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General Yuri/Shoujo-ai Pairings Discussion Thread

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General Yuri/Shoujo-ai Pairings Discussion Thread
- Where we talk about girlxgirl or lesbian pairings. For Yaoi pairings, please consult the other threads or something... *bricked* -

Kuroko and Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index
whaat, I can't help it... D:


Huh, what in the world, what the hell is this thread all about?
- Glad you asked, upon Chelc's approval/suggestion, she wanted me to made this place where all people who are into yuri/shoujo-ai can gather and discuss things about the things we love about these type of relationships. In simple terms, we are all gathered here to talk about lesbian relationships happening within various anime, manga, games, and possibly TV shows. If you still want more info, you can go here.

But, but, isn't it confusing to discuss different anime/manga at the same time in one thread?
- Exactly. Hence why anyone who posts here is REQUIRED to use Go Advanced option found in the Quick Reply box and PLACE the "Title of the Anime/Manga/Game/TV Show" they're about to discuss OR place the Title of the Anime/Manga on the first line of the post, bolded put the fandom they're talking about at least somewhere in your post. That way people who share similar interests can discuss with each other provided that they keep this in mind in EVERY SINGLE POST.

What are we suppose to do here? .___.;;
- There will be a General Topic of The Week where various members can answer this question involving their favorite pairing in that anime/manga/game/TV Show. Once this week is over, whoever is the last poster will be asked to start a new topic. If that last poster doesn't respond within a day, the thread owner will start another topic.

Aside from those, you can post images/fanart of your favorite pairings, providing you give credit to the artist (We all know how strict this rule is). Screenshots don't need credit since they're official images. No full manga scans though. Just crop the important scene if you want to post manga images. As for colored pages from the manga, yeah, don't make them too big, just enough for viewing. Oh yeah keep everything PG-13 and dial-up friendly. Otherwise, put them in a link/spoiler.

Or if you feel like finding a similarity to pairings and/or recommending pairings to other posters here, you can do that here too.

Hey, what about Pokemon yuri pairings that doesn't have a thread of its own?
Ah yeah, they can join in the fun of course~ The more, the better. XP Just don't forget to put the series name in your post. Yes, even if it's obvious. I know, ironic eh?

Why is KurokoxMikoto posted in that image placeholder there?
Oh, because I'm so uncreative and it's my current obsession, so I decided to place them there at least, until I can find something else to put there, but it's not like anyone cares... *bricked*

Doesn't this place have rules? Are you some sort of weirdo who just comes out of nowhere and stalks random people?
Yeah, it does. I'll list them now. And possibly. >___>;; No, I don't really stalk people, just lurk.


1. Follow SPPf General Rules.
2. Place the Title of the Anime/Manga/Games/TV Series(?) you'll be talking about somewhere in your post. All the time (I know it's annoying, but let's all do it please? ;x). If it's more than one, list them all if you need to.
3. Respect all members posting here. The obvious no bashing and flaming rule go in this category. If you don't like lesbian pairings, why in the world are you still here? >(
4. Give credit to any Fan Art you place in this thread. Photobucket and/or Google links are invalid sources for crediting.
5. Have fun here, of course~ I wanna see how this place goes with lesbian love~


If you're posting here for the first time: - How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?
- What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?

Topic of the Week: *pending*

Any crossoever shoujo-ai ships that take your fancy?

What is your shoujo-ai/yuri OTP?

Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?

Fandoms Discussed so far:
(so you'll know that you're not alone in your post)

  • As Told By Ginger
  • Athena
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Card Captor Sakura
  • Code Geass
  • Corrector Yui
  • Darkstalkers
  • Digimon
  • Final Fantasy
  • Fire Emblem
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • Gundam 00
  • Loveless
  • Metroid
  • Naruto
  • Phoenix Wright
  • Pokémon
  • Rockman.EXE
  • Samurai Shodown
  • Super Smash Bros Series
  • The Law of Ueki
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  • Vampire Princess Miyu
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Vampire Princess Miyu:
This is one of my favorite animes because I've found such a lovely ship from this anime, which I have come to adore very much.

Chisato x Miyu <3 <3 <3
I support is because I love everything about it. To sum it up quickly: Tension later on, friendship, calling each other cute, vampire x school girl, fun friendship pair, cute and lovely. ^_^ Most of you hear me rant about this ship a lot and a lot. I mention the two a lot and I enjoy making icons of them. XD

Chisato and Miyu are from the TV anime series of vampire Princess Miyu. I became interested in the pairing by watching Volume 1 on DVD and I really liked Chisato's character. Miyu was a very graceful main character and the fact Miyu was a vampire as well, it was just full of love.

It was a pretty much a love at first site.
Miyu was hiding her identity as a high school girl, and Chisato, who was best friends with Hisea and Yukari invited her to join the group. (Hisea x Yukari is a lovely ship, too) They didn't too keen on her at first but Chisato was more than keen.

Miyu called her cute twice in the second episode I was like aww cute! <3 <3 <3 <3. They had a real awesome friendship in the series, but they had a plot twist.

How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?

^ kinda awnsered this in my chimi rant. XD
All because of Chisato x Miyu, the bit where Chisato held Miyu's hand in the second episode. I considered them being a couple, it was love at first sight. because of Chisato x Miyu I've gotten into much more yuri ships. => I find it cute and really fun to ship sometimes.

