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General Video Game Discussion Silver Version

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Eternal Darkness, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    Because I really don't know how many General Video Game Discussions there have been. It's upwards of 3, but probably less than 5. Anyway, silver sounded better than my other idea, so we'll go with it

    Anywho, you can chat about pretty much anything video game related here. If you don't think a topic is big enough to warrant its own thread, discuss it here. If at least two other people respond and say how much they like the topic, it probably could make a good thread to talk about. Totally not the reason I decided to get off my ass and make this thread.

    And maybe this General Discussion will revive this dead board. Who knows? Another try can't hurt, can it?

    So yeah, discuss what you want about video games and stuff. Argue with everyone if you want. Talk about how fun it is to play DOTA 2 for all I care. Tell us your favorite video game story about how you got 1,000 kills in a COD match. Literally anything and everything related to video games will do.

    Tell us how the PS4 sucks and how the Xbone will rule the earth this generation, while Nintendo goes bankrupt due to the fact the Wii U will never sell. Or vice versa.

    Anyway, on to the reason why I didn't make this thread at all for and wanted to keep it to myself. Not selfish at all, right?

    Picked up a limited edition version of Ys: Memories of Celceta. I was going to get the normal edition, but after hearing the cashier tell me they had a Silver Anniversary Edition in stock, I said I would look at it. The whole thing was 60 dollars, but it could've been worth a lot more, after opening it at home. Came with 3 CD's with the best songs from across the Ys universe over 25 years. A map, not made of paper, but cloth. A 120 page artbook/strategy guide. A compass. And finally, the game. Personally, I think it was a steal. Compared to the last one I got, the Tales of Xillia limited edition, this one had a slightly bigger artbook, and three CD's with 18-26 songs on each disk. So yeah. Haven't touched the game yet, but if it's as good as the reviews make it out to be, it'll be a pretty solid experience. Also, I'd suggest to anyone with a Vita, to get the limited edition, since it's not sold out yet, and it justifies the 50% rise in price, unlike a lot of other limited edition games I know of. Halo, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, etc.

    So yeah. Have fun, discuss whatever you want, and have fun
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2013
  2. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    I guess in the interest of kicking off the thread, Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics are all free from GOG right now. They'll be removed from the catalog in January but you'll still be able to play them if they're in your library. You have about 9 hours to grab them. Two fantastic CRPGs plus one iffy strategy game. Highly recommended.
  3. Charizard Champion#06

    Charizard Champion#06 Spiral Warrior

    I've been kind of tempted to pick up the new Ys, it would be my first venture into that series. PS+ has given me so many free games I can't even keep up. Chances are it'll be free next year anyway.

    Speaking of PS+ I did a rundown of all the deals and free stuff I got over the year. Saved $522.32. I love this service.
  4. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    I really should download the Vita Uncharted game, do you know if it's any good?

    Also, you should totally get the new Ys soon. Most of the reviews I've seen say that it's a must have if you have a Vita. Also because the limited edition is only 60 bucks and has a bunch of goodies. I would totally tell you how it is, but the parents took my handhelds, so I'm a bit sad
  5. Rezzo

    Rezzo Tuned

    I'm jumping platforms for the time being - from PlayStation to PC. This is mainly because I don't have a TV so no I'm not becoming an elitist or whatever. I'm still not regularly playing games though so sorry guys
    Eternal Darkness likes this.
  6. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    I got The Oath in Felghana on a Steam sale and it's really, really fun. It's like Zelda done by Platinum Games.

    You made a good choice. What games are you interested in on it?

    On the topic of PC games, I highly recommend Natural Selection 2 for anyone on PC looking for a great competitive shooter. It's a bit like the AvP shooters, but with a commander who tells everyone where to go, what to build, etc. The only major downside is that you better hope you get a good commander, because they can make or break your team. Otherwise it's really great.
  7. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    On the topic of Ys, I played through Memories of Celceta, and I am really glad I got it. Maybe I should go play the 4 other Ys games I have on Steam. Definitely a must-have if you own a Vita.

    Also, if anyone wants a Vita game that comes out in the next month or so, Danganronpa is out 2/11. Furthermore, it's a visual novel and has received fairly good scores so far, so I suggest people get it.

