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General Yuri/Shoujo-ai Pairings Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Avegaille, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    The bewbs belong to the following fandoms: Vampire Princess Miyu, Harry Potter and Battle Royale

    Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?

    I don't really have a fav of steroetypes of ships but incest, Older/Younger, Opposite and friendship ones are cute indeed. The random ones are fun.

    Chisato x Miyu has some of a niché I like, well I could consider it Older/Younger because Miyu's age has stopped and has been around for centuries and Chisato is young and doesn't want to grow up. And also the friendship and the Opposite one.

    Minerva x Hermione from Harry Potter is sort of cool as well.

    And in Battle Royale, it was all crazy as **** but I think Mitsuko x Noriko would be fun for some reason. Like mentally messed up and it could be nice to see how their personalities could be inspired if they were close. The pair of them are both polar opposites, and it is really ridiculous but since Mitsuko is a nynthomaniac she might have gone mental and tried it on Noriko.
  2. Jason-Kun

    Jason-Kun Well-Known Member

    How did you got into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?
    I saw a couple episodes of Naruto with flashbacks to Sakura and Ino's past together and thuoght they made a good couple. And from there, I began to like yuri/shoujo-ai.


    These two characters have a nice yet somewhat hurtful past together. They started out as friends when Sakura was picked on for her forehead and Ino stood up for her. She's even the person who gave Sakura her traidmark ribbon. Granted Sasuke got in the way but I like to think that after he ran off, they started to repair their friendship.

    Flanery and Candice are two very cool Gym Leaders, yes? Two things they have in common are that they are some of the most passionate gym leaders in the games. Flannery has a spirit burning with excitement and Candice has depe trust in her Pokémon. I think if they were to ever meet up, they'd hit it off really nicely even if they do train opposing types. They just seems like the type to push beyond their cmfort zones and have an enjoyable time.

    Let's think about it. Green is the flirtatious con artist and trainer with a love of cute things and Yellow is passionate about her love of Pokémon. Plus Green did worry about Yellow during her arc and gave her advice. As we can see they clearly have a mentor-student relationship which makes great romance potential.

    What is your shoujo-ai/yuri OTP?
    InoSaku. It was the first shoujo-ai/yuri pairing I ever found so naturally I'm drawn to it. That and I as I explained earlier, I think they could get along well together.

    Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?
    One's with similiar personalities or personalities that compliment eachother. This is because similiar/complimenting personalities can help them get along well and learn from eachother. Plus it gives them something in common.
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    Boob Time With: Pokemon, Azumanga Daioh, Gundam 00, To Aru Majutsu no Index,

    Naruto, BLEACH, FullMetal Alchemist & Phoenix Wright! (not enough space in the subject title XD; )


    How did you get into yuri/shoujo-ai pairings?
    ... I could blame two certain members who post here who threw a lot of yuri like flowers at a wedding.
    ... I could tell you how I did not want to get into them but couldn't help but support ships after finding them cute.

    - What are your favorite shoujo-ai pairings and why?
    Pokemon / Pocket Monsters
    Dawn/Hikari x Zoey/Nozomi (Appealshipping) - Of all the Hikari ships out there, Appealshipping stands out the most for me. I liked how Nozomi was always there to help out Hikari, even if it harsh sometimes. I could also blame Avegaille for promoting it before.
    Cheryl/Momi x Gardenia/Natane (Gaiashipping) - I loved how the two interacted in that small little campfire scene back in DP031. Since then, I couldn't help but support it after finding these random arts.
    May/Haruka x Kelly/Kanata (Minamoshipping) - I say it is my first shoujo-ai shipping I ever got into. Even the scene where Kanata suddenly jumps and searches Haruka for her ribbon case earned the ship an extra 100 points on my shipping list. I wish we got to see more of Kanata to add to the Minamoshipping love. Even so, the two episodes they had was great.
    May/Haruka x Brianna/Wakana (IroningBoardshipping) - I could say I loved their rivalry between Shuu but then I wish they had more good interactions besides that. They could fangirl together me thinks. XD
    Dawn/Hikari (game) x Cynthia/Shirona (game) (GirlPowershipping) - I saw a couple of fanart before supporting this. It was cute so I ended up playing DP again and their conversations were cute. (that is since I was playing as Hikari)
    May/Haruka x Dawn/Hikari (SapphirePearlshipping) - I got into this thanks to an amazing artist who had a taste in making Ninetails!Haruka and Pachirisu!Hikari and the shipping art was irrestistible. Then I got excited when Haruka was making a small comeback in the anime. The Mitsuri Cup episodes were fun although I wish they had more to it. ^^;
    Oralie/Otone x Haley/Hatsune (B-Buttonshipping) - Yeah, I liked the connection they had, even as sisters. I do hope they appear again for more awesomeness. :D