Yeah I'll come back with more ahoujo-ainess later. XD
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Pokemon, The Law of Ueki, BLEACH, To Aru Majutsu no Index

^ Um, okay... mind explaining at least... the "he" in your spoiler makes me assume that you're not getting what this place is for.


Yeah, why is Pokemon first on the list... time to answer the topics for myself (until I can drag a lot of people in here or something... ;x)

How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?

The possibility of this, and from what I can remember is because of the Pokemon Ranger Manga. Before the translations were released, I was seeing some subtle hints between Tiffany and Solana there (images only, so I make guesses), and hence I sort of started liking other yuri pairings more. Or I started to be friends with people who love pairing up girls together (taitofan, Vycksta, Orion-sama) and little by little, I got influenced by them. I really don't know which came first, but maybe that's enough explanation? XD

Since then I've been more interested with girl pairings rather than the het ones, and possibly yaoi ones...

What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?

Pokemon - as of now it's Appealshipping, I really don't need to explain it here since I have a post somewhere in its thread. I'm probably known as one of those behind-the-scenes supporters for people who don't know me... *shrugs*

There's also Grandeurshipping (SarinaxNicole), crack nevermet pairing, I started pairing them cause of their looks, but then somehow I had a feeling their personalities could work out and *lots of imaginary scenes here from me*.

OstentatiousShipping (DawnxUrara) is starting to pick up my interest. Yes, I know it contradicts to Appealshipping, but I'm one of those who can adapt to any shippings thrown at. Anyways, a total biatch plus a somehow perky girl seems to be the reason why I am slowly attracted to this pairing.

B-ButtonShipping (OraliexHaley), siblings, meaning it's an incest shipping. The uniforms made me pair them up somehow. How they get along is so awesome too and want to keep their Pokemon unevolved. ;.;

The Law of Ueki - the only pairing that comes to mind is Mori Ai x Rinko Gerard. Both have glasses, and Rinko's concern over Mori, and how she wanted to take revenge for what happened to Mori in an episode is what made me love them... 8D

BLEACH - Rukia Kuchiki x Inoue Orihime. I guess when I was getting into BLEACH for a short period of time, this was the first yuri pairing that took my interest. Innocent Inoue and a very serious Rukia... yeah, I love those stereotypes somehow.

To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun - the picture in the first post. Yeah, it's Mikoto Misaka and Kuroko Shirai. Kuroko's the younger one, and Mikoto is her Onee-sama. Of course, it's just a sempai relationship between them but it seems that Kuroko actually has "interest" over Mikoto and gets really jealous to anyone (especially Touma) whenever Mikoto is doing something "special" to them but not her.

Of course, Mikoto doesn't totally hate Kuroko. Just Kuroko's exaggerated clinging and affection towards her. Yeah, she's also aware of the fact that Kuroko "likes" her.

Anyways, why I like them it's because it's one-sided lesbian canon. Yes, I'm shallow like that. =/ Well actually, it took time for me to actually like this pairing, but the more I see Kuroko and Mikoto interacting together, it just somehow makes me feel that they should be together instead. xD;

And that ends my post, for now. *I'll put the pairings I like in Azumanga Daioh in a new post*


Rukia x Orihime is devine. I need to like catch up with my Bleach as well as Naruto, too. XD

Onto Naruto shoujo-ai ^_^

Sakura x Ino
I love this ship. XD The whole rivaly and bitterness that went on at the start of the series and the fact that they used to be best friends when they were younger. And how they both used to be in Sasuke and thier interactions... I was like LMAO. I've seen some great fan-art of this pair.
By Cagedtotchi

Sakura x Hinata
A friend of mine converted me into this ship. I think it's quite a lovely ship as well. Sakura and Hinata yuri ships are FTW

By Gazillaz
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AKA Nightlingbolt
How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?

I can't recall wheter it's because of my reaction to Appealshipping when I first read about the couple or whether it's because of how I felt when the Ino vs. Sakura fight happened. Either way, I'm guilty of being a typical guy. Yes, lesbians appeal to me, but I can still write het and maybe a little yaoi (who remembers my Bishieshipping drabble?)

What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?


AppealShipping: Contestshipping for perverts I think these two have great chemistry. Unlike other rival ships, there's no initial tension or hostility that would otherwise ruin the ship, and at the end of the day, they just look good together.

SelfEsteemShipping: (Dawn x Maylene) Anyone who's seen the Veilstone Gym episodes knows what I'm talking about. As Garth Brooks once said, "It needs no explanation, 'cause it all makes perfect sense."

OT: You'd think someone raised on country music would be against homosexuality. Well, I was, and for the most part, I found it to be a load of ideological flag-waving garbage. I still like some artists, though.


Rukia Kuchiki/Rangiku Matsumoto x Inoue Orihime: Doubtful girl on the outside looking in meets strong-willed woman who whispers words of encouragement to make the pain go away. In Rangiku's case, the fact that she was coming out of the bath is a plus. *Shot*

In Rukia's case, they lean in to kiss, and... BAM!!! Bratty Vizard drags Orihime away! DAMN YOU, HIYORI! THEY WERE ALMOST ABOUT TO KISS! GO FLIRT WITH URURU OR SOMETHING! HACHI CAN WAIT!

