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Summertime: Almost back to normal
So it's a... Sonic Direct. :eek:

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Hopefully this will have an amazing game for such an important milestone for any game franchise. Sonic games have been hit or miss for far too late no now with Sonic Mania being critically acclaimed but Forces quickly ending up in bargain bins and being sold brand new far less than it should. I feel bad for huge fans of Sonic who keep feeling mostly disappointed with the main series.


Eh, ragazzo!
Dragon Quest livestream announced six games.

I think there is a certain confusion with the release of some of these titles. People are saying that many are going to be Japan exclusive, while only the Dragon Quest X online update was explicitly confirmed as such. Some of the later announced titles were mentioned to have a simulatenous worldwide release. Just because they didn't say it was simultaneous, doesn't mean it won't release worldwide.
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Digimon Survive devs have officially lied. They stated last year when Digimon Survive was originally delayed a full year that there would be a news update in spring of 2021. Summer started Monday. No news update. So yeah... liars.

At this point I guess it's canceled.

But if you refuse to accept that... make them give us an update by clicking the link in my signature and support #OperationSurvive


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Did anyone else D/L the NEO: TWEWY demo????
IT'S SOOOO GOOOD! The 13 years was worth the wait. I'm so happy with how it looks and I love the team so far!
Just did recently. Can't wait to try it out.