    Azumanga Daioh
    Chiyo-chan x Osaka - They make a really cute pairing and I've always supported that since I've read the manga.
    Yukari Tanizaki x Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa - This was the first shipping I got out of Azumanga Daioh, period. XD I love their rivalry on who's superior against each other. Their personalities are quite interesting and by putting them together, you have a great shipping. :D Plus Yukari pissing off Nyamo = priceless. (same with the other way around)

    To Aru Majutsu no Index (-Kagaku no Railgun)
    Mikoto Misaka x Kuroko Shirai - I blame Avegaille on this for sure. After seeing the official art and the manga chapters for it, I said "why not?" :p I love Kuroko's obsession towards Mikoto~

    Mobile Suit Gundam 00
    Christina Sierra x Feldt Grace - This is the only shoujo-ai ship I ever got out of the fandom. I loved how Christina tried to force Feldt into going shopping and other things when they were on vacation and such. Sucks how Christina died at the end of S1 so we couldn't see nothing of them in S2. (other than Feldt hoping to grasp everyone who died in S1 :x)

    Sakura Haruno x Ino Yamanaka - That flashback set the trigger on me to support the ship. Same went for their whole rivalry and of course their battle in the Chunin Exams.


    Rangiku Matsumoto x Orihime Inoue - Blame vol. 20-25 -can't remember which one- for Rangiku trying to cheer up Orihime on her jealousy over Rukia. Oh and not to mention other things Orihime got to see. ;)

    Phoenix Wright
    Mia Fey x Maya Fey - More sibling ships. XD I really love their sisterly bond. The 2nd case of the first PW game was sadden too. Glad Mia sticks around too.

    FullMetal Alchemist
    Winry Rockbell x Czeska - Although they didn't have an interaction in the manga, I loved their interactions in the anime. Helping each other on identifying Sloth... it was pretty nice. ^^ They were even together in the movie. :D <3

    I'll have to take some time later for crossover ships. XD; Oh and banners shall be made soon, yesireeeeeee! ♥
  4. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Welcome to the thread, Cyn and Jason... XP I'm pretty sure I can get you, Cyn, to support moar yuri pairings... ;x

    Seems that we all have histories when it comes to liking yuri pairings~

    Well, time for an activity... I blame myself for stalking Cyn's thread for this so credit for the idea goes to her~

    For the whole week, we post in this place Fan Arts, AMVs, Fanfics you think are very well written, involving your favorite Yuri pairings~

    Of course, give proper credit to where ever you find it... ;x But if you all feel like discussing them while posting tributes, that would be awesome... 8D

    To Aru Majutsu no Index

    Here's one from ヤナ (if you can't see the Jap characters, then, it's fine... just check the link... xD). He/she seems to draw a lot of TAMNI fanarts, and they're just simply awesome... xP


    Mikoto and Index. Seems that I'll be liking this next to MikotoxKuroko, but yeah, that'd be a bit OC, and most of the official artworks involving them isn't seen in the anime yet, not even the novels or the manga... o.o;; Mikoto in glasses does seem interesting, hence why I love that artist~ >D

    Well post away guys~ *le flee*
  5. OK, I'll post a couple. Both for Pokémon. XD

    1. Cynthia/Dawn


    By the one and only Soara, the guy who brought us Pokésho and sexy Pokégirls. Unfortunately, his Yuri artworks are few and far between. However, when he does them, he does stuff of epic proportions like this. I liked Cynthia/Dawn for a while, being one of my top archetypes and all, and this one helped matters much more. >D

    2. Candice/Maylene


    This Ship has serious basis in Platinum and is one of the few worthwile things of that game too. Anyway, I loved this Ship since I got enlightened on it. For one, Candice and Maylene are my favorite Gym Leaders of Sinnoh, and I always thought that Maylene would somehow admire Candice in one way or another. Gladly, Canon proved me right for once. >D In this one, which I found at this site, we see Candice and Maylene in little clothing, as Candice takes a nap, and Maylene stays at her side, blushing and watching over Candice. Something tells me she's really embarrassed and/or having a difficult time to contain her urges, if you know what I mean. ;)

    I have loads and loads of Yuri pics. Sadly, 9 out of 10 are too high-rated for this Thread, so... XD
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2009
  6. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    Fandoms: Pokemon, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, The Law of Ueki

    Oooh, now those are some kinky yuri images thar Orion... >D

    Sora knows his yuri taste, and well, ever since Cyn and even Chelc (I think) got into GirlPowerShipping, I started to like it too... game-wise. Especially when I was playing Platinum. It's like, Cynthia is after Dawn... all the time... *bricked*

    Well then, time for me to post more fanarts, this time under spoilers to save space, and the possible PG13 tag...? :p If you see question marks, then you need Jap support... *bricked*

    Artist: コウジ

    Now here's something that doesn't have Mikoto... well, if you dig into their background story, you can see why they're possible as a Yuri couple, even if it conflicts with UiharuxSaten and MikotoxKuroko... *bricked*

    Artist: 秋月藤梨

    Ahh, Mori x Rinko... I love these two, especially when I was into the series sometime around 2006 or 2007... >D Damn, their chemistry, they get along so well when both are in trouble... ah the love... ;x
  7. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Fandoms that make appearances here are: Read or Die, Touhou, Strawberry Panic!, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Kannazuki no Miko, Firefly. (Yes, as in Joss Whedon's show from whenever.) I'm leaving out Mnemosyne this time, so that I don't have to discuss the wtf of the ending of the series.