Yoruichi Shihoin x Soi Fon: I love how Soi Fon used to worship Yoruichi like a goddess (that's great and all, but she's not Bast (A one-shot for the first person smart enough to get the reference)). I'm glad Soi Fon came out of her emo corner long enough to make up with her former mentor. Of course, Aizen was causing all sorts of bad **** to go down, so they had to make up somehow.

Rukia Kuchiki x Momo Hinamori: With Aizen's betrayal, Momo's whole world has come crashing down on her. Rukia's been there before, and she can ease the pain. I actually have a fic about this couple I need to get back to, but the new semester's starting, and it's gonna be hard.


InoSaku: The first time I saw their fight, I was like "Aw, that's so sweet!" The second time I saw it, I was like "Yeah, she wants her." I thought that about both girls; that's the scary thing. It's always a struggle for dominance between them.

And that ends it for me! Remember, a one-shot for the first person smart enough to know who Bast was/is, depending on where you come from.

Shadow Ichigo

Left On A Journey
Yahoooo! A Yuri Pairing Thread! =D

How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?
Dang its been a while and I forgot when I started liking "Yuri" xD

What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?

Rangiku Matsumoto x Orihime Inoue - Dang ever since I saw Rangiku trying to cheer up Orihime in the Bathroom scene in Bleach. That so got me into this shipping =D

Code Geass: Well this one I kinda copy and paste here from the Shipping List thread that I post there before.
C.C x Kallen: OMG! Best Yuri couple I love in that series!. I didn't see any moments of them in the series but unless I missed watching some of those parts. But anyways its the only yuri shipping I love there. Oh yeah one special episode was when they were sharing a room as roommates. That's the only I know so far. Just seeing together in that episode was sweet!

Super Smash Bros Series:
Princess Peach x Princess Zelda: Best Duos in the game. Not that info but its really great seeing them fight together in arenas!

I have more so I post them later^^
Pokémon, Card Captor Sakura, Metroid.

OK, I'm finally able to post in this Thread of awesome! I love Yuri in every way, and I'm glad there's a Thread for it now. Also, I wouldn't leave Avie alone in here ~ ;D

OK, I'll answer the topics for now.

How did you get into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?
It all began long ago. Back in the days, they aired Card Captor Sakura in Cartoon Network, and my sister was so in love with it, she kinda forced me into watching it with her. Now, while I'm not a big fan of Shoujo (Unless it's got tons of Fanservice. :p), I must say the series was OK. However, what really caught my attention was Sakura's friend, who was... pretty fond of her, to say the least. In fact, a bit too much. Tomoyo had this habit of filming Sakura when capturing the cards, and also gave her rather... explicit outfits. Every time. Plus, Tomoyo always had really kinky liners she directed at Sakura. More than once, I heard a blatant pick-up line. And let's not forget the totally epic and totally obvious time when Tomoyo told Sakura (Or someone else? I kinda forgot. XD) that she'd be happy as long as her loved one is happy, even if it isn't with her. Whoever got told that, it was just totally implied she meant Sakura.

That was my first contact with Yuri. Needless to say, I grew fond of CCS only because I wanted to see what would Tomoyo come up with, and how would she interact with Sakura. I still have very good inquires about what did she do with all these tapes of her beloved Sakura ~ XP

Of course, since I wasn't big on shipping then, that faded away eventually. However, the breach had been opened. I imagined girls having lots of fun at random times. Nothing shippy or to the degree I do nowadays, but I still did. XD That always filled me with plenty of happiness. It was so sexy too. My thoughts became dirtier over time too. XP

I wouldn't get into Shipping seriously until um... the latter years. I think 2005/2006. Since Pokémon was my main fandom, I eventually thought of random pairings. The fact that my first Ship was a Yuri pairing, and that most of them coming afterwards would be too, I think it had been settled. I was a Yuri fan through and through. The rest is history... :p

What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?

Way too many to list. XD For now, I'll list my Pokémon OTP and my Metroid OTP, since it's my current focus right now.

PinkFlowerShipping (Whitney & Erika): The story with this Ship is quite funny. My first Ship wasn't this one. In fact, the first favorite was Whitney/DJ Mary, which had some evidence in Special. However, PinkFlower was the first Ship I baptized. At first, it didn't take off much. I was just pairing Whitney with my favorite Pokégirls (My first Ship was Whitney & Leaf/FRLG Main Girl, my favorite main girl. Then came PinkFlower, which was my two top favorite Gym Leaders of all times, and Whitney/Flannery, since I believe they could be sisters, and were quite hot together. Plus, I liked Flannery a lot as well. XD).

