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I forgot it wasn't Zestiria.

Maybe they shouldn't name so many games such similar things. It would be like releasing both Earth Bound and EarthBound.

Void Ventus

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The PSVR update for Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 came out a couple days ago, and I finally tried it. My mind was blown. The feeling of closeness just feels so real, really puts you in a surreal experience. I actually felt dirty moving around and crouching in real life trying to take different angles, but it was so worth it. Now I understand Jb's weird otaku fetish.


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Finally a real Marvel game, god.... took them long enough. Shame about the wait but at least Guardians will be out soon

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
Finally a real Marvel game, god.... took them long enough. Shame about the wait but at least Guardians will be out soon
What the hell does this even mean? What makes a "real" Marvel game? Should I sue Capcom and Activision for selling me "fake" Marvel games? Should I sue Sony, Fox, and Disney for not putting out 1:1 comic accurate movies?

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Evil
I'm really liking playing through Berseria. The cast is fun, the gameplay is fun, and the plot is alright. The driving motivations for the characters is good

The one thing I don't get is that Magilou is introduced fairly early on (within two hours), and is with the cast regularly, but I'm reaching 11 hours and she still isn't playable, which is kinda frustrating, I guess

Also, Violet is an edgy character done right, and I like that


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I've got to get through FFXV (which I'm almost finished) and Twilight Princess HD before I start another console game, so it'll still be a while yet before I get Berseria.


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I scored well yesterday. Was planning to get Black 2 and decided to check out a small Pawn Shop that sells some incredible games at cheap prices. What did I find? A legit copy of Pokemon Sapphire for £6.00 (that's about $7.50), they go for about £30-£40 on eBay so I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm going to get the internal batteries replaced on my R/S games so that they're fully functional again.

I was also pleased to hear from the person at the counter that they had taken my advice on avoiding selling bootleg games. they had a couple for sale last year and when I pointed it out to them they were really thankful when i told them how to check to see if games are real or not and they now make sure to check every game they get before selling it!

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
Why were there no PSVR details?! Wasn't it already confirmed this would be VR compatible?? Looks great though, will buy at a high price.