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General Unova Shipping Discussion

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I hope this is all right mods; there have been general region shipping threads in the past that have worked out fine.

This thread is to discuss all those little Unova-based shippings you like or are interested in, but fear that they're aren't enough supporters to create a lasting thread.
Gym Leaders, Elite Four members, random NPCs... Everything is fair game here, as long as it features one Gen V character.^^

Just remember to follow SPPf and the Shippers Community rules! No one-liners, no bashing/flaming, give credit when posting fanwork...
And please refrain from discussing the pairings that already have their own threads (ChessShipping, Wishfulshipping, NegaiShipping, IsshuShipping) *too much*. Let's give those other pairings a time to shine, yes?

First off, the basics:
What Unova shippings do you support?


a chessshipper.
What Unova shippings do you support?

Oh dear, this is going to be a long list, so bear with me:

DualRivalShipping - Cheren/Bianca (Bel)
CertainMiracleShipping - Cress/Elesa (Corn/Kamitsure)
JuxtapozShipping - Burgh/Elesa (Arty/Kamitsure)
RolandShipping - Grimsley/Shauntal (Giima/Shikimi)
RamjetShipping - Flint/Skyla (...uh, Flint/Fuuro)
ChessShipping - Hilbert/Hilda (...Touya/Touko, Blair/Whitlea, Black/White)
WishfulShipping - Cilan/Iris (Dent/Iris)
JetlagShipping - Cress/Skyla (Corn/Fuuro)
LostRoyalShipping - N/Caitlin (N/Katorena, or something.)
FreedomShipping (I think) - N/Bianca (Bel)
WorldSoWrongShipping - N/Fennel (N/Makomo)
Panic!AtTheDiscoShipping - Cilan/Elesa/Chili/Cress (Dent/Kamitsure/Pod/Corn)
CaferoShipping - Cilan/Elesa (Dent/Kamitsure)
ConductorShipping - Steven Stone/Elesa (Kamitsure)
Noah'sArkShipping - N/Elesa (Kamitsure)
VuvuzuelaShipping - N/Cheren/Hilbert/Hilda/Bianca
UnovaShipping - Cheren/Hilbert/Hilda/Bianca (0_0)
HarvardShipping - Cheren/Bel/N/Hilbert
ShortcircuitShipping - Thorton/Elesa (Kamitsure)
WhiteNoiseShipping - Morty/Elesa (Kamitsure)
BuddhaForMaryShipping - N/Skyla (Fuuro)

...I think I'll stop there for now. XD As you can see, Kamitsure and N are shipped with...just about everyone.

Yeah, it's evident that I love my Unova ships.

LOOK, AN EDIT! I have fallen in love with Concordia/N/Anthea. Yes, Goddesses and N. <333
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Toran Frostbite

Highrise Above All
What Unova shippings do you support?
I am an absolute Renbu/Giima (Helsingshipping) airhead. <3 It's just unf.

Pet pairing aside, I've a raging soft spot for Adeku/Shikimi, Renbu/Caitlin, and the Sanyou boys mixing-and-matching among themselves (and the Dark Trinity....or as the DT; either way).

And Aloe/Kidachi is just textbook, but I've seen some Arti/Aloe art that made me woobie a little. Yacon/Kami and Yacon/Hachiku rock my socks too, though I think in both cases, Yacon's not quite in control of his situation. ^^;

Shaga/Adeku's also very manly, which makes me think Iris would pick up some strange habits from them.

And Iris/Bel! That came from nowhere even by game standards. But it's so cute! <3 *rattles on, mindlessly*
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