Eventually, PinkFlowerShipping grew badly on me. I steadily realized how their personalities complemented each other to perfection! Whitney was the cheerful, clumsy and funny girl, while Erika was the calm, graceful and wise one. I felt they would get along not short of perfect, and it steadily became my top OTP in Pokémon. I even wrote my first Shippy Fic and One-Shot, which was quite successful, and made evryone see where I was coming from. To this day, PinkFlowerShipping is still my OTP, and it'll remain so forever, I'm sure. After all, they do marry and have children in my Fanon ~ <3

I have many others in Pokémon, but let's cut on my OTP for now. Next up is Metroid, which is my current obsession thanks to Metroid Prime 3. >D


Samus & Gandrayda: Metroid has always been one of my favorite series ever, since the days of the SNES and one of the very best games of the series, and of all times: Super Metroid. I still love the games, and have played most of them. However, as I became involved in other aspects of overall Fandom, such as Shipping, I had this desire of shipping Samus. Unfortunately, her Universe didn't provide any pleasant alternative. We had no plausible human partner for her. Still, I wouldn't mind pairing her with Alien races... if there was any good candidate among them. Chozo and Luminoth... both races of old members mostly. Space Pirates... sworn enemies, not to say too monstruous. My only choices were Samus' clones: Dark Samus and SA-X. Both were still a bad idea, since they both were bent on killing Samus, and were only sentient at best, without feelings. Plus, would they be like Samus under the replicated suit, or they just have the Suit's shape and nothing else? So yes, there wasn't much to do. Hunters provided characters with enough background, though you know I'm not much of a Het Ships fan. Plus, the most plausible ones (Weavel and Sylux) were her sworn enemies. One by affiliation, and the other by conviction. This left me without much choice outside of crossovers and Super Smash Brothers.

And then came Metroid Prime 3. At first, I was pleased enough with the introduction of female Federation members, which were hot enough, and made for the best choice yet. However, the game treated me with an amazing character that would settle the ultimate Samus OTP in my eyes. The perky, devious, purple alien girl. From the get-go, she teased Samus by transforming into her during a meeting, and going back to her normal shape as she was scolded, with a much awesome and sexy giggle. She was Gandrayda, one of the three supporting Hunters of the game. I liked her character right off, fitting my usually favorite mold, as well as this tension with Samus. Plus, she was certainly hot for an Alien girl with purple body, weird spikey hair and transparent body.

While the first major mission, Gandrayda outright flirts with Samus, and also calls her "Sammy". A nickname, and her sexy hip wiggle, which Samus blatantly leers on... I was completely won since then. Way later on, during their battle, it became even more obvious, in spite of Gandrayda's shift to the dark side. She glomps Samus as one of her main attacks! And after all's over... oh joy!! Samus acts so angry and even sad when Gandrayda is gone, that you can't think otherwise.

A fully complementary Ship, even with a rivalry inbetween. My love for the series grew tenfold as I finally got treated with a muchly Canon Yuri involving Samus. And no character could've done it better!! <3

Oh yes, I'll be posting more eventually ~


*sighs* I won't be too strict with the stating of the fandom in the title thingy, but just be sure to at least mention what fandom you're talking about somewhere in your post or people will be confused at what you're talking about.

Oh yeah, I made a list on the first post of the fandoms discussed here so far so the first-timers can check it out... ;x

Rukia x Orihime is devine. I need to like catch up with my Bleach as well as Naruto, too. XD
Same here. It's been a while since I last saw BLEACH, damn, there must be a lot of hidden RukiaxInoue hints by now... =/

How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?

I can't recall wheter it's because of my reaction to Appealshipping when I first read about the couple or whether it's because of how I felt when the Ino vs. Sakura fight happened. Either way, I'm guilty of being a typical guy. Yes, lesbians appeal to me, but I can still write het and maybe a little yaoi (who remembers my Bishieshipping drabble?)
I'm a girl and lesbians appeal me... since I'm already bi. ;x But welcome here~ Appealshipper too I see... >D

Orion~ You're finally here... >D Hehe, you're one of the reasons why my love for shoujo-ai got to the point of obsessing over them... ;x

Ah thanks to everyone who have posted so far and kept this place alive one way or another~


Azumanga Daioh

My favorites here are...

- TomoxYomi. Actually this is the first couple that caught my attention while watching the series. It's so rare to find Yomi without Tomo following her back. I mean, it's like you can't separate these two, and are already destined to be together since birth... *bricked* And even if Tomo was annoying the hell out of Yomi and Yomi torturing Tomo due to those antics, yeah, they're still together. 8D

- YukarixNyamo. You can say this is probably like TomoxYomi, only older. What makes me wonder is why these ladies are still single, and are always together. Even after those crazy antics Yukari did to Nyamo, Nyamo is still talking to her. It's quite interesting, these type of love-hate relationships. ;x

- SakakixKaorin. One-sided lesbian canon. Kaorin is a total lesbian for Sakaki and worships her every time she sees her. And oh, Kaorin gets jealous whenever other girls are like oh say, sleeping next to Sakaki (Tomo at some episode after the summer house vacation. Sakaki's too oblivious to notice Kaorin's affection towards her. similar to KurokoxMikoto, but Mikoto is aware of the fact that Kuroko "likes" her.

Toran Frostbite

Highrise Above All
Jezebel/Cassian is a lot more interesting imo.
^ Um, okay... mind explaining at least... the "he" in your spoiler makes me assume that you're not getting what this place is for.
*looks up* *whisperwhisper* Jezebel's a dude. ...Wikiisyourfriend. *nod*

So! When you say "TV show", what are and aren't you allowing?


So! When you say "TV show", what are and aren't you allowing?
Well, I'm allowing anything that is girlxgirl. Well, TV shows, we're talking about soap operas, sitcoms, possibly those elimination reality shows that show some girlxgirl stuff (just keep these in spoiler tags lolz) and even cartoons. Even if it's not truly canon, as long as you think that there's something going on between those two girls, it's fine by me... ;x

That answers your question? XD


kiss my greens
^ Um, okay... mind explaining at least... the "he" in your spoiler makes me assume that you're not getting what this place is for.
"He", in that case, refers to Cassian holding Jezebel in his arms as Jezebel had sacrificed his life to keep Cassian alive.