    Also in VN news, Steins;Gate is delayed till March 31st, so you have until then to get the Lab badges if you want them along with the game and a fanbook.
  8. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    Found some interesting news for Skyrim fans - there's a new mod that increases the amount of memory the game has access to.

    It may not look very important at first, but there's a ton of stuff they can do with something like this from a modding standpoint.
  9. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    So, Risk of Rain is surprisingly good and you should play it.

    Preordered a copy at the end of the year.
  10. Rezzo

    Rezzo Tuned

    None quite yet. I have Bioshock Infinite and I plan to play L4D2 when I get the chance. Who knows; I might make my way into the indie games scene soon
  11. Zazie

    Zazie So 1991

    I just bought another new in box PS2 JRPG for regular retail price. (Valkyrie Profile 2). I keep saying this will be my last PS2 game but then I keep getting more. I think have 46 games now and there are still plenty I want to get. But I am a bit worried about my system breaking down or running out of memory card space.

    Still it's definitely the mark of a great library when you're still getting new games for system years after it was discontinued, because you still haven't played everything you want to try.
  12. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    Get Saints Row IV. I could probably give you a list some other **** to get, too.

    the PS2's library is one of the best in the history of console gaming. Which is why I'm kinda disappointed they took backwards compatibility out of newer PlayStations.
  13. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    So like I got a new laptop during Boxing week and it can run some decent games, namely the ones in my signature. I'm just short of Skyrim's *recommended* (not required) settings so that's my peak if that gives you an idea. I could also post specs but bah
  14. Eternal Darkness

    Eternal Darkness Eternal Evil

    Also, avoid Steam Sales. Those will make you go bankrupt, and you'll never play any of the games you buy
  15. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    Blizzard's mod tools are now available free to download forever, along with all Starcraft 2 custom maps. Never a big Starcraft fan but now I guess I have no excuse, I've always played Total Annihilation but I've heard incredible things about the franchise.

    Also, La Mulana is on sale for 1.49 freedom monies on Steam, probably in light of the sequel getting a Kickstarter. If you like Metroidvanias, Indiana Jones, and obtuse, brutally difficult games that will force you to write down everything you see and recall it hours later after you've combed every area you've been through to see what's changed after you've beaten the latest boss for like eighty hours Jesus Christ, then this is the game for you.

    This concludes your news bulletin

    I have VP1 sitting in my backlog and I really want to start it up again. The combat at the beginning is a bit dull but the setting is awesome, so I'll probably give it another shot.

    I used to use integrated graphics almost exclusively, I have a bunch of games I can recommend.

    In terms of freeware games, the ones that come immediately to mind are Cave Story, Spelunky, La Mulana (all three of these got paid remakes but the originals are free), Doom, Dwarf Fortress, and some others. GOG also has a ton of games that fit the bill.
  16. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    My brother recommended The Hidden, downloading now. I saw SeaNanners play it and it looks pretty cool
  17. Rezzo

    Rezzo Tuned

    Do it

    See above

    Yeah I know. Just cause a game's discounted during a sale doesn't mean I feel like buying it. It would still most likely be a waste of money.
  18. The Admiral

    The Admiral solid state survivor

    I already rec'd Risk of Rain, which is a roguelike-style platformer game which starts out pretty easy but eventually gets massively intense. Other games I can recommend out of my Steam library (many of which you've probably played! Also many of which are pretty old.):
    • BioShock (I'd only call the first game a true essential, but the others are plenty fun too.)
    • Borderlands (Not sure if I can rec the second, but that also ran just slowly enough from 60 fps as to be really annoying and heated up my computer something nasty.)
    • Cave Story+
    • the Commander Keen series (Steam has a really nice package of the first five games for about $5 US. Also, this trio of Commander Keen mods? Among the best game mods I've ever played.)
    • Dear Esther (worth at least one playthrough for sure)
    • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
    • Jet Set Radio
    • La-Mulana
    • Both Left 4 Dead games (assuming you have a group to play with)
    • Both Portal games (obviously)
    • Rayman 2 and Rayman Origins (GOG re-ported Rayman 2 to work with 64-bit machines; the older version doesn't. No, I haven't played Legends yet.)
    • Rogue Legacy (another roguelike platformer, but your progress carries over between runs in a few ways. It's also generally not as intense as Risk of Rain.)
    • Saints Row: the Third and Saints Row IV
    • the Sam and Max games
    • Shadowrun Returns (a bit like the older X-COM games, as I'm to understand, so if you've played those, you probably have a good framework of how this works. Then again, I haven't played those yet, so I can't say for sure.)
    • Space Quest (as with Commander Keen, Steam sells a decently-priced compilation of most of the games in this series.)
    • Spelunky
    • Starbound
    • Terraria
    There's a port of Worms Armageddon on Steam, as well, but I don't know how well the online multiplayer works, if you want it for that. And if you ever plan on playing large amounts of older games, Get DOSBox and ScummVM. Thankfully, both are free, but you probably knew that already. (Stuff like the Commander Keen collection runs on its own customized version of DOSBox.)