    In any case, screw it, I'm going to go back on old topics a little since I just showed up here.

    Being that I'm a roleplayer, it's not a shock that I have a few. Most prominent at the moment is Patchouli (Touhou) / Yomiko (Read or Die). Anyone who knows these characters would know that they could fit pretty easily together... Lilith (Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito) could fit with either of them, but would be a bit peculiar, I think. I'm trying to get a shot to play out Shizuma (Strawberry Panic!) / Patchouli -- I'm not so sure why or how this would work, but it seems feasible. (Especially 'cause it's Shizuma.) I might write something with one of these pairs.

    What is your shoujo-ai/yuri OTP?
    By series:
    • Read or Die: Still Yomiko/Nancy. Hard not to suspect something here, if there weren't blatant hints in the series; it's been some time since I've watched/read.
    • Touhou: Oh, god, there's too many. Patchouli, for instance, I could see ending up with Marisa, Alice, Remilia, Sakuya, Flandre (IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT, AND I FEEL FINE~!)... I've even tossed around putting her with Keine or Akyuu. Marisa could fit with Reimu as well as Patchy, actually, and Alice would work nicely with Marisa. Kanako / Suwako is acceptable, too.
    • Strawberry Panic!: Pretty much all of them. But I'm voting Shizuma / Chikaru here.
    • Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito: While I can't say I'd mind Hazuki / Youko, I'm sticking with Lilith / Hazuki or Hazuki / Hatsumi on this one...
    • Kannazuki no Miko: That one canon one. You know which one.

    Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?
    It... varies for me, I think. I prefer pairs with characters who match up very well (cf. Patchouli / Yomiko), or who have rather discordant relationships (Lilith / Hazuki, for instance. Hazuki met Lilith and was kinda 'fml.' for a moment, it seemed, but I'm sure their love is mutual. Though, this originating from the work of Carnelian, if we learned our lesson from Kao no Nai Tsuki, she loves non-mutual.)
  8. P13

    P13 Well-Known Member

    No way, its all about Nenene/Maggie :p
  9. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned


    I think we can allow for two here, though, since the series is Just That Awesome.
  10. P13

    P13 Well-Known Member

    "Just That Awesome", indeed.

    And I believe that any self-respecting Shoujo-Ai thread can't claim to have begun until Read or Die has begun to be discussed. Not because its particularly groundbreaking as far as Yuri goes, but seriously, its an anime about about people who can telekinetically wield paper as weapons with a fairly prominent penchant for lesbianism.

    "Just That Awesome", indeed.
  11. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Obviously. But now I wonder if they're linked or something. They probably are, of course, but.

    And I'm astounde by the lack of Kannazuki no Miko here. I'd mention a bit of shock at the lack of Yamibou discussion, but Yamibou isn't terribly known, it seems, so screw it.
  12. P13

    P13 Well-Known Member

    You mean, Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tabibito? The less I'm reminded of that show, the better. It offers you shoujo ai, but gives you a mindfrack and a half without closure (like a Clamp ending if no one put any effort into it).

    I used to like Kannazuki no Miko until I realized it was a Yuri series using every excuse to whip out mecha as opposed the constant anime standby of mecha series using every excuse to whip out Yuri.

    I could list the unsastsifying Yuri animes that just animate random fanservice that is strung together by a weak story. I guess in that way R.O.D. is groundbreaking for actually using lesbianism as a plot point, but never squeezing any unnecesasry girl-on-girl fanservice out of it... Except for that one time in the OVA... And any of the other times I don't remember... Its been a while.

    Anyway, I've gone this far into the thread without posting my pairings, so here it goes:

    Dawn/Zoey (Pokemon)
    Nenene/Maggie (R.O.D.)

    Shinobu/Kaede (Shinobuden/Ninja Nonsense)
    Aoi/Chie (Mai Otome) *Never watched My-Hime*

    Maka/Crona (Soul Eater)
    Once I see confirmeation that Crona is neither a slender boy in a dress or a hermaphrodite, it might get bumped up. Until then, I'm not entirely sure this pairing belongs in this thread.