Yeah, I read Godchild. Also, they're both guys XD

Now, what's our subject? XD

Oh okay. Um... *scuffs the ground*

Okay, so Yamato & Koya, right? Obvious lesbian pairing :D We're talking actual kissing, folks. I was like, "WOAH, wtf there's Yuri in this?!" when I read the book XD Cuz, yanno, it's mostly Yaoi o_O (Soubi x Ritsuka, Youji x Natsuo, Soubi x Seimei, etc etc etc)

I want them to come back, damnit. Koya was pregnant or something!? o_O I want to know wtf that was about. But I am so so so so SO glad that they made it out of the clutches of Nagisa-sensei and started their own life together <3

Um, I'll come back again when I'm not feeling so loopy @_@
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So this post's fandom, I'll mention Azumanga Diaoh, digimon
Hehe, Loveless was great for both Shoujo-ai and shounen-ai purposes. ^_^

Azumanga Diaoh provided some lofely shoujo-ai crack too. XD Chiyo x Osaka is one of y fav ones because of hoe adorable and sweet it is. XD
Adorable image here, and a nice hug between Chiyo and Osaka. ^_^

Chiyo & Osaka dedication site The front banner has a lovely picture of them two hugging. ^_^
And I found this nice image on this site, too:

Tomo x Yukari sounds like a pretty humourus sadistic teacher x student shoujo-ai ship as well. *bricked*

Crossbreed shoujo-ai anyone? Well I'm into Renamon x Rika (Digimon Tamers). That was my favorite digimon x human pair in the series. I still have an NC-17 fic of that pair stored into my computer.

New topic time:
Any crossoever shoujo-ai ships that take your fancy?

Well my crossoever OTP is Kasumi/Misty x Hikari Yagami/Kari Kamiya. It all started around the time I loved the idea of a pokemon/digimon crossover. Then when I got into Chisato x Miyu, I got into Misty/Kari too. I adored the idea of two great girls from a different series being paired up.

At the time I thought Kari and Misty would have gotten on really well. I still think they would do so. XD

And I'm very happy about that picture were Misty and Kari were hugging each other naked. You can see a lot of flesh and a bit of a nipple and Gatomon licking an ear, but no genitalia is visable. I'm not sure if I can show it or not though.
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This is going to be my third attempt at posting here actually (my first two posts were all lost because of damn PB and the second one is blocked by them errors.) I'll edit the first post while I'm at it, and if I can with loosening of a certain rule, but yeah, I'll still be strict about it if I don't see it anywhere in the post.

Fandoms for this post: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rockman.EXE, Azumanga Daioh, To Aru Majutsu no Index

Anyways, for this topic: Any crossoever shoujo-ai ships that take your fancy?

There are a few... the first one would be Rebecca Hawkins/Hopkins (Yu-Gi-Oh!) x Solana/Hinata (Pokemon). It's the most crack crossover shipping I'vem ade, it's actually based on a random RP some time ago on MSN, that's why the ship was born. Haha, Rebecca annoying the daylights out of the Pokemon Rangers, especially Solana.

The recent one would be Urara (Pokemon) x Kuroko Shirai (TAMNI). First thing came into my mind while I was thinking of pairing up Kuroko with a Pokemon character is none other than Urara. Yeah, they have pigtails, the fancy biatchy attitude, I dunno, I just like them that way. ;x

There's also Zoey/Nozomi x Yuriko (Rockman.EXE) and Koyomi Mizuhara (Azumanga Daioh). I usually have more yuri crossovers than het or yaoi. ;x

Well then, I'll post an image to liven up this thread at least... ;x

Fandoms: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Azumanga Daioh, Pokémon, Corrector Yui, Darkstalkers, The Legend of Zelda, Athena, Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Samurai Shodown, Metroid, Naruto.

OMG Avie, I remember your RPG Journal between Solana and Rebecca! I know I commented a couple of times, even. You were really obsessed about it back then ~ X3 But all your Ships sounds awesome to me. Urara/Kuroko seems interesting. :D And of course, I love Yukari/Nyamo from AzuDai!! To stick with such a troublesome woman can only mean one thing... >D

Yep, I'm back to post more and reply to the latest Topic!

Any crossoever shoujo-ai ships that take your fancy?

Me? I'm not that much of a crossover-ist for the most part. Of course, I enjoy any Ship between any of The 10, or all of them. One of my Fic ideas involving a massive crossover of 'Verses has brought light into some Ships between them that aren't first-choice, which makes them really interesting for me. They're as follows...

Whitney (Pokémon) & Hinata Hyuuga (Naruto). This one would be very cute! I imagine Whitney being so impressed with Hinata's Shinobi skills that she'd grow very, very shy. And with Whitney's effusive self, she'd be hugging and praising Hinata at random times, evoking the expected shyness, given how people rarely pay attention to her. As they grow tighter, I think Hinata would be able to teach Whitney to connect with her vital force, which would give her useful abilities. Also, Hinata would grow to love the fangirling attitude of Whitney... among other things.

