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how it's the best JRPG since the golden age of JRPGs featuring Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6
It definitely ain't that, chief. DQXIS isn't particularly innovative, but that's what makes it appeal to fans of old school RPGS; its simplicity is reminiscent of times past. It's fun and there's nothing really wrong with it (aside from use x Pep Attack against Y enemies quests, those are the worst), but it doesn't really do anything to establish itself against all the other JPRGs out there. It's accessible and has nice callbacks to the older games for returning fans, and another benefit of its simplicity is that it's easy to pick up.

It's definitely a solid game but I'd be hesitant to exaggerate the praise to that degree. You're prone to set yourself up for disappointment if you go into a game expecting it to be the best thing ever.


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I really like DQXIS. I had a lot of fun with what I played so far.

It's fun and there's nothing really wrong with it (aside from use x Pep Attack against Y enemies quests, those are the worst), but it doesn't really do anything to establish itself against all the other JPRGs out there.
This wouldn't help you with the early ones, but you can store the units you needed with pep, and get them back out when you have all the characters needed for the pep power.


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So recently I got a game called Sonic Gems Collection, it has games from the Sega GameGear, Sega CD, Sega Saturn, and Sega Genesis on it. Anyway here's some of my thoughts on 3 of the games on it:

Sonic CD: a fun game in the same style as past Sonic games, I am struggling with one level but otherwise its a lot of fun.

Sonic Fighters: its good but a bit too easy from what I've played I can see why some people wouldn't enjoy it.

Sonic R: OK I am usually pretty forgiving of games but Sonic R isn't one I can defend the characters are floaty, there is sime noticable glitches like being able to run through walls, and the characters feel difficult to control


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Stardew Valley is another fun game too. Can also recommend Splatoon 2. Only been able to play the demo so far, but it's very fun.

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I highly recommend Ring Fit Adventure. It is far more entertaining than the Wii Fit games and the ring included with the game is rather comfortable to hold and gives you great resistance without too much struggle. The ring is about the size of a car steering wheel. The leg strap is also comfortable but don’t make it too loose. The strap will fall down if it is too loose while doing the exercises.


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So in Monster Hunter World, the Black Dragons, lore-wise the strongest monsters, might appear.

Ruiner Nergigante: I'll kill you, dig you up, and kill you again!
Hunters: I've killed a hundred of you! Come at me bro!
Ruiner Negigante & Hunters: Why do I hear Aztec Dubstep right now?

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Meanwhile, in console wars, PS4 finally outsold Wii in retail sales, becoming the new fifth best selling console ever.

The sales over Wii come predominantly from Europe and "Rest of World" (places except North America, EU and Japan), whereas Wii still performed better in Japan and NA.

Next threshold to surpass will be the original PS's, which sold 102.5 million. This should come about in sometime next year.

Edit: Minor correction, PS's lifetime sales were 102.5, not 104.25. It has been surpassed now. Next actual threshold is Game Boy's sale amount which is 118.69 million.
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Is the Nintendo Switch Lite able to play Nintendo 3DS games, ala how the N3DS could play Nintendo DS games and the original Nintendo DS GBA games?

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Apparently Microsoft is still planning to release Lockhart. Looking at the rumored specs, Lockhart will be around the same power as PS4 Pro, whereas Anaconda will be analogous to PS5, but better.

This would explain lack of Scarlett dev kits.

Edit (06.12.2019):
Sony strongly suggests there will be a PS5 Pro of sorts. This makes sense as Zen 4 is pretty much confirmed to be in 5nm process (PS5/Scarlett will use 7 nm Zen 2) which will likely be the basis of mid-gen updates.

As AMD is committed to the "tick-tock" process (a new node in 2 years) this would mean we would get to 3 nm in 2023 and 1 nm in 2025, latter of which will likely be the basis of tenth gen consoles.
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No. They are entirely different hardware in entirely different lineages.
The lack of a second screen is the biggest problem. The World Ends With You Final Mix wasn’t nearly as good or fun without a top screen to watch your partner attack enemies and to better coordinate the timed combo attack. This is especially true when playing in handheld and you’re forced to use the touchscreen and can’t choose to play as both characters at the same time. I only kept my copy of the game just to see the new special ending and play the additional chapter but after that I’m trading it in at GameStop. It’s just too hard to perfectly capture the aesthetics of a DS or 3DS game without some sort of second screen. The Wii U could pull it off because of the gamepad but the Switch only has one screen and you really can’t split the game footage into two screens in handheld mode and even if you did the in game screen ratio would be tiny.


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It was not a question of “is it practical?”, I don’t think. It was a question (somehow here in 2019) if you can just shove a 3DS game card into the Switch and be hunky dory.


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So Ghost of Tsushima is coming out this Summer just after TLOUII, really looking forward to seeing more at E3 after that last trailer. The Last of Us is a juggernaut so I'm curious how its sales will fare are in comparison.

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As most of you already know, Sony is expected to not attend E3 2020.

Since we know PS5 reveal is happening soon, part of this (outside of the stuff discussed elsewhere) is likely because Xbox Series X is expected to be more powerful than PS5, which means Sony will likely lose its top spot at North American market over Microsoft, which is largely irrelevant anyway, as Nintendo no longer separates its handheld and home consoles, thus making Sony the only dedicated Japanese home console producer.

Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed to September 17, meaning FF7 will have no issues with it.
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So it's been a year since season 4 episode 3 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead came out and I wish I could relive playing it for the first time so badly.


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Thinking about getting Super Mario Party to satisfy my Mario Party cravings before Mario Party 9 came. I heard the boards are too small but the minigames are very good. Can anyone recommend?

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Looking back at my N64 collection, I found a copy of Buck Bumble.

Why didn't this sell well again?!