    So there's a fairly wide array of genres there, decent number of indie games... yeah.
  19. Void Ventus

    Void Ventus Sic Parvis Magna

    I've said this on the "what are you currently playing" thread, but i've completed more games this month than any month I can remember in the past few years. It started halfway through the month, with DmC (2013) being finished first. Then came Binary Domain, Bioshock Infinite, Vanquish. I also just finished Rain several hours ago, getting the Memories and managing to 100% the trophy list. February 1st is almost here, so I have just a little bit more time to finish another game. I wanted to start Tales of Xillia this month, but it's too late now. Brothers A Tale of Two Sons is still up on PS+, and I grabbed it when it set up. Heard the game's pretty short, so that will be my 6th and last completed game this month. 5 of those games were PS+ freebies, while Rain and ToX were from sales during 14 for '14. Steam sales are better since you don't have to pay a subscription to get the sales, but I don't have a PC, and I'm pretty satisfied with how Sony is handling Playstation Plus freebies.

    Anyways, anyone getting Bravely Default, LRFFXIII, and/or FFX/X-2 HD the next two months? I've got the BD CE on preorder and can't wait for it. LRFFXIII on the other hand, I'll wait on. I bought both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 CE on launch at full price, and enjoyed them. However, they went down in price extremely fast. I think FFXIII-2 was already down to $30 two months after it released. I'd really like to finish the trilogy, but considering the BD CE is $55, and I'm getting both the PS3 and Vita versions of FFX/X-2 HD worth a little over $80, I'd like to save some money.
  20. Abstinence Pistols

    Abstinence Pistols Fahrvergnugen

    For a computer with a weak graphics card, some of those might be less than ideal. Out of the ones I can comment on:

    It's also available for free, and it's dubious how much value the + version really has. I thought it was worthwhile, though.

    Also available for free, but the remake is pretty much agreed to be the definitive version of the game.

    These might chug on your computer depending on your specs but they all rock.

    Really? I thought it was closer to CRPGs like Baldur's Gate than anything. Then again I've played the older XCOM games, but not Shadowrun, so I can't say for certain.

    These all rock.

    Also, I kind of half-assed my recommendations list in my last post. So I'll do a better job this time. I'll also do my best to not repeat any of the ones you have.

    • Doom
    • Dwarf Fortress
    • Bastion
    • Ultima VII (and Underworld)
    • SimCity 2000
    • Heroes of Might and Magic 3
    • Dustforce
    • Touhou Project (the entire franchise is pretty neat, including all the spinoffs, and there's a ton of games in it)
    • Fallout 1 and 2 (nothing like 3 or New Vegas but solid games nonetheless)
    • Total Annihilation
    • Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
    • Europa Universalis III (check out all the Paradox games - there's a lot, and they're all really complex but highly rewarding)
    • Blood
    • Legend of Grimrock
    • Nethack
    • The Binding of Isaac

    And these might be a pain with a trackpad, but there's also:
    • Unreal Tournament GOTY
    • Max Payne 1 and 2
    • Quake 3 Arena
    • Tribes 2 (RIP Tribes Ascend 2012-2012)

    Plus emulation is always an option. So there's a lot of options.

    Also, some of these are a little dated or notoriously obtuse (I'm looking at you, Nethack and Dwarf Fortress) but I can assure you they're all worth the learning curve.

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