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General Video Game Discussion Silver Version

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Why don't we have a female protagonist for Grand Theft Auto yet?

Like, it's been nearly 30 years! What's going on?
There’s rumors floating around that the next game will have a female protagonist.


Steel Ball Fun
Staff member
Rockstar makes too much money on multiplayer now to want to focus on a single player narrative, but that might change.


Ghost-Type Master
Rockstar makes too much money on multiplayer now to want to focus on a single player narrative, but that might change.

They're gonna eventually want to update the online multiplayer, and that would can be done with a new game.

Not to mention that increases their revenue a lot more, as it not only gets more folks interested in the MMORPG, but they'll buy the new game as well. A smart idea would be to set the game in another city in San Andreas, and connect that map to GTA5's current map for the online multiplayer.

Ascended Dialga

Grad student

There was a Playstation Showcase today. Forspoken, Project EVE, and God of War Ragnarok look so good. And I know lots of people are pleased that Star Wars: KOTOR is getting a remake.

The Admiral

solid state survivor
I don't have a PS5 and probably won't for some years so i cannot comment very much but I'm glad that KOTOR is getting a remake, since I know a lot of people are die-hard KOTOR fans


The Enforcer
Staff member
Super Mod
Fortunately, KOTOR, Forspoken, and Uncharted are all confirmed to be coming to PC in addition to PS5. Forspoken I'm especially happy about because I liked the look of it but not enough to want to buy a PS5... assuming I could even find one given the stock still isn't quite meeting the demand.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I'm very excited about the Kotor news. Kotor is definitely in my top 5 favorite games of all time list. I'm in the midst of building a gaming PC, so perhaps I'll buy it for PC. I also own a PS5.

Also, Diablo II Resurrected releases today. I'll be playing it on Nintendo Switch. Revisiting Diablo II will be a great experience. Not only that, but I can play it on the go.


Eh, ragazzo!
Koichi Sugiyama of Dragon Quest music fame has died

While I do like Dragon Quest music, it's hard to feel sad after this individual went on to deny Japanese war crimes and was overall a bigoted person.

And while inconsequential to his extremism, the guy was also really stingy with his music.
Ever wondered why Smash Bros. only got MIDI versions of DQ themes?


Advocate for Froggy Chair Supremacy
Good riddance on Sugiyama. While I’ll respect his contributions to video game music (despite in not appealing to me personally), that man had so many awful viewpoints. I’m not actively jumping with joy but I feel nothing for his death.

I wonder what happens with DQ music going forward


Eh, ragazzo!
Take it from me, I like Dragon Quest music, but the man in question had so many beyond problematic viewpoints.

Still, it's hard to deny his relative importance to the industry, for better or worse.