Yui Kasuga (Corrector Yui) & Samus Aran (Metroid). It'd take an extremely sweet and happy girl like Yui to make Samus lose her thick bounty hunter layer, I'd say. Perhaps a bit bothered by her ways at first, but eventually, Samus would notice the adorable attitude of Yui, and grow to appreciate it. On the other hand, Yui would be impressed to meet a woman as strong as Samus, and eager to learn all possible from her, as well as listen to all the stories she would have. Plus, Yui could harness better control over technology with Samus' help. It makes much more sense after Metroid Prime 3. Samus is to Ai what Yui is to Gandrayda: Expys of each other. Since both are extremely akin to their respective sweeties, this Ship just works!! :D

Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) & Midna (The Legend of Zelda). Now we get to a tough love dynamic with this one. Let's assume that Midna becomes an Imp again, and Hsien-Ko, as the Darkhunter she is, would be bent on chasing Midna down to finish her off in due time. Midna then would fight back, but would notice that Hsien-Ko is just confused, which would lead her to be as sarcastic as usual. After some talking, things would be cleared, but there would still be some friction. However, even if angered due to Hsien-Ko's attempts at attacking her, Midna would be interested in knowing more about her, and the same would go for Hsien-Ko after they cleared things up. As they go in the way, they would help each other, and grow to respect each other as well. Cue some respectful "fun" afterwards. ;)

Athena (Athena) & Mia (Fire Emblem). This one would be so amazing! Two spunky sword-wielding purpleheads. Mia, as usual, would think that Athena is her new rival. Given how she's from another plane, Athena would become her ultimate rival. Athena would be confused at first with Mia's attitude, unknowing that Mia only claims rivalry on those people she really likes. As bored as usual, Athena would be interested in sparing with Mia, though. Obviously, the way Athena dresses up only with a minuscule red bikini would have its effect on Mia, who already had precedents with Ilyana. Purple hair wouldn't help matters either. The sparing would get rather physical indeed... >D

Lenna (Final Fantasy) & Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown). Mostly a case of last paired, but it's still a very beautiful Ship in its own way. I'm sure Nakoruru would be impressed by Lenna's self-sacrificing attitude, especially when she realized that she would do it for any living being in need. Lenna, on the other hand, would find Nakoruru's skills quite commendable. They'd have a lot to share given how they're tamers and have had their own animals under their care. With Lenna's body, I'm sure Nakoruru would be reminded of a certain maid from her age, and that's certain to make her fuzzy. Lenna, on the other hand, would find Nakoruru to be quite cute as well. Yuri ensues. <3

By the way, can I reply to old Topics still? Or just post my favorite couples from random Fandoms from time to time? XP

To end, awesome pic, Avie!! Kinky liner too. XD

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Yes, I can post here now!

Ah, I'm home! ;)

As far as the topic question...

How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?

Around the year of 2000, I believe. So I've been a fan at a relatively young age. Before that, I was actually more of a fan of shouen-ai, and to an extent, still am, but that's another story!

Well, much of the memory is foggy, but my love for shouen-ai had me question other relationships. If there were a first pair that I truly supported, it was probably from the Digimon fandom. There were actually two pairs. The first was Hikari Yagami/Kari Kamiya X Miyako Inoue/Yolei Inoue. The 31st episode, which name escapes me, featured both of them slapping the sense back into one another. They were concerned that they would go crazy, both of them, and at different times, slapped sense into one another and showed a great deal of concern for one another. It opened me up to the idea, and apparently many others.

Earlier in that series, there was a moment between the same Yolei and a fellow digidestined, Mimi Tachikawa, who hit it off well and thought of each other much like sisters. It was actually Yolei who had a dream sequence which was similar to the art style of an anime called 'Revolutionary Girl Utena', which I came to find out had many girl/girl pairings. Another thing that makes people wonder is the use of 'sister', which in Japan could have a lesbian connotation.

Now, this opened me up to the idea of shoujo-ai. I did not become a gadfly of sorts in mainstream circles that waved the banner for the genre until later, about two years ago now, but these moments and connecting the dots back in 2000/2001 set the bar. It's been growing on me ever since. ^__^

Now for pairings:

As Told By Ginger:
Ginger Foutley X Courtney Gripling- Underrated pair and series. Courtney, a popular and wealthy girl, finds Ginger to be quite an anomaly, as she's happy and not rich. She's a friend, but not really a part of her inner circle, which to me, represented some restraint and desire to hold back from Courtney--perhaps.

Miranda Killgallen X Courtney Gripling- On the flip side of that aforementioned couple, there is Miranda. A 'mother hen' type who does not like the idea of her BFF Courtney being converted or turned around to the idea of taking in Ginger as a friend and a possible member of her clique of popular girls.


Nozomi/Zoey X Hikari/Dawn (AppealShipping): In the words of Cenk Uygur, OF COURSE!!! This actually got the ball rolling in my fanfiction career. It has the makings of yin and yang in the feeling that you can't get or have one without the other. They are compatible without being cross to one another and they form quite the rivalry. More will come with this one, and I'll be sure to tune in for it.

Haruka/May X Kanata/Kelly (MinamoShipping): So sweet, I think my teeth are rotting just thinking about it right now. It's a cool pairing, too, as the creators put in all these interesting hints like the original theme song for season seven having the first words be 'Haruka Kanata' and the double meaning of some scenes. Yes, Kelly is talking about May's ribbons on the park bench, but "They're beautiful, May. Both of them," come on. Let's not be puritan. Even the anime-hating, kid-stupefying 4Kids knew that something was going on there. Yes, I'm crazy. So what?

