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Hey there!

The name's Zorcario; I have been an on-off Pokemon fan for the last 7 years.
I've played Pearl and Moon (see what I mean? I literally skipped the HGSS, Gen 5 & Gen 6 games)

I recently saved up enough cash to get a 3DS and Moon. Fairly new to the trading scene (I swear that Wonder Trade is the best thing that happened to me). I've neither done any online battles nor know how to breed, know what are these IVs and stuff.

My favourite Pokemon are Lucario & Zoroark, hence the username. I used to like Steel types in Gen 4, cause they resisted most types, well till Gen 6(I think?) happened where they had to balance it out with Fairy types.

Anyways; I like Pokemon, recently completed the main story line of Pokemon Moon. I'm just completing the Dex, evolving Cosmoem to Solgaleo(asking a friend to evolve it) and Null. By doing so, I'm just running around on Tauros, trying to increase its Friendship and hatching a couple of eggs.

If you want a trade or something, just hit me up with a PM :)
Not open for further replies.