    Hmm... I thought there were more. Oh well.
  13. pokemonanime18

    pokemonanime18 ポケットモンスターが好きです。

    As for me, I like


    I think that's it.
  14. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    Sadly, the mind**** is half of why I liked it. Which is to say that it actually kept me watching. But Lilith disappointed me; she's the essential female selfist, to some extent.

    The manga was better. Not necessarily at its problems above, but it was still better. Regardless, I state that I'm shocked by the lack of discussion of them because they're the staples, apparently.
  15. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    References: Read Or Die/Dream, Sailor Moon, KnM, Puchi Carat and VPM

    Anime: Read Or Die/Dream, Sailor Moon, KnM

    That's some nice fan-art guys. =D

    Permission to spaz aviebabes?

    Kana *glomps* welcome to the forums and to the thread. Be sure to check the first post of the thread. :)

    Chikane x Himeko is cool. I like the tension and sweetness in the pair. They certainly look the part, not to mention being really cute. At times I often misspell KnM but Chikane and Himeko I can always remember. Some great moments.

    I remember seeing lovely Yomiko/nancy pictures. I love Yomiko x Nenene. =) R.O.D yuri ships are fun to ship.

    Sailor Moon: Haruka x Michiru - I like that pair a lot. I remember believing that doujin pics were actually from the manga. And I saved loads of pics of them on my computer. Loved their moments together.

    Sapphire x Shyst/Thyst (Puchi Carat)
    Incest pair. Based on their background, with a nymphomaniac mother who gave birth at the age of around 7. And she gave birth to Shyst at 13. Yeah shocking but anything is possible in fiction.

    Thyst is very timid and Sapphire is strong and desires full power. But it's obvious that Sapphire care for her a lot and wants to protect her.

    For the whole week, we post in this place Fan Arts, AMVs, Fanfics you think are very well written, involving your favorite Yuri pairings~
    Perfection by Catthefunk is a lovely Franziska/Adrian fic.

    Anything with Shanejayell in is bound to be full of shoujoainess. His fan fiction page is linked.

    Demoneyes101 I adore his fan fiction page as well. Addicted to this fic.

    As for some shameless Franziska/Maya spamming.
    Innocence and Bagels Inauspicious Beginnings, Don't Be a Von Karma A perfect love - this site requires you to register but I like it. By The Whip

    Also some good stuff in the PW LJ kink meme. =P

    *will edit this post with art soon*
    Last edited: May 6, 2009
  16. Speedfox

    Speedfox Well-Known Member

    Personally, I like Cynthia/Dawn myself. =D Remember how in D/P/Pt Cynthia kept running into Dawn and giving her stuff? Such as that egg (I think it was a togepi egg)?

    Why would Cynthia keep doing that over and over? Maybe it was because she considered Dawn a good trainer, or maybe it was due to othe rreasons? ;3

    The idea of both of them raising that togepi together makes me go awww. <3
  17. 6NoNo9

    6NoNo9 Girlpowershipping <3

    Haha, true.
    Cynthia is such a stalker. (and that's one thing I love about this couple, the stalker-ism xD)
    Seriously, my OTP right now is Cynthia x Hikari, I just can't resist it.
    Cynthia, cool, strong, beautiful, completly in love with the cute, little, lovely Hikari. And she's too obssessed to let her fall in the arms of someone else, so she's following her everywhere, but of course, Hikari would never go with anyone else than her Cynthia. 8D

    ...by the way I found some pretty good fan art of those two, here: http://www.usamimi.info/~telomere/index.html
    It's in japanese, so I can't tell where's the artist name, but I think it'S the original site. Just click on the "illust" link.

    As for the others...

    Candice x Maylene.
    I discovered this one like this week, when I got in Snowpoint city and saw Maylene there. I thought "Hey, they sure look cute together!".
    Oh and, by the way, does anyone know the name of this shipping?

    Gardenia x Cheryl.
    Two grass trainers who have style. They must be together xD.

    Flanery x Winona.
    I don't know why, but they really do look great together.

    El Cazador De La Bruja:
    Ellis x Nadie.
    Ok, I don't know how old is Ellis (nor Nadie), but it doesn't matter to me, they look good together and that's what's important, period.

    Bakuretsu Tenshi:
    Jo x Meg.
    It's just too obvious to me, they love eachother and they're both hot in their way.

    Amy x Sei.
    Still looks pedo, but hey, it's cute xD

    Tsunade x Shizune.
    It's like a boss/secretary relation and I like it. haha

    Etna x Flonne.
    Seriously, it's the first yuri couple I ever loved, they're cute together, angel/demon.

    Which is/are your favorite type of Yuri niché/s and why?
    I tend to like older x younger relationships, I find it more appealing, even though I don't know why, it's just a preference.
    Last edited: May 18, 2009
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