More to come in future posts, folks!


Fandoms: Ace Attorney,Tuff E Nuff/Dead Dance.

Franzika x Maya (Ace Attorney)
Well since playing JFA, I have taken a liking to this pair. Franzika sounds really sadistic and she's also a perfectionist. Maya seems to have a bit of a cheeky personality and the pair would also be a tease. I would love to see the reaction on Pheonix's face if he saw them two in a relationship. I see some little sexy bondage with Franzika's whip.

Maya x Mia
The image if them hugging at the end was lovely. I think they would make a lovely incest pair.

Tuff E Nuff Rei x Kotono
Considering Rei and Kotono are the only females in the game. =< but the pair of them seem to fit well as a shoujo-ai couple. Rei does look like a boy so you could say she's a tomboy. I love both Kotono and Rei and wished they did more sequels of the game and also more fan art that existed.

Both ladies seem to be independent.

And I always have this crack idea that they used to be best friends and fell out along the way.


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I got a topic for you all.

What is your shoujo-ai/yuri OTP?

For me, it's Appealshipping (Dawn x Zoey), because they just get along great, and they'd go to extremes for each other. In short, they're everything a pairing needs to be.
Fandoms: Pokémon, Corrector Yui, Darkstalkers.

OK, it's time to revive this!! >D

What is your shoujo-ai/yuri OTP?

I mentioned it above, but now that I'm here, I'll reveal my Yuri OTP for each of my Top three characters of all times ~ <3

First up is Whitney. I posted my Yuri OTP above, which is also my overall OTP for her and the entirety of Pokémon all in one. So, let me copy/paste my response. :p

PinkFlowerShipping (Whitney & Erika): The story with this Ship is quite funny. My first Ship wasn't this one. In fact, the first favorite was Whitney/DJ Mary, which had some evidence in Special. However, PinkFlower was the first Ship I baptized. At first, it didn't take off much. I was just pairing Whitney with my favorite Pokégirls (My first Ship was Whitney & Leaf/FRLG Main Girl, my favorite main girl. Then came PinkFlower, which was my two top favorite Gym Leaders of all times, and Whitney/Flannery, since I believe they could be sisters, and were quite hot together. Plus, I liked Flannery a lot as well. XD).

Eventually, PinkFlowerShipping grew badly on me. I steadily realized how their personalities complemented each other to perfection! Whitney was the cheerful, clumsy and funny girl, while Erika was the calm, graceful and wise one. I felt they would get along not short of perfect, and it steadily became my top OTP in Pokémon. I even wrote my first Shippy Fic and One-Shot, which was quite successful, and made evryone see where I was coming from. To this day, PinkFlowerShipping is still my OTP, and it'll remain so forever, I'm sure. After all, they do marry and have children in my Fanon ~ <3

Corrector Yui
For Yui Kasuga, protagonist of this series, and my second favorite, I have two main Yuri Ships. One is Yui & Haruna. Your average best friend fluff Ship. Blatant in one episode where Yui outright says Haruna is the only one that worries about her, and proceeds to hug Haruna's hips while kneeling and crying. Of course, in a comical way (Yui was overreacting over a very small cut on her index finger. XD), but you can't deny it still is blatant. XP And of course, during Haruna's Brainwashed And Crazy plot when she becomes the human Corrector, as originally intended, where a song she was practicing with Yui gets her off Grosser's control, and Yui is happy for having Haruna back. Cue a cute hug, which was sadly not closed-up on. >( Still, this ship was obvious and sweet!! <3

However, my Yui OTP has to be Yui & Ai. First we have the fact that Yui's former and straight Love Interest was Put On A Bus. Guess who came to replace him? None other than Ai!! Now, I didn't like Ai's gloomy demeanor and seeing how she stole Yui's thunder for a good amount of the second season. However, as I watched one crucial episode, my outlook changed. Yui has no grudges at Ai, and even worries about her in a very sweet way. When Ai has a nervous breakdown for staying way too long at the Comnet, Yui goes visit her as she has suspicions Ai is Corrector Ai (Obvious, but yeah. :p). However, as she witnesses how Ai is seeking someone and thinks no one cares about her, Yui proves her wrong, telling her that she wants to help out. I still have to watch the second season thoroughly, but well, it'll probably give me more evidence for this awfully sweet Ship! It single handedly made me like Ai, and she gets better by the end thanks to Yui too. <33333

And to add even more wood to the fire, we have this official promo art that has Yui and Ai in a very fluffy position ~ >D


Last but not least, we have the cutest Hsien-Ko. Though I'm partial to Hsien-Ko with any Darkstalkers girl and I actually prefer Hsien-Ko & Hoshiko over all possible Hsien-Ko Ships, my favorite has to be Hsien-Ko & Mei-Ling. I know this is twincest, but honestly? I can't really help it at all!! XP

The main hint is the fact that, if the sisters lose trust in each other, their powers will diminish. Plus, Mei-Ling needs to control Hsien-Ko's powers as a Jiang-Shi by becoming a tag, thus moderating her motions. This tight bond while Hsien-Ko is a Jiang-Shi is immediate proof of how much they trust each other, and how tight they are. And we can't forget that they change to their human selfs hugging in fear when Demitri uses his legendary Midnight Bliss ~ Oh yeah, all the art turned me to it as well. XP

