    ~ RBY Help

    Other Pokemon Games: Ranger! Mystery Dungeon! Pokemon MMORPGs!
    ~ Game Ideas and Wishlists: How do you think the Pokemon games should be different?​

    If you have any questions, please PM RaZoR LeAf, Kirby, Virtual Headache, or Shining Mew.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 26, 2018
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