Here's a couple of pics of this pairing. Nothing as blatant, but yeah. I usually just need to see 2 girls together at the same time in the same pic to set me off. :D

[IMG139]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v723/Orion8166/124859-19606-hsien-ko_super.jpg[/IMG139] [IMG139]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v723/Orion8166/ko5.jpg[/IMG139]

I even have art of tag Mei-Ling doing NC-17 things with Hsien-Ko. Yes... I love these too. Of course, can't show these in particular here. XP

Hsien-Ko & Q-Bee/Felicia/Morrigan/B.B.Hood/Lilith are also awesome, of course. Too bad they have too little art. I'd like to see more Hsien-Ko/Q-Bee myself. XP

I will be posting more after other people post. XD


Fandoms: Pokemon, TAMNI, Azumanga Daioh, BLEACH, OCs(?)

Revival time I guess? The topic above seems so repetitive, so I may not need to explain, seeing as it'll result in me repeating what I said above. But OTP alone, it's hard for me to stick with one pairing. Although I do have OTPs per characters, yep, Zoey goes to Dawn, Mikoto to Kuroko, Yomi to Tomo, and Rukia to Orihime.

But, a new topic, since it's been one week and everything I guess...? This is from Orion-Sama, yeah...

Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?

Well, it's a complicated question in a way, I simplified it as stereotypes but bigger, so anyways, I always love the quiet and serious type and the hyper and naive type being together. Opposites attract after all. Girls especially. And girls don't have to feel uncomfortable towards each other since at first they'll think of their relationship as friends, for now. Examples are Dawn x Zoey (Appealshipping, Pokemon), Mikoto x Kuroko (TAMNI) and Yomi x Tomo (Azumanga Daioh). This reflects to my OCs, Avegaille and Nicole May, maybe that's why I like these pairings so much... XD
Fandoms: Pokémon, Corrector Yui, Touhou.

Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?

Like Avie, I love the "quiet and serious/loud and cheerful" archetype the most. Maybe archetype was a better word. XD But yes. This one is really cute and complementary. There's degrees, and I usually prefer the cheerful half to be overly cheerful and cute, while the quiet half is better off being either Tsundere-ish or just calm. I usually am not one for the gloomy kind of characters, but if the cheerful girl can bring some happiness to their lives, I'm good to go.

Prime examples of this one are my OTPs in Pokémon and Corrector Yui. Whitney is the cheerful girl, while Erika is the calm one. Likewise, Yui is happy and bubbly, and Ai is more serious, concealed and gloomy. I think they both go perfectly with each other. They learn the most from their other half. The cheerful girls learn to be more measured and thoughtful, while the quiet ones learn to have fun and be more adventurous. Likewise, both sides are comprehensive of each other. As Avie said above, they don't have to feel uncomfortable, and also, being girls, they're more empathetic and understand the other much better than in similar het relationships, at least as far as I see it. This is by far my top favorite archetype.

Another one I like a whole lot is "Adult woman/Young girl". There's some sexy hardcore element imprinted in this kind of relationships. It's somewhat like a mother/daughter relationship in sight, and a mentor/student relationship in terms of interaction. Of course, such "mentoring" isn't conventional. In fact, I'm of the idea that the woman teaches the girl how to behave, and to "know herself better", if you know what I mean. ;)

My top examples are Cynthia & Dawn, Anabel & Lucy from Pokémon and Kanako & Suwako from Touhou. The first one is indeed a mentor/student sort of relationship in some ways, and also ensured admiration from Dawn's perspective. This'd lead them to go all the way. XP With Anabel/Lucy, we have more of a comradeship, both being Frontier Brains. While both are gloomy with the challengers, I'm sure Lucy is one to take the initiative and get the kinks up when not in battles. Anabel would probably be surprised with how Lucy can be at times. As for Kanako/Suwako, they're certainly rivals, always bickering. All this tension can't be overlooked, though. Kanako kicked out Suwako from the shrine, and is usually trying to dominate over her, given her representation. Since I'm more into the Touhou Fanon, I'm not too aware of the actual happenings, but all the fanart I see always implies that something's going on between Kanako and Suwako. 8D

Another archetype I thoroughly love, though this one for less romantic reasons, is the "Evil girl/Good girl" archetype. To begin with, Evil Is Sexy. And yes, this has to do with how the evil girl would go out of her way to corrupt the good girl... and not neccesarily to join her cause. More for the evil girl's own pleasure. Of course, there's nothing written, so the good girl might end up enjoying such antics. This tends to involve bondage and other sorts of domination, because... yeah. XP

I like many evil girls, but the one on top has to be Mars. And damn, she goes well with any other Pokégirl, or non-Pokégirl. Name it. Good or evil. Mars goes with her. My top targets are Dawn, Whitney, Maylene, Marley, Mira, Dahlia... all good girls. Mars would most likely teach them the appeals of being evil, and go through some... dual "tortures" with them all. Yes, even in my Fanon, where I believe Whitney and Maylene are both sisters of Mars. XP

I usually don't discriminate when it comes to Yuri Ships. However, if it's within any of these archetypes, I'm even more into